Robert Whittaker on Kelvin Gastelum bout: "I think this is going to be a cracker of a fight"

14 apr. 2021
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  • So glad Rob is healthy and seemingly happy. Tough journey along with TUF times and heavy burden. Go on, Son!!!

    Gus HarrisGus Harris19 dagen geleden
  • 5.35 is that the Guru? "Its on silence but it still fking rings"... Robs reaction is priceless. Loves it.

    Gus HarrisGus Harris19 dagen geleden
  • Rob earned that rematch with Israel twice now I think. If he doesn’t get a title shot with a win here then WTF

    Sean VanniSean Vanni19 dagen geleden
  • both these guys are such a class act lots of respect from both to each other love that thers no BS smack talk from love the new UFC VENUM LOOK

    jason lavoiejason lavoie19 dagen geleden
  • Robert Whittaker I love the way he answers those qs...this guy is totally different than others,he's not noisey much love and respect brother may God continue to bless you 🔥🔥🤜🤛you're the true legend all the best buddha

    malusi Gongwanamalusi Gongwana19 dagen geleden
  • Freaking love this guy

    garym51124garym5112419 dagen geleden
  • Kelvin is gonna wrestle rob the whole fight unfortunately it would’ve been nice to see them stand & trade but hopefully I’m wrong

    Numba 9Numba 919 dagen geleden
  • Love his personality. Humility to its best

    Prince AnnorPrince Annor19 dagen geleden
  • "so do you think this fight is gonna be a fight it gonna be more like a brawl...?" - journalists

    Jonas SteinbergJonas Steinberg19 dagen geleden
  • I love being kinda new to this sport. Every year I come to better know many fighters who are simply a joy to watch perform and also listen to.

    SarcyseTiraninSarcyseTiranin19 dagen geleden
  • Did John Morgan swear lol? And why does he always have the first question!!!!!

    Kirko BangzKirko Bangz19 dagen geleden
  • I’ll be real... And 100% real. This guy and Max are the 2 most likeable athletes of all time for me. It’s weird like, it’s too genuine for it to be fake. You warm to these guys the way they carry themselves, respect.

    Kirko BangzKirko Bangz19 dagen geleden
  • I respect the realness. He admits to having some fears and the pain that comes from actually fighting for a living. Most of these dudes just keep saying they love it and it feels great while they have broken eye sockets and their nose about to fall off lol.

    Daniel GibsonDaniel Gibson19 dagen geleden
  • As much as I love Whittaker, I really want Kelvin to win this fight.

    King AwesomeKing Awesome19 dagen geleden
  • Go Bobby knuckles support from back home 🇦🇺

    Malcolm MusoMalcolm Muso19 dagen geleden
  • Making AUS proud 💚💛💚💛

    name is jeffname is jeff19 dagen geleden
  • Rob is super nice smart and also humble

    syskjsyskj19 dagen geleden
  • Always smiling and humble gotta love this guy???

    Thomas PetersonThomas Peterson19 dagen geleden
  • Boxing is gettin picked upon here by UFC.crazy fight after crazy reaper let's go

    Aleshe SakiruAleshe Sakiru19 dagen geleden
  • Theee fuckin man 👌💪💪💪

    RoyAl4truthRoyAl4truth19 dagen geleden
  • Every fight that Rob has been in, has made fans and media excited for it, even with such a calm demeanour he attracts so many eyeballs to his fights because inside the cage he is a beast.

    Pranjal SharmaPranjal Sharma19 dagen geleden
  • Notice how none of the UFC fighters are getting the vaccine. They've been tipped off and know what's up 💀. Dana hasn't gotten it either.

    Marcillio FicinoMarcillio Ficino19 dagen geleden
  • Fuckin’ love Rob. Absolute legend. Tomorrow is gonna be violent and you can bet your house on that

    Lesions of a Different KindLesions of a Different Kind19 dagen geleden
  • Reaper all the way boom 👊😜🔥

    Lee LeeLee Lee19 dagen geleden
  • Bobby 👊🇦🇺

    Frank ChristieFrank Christie19 dagen geleden
  • Go Aussie

    wayne mcauliffewayne mcauliffe19 dagen geleden

    jelly babyjelly baby20 dagen geleden
  • “Sleep on anyone and they’ll do ya” ~Harvey Weinstein

    Rohan AnandRohan Anand20 dagen geleden
  • “It’s actually on silent but it still fucking rings” even Whitaker who’s giving the interview gotta kick out of that one😂

    Sean StanchinaSean Stanchina20 dagen geleden
  • People's champ

    Django AngeloDjango Angelo20 dagen geleden
  • great

    Rafa KopsRafa Kops20 dagen geleden
  • Love this dudes vibes man

    LeGoat JamesLeGoat James20 dagen geleden
  • Like if fat boy needs to go to the back of the line for the rest of the year

    That NiggaThat Nigga20 dagen geleden
  • Rob is spot on. "When they lose to THE BEST FIGHTERS" people think they suck. Im pretty sure Tyron Woodley is still a good fighter.

