Ron & Betty Need ANSWERS!!!

21 feb. 2021
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Paul Mukbangs It Up:
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It turns out that Julia is not pregnant by Brandon, as of yet. So they sit down with Ron and Betty to inform them of the results. It's something Ron and Betty are immensely curious about
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  • Betty’s on the verge of having a heart attack or a stroke

    kelldarkheartkelldarkheart10 uur geleden
  • Thought they were on a game show waiting to reveal the winner didn’t they! So weird

    Mom NomMom NomDag geleden
  • I'd have that kind of reaction if I WAS preggo🤣

    sycjicssycjicsDag geleden
  • NO NO NONONONO 😆. Mom's soo funny

    Katia D'haeneKatia D'haeneDag geleden
  • Parents are so relieved. Why bother having babies, when you can just take care of the animals at the farm all day long lol

    Preslava GeorgievaPreslava GeorgievaDag geleden
  • Birth control can affect a woman so much .. why doesn’t he just use condoms silly little boy

    Jenny CharaJenny CharaDag geleden
  • If the test is negative why telling them anyway ? Why ? Personal they are grown up !

    Cristina UrbaniCristina UrbaniDag geleden
  • So easy not to get pregnant

    Stephanie CStephanie CDag geleden
  • Maybe they should stay in two rooms 😅

    JGame87JGame87Dag geleden
  • She needs birth control

    kaydence Gauthierkaydence Gauthier2 dagen geleden
  • Brandon a baby that's why he told them

    kaydence Gauthierkaydence Gauthier2 dagen geleden
  • You know he doesn’t like condoms because he starts with “we” otherwise he would just blame Julia again.

    residual14residual142 dagen geleden
  • Parents of Brandon must be happy too

    Nida CabresosNida Cabresos2 dagen geleden
  • Brandon you are not a man. Grow up if you wanna be a husband. Start making you own decisions.

  • How horrible reaction on possibility to get a grandkids.

    ena krsticena krstic2 dagen geleden
  • Does she asked his parents with a he should wipe his bum as well.... It's hard to believe he is 27 years old as he's been raised as a baby with no independent thought or decision-making skills as an adult

    Harry LedermanHarry Lederman2 dagen geleden
  • The dads right wtf is Brandon doing??

    option hotdog & meowkshakeoption hotdog & meowkshake3 dagen geleden
  • These two are childish . I can’t . They need to still live with these parents . Gosh so kiddish

    I NGI NG3 dagen geleden
  • But Julia should be on a kind of birth control . There are safer ones

    I NGI NG3 dagen geleden
  • But why tell their parents if they were not sure these two are kids

    I NGI NG3 dagen geleden
  • I could hear the drum roll coming from his teeny tiny drum kit

    sue lawsonsue lawson3 dagen geleden
  • Julia just go back home. You cant rely on him

    Melinda IndiniMelinda Indini3 dagen geleden
  • Birth control us the devil and sex is not necessary. There I said it. Lol!

    PerfeccionistaPerfeccionista3 dagen geleden
  • That’s the most disgusting conversation I’ve ever heard, I guess he asks his parents permission every time before he does Julia.

    jane bobjane bob3 dagen geleden
  • She acts like a child

    vicky olguinvicky olguin3 dagen geleden
  • ‘It is pregnant or not?’

    Princess AnonymousPrincess Anonymous3 dagen geleden
  • Omg i don’t get it, my parents and my in-laws were so happy that they gonna be grandparents. Why are Betty and Ron so against it... i feel sorry for Julia, she deserves better...

    A&J973A&J9733 dagen geleden
  • I can’t believe that they were actually joking about this kind of situation. They need to become more responsible with things like this.

    Brett CapiloBrett Capilo3 dagen geleden
  • Mommy, mommy! It turns out, I thought I didn't, but I did pull out! 😂

    Elle NoirElle Noir3 dagen geleden
  • Юля хорошо что ты пока не беременна ,присмотрись это ли тебе нужно в жизни ты такая красивая ,я думаю ты заслуживаеш лучшего,или без фермы и родителей,чтоб жить хорошо в Америке нужно работать но не как золушка.

    Olga KoubriakOlga Koubriak3 dagen geleden
  • This mans mom still tucks him in don’t lie to us

    Rey PerezRey Perez3 dagen geleden
  • I honestly thought after such a happy reaction, the results were indeed that she was pregnant because they'd ofc be happy about having a baby and stuff. But i'm apparently so backwards that it was the complete opposite, and the idea of having a baby is like a complete nightmare to them.

    Zak BelkZak Belk3 dagen geleden
  • .... and wtf is wrong with this Brendon he is 27 with a brain of 7 years old kid

    Raya CurielRaya Curiel3 dagen geleden
  • I can’t stand the parents of this boy 🙈🙈🙈

    Raya CurielRaya Curiel3 dagen geleden
  • "The only birth control options are those that are a discomfort to HER" jfc I HATE brandon! Julia, you're officially not trapped, have some self respect and RUN

    Lindsay McKayLindsay McKay3 dagen geleden
  • Now buy some birth control or condoms! Jesus...

