Ricky Gervais: The World's Funniest Leaflet

30 nov. 2012
2 478 481 Weergaven

Ricky Gervais Out Of England The Stand-Up Special : Ricky tells us about the world's funniest brochure.
The DVD is well worth buying !!!

  • friendly crowd.

    Monde NgcukanaMonde Ngcukana8 dagen geleden
  • 3 rows of 3 would've done it!! gosh

    Samuel SägesserSamuel Sägesser14 dagen geleden
  • I want that leaflet

    m bm b18 dagen geleden
  • I'd probably call the cops if I saw my neighbors jerking off out their window 😂

    Mr GronkMr Gronk21 dag geleden
  • when you come out the window that's a suggestion that it becomes someone else's problem then. like when ppl tossed their crap on the streets in medieval times.

    J-daydayJ-dayday24 dagen geleden
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    Bertha BerthaBertha Bertha25 dagen geleden
  • i shit you not, the first video that i see comes recommended after watching this is thin watermelon from nathanfielder -.-

    pheniks0pheniks027 dagen geleden
  • Whole new meaning to "It's raining men"

    Ruben ReisRuben Reis27 dagen geleden
    • Yikes!

      Maargen BxMaargen BxDag geleden
  • I love you Ricky you make my day better.

    HotpotatoeHotpotatoeMaand geleden
  • What gets me: Rick find the ground floor window MORE absurd. Imagine instead a higher up floor: "George, open your umbrella. That gay couple is at it again!"

    Jan F. WehJan F. WehMaand geleden
  • and this was 1989? lmao who was the chad who wrote this?

    Doctor straing StrangeDoctor straing StrangeMaand geleden
  • I cracked up just watching him crack up

    OlafttheGreat1998OlafttheGreat1998Maand geleden
  • your - "Okay?.." sounds exactly like Gordon Ramsey's hahaha

    pomat22pomat22Maand geleden
  • Jack each other off, Oxbridge shuffle, that's why the government is full of wankers

    Bill KingstonBill KingstonMaand geleden
  • Or just bang a door!

    Rex TraversRex TraversMaand geleden
  • I pictured a car window

    Austin HooverAustin HooverMaand geleden
  • this is the hardest i've laughed in a while ahahah

    Guilain BohineustGuilain Bohineust2 maanden geleden
  • that watermelon had me rolling

    k.k.2 maanden geleden
  • i love how hes cracking up at his own stand-up

    Julie RyšávkováJulie Ryšávková2 maanden geleden
  • I really hope that one or those was like "why not read a book" or something equally mundane

    Radar of The StarsRadar of The Stars2 maanden geleden
  • Those movements are just perfect 1:13 immaculate.

    Nenad JuricNenad Juric3 maanden geleden
  • His delivery is pathetic . the fake giggles the endless pauses , the excessive explanation and finally the joke which isn't funny .

    Sirios StarSirios Star3 maanden geleden
    • @Mr Gronk i don't know if i'm trolling or not either . i just genuinely don't care for Ricky's style of humor .

      Sirios StarSirios Star20 dagen geleden
    • @Sirios Star I can't tell if you are trolling or not?

      Mr GronkMr Gronk21 dag geleden
    • @Sirios Star Is that the best you can do? Run along now child

      Lizzy BordenLizzy Borden2 maanden geleden
    • @Lizzy Borden woosh .

      Sirios StarSirios Star2 maanden geleden
    • @Sirios Star His live shows always sell-out the tickets. and his latest tv comedy has had over 70 million views. The figures speak for themselves. 👌

      Lizzy BordenLizzy Borden2 maanden geleden
  • I need to know the rest

    Noel HannNoel Hann3 maanden geleden
    • Anybody that has a penis needs to know the rest. 👍

      Jenn Cronin, NREMTJenn Cronin, NREMT2 maanden geleden
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    Jimi XiaJimi Xia3 maanden geleden
    • spam bot...

      Mr GronkMr Gronk21 dag geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/26ubhtWpiWegj4g zxc

    Sam CoupéSam Coupé3 maanden geleden
  • Why not...

    Daniel Mann AndersenDaniel Mann Andersen3 maanden geleden
  • We need ten..

    Tommy RossTommy Ross3 maanden geleden
  • Fucking Gold.

    David MichaelDavid Michael3 maanden geleden
  • He became a world celebrity comedian despite not being named 'Jimmy.'

    pop5678eyepop5678eye3 maanden geleden
  • I can't stand this man

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker3 maanden geleden
  • What if you do number then out of a skyscraper and someone on the street just gets their day ruined

    The Panther2706The Panther27063 maanden geleden
    • it'd be like when a bird shits on someone, but _much_ worse

      Mr GronkMr Gronk21 dag geleden
  • Is there really any difference between this and Bernard Manning?