    E SinclairE Sinclair20 dagen geleden
    • “Pretty sure” wtf mate

      Calcobra21Calcobra2120 dagen geleden
  • funny seeing his interviews and Robert whitaker is the nicest bloke, then his in the octagon as the reaper and its a flick of the switch

    KING HEEZUSKING HEEZUS20 dagen geleden
  • Still a champ win or lose

    JC GJC G20 dagen geleden
  • The first guy who asking the questions, his voice is so upset

    Idrissa StalmansIdrissa Stalmans20 dagen geleden
  • Can u imagine this guy beating the shit out of you?

    Venom FlOwVenom FlOw20 dagen geleden
  • Go on Rob!!! You're a legend mate

    the weaselthe weasel20 dagen geleden
  • This guy, will always be a good bloke.

    Maestro Von HugeMaestro Von Huge20 dagen geleden
  • Hype

    Nathan YoNathan Yo20 dagen geleden
  • Absolute Legend!!!!!!

    Nikola CakarevicNikola Cakarevic20 dagen geleden
  • It's weird realizing me and Rob are the same age.... What a chill dude of a guy, would love to smoke a blunt with him.

    spacetimespacetime20 dagen geleden
  • How do people think vettorri deserves a title shot before Whitaker

    67WSW67WSW20 dagen geleden
  • Infectious smile!

    Denis SkenderovićDenis Skenderović20 dagen geleden
  • Rob is the UFC’s answer to Mike Nolan

    hgdghgdg20 dagen geleden
  • He is a smart sounding guy. I like him much better now

    Lenny GageLenny Gage20 dagen geleden
  • What a racist lol

    Jerrod StockmanJerrod Stockman20 dagen geleden
  • 5:30 its actually on silent but it still fuckin rings hahahahaha

    Max EmersonMax Emerson20 dagen geleden
  • Well fucking put 🔥🔥🔥

    carson ncarson n20 dagen geleden
  • I always laugh when hearing rob says he scared of someone

    CalmaZozCalmaZoz20 dagen geleden
  • My favorite fighter of all time. Great dude and a killer in the cage. Absolute killer.

    JustaDrunkSwedeJustaDrunkSwede20 dagen geleden
  • Why John Morgan always first? He just Asks generic boring questions

    Edgar 14Edgar 1420 dagen geleden
  • Kelvin takes this one. knock out in the 3rd.

    Jon KunJon Kun20 dagen geleden
  • This guy has been cleaning out the fucking division these past two years. And beat Romero twice.

    APG95APG9520 dagen geleden
  • This guy so boring and not even hungry at all to be champion.

    kevin estradakevin estrada20 dagen geleden
  • One of the smartest guys out there.

    hsardhsard20 dagen geleden
  • Does anyone else SMASH the LIKE on these videos before watching? I enjoy every video so it’s automatic for me lol Thank you for the content!

    Christopher SchwagmeierChristopher Schwagmeier20 dagen geleden
  • Pho GA

    Victa NguyenVicta Nguyen20 dagen geleden
  • Bobby knuckles is cool as hell, can tell he is just a genuinely cool guy, modest, humble, chill, laid back. Doesn't seem like an act either, most people wear masks and pretend to be polite, Bobby is what most people wish they were, rare breed very rare.

    XnigmaXnigma20 dagen geleden
  • Looking at a goat imo. Had a helleva reign ina stacked division

    Payton 0210Payton 021020 dagen geleden
  • When he steps in the cage, you know someone is gonna die...and it will not be him. Rob is a monster!

    HoriHori20 dagen geleden
  • fax lol “I don’t get excited fighting someone, you DO understand I’m FIGHTING someone”

    jagger elliottjagger elliott20 dagen geleden
  • The mac life, the prat life. Connor mcferret the bloke who wasn't going to donate 500k unless he won. And that's just a maybe, fake foney so called champ. Bloke picks weak fighters already on there way out, never a good challenge always so picked

    jamie T-jayjamie T-jay20 dagen geleden
  • Robert Class Whittaker!!!! Much love from Nigeria Brother

    Nnaemeka Izuchi ChimezieNnaemeka Izuchi Chimezie20 dagen geleden
  • This going to be a great fight for sure

    ka hka h20 dagen geleden
  • Mad respect for whittiker, want to know what computer games he plays to relax the mind

    Robert TitchenerRobert Titchener20 dagen geleden
  • Rooting hardcore for Rob to dominate and take 0 damage.

    Sam NewmanSam Newman21 dag geleden
  • Such a genuine dude

    Eric CarneyEric Carney21 dag geleden
  • Kelvin will won

    Drazen StefanovicDrazen Stefanovic21 dag geleden
  • Robert Whittaker is a great interview. He has so much respect for this division but also believes he’s the best.

    Guard DownGuard Down21 dag geleden
  • Dana is gonna be in the back Streaming Jake paul vs Ben Askren

    Jason rodriguezJason rodriguez21 dag geleden
  • Just have to love the reaper

    Frankie WFrankie W21 dag geleden
  • Robert Whittaker is my favorite fighter

    Lofi LeeLofi Lee21 dag geleden
  • Rob and Max, two guys who will be champs forever regardless of results

    Nathaniel KeaneNathaniel Keane21 dag geleden
    • Absolutely artem lobov is a champ

      Julian EspinoJulian Espino20 dagen geleden
  • Can't wait till he gets a title shot. Hard to dislike.

    OmerOmer21 dag geleden
  • It'll be cool to see Rob fighting a middleweight shorter than him haha. Interesting to see how that plays out

    The DoctorThe Doctor21 dag geleden
  • Lets go Bobby knuckles

    Robby PodobinskiRobby Podobinski21 dag geleden
  • I love the guy but it's always a snore fest interview.

    Silver BackSilver Back21 dag geleden
  • "I don't think I should do anything else other than just being myself!" This guy!

    Ciprian LucaciCiprian Lucaci21 dag geleden
  • Stand up true man 🙏

    Tim JacobsTim Jacobs21 dag geleden
  • I love when rob laughs something about a killer being wholesome brings joy to me.

    Sahill SekhonSahill Sekhon21 dag geleden

    SchizoSkitSchizoSkit21 dag geleden
  • it is absolutely mad that you lose to literally the best in the world and you get written off.

    Hamed AdefuwaHamed Adefuwa21 dag geleden
  • Cool dude but don't get deceived by his smiling talks. His punch combination followed by the head kick can put anyone to sleep.

    chandru4984chandru498421 dag geleden
  • Oh, the comment section hypocrisy is in full swing today. 🍿

    Spacey KaeSpacey Kae21 dag geleden
  • Really hope Rob don’t lose this one.

    Snoop D go double gSnoop D go double g21 dag geleden
  • I’m calling it Gastélum kod robert in the third.....

    Mr RiMr Ri21 dag geleden
  • If Whittaker doesn’t get a title shot after this then UFC is a joke

    Ethan JamesEthan James21 dag geleden
  • Imagine getting asked the same questions over and over and over....thats gotta be annoying

    Nick PeppeardNick Peppeard21 dag geleden
  • John Morgan: i’m gonna ask you a question but you know but when you find yourself doing something, and I know it takes a lot to do that, you know is it a or do you feel that B is the better choice because you know what is your take on that?

    Sean McClureSean McClure21 dag geleden
  • "It's on silent but it still fucking rings" god i love mma, can you imagine a journalist in the NBA or NFL saying that kinda shit in a presser

    smeg_of_christsmeg_of_christ21 dag geleden
  • "I'll give him a stern talk... or something" Robert Whittaker is cool, I love this guy!

    Georgi ChhGeorgi Chh21 dag geleden
  • Kelvin vs Bobby will be a barnstormer of a fight. As for a rematch with Izzy, based on experience at the highest level, striking IQ acumen and ability to stick to a gameplan (deviating and adapting if needed) - I think Bobby makes the adaptions he needs to and gives Izzy the tougher rematch.

    BoxingWithBenBoxingWithBen21 dag geleden
  • exactly, everyone can knock out anyone, all what it takes is 1 sec of not paying attention, or one lucky headkick, and only referee can save your arsh.. robert is a gem! one of the best there is, and so humble and respectful, i salute you sir

    BANANANASBANANANAS21 dag geleden
  • The second coming of Robbie Lawler. All hail, the TRUE king of the middleweights!

    Mitchell ValdezMitchell Valdez21 dag geleden
  • Lol bruh got the iPhone 6 going off during the presser

    J GetemJ Getem21 dag geleden
  • Whittaker is so likeable.

    Rob WestyRob Westy21 dag geleden
  • Robs jab and double jab is legit.i think he will eat Gastelum up with it.

    David PhillipsDavid Phillips21 dag geleden
  • Love my boy Rob he's just such a good guy 🦋🌏 I appreciate his spirit he's a good hearted guy man 🦍🦁