    Joy ReactsJoy Reacts3 dagen geleden
  • Lol idk why I don’t like Brandon’s face lmao

    Pilar MartinezPilar Martinez3 dagen geleden
  • Parents are weird

    Bdhs NahahBdhs Nahah3 dagen geleden
  • “I don’t like being scared like this” *is 27 and goes to mother*

    LoveInHellLoveInHell3 dagen geleden
  • Brandon is the exact kind of dude that would say I don’t like the feeling of condoms lmao lol bue

    anna yuqianna yuqi3 dagen geleden
  • Great, you’re not pregnant.... now RUN

    ileanaileana3 dagen geleden
  • The pregnancy test could possibly be too early lol so don’t get too happy lol

    anna yuqianna yuqi3 dagen geleden
  • Has she never heard of the copper IUD or Natural Cycles? Both are non-hormonal forms of birth control

    GK 310GK 3103 dagen geleden
  • Brandon is relieved because he doesn’t make enough to support himself and his bride

    Susan DesjardinsSusan Desjardins3 dagen geleden
  • what a nasty parent they are

    Juan PerezJuan Perez3 dagen geleden
  • I’m like lost. First off, why tell your parents when you haven’t even gotten the test results back? And two, this is so weird, usually pregnancy are a joy! I’ve never seen so many people happy with a NO. But I guess it’s like that for this household, because they all feel like they aren’t ready. I guess that’s what their trying to enjoy?

    Chinita DollChinita Doll3 dagen geleden
  • What in the world

    VictoriaVictoria3 dagen geleden
  • Ohhhh wait so she can put hormones in to her body or anything else just so he doesn't put a condom, I can what for that men pill birth control to be out :)

    Marijana MileticMarijana Miletic3 dagen geleden
  • Ew, the way his dad speaks to her is so gross

    Lillith666Lillith6663 dagen geleden
  • Well they lost all thier freedom

    heather dejesusheather dejesus3 dagen geleden
  • Need to knw? Lmao

    ashley josephsashley josephs3 dagen geleden
  • Trivia: Did you know that when you have sex with someone you can get pregnant.

    Ruby's kitchenRuby's kitchen3 dagen geleden
  • have these kids ever heard of the withdrawal method!?

    mrugodmrugod3 dagen geleden
  • "Fake show" "acting" -- Jasmine (married Blake on 90 day fiance)

    Itsjusta HellcatItsjusta Hellcat3 dagen geleden
  • Now he will go back to the pull out method like an idiot.

    Ally235GAlly235G3 dagen geleden
  • "I don't like it when my parents don't treat me like an adult and act like I'm a child" Proceeds to handle an adult situation, with serious consequences, like a child.

    Megan NapierMegan Napier3 dagen geleden
  • He told his parents because he doesn't want to sleep with her when they are living under his parents roof😒, that is the only justification.

    Agya ShresthaAgya Shrestha3 dagen geleden
  • Wait.. how old are they? 😅 they act like teenagers! Lmao

    Abigail TrujilloAbigail Trujillo3 dagen geleden
  • Imagine it’s just bc she’s too early to show and she actually is that’s gonna be awkward isn’t it lmao

    ChelseyFaulknerChelseyFaulkner3 dagen geleden
  • Even his parents was like "tf" when he told them she might be pregonant. Bro, make sure first lol

    FaguaFagua3 dagen geleden
  • Take birth control or use condoms idiots

    Audrey LewisAudrey Lewis3 dagen geleden
  • Y'all need birth control

    Audrey LewisAudrey Lewis3 dagen geleden
  • I love how the parents came out of a dark room

    The McwillyThe Mcwilly3 dagen geleden
  • Lol he is scared, but still doesn't wanna use a condom. I cannot stand him and his twin mum

    Daniela FDaniela F3 dagen geleden
  • Woah, is it just me, or did the dad get real intense all of sudden towards Julia. Like, I would be scared if I was in that situation

    this is not my namethis is not my name3 dagen geleden
  • To be honest I think they would be the greatest Grandparents ever.. my parents “miss my kids but soon as they see them it’s like okay go away” 😂😂 and they look like they would do sooo extra

    Amelia HernandezAmelia Hernandez3 dagen geleden
  • Imagine having your grown ass man still depending on his parents 😂✋🏻

    S A M M Y ‘ S W O R L DS A M M Y ‘ S W O R L D3 dagen geleden
  • I thought his parents are insane but here we are....

    M JM J3 dagen geleden
  • how about you take responsibility and wear a damn condom. He’s so f’ing immature. I do not like him.

    jazzy jjazzy j3 dagen geleden
  • Branden is like a little boy "I do not like to be scared like this"

    Sara MaroufianSara Maroufian3 dagen geleden
  • Yes or no!

    karen karenkaren karen3 dagen geleden
  • Its sad but he isn't ready actor or not. He is so childish more than her 🙄she is much more mature and independent

    Corinna XCorinna X3 dagen geleden
  • Brandon is a man child. Julia, run. Don't walk, RUN! He will be this way if you do end up getting pregnant.