    David PringuerDavid Pringuer3 maanden geleden
  • "Watermelon." "Thank you!"

    Jayyy ZeeeJayyy Zeee3 maanden geleden
    • 😂

      Mr GronkMr Gronk21 dag geleden
  • shite

    Ross ARoss A3 maanden geleden
    • Isn't it? Him giggling was pretty much the only thing funny about this. The Office is glorious, but Stephen co-wrote that show...

      SophieSophie3 maanden geleden
  • I have to know what was 4 to 9.

    Dreadful SpillerDreadful Spiller3 maanden geleden
  • Could this be real - .??

    Linda DouglassLinda Douglass3 maanden geleden
  • I get the comedic shock value for straight people, but most of us gay guys are extremely open about our sexuality, so that's a great leaflet, it's exactly how we would sound talking to each other, without blushing

    Martin SoltysMartin Soltys3 maanden geleden
  • Poopoo Bellend job

    San PauloSan Paulo3 maanden geleden
  • I think belly button is a great alternative as well. Isn't it? 🤪

    MazMaz4 maanden geleden
  • 7 minutes, couldn’t get through ten points.

    RiverDeep1000RiverDeep10004 maanden geleden
  • Anal sex is like communism. Some people like it, some people don't, but you shouldn't force it on anyone. Besides, the only thing it ever produces is a mess.

    Graylin ShowellGraylin Showell4 maanden geleden
  • All the dislikes are from the pineapple humpers.

    Nursultan TulyakbayNursultan Tulyakbay4 maanden geleden
    • Really? I always thought the pineapple humpers had a sense of humor? Guess I’m wrong 😂😂

      Renea CatRenea Cat2 maanden geleden
  • I wanna know the rest of them!!!

    MegMeg4 maanden geleden
  • This is deadset one of the funniest videos on NLworld.

    KCC - Karen's Chronic CornerKCC - Karen's Chronic Corner4 maanden geleden
  • If you are a homeless, why don’t just buy a house.

    Sajjad BlackSajjad Black4 maanden geleden
  • watermelon IS good ....

    LoudValvesLoudValves4 maanden geleden
  • It's really hard watching this at midnight when everyone is sleeping

    FriedTeaBagsFriedTeaBags4 maanden geleden
  • Ahahahah!!! Despite the list, he could read a shopping list and be irresistible the same!!!!

    Stefania SmanioStefania Smanio4 maanden geleden
  • Man his hands are small

    Commander SammerCommander Sammer4 maanden geleden
    • @Mr Gronk tiny

      Commander SammerCommander Sammer21 dag geleden
    • I don't know how I never noticed this, his hands are _really_ small

      Mr GronkMr Gronk21 dag geleden
  • Why not not be gay is all I'm hearing.

    Nate PerkinsNate Perkins4 maanden geleden
  • Look up Ricky Gervais when he had a song in the 80s you won't believe it

    paul mcloughlinpaul mcloughlin5 maanden geleden
  • I think that number ten was put in there to entrap gays into being registered sex offenders. Im serious, a girl of five and her mother walk by and see that? Both will serve (and get beaten) in prison and are put on the registry when released.

    Ilkka RautioIlkka Rautio8 maanden geleden

    victrola2007victrola200711 maanden geleden
  • Are these proper leaflets? What country? Seems mad!

    Gavin MoranGavin Moran11 maanden geleden
  • Some bloke walking past a 2 storey house: "I said NOT in the fucking hair!"

    Josh WheelerJosh WheelerJaar geleden
  • Surely that leaflet is a crime I mean talk about the insane preaching to normal human beings.

    gundam fangundam fanJaar geleden
  • Hillarious Genius

    Froot LoopFroot LoopJaar geleden
  • I just wanted to show a Ricky Gervais funny bits clip to my mom.... God why did I ever pick this random clip.... Oh lord the awkwardness

    David JanssensDavid JanssensJaar geleden
  • Love his little walk lol 02:45

    Jimmy SandwichesJimmy SandwichesJaar geleden
  • I love everything about him, but I especially like his body language. That little shrug of the shoulders is hilarious.

    Elli PElli P2 jaar geleden
  • I’m gonna go watch the office now

    PhoebePhoebe2 jaar geleden
  • Did Freddie get that flyer?

    Specialized 29erSpecialized 29er2 jaar geleden
  • I had a wank after this video and shot cum out of the window.... neighbors called the police!

    ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ2 jaar geleden
  • Not so funny this one

    Jeff NJeff N2 jaar geleden
  • People saying the flyer is stupid are retarded. It's viral humour, the fact Ricky Gervais is talking about it 30 years later shows it worked. The whole point is to drill it into your head that unprotected anal sex is a really good way to get something that will kill you in a funny way that makes you want to pass on the information. Terrence Higgins Trust have probably saved more lives than any of us will ever know.

