Running out of petrol in Baviaanskloof - oh no... [S5 - Eps. 21]

14 apr. 2021
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In this episode I am riding through South Africa's Baviaanskloof. It is the day that I can finally collect my two fuel bladders that I ordered, and exactly on this day - there is no petrol to be found and I am riding alone through Baviaanskloof...
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  • วิวสวยมากๆ

    Chuay SantanChuay Santan2 uur geleden
  • Never has a NLworld video left me breathless before. And I was also biting my nails hoping Norali wouldn't run out of petrol.

    Andres SuarezAndres Suarez3 uur geleden
  • Awesome

  • Who flies the drone while your riding the bike?

    John BoltonJohn BoltonDag geleden
    • A DJI Mavic Air 4k drone. She doesn’t use the follow me mode. One hand to ride the motorcycle, the other hand to control the drone. Please check her Facebook post from 19.08.2020 .

      Toto ArribaToto ArribaDag geleden
  • Hi Noraly .leuke viddeos.vond ze een maand geleden.really inspiring.Bought a bike last week Ik leef nu in Portugal.echt mooi om hier te rijden..o ja ben nu 83

    Tom GroeneveldTom GroeneveldDag geleden
  • Those rock formations and the countryside towards the bit of the video where you got fuel is very similar to Central Australia (around the MacDonnell Ranges)

    GlobalWalkaboutGlobalWalkaboutDag geleden
  • Bet this video gave your parents a severe scare

    Little ScooterLittle Scooter2 dagen geleden
  • I appreciate your courage to travel alone through this isolated and dangerous ways.

    Abdul SamadAbdul Samad2 dagen geleden
  • Noraly welcome back. For your long range wildlife shots you could do with a telephoto lens. The wide angle lens not good enough.

    John BurgessJohn Burgess2 dagen geleden
  • Why youre starting to use clickbait titels :-(

    Thomas JansenThomas Jansen3 dagen geleden
  • Enjoy your time with your friend Nora

    Mintje BEMintje BE3 dagen geleden
  • 3:02 ff: That woman really is sitting alone in her hut in the middle of nowhere and still wearing a mask. An here I thought joggers alone in the woods or drivers alone in their cars doing so were stupid... 🤣🤣🤣

    Angel of DarknessAngel of Darkness3 dagen geleden
  • What we can,t see you party on .Ha Ha have great time Ed

    Edward VanderendeEdward Vanderende4 dagen geleden
  • I'm so in awe of you, young lady, so brave and always happy and optimistic ... you really cut it close with the fuel on this leg of the trip, wish you the best. Love your channel by the way 🤗

    rudelchwrudelchw4 dagen geleden
  • Well done Noraly, your suspension really earned its keep today!!🇬🇬🇬🇬

    Peter WrightPeter Wright4 dagen geleden
  • How many KM do you get on one tank?

    Rolf BergeRolf Berge5 dagen geleden
  • Perfect ride, I love it!!

    Boris73Boris735 dagen geleden
  • A range of 240 km on a tank of fuel in South Africa is normally sufficient as there are many fuel stations, but the new Honda crf 300 rally spec has almost 420 km range which is far better. Anyway you drove away from there after hearing there is no fuel at quite some speed flying down the road and accelerating hard, totally uneconomical driving, on that bike you can get close to a 50km on a liter if you drive really slow at lower revs and freewheel down all the hills. I have done a mercy ride like that a few times in my life.

    Into the sunsetInto the sunset6 dagen geleden
  • nice bike.keep safe god bless

  • Watched all ur videos on south Africa wow 👏 good job girl plus ur other videos and I am up to date .gl

    daren hudsondaren hudson7 dagen geleden
  • I'm loving your tour across South Africa. I'm really looking forward to your next episode. I live in Gordon's Bay in the Western Cape....I'm wondering if you'll be riding from Hermanus to Gordon's Bay on Clarence Road? Probably one of the most scenic ocean views in the world.

    Warren Lang-GordonWarren Lang-Gordon7 dagen geleden
  • Have a good break see you soon.