    Stephanie SStephanie S3 dagen geleden
  • I hate Brandon...

    RuthRuth3 dagen geleden
  • Nows your chance to wrap it up you child 🙄

    emilia donnellyemilia donnelly3 dagen geleden
  • If she doesn't want to take a pill she is trying to keep her green card

    Rosa GomezRosa Gomez3 dagen geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Pamela AlumPamela Alum3 dagen geleden
  • Really disturbing how in 2021 people are still “accidentally” getting pregnant or having pregnancy scares. He doesn’t like being scared like this?? CONDOMS, grow the F up. Smh

    HunterStrangerHunterStranger3 dagen geleden
  • I mean she could get the one in her arm

    It-GamerIt-Gamer3 dagen geleden
  • Why on Earth is it such a big deal that the parents should be involved and also that relieved that it was negative? Bizarre meddling with these parents. Especially the mom.

    Melissa BelangerMelissa Belanger3 dagen geleden
  • I was so happy that I was going to be a grandma 👵What is wrong with this people???

    Dolores UnderwoodDolores Underwood3 dagen geleden
  • He’s selfish he wants her to go on birth control so he can continue raw dogging

    Bobbi G.Bobbi G.3 dagen geleden
  • The girl needs to pack her stuff and go back home. Let the little boy and his mommy go about their life. Maybe one day he will let mommy cut the umbilical cord and become a man.

    Loud N ProudLoud N Proud3 dagen geleden
  • She should run back home now

    Cindy MachidaCindy Machida3 dagen geleden
  • He need more control from his parents, thats why he want to tell them before he know the real situation. Thats why he doesnt insist on share bed and room with Julia, and only talk with his parents when she wanted to move out. He needs that control, and he is like a child. Poor Julia.

    Leire SmithLeire Smith4 dagen geleden
  • Brandon looks like a female version of a young emilio estevez

    hola susanahola susana4 dagen geleden
  • OMG he looks just like his mother😟

    J AJ A4 dagen geleden
  • Brandon and his parents are just sooooo 🙄🙄🙄

    Samantha Louise ReyesSamantha Louise Reyes4 dagen geleden
  • Well, that's a relief but for now you guys should use protection now

    Nersco OfficielNersco Officiel4 dagen geleden
  • They're crazy dumb parents & the son.

    P PP P4 dagen geleden
  • Wrap it up Brandon. Its not just the girls responsibility

    sonnet Morrisonsonnet Morrison4 dagen geleden
  • So she's not pregnant. But will continue to screw with no protection.

    Sandra SmithSandra Smith4 dagen geleden
  • He is almost 30....not even his early 20's...c'mom parents

    114 dagen geleden
  • I'm happy she didn't get impregnated by him

    Patrícia PitaPatrícia Pita4 dagen geleden
  • he told his parents because he wanted to make the parents worry and force julia to get on birth control. he should wear a condom or get a vasectomy if he’s not ready for a child

    umeko nekoumeko neko4 dagen geleden
  • Now I know there's some MEN in Russia and she gets with this little boy. 🙄

    Jacqueline HJacqueline H4 dagen geleden
  • Dear Brandon If you don’t like being scared like this then WEAR A CONDOM Your reason for not wearing a condom is: it doesn’t feel as good Julia’s reason for not using hormonal birth control: putting hormones in your body has a lot of negative side affects from small ones like nausea and weight gain to big ones like developing depression and anxiety Julia should never agree to have sex with him if he doesn’t wrap it up, the fact that he cares about her so little to put pressure on her to take the birth control just cause he doesn’t like condoms 🤦‍♀️ Also why the parents even care? It’s not your kid, your son is not a kid, he is 27, has a job and moves out in few weeks when he is married 😅 he can have a kid if he wants to, none of your business, it won’t influence your life in any way, they act as if he was 15 🤦‍♀️

    Klaudia NapierałaKlaudia Napierała4 dagen geleden
  • Girl leave him he is not a man he still a little boy in the eyes of his parents and they dont want to let him go

    alice wonderlandalice wonderland4 dagen geleden
  • Wow hes 27 yrs old? This was very stupid. Why would he bring a foreign girl into this country to live at his parents??? She doesn't want birth control, and don't like condoms. Abortions are not a form of birth control. This is millennials.... unbelievable, I don't like his mother. His dad has alot more common sense then all 3 of them. You play you pay. This was very stupid. Maybe TLC did it to make their story more interesting?? Nothing is really going on. I'm disappointed. I thought they would be more interesting.

    Citygirl PolandCitygirl Poland4 dagen geleden
  • Julia honey run and run fast

    Romance Queen of BooktubeRomance Queen of Booktube4 dagen geleden