Ryan Crouser wins Shot Put gold with an Olympic Record

24 aug. 2016
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Ryan Crouser's throw of 22.52m broke the Olympic record and earned him the men's Shot Put gold medal at Rio 2016.
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  • whats the name of the techniek they use?

    MisterGringy XDMisterGringy XD28 dagen geleden
    • Spin

      War_ JoshWar_ Josh8 dagen geleden
  • Who's a world record holder..??

    Pak OddPak Odd29 dagen geleden
  • Imagine failing the launch a hitting someone with that ball... Jeez

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  • Manga is right. Yelling do power.

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  • More like shout put am i right uh ha ha, yea nvm.

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  • Drago in how to train your dragon 3

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  • Can u believe a 10 year old boy got 8.2 m

  • Alternative title: "Yeet"

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  • ""Any school and College students here"" ♥️👌✌️🙏🤑

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  • Im the 11,100 like :v

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  • This... Is Jurassic Park 0:26

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  • Gentle Giants

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  • I love watching Olympic's video, so many interesting sport to watch

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  • No matter how much they try shot put cant look exciting. all this effort and it just drops at a short distance.

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  • Follow me!

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  • Yeah... I would be the guy that kills someone by accident with that huge heavy ball

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  • Campeón Atletismo Si

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  • 0:53 Elliot???

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  • Very high minded of you, for sure. Inspirational, really.

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  • Belter

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  • God bless athletes. 👍💕Back to Jesus. 👍

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  • Awesome video

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  • Shotput or Shoutout?

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  • Imagine Brian Shaw in this...

    PatPat9 maanden geleden
    • He wouldn't throw more than 15 or 16 meters, in fact Eddie Hall tried out shot put and threw 14mt. This is such a tecnichal sport that you have to start at a young age. You don't need only big arms

      Enrico BusatoEnrico Busato5 maanden geleden
  • Insane

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  • Me thinking I was good with a record of 7.19m

    Lauren WebbLauren Webb10 maanden geleden
  • I wonder how record braking season there will be on shotput after korona is over. No doping tests.. so guys can use even more.

    OlofOlof10 maanden geleden
  • strange how they never mention how far the throw was

    Grant AndersonGrant Anderson10 maanden geleden
  • Walsh krouser and kovacs all have the best yells and are constantly the best 3 shot putters its no coincidence

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  • クラウザーはまじで右足の蹴りがえぐ過ぎる

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  • How

    Soggi_PancakesSoggi_Pancakes11 maanden geleden
  • Imagine if he made a mistake.. and trow to the judge or cameraman..

    Love StoryLove StoryJaar geleden
  • That fuckers fingers are the size of my forearm

    Brother MatthewBrother MatthewJaar geleden
  • A human cannon

    Clappin CheeksClappin CheeksJaar geleden
  • At my school sports day, we weren't allowed to do a spin for the shotput

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  • lol i am six feet 130 pounds and 13. i threw 12.1 during tryouts. feels bad.

    Aaditya BhatAaditya BhatJaar geleden
  • He had a great time

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  • 0:55 “FIRE!! AAAAA!”

    Jasmine JohnstonJasmine JohnstonJaar geleden
  • thomas needs to get some more meat on his legs 🤮

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  • 3rd place is New Zealand, 2nd place is USA and uhhhh, who else was it? oh right 1st place also USA

    MasterMike117 MasterMike117MasterMike117 MasterMike117Jaar geleden
  • Imagine getting punch by that guy. You'd be on a coma for a year.

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  • Joe Kovacs (silver medalist) attended the same church we did when we lived in Nazareth PA.

    Daniel De KokDaniel De KokJaar geleden
  • Sir Namaste, My name is Chalapati Age 33, hight 172 CM, weight 65 kg. I have completed a Bachelor of Physical Education course and am looking for a Physical Education Teacher job. That includes a shot put (7.26 kg) in ground test events and a 16 lbs el bis. If 11 meters are thrown 10 marks will fall. But I can only throw 9.29 meters. Practicing techniques for long distances.

  • Yes Crouser You make Sam Barlow And all of Oregon Proud

    ArkangelArkangelJaar geleden
  • What about hamish wilson

    Ed MustoEd MustoJaar geleden
  • Anybody else here after Kovacs- 22.91 Crouser-22.90 Walsh-22.90 at Doha

    Super SpursSuper SpursJaar geleden
  • The US never play around

    Mb44Mb44Jaar geleden
  • That form tho

    GSMillionGSMillionJaar geleden
  • First guy sounded like the Tyrannosaur in Jurassic Park.

    shawncgilroyshawncgilroyJaar geleden
  • i am so proud of my country's ability to throw rocks

    Amanda McLellanAmanda McLellanJaar geleden
  • Literally had to look up what Shot Put was because of a SuperCarlinBrothers video....

    LazyScorpLazyScorpJaar geleden
  • When the shotput wr is better than your discus pr...

    BruhBruhJaar geleden
  • Wow! 22.53m... I can only throw 7.70m...

    heath [:heath [:Jaar geleden
  • look so dangerous, judges should be master of dodge

    FemboiMyLifeFemboiMyLifeJaar geleden
  • His was 73 feet and 9 inches I think

    -D0M--D0M-Jaar geleden
  • Yo look its the mf beast titan

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  • My furthest Shot Put throw was 7m, 50 😂.....

    Beat.Beat.Jaar geleden
    • SHARAN PANNOO your right there bud 👍

      Beat.Beat.Jaar geleden
    • Everyone throws this distance in the beginning.. with training and determination this distance can be trippled

  • In a single half-second movement, can you imagine the euphoria he felt knowing that this was the best throw of his life? The shot must have taken 30 minutes to fly in his head. Go Crouser!

    Eric XiaEric XiaJaar geleden
  • Crouser looks so slow but he puts so much power into his throw

    Taro TanakaTaro TanakaJaar geleden
  • and then i throw 6 meters for 6 pounds

    oopsoopsJaar geleden
  • So Dragon Ball was right

    Zach NicolasZach NicolasJaar geleden
  • There are no throws in the shot put, only puts (correct/original word is putt, as in golf). In fact it is against the rules to throw the shot.

    Stephen RedrobeStephen RedrobeJaar geleden
  • Now that I’m older I can really appreciate these sports

    White LightningWhite LightningJaar geleden
  • My shotput record was 7.63m...omg, wow, 20+ Meters is insane!

    Jefferson DomingoJefferson DomingoJaar geleden
    • Training.. strenght and height and technique

    • yeah mine is 8.89 meters can't believe how far they throw

      Sam BradfieldSam BradfieldJaar geleden
  • They graduated human

    ごんぶりらごんぶりらJaar geleden
  • i can through 8.69 with a 6lbs ball and i’m 13

    • but that’s not that good

      DoorsbyDoorsbyJaar geleden
  • they look like moto moto

    Maryam AMaryam AJaar geleden
  • Go crazy, 0:35, Go stupid

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  • poor my tom walsh guy

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  • Wow

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  • I wonder if Zeke watches these 🤔

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  • Dang and my PR is only 34.4

    Mikey SamaanMikey SamaanJaar geleden
  • These guys throw a shot farther than I Throw a discus, feels bad

    Omar NashawiOmar NashawiJaar geleden
  • anyone just been watching like 8 of these back to back

    Cameron BhattiCameron BhattiJaar geleden
  • I didnt even know this was a sport lol

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    • Are you from earth ?

  • يا العطاي درنا عليك اختبار نتاع الباك

    Dnine DDnine DJaar geleden
  • I would love to watch Brian Shaw or Thor Björnson attempt something like this

    TrevorTrevorJaar geleden
    • Very very technical event, and the emphasis is on speed as much as strength, I love strongman but as a throws coach I reckon they would be lucky to do 15m, unless like many many strong men they were first shotputters?

      Leo SharkeyLeo SharkeyJaar geleden
  • Bronze Medal Guy: Aah Silver Medal Guy: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Gold Medal Guy: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    # K# K2 jaar geleden
    • @OH YEAH YEAH I heard that it’s a tradition. The harder you think your throw is the louder you scream. Not all athletes do it.

      WIZE-XIWIZE-XI14 dagen geleden
    • 👍👍👍👍

      Change Eye ColorChange Eye ColorMaand geleden
    • I knew it....the harder you scream the better the result!!

      ZoviioZoviioMaand geleden
    • Scientifically proven that shouting puts an extra effort to a ball

      Kaung Thant HtetKaung Thant Htet2 maanden geleden
    • @OH YEAH YEAH If you do an exercise that involves explosive power you'll have to exhale with more intensity so that you are able to release your strength in a single motion. If you watch someone lifting weights you'll notice that they exhale during the concentric movement.

      FulerageFulerage3 maanden geleden
  • Video Published 2 years ago NLworld: Let’s recommend this to everybody

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  • Hadouken!

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  • Can’t block? Then shot is your sport

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  • How could the old record been done in Seoul in 1988? That year was the Winter games in Calgary

    SpringleBab BumberdickSpringleBab Bumberdick2 jaar geleden
    • That was back when the summer and winter Olympics were held in the same year

      The left upright at soldier fieldThe left upright at soldier fieldJaar geleden
  • The guy from NZ was probably the fastest I’ve ever seen anyone do that technique, also how tf do u do that technique it seems impossible

    Kingrobert09Kingrobert092 jaar geleden
    • He looks even faster now, as world champion and a 22.67m thrower!

      Leo SharkeyLeo SharkeyJaar geleden
  • Congratulations. You threw a heavy ball really far.

    Bovine DesignsBovine Designs2 jaar geleden
  • Homie just beat a 40 year old record! RESPECK ON HIS NAME

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  • 0:27 is he a fricking truck?

    JonnyishJonnyish2 jaar geleden
    • Perhaps

      Alif IzharulhaqAlif Izharulhaq13 dagen geleden
    • Yes

      Gang DuckGang Duck10 maanden geleden
  • So basically if I can just learn to scream louder than a truck horn I'll win at the shotput olympics

    DarthInvaderZimDarthInvaderZim2 jaar geleden
    • just wow.

      Jorato LJorato L6 maanden geleden
    • I think you mean "shoutput"

      st00g3yst00g3y11 maanden geleden
    • @The Blue Fugi_ r/woooosh

      Yxng TofuYxng TofuJaar geleden
    • @al el That's why Goku couldn't go Ultra Instinct in Broly. He didn't scream loud enough.

      Fi txt hsggxfig FffjyfdyhgsjgdyxzshjfdnFi txt hsggxfig FffjyfdyhgsjgdyxzshjfdnJaar geleden
    • @al el Exactly.

      Fi txt hsggxfig FffjyfdyhgsjgdyxzshjfdnFi txt hsggxfig FffjyfdyhgsjgdyxzshjfdnJaar geleden
  • Do they have to throw it like this it is this just more effective way of throwing

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