    Rowan MarriottRowan Marriott7 dagen geleden
  • U lost viewers when u stop with himalayan

    Johny BoyJohny Boy8 dagen geleden
    • @Toto Arriba nah , thats the overall. You are new here . Before when she was riding basanti , she used to get 200k in one day .. that time she had only 150k subscribers. Now she got 700k subscribers but she is not making 200k views in 24 hours .. her views must be at least 500k to 800k in one or two day .. because these bikes has no fans . She need royal enfield back on her hand . Why royal enfield ? Because it's a company sells 800k bikes every year , and once you rude royal enfield , you never go to another bike .. it's has true fans base .. she is not getting organic traffic to videos ..

      Johny BoyJohny Boy8 dagen geleden
    • In May 2020 she had 50 mio total video views. In May 2021 she will reach 100 mio total video views. 💪 Despite the travel restrictions etc. in times of Corona.

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba8 dagen geleden
  • Bloody awesome. It's my world. If you are still in SA, please be safe and enjoy the rest of your ride...

    Cliffie StuurmanCliffie Stuurman8 dagen geleden
  • Hi how does the CRF compare to the Himalayan Looks like she going good Love watching your adventures fab

    Martin MoodyMartin Moody8 dagen geleden
    • Please check her homepage (website). And read her post from 16th March 2021. Destination Unknown: The first 2500km with Savannah. (Honda CRF250L)

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba8 dagen geleden
  • Prachtige video Noraly, je kunt best veel afstand doen met kleine tank :) Goed je met je vriend bent, ik maakte mij al ongerust....2 weken geen video gepost....Veel plezier en geniet van beetje echt verlof

    Guy DumontGuy Dumont8 dagen geleden
  • where are you? are you safe?

    Rick DavidsonRick Davidson8 dagen geleden
  • Wow, South Africa is a trail biker's paradise.

    Free CitizenFree Citizen8 dagen geleden
  • Enjoy your break with your friend.Thanks for what you do,your videos are awesome.

    Larry CarpelLarry Carpel8 dagen geleden
  • Where are you ?... Are you ok? Why you don't have any update?

    Riduan IslamRiduan Islam8 dagen geleden
  • Hello Novaly! were have gone, missing your videos:-)

    grindsbogrindsbo8 dagen geleden
  • Being new to your vlogs I can't believe you would travel alone.

    Gary HerlthGary Herlth9 dagen geleden
  • What about KTM Adventure 250, for your riding

    Puia LekPuia Lek9 dagen geleden
  • Baviaans Kloof is our favorite place to go camp.... Becareful of the buffaloes!

    Gillian WhitfieldGillian Whitfield9 dagen geleden
  • Welcome to South Africa!

    Gillian WhitfieldGillian Whitfield9 dagen geleden
  • Wann geht es weiter?

    Manni OManni O9 dagen geleden
  • Super wow, amazing as always....

    Shay Ma-ngoh 86Shay Ma-ngoh 869 dagen geleden
  • I see your name is Noraly. Nice name.

    Gary HerlthGary Herlth9 dagen geleden
  • Wow I just watched your vlog for the first time. I am hooked on you. Gary in Miami Florida USA.

    Gary HerlthGary Herlth9 dagen geleden
  • Missing ya hope you are safe and well:)

    Darren BooteDarren Boote9 dagen geleden
  • Love it!

    Charlie MagnoCharlie Magno9 dagen geleden
  • No new updates lately,,,is she ok ??

    Eric ColeEric Cole10 dagen geleden
    • Seems like you have missed 22:00 . And she did answer a question in this comment section 19 hours ago .

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba10 dagen geleden
  • any update? things going ok with you?

    John BramanJohn Braman10 dagen geleden
  • Helloooooo Are you ok norali?!!?

    pouya Apouya A10 dagen geleden
  • Normally, thanks for your channel, it is really cool and i have already decided to go for long ride, if you don't mind can you also do a video on your camera and navigation system which you used in your ride.