    Stephen CooperStephen Cooper2 jaar geleden
  • what uncivilized abomination of a human being would suggest the hair?

    Unregistered Assault Butter KnifeUnregistered Assault Butter Knife2 jaar geleden
  • I hope i am not passing underneath that window when the whole celebration takes place.

    Margarita BentovMargarita Bentov2 jaar geleden
  • These were less about gay sex, and more about being a chronic masturbator.

    Alex PaulsenAlex Paulsen2 jaar geleden
  • 1:41 frankie boyle in the audience! :D

    kpsnnfkpsnnf2 jaar geleden
  • The leaflet exists

    MJ BMJ B2 jaar geleden
  • Why not cum into some fruit? But... they're already doing that xD

    Gal KononenkoGal Kononenko2 jaar geleden
  • Ten comman- suggestions

    Lochrine -8Lochrine -82 jaar geleden
  • You know what would have made this even funnier? Pixels...

    Cin VhetinCin Vhetin2 jaar geleden
  • 'I'm coming in hair and fruits and everything!' 'We need ten!'

    Conrad WolfConrad Wolf2 jaar geleden
  • The guy at 2:30 is having the time of his life lmao

    indeedindeed2 jaar geleden
  • I walked past two guys doing number 10 once...didn't know what came over me.

    Kimya FayeKimya Faye2 jaar geleden
    • @bob - It's like he's trying to explain the joke

      Who ?Who ?2 maanden geleden
    • LMFAO!

      Dave Version 2.1Dave Version 2.13 maanden geleden
    • @Tammyaway thats literally the joke

      bobbob3 maanden geleden
    • @Tammyaway Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooosh....

      Arthur PewteyArthur Pewtey3 maanden geleden
    • @Tammyaway FUCK that's good

      OlafttheGreat1998OlafttheGreat19984 maanden geleden
  • Im dying!!lol

    Inspector SpaceTimeInspector SpaceTime2 jaar geleden
  • Shakespeare, Dickens, ....the Office (Brilliant!)

    Ed RamEd Ram2 jaar geleden
  • Please check out our new web series Jonis goes sightseeing. He meets Russell Kane in London in the first episode nlworld.info/key/video/1peUlamnloemgms

    A Comic SoulA Comic Soul2 jaar geleden
  • not one of them was "why not wear a condom"

    Jeffrey SlagleJeffrey Slagle2 jaar geleden
    • @IExist ,7

      Kay MosherKay MosherMaand geleden
    • @David Kempton If they don't want to wear a rubber then just have a committed relationship with one dude. I mean if you're absolutely going to refuse to wear it, why not?

      Paul TheSkepticPaul TheSkepticMaand geleden
    • That’s considering racism in Sweden nowadays

      Richard DiogenesRichard Diogenes2 maanden geleden
    • Why would you wear a condom to fuck a watermelon!?

      fabts4fabts43 maanden geleden
    • @pop5678eye everyone knows that when a comedian says 'this is true' it's not true lol

      NickDevNickDev3 maanden geleden
  • Does the leaflet even suggest wearing a condom? O.o

    Dohyden2Dohyden22 jaar geleden
  • My facial muscles hurt

    Miguel ZinoMiguel Zino2 jaar geleden
  • was gonna tell a gay joke,..butt fuck, that's not cool, cum on guys!

    NEMNEM2 jaar geleden
  • este jilguero se siente implacable ,ofensivo y cruel con todo mundo, porque ( pregunta ) no hace chistes crueles e irreverentes de esos parasitos que son la familia real inglesa se atreveria ?

    hector reyeshector reyes2 jaar geleden

    Lizzy GrantLizzy Grant3 jaar geleden
  • Hahah shower cap

    AtheistationAtheistation3 jaar geleden
  • Fucking Hilarious!!!!

    LizLiz3 jaar geleden
  • this leaflet isn't funny? I guess a room of heterosexuals working themselves into hysteria over it is kinda funny.

    Andrew TrayfordAndrew Trayford3 jaar geleden
    • @MisterBread009 you're right i'm sure the ricky gervais audience is majority gay

      Andrew TrayfordAndrew Trayford4 maanden geleden
    • Why would you assume their sexual orientation like that?

      MisterBread009MisterBread0094 maanden geleden
  • So really all they have is just to ejaculate in strange locations. Excellent

    Charlotte CumberbatchCharlotte Cumberbatch3 jaar geleden
  • 4:48 now I know where the author of CMBYN got his pointers

    Julianne KolbJulianne Kolb3 jaar geleden
  • They guy who wrote this card