    Shameer BabuShameer Babu10 dagen geleden
    • Navigation The handlebar got fitted with Acerbis Handguards, and I mounted my new Garmin Zumo XT navigation system on it. This navigation system is a massive upgrade from the one I had previously, the Garmin Zumo 396 and it got sponsored to me by MrGPS - thank you so much! I also bought the GIVI S111 Powerhub kit and brought it with me. With this kit, I have three USB connections safely protected against water and dust inside my tank bag, and I can use these to charge my phone or camera batteries while riding. Please check her homepage. Gear and equipment - Season 5.

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba10 dagen geleden
    • Drone: DJI Mavic Air 4k . She doesn’t use the follow me mode. One hand to ride the motorcycle, the other hand to fly the drone. Cameras: GoPro Hero 9 MediaMod and GoPro Max 360. Editing: Final Cut Pro on Apple Macbook Pro. Please check her homepage. Gear and equipment Season 5 and FAQ and her Facebook post from 19.08.2020 .

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba10 dagen geleden
  • Cade voce o que ouve

    castro fontalbacastro fontalba10 dagen geleden
  • I know the feeling when you are almost out of gasoline. Is not very confortable

    Ricardo Walter RodriguezRicardo Walter Rodriguez10 dagen geleden
  • Noraly, Please end the suffering.!! Upload a damn videos already I can't wait anymore !!...

    crazy ridercrazy rider10 dagen geleden
    • Maby crasches :(

      Dji PilotDji Pilot10 dagen geleden
  • 2 more days until the next video. I can’t wait.

    Lamin TourayLamin Touray10 dagen geleden
  • I hope you have as much fun with your friend as we have watching your vids.

    Don CarrDon Carr10 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations Noraly! This year your spirit won an Oscar in Hollywood.

    José GabrielJosé Gabriel10 dagen geleden
    • Oscar is only in Hollywood. She won hearts around the globe.

      MM SVBMM SVB10 dagen geleden
  • Hi Noraly, thanks for showcasing our beautiful country, as some have mentioned below, and for the wonderful content and interactions with the folks you meet along the way. If you intend visiting Cape Town at some stage, and would like to ride some local trails, the Adventure Riding Muppets will be glad to host you on some of our favourite ones 👍......stay safe and enjoy your stay in sunny SA.

    Adventure Riding Muppets.Adventure Riding Muppets.10 dagen geleden
  • You video nice 😊Wait moore 🇫🇮🙋‍♂️🙏

    Marco HuovinenMarco Huovinen10 dagen geleden
  • What a beautiful place to ride.

    ITCHY BALLSITCHY BALLS10 dagen geleden
  • Very strange.....she always announces her plan for the day at the beginning of each episode, like when she was going to meet her friends in Austria and at other times also, but this time she didn't mention anything and ended the episode abruptly in the middle of forest. Instead she mentioned while riding in beginning that she was going to put on the two fuel bladders tonight which she had just received. And there was no usual excitement in her tone in the last few seconds. I don't remember if she ever ended an episode in the middle like this. I am following her from season 1 ep 1. I hope and pray she safe and sound, and having a good time.

    MM SVBMM SVB10 dagen geleden
    • Respect from USA for who respects others. I thought you were captured by Tarzan or a King Kong!

      MM SVBMM SVB10 dagen geleden
    • @Itchy Boots Glad to hear, thanks!

      MM SVBMM SVB10 dagen geleden
    • Nothing strange, just protecting the privacy of my friend so she won’t get any visitors on her doorstep :)

      Itchy BootsItchy Boots10 dagen geleden
  • Once come to 🇮🇳India

    Radha Krishna JandhyalaRadha Krishna Jandhyala10 dagen geleden
  • Harikasın sen severek izliyorum seni 👍

    Bedrettin TatlıBedrettin Tatlı10 dagen geleden
  • Hello, someone knows something about this girl, nothing has been up for a long time, and she was uploading something almost every day, if someone knows something, this is a bit strange .../??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????///

    Dead Sea Israel. wild lifeDead Sea Israel. wild life10 dagen geleden
    • Do people not actually watch the videos and just post a comment instead??

      patrick jonespatrick jones9 dagen geleden
    • Seems like you have missed 22:00 .

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba10 dagen geleden
  • Gorgeous scenery Noraly. Looking forward to when you are back on the road.

    Alison McleanAlison Mclean11 dagen geleden
  • I love you your boots to smell

    Kirk HurryKirk Hurry11 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful.

    Ronnie RoussellRonnie Roussell11 dagen geleden
  • Hi mrs Boots, je hebt n motor gekocht die als de gesmeerde bliksem gaat ..... n korte catchy naam : Go Wodan ......... GODAN, met alle associaties vandien. Afijn: fijne reis!!!!!

    Ad KortekaasAd Kortekaas11 dagen geleden
  • Wow! You sure have some GRIT, girl. Amazing country and your riding skills are impressive. Bet you're glad you're on the Honda as it is much lighter than the RE. Stay safe.

    jroberthaddenjroberthadden11 dagen geleden
  • Enjoy your visit with your friend. Missing your weekly daily episodes.

    Janice ArmstrongJanice Armstrong11 dagen geleden
  • are ypu oj noraly?

    Murat EfeMurat Efe11 dagen geleden
  • Wow Norally, what amaizing sightseeigs, well done, keep going

    Nolimits73 NolimitsNolimits73 Nolimits11 dagen geleden
  • Travellers have too much money now, I miss the days of like the C90 guy going with barely any budget.

    Pheeb HelloPheeb Hello11 dagen geleden
  • I'd forgotten about your comment at the end of your video and was getting really worried for you and that something had happened - now I remember you're with your friend and the channel will be back soon. Enjoy your time off.

    One Oak Design LtdOne Oak Design Ltd11 dagen geleden
  • What happened to you. your not uploading vedio?

    music lovermusic lover11 dagen geleden
    • Seems like you have missed 22:00 .

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba10 dagen geleden
  • Would be really nice if you did a dedicated actual review of your lovely Honda....stuff like fuel economy, ease or otherwise of cruising at highway speeds, how it handles all that gear you carry (stability on dirt?) how does it compare to your Royal Enfields and so on. I'll be totally up front, my request is blatently selfish in that I'm thinking of buying one of the new 300s - but the thing is, with 44 years of m.c. touring under my belt, I genuinely respect what you do with your bikes a lot more than some of these guys who just test ride a bike for a couple of hours or a couple of days then give an opinion that they often just seem to pull out of their ass! Either way, enjoy your videos a lot, so keep on truckn!

    Mark WrightMark Wright11 dagen geleden
  • News about Noraly??

    Alice OrtenziAlice Ortenzi11 dagen geleden
    • Small break (end of video)

      Thomas BerghsenThomas Berghsen11 dagen geleden
  • I'm One of your avid fans here in the Philippines. Keep it up Gorgeous ☺️

    Mark CutamoraMark Cutamora11 dagen geleden
  • Sorry to see you speeding through Baviaans - did you not stop for a swim at Rooihoek? Definitely Itchy boots! Stop and smell the fynbos, enjoy!

    Rhian MeatsRhian Meats11 dagen geleden
  • Lang geen nieuw filmpje is alles oké met noraly?

    bennie lissumbennie lissum11 dagen geleden
    • @Thomas Berghsen Oh really? Sorry I should have guessed. That 't fooled me, never seen before.

      Daimus DomerguDaimus Domergu11 dagen geleden
    • @Daimus Domergu Well Im pretty sure we are talking Dutch, but close haha

      Thomas BerghsenThomas Berghsen11 dagen geleden
    • Never thought it was so easy to understand Afrikaans being fluent in German😀

      Daimus DomerguDaimus Domergu11 dagen geleden
    • @Thomas Berghsen oké bedankt

      bennie lissumbennie lissum11 dagen geleden
    • Op 't einde zegt ze dat ze even een pauze neemt

      Thomas BerghsenThomas Berghsen11 dagen geleden
  • im enyoy yo clip , im following u

    Mobile0850669837 phoneMobile0850669837 phone11 dagen geleden
  • Cadê o tanque rezava pará um eventual necessidade menina?

    claudinor Silvaclaudinor Silva11 dagen geleden
  • Aqui no Brasil temos uma estrada parecida,só que inves de cascalho(pedras). Muito barro é floresta. A falada trasamazonica que começa no nordeste do país é cruza 80% da floresta amazônica.

    claudinor Silvaclaudinor Silva11 dagen geleden
  • Cuidado menina,estrada muito perigosa,muitas pedras fácil de cair,mas vai dar tudo certo.

    claudinor Silvaclaudinor Silva11 dagen geleden
  • Parabéns pelo vídeo Itchy Boots,seus vídeos estão diferentes,mostra mas a raiz do povo dos lugares,muito satisfeito, obrigada!

    claudinor Silvaclaudinor Silva11 dagen geleden
  • Why such a huge silence? Hope you are in good health.

    Hiremagalur YenveeHiremagalur Yenvee11 dagen geleden
    • Watch the end of the video. Two weeks off making videos.

      dungbeetledungbeetle11 dagen geleden
  • Which GoPro you r using hero 8 or hero 9 ?

    iamsuvhuiamsuvhu12 dagen geleden
    • Drone: DJI Mavic Air 4k . She doesn’t use the follow me mode. One hand to ride the motorcycle, the other hand to fly the drone. Cameras: GoPro Hero 9 MediaMod and GoPro Max 360. Editing: Final Cut Pro on Apple Macbook Pro. Please check her homepage. Gear and equipment Season 5 and FAQ and her Facebook post from 19.08.2020 .

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba12 dagen geleden
  • I DID NOT NOTICE... But I do not think the machine ran out of petro.... The title says otherwise.... what gives?

    David FalgoutDavid Falgout12 dagen geleden
  • മലയാളികൾ ആരുമില്ലേ?

    Anoop FrancisAnoop Francis12 dagen geleden
  • This video was awesome, i realy enjoyed the views 👍

    Jalal Al-haddadJalal Al-haddad12 dagen geleden
  • Wow, beautifull

    45helico45helico12 dagen geleden
  • Just like your Dutch predecessors of hundred of years ago, you set sail to explore far away lands with courage and sense of adventure and discovery. And share histories and knowledge, and bring treasures to show to all those who wait for your return.

    High Altitude ObserverHigh Altitude Observer12 dagen geleden
  • This girl has bigger balls than most men!

    papatrusspapatruss12 dagen geleden
  • Hello You should adjust the volume on your videos they can go from low to super high love your vids

    dracul grotesquedracul grotesque12 dagen geleden
  • Hope we get a new video on Monday, I know two weeks is this Wednesday.

    Lamin TourayLamin Touray12 dagen geleden
  • Awesome 👏

    mahin mmmahin mm12 dagen geleden
  • Can't wait for your next video...🤭

    Haziano HazmiHaziano Hazmi12 dagen geleden
  • Take care always from Philippines

    Lemuel MarmetoLemuel Marmeto12 dagen geleden
  • Amazing raider in the world...

    Jay YaseenJay Yaseen12 dagen geleden
  • Great vid. Enjoy

    Ashley BugAshAshley BugAsh12 dagen geleden
  • Cannot wait for next video .S A beautifiul country .Watching all videos currenty.🇬🇧

    William WatsonWilliam Watson12 dagen geleden
  • I got scared when I saw your last vid was a week ago! So glad you're just taking a break :D

    trewt strewt s12 dagen geleden
  • Noraly, come back soon! Two weeks is way too long, I miss you! 😳💖

    Paweł KantykaPaweł Kantyka12 dagen geleden
  • Staying in one place, immobilized and observing is another form of travel. It would be interesting to view what you notice. You did that in early pandemic. Fascinating.

    Richard PauliRichard Pauli13 dagen geleden
  • Good for you, you are a class act!

    r or o13 dagen geleden
  • How r u nooraly.

    emmanuel Josephemmanuel Joseph13 dagen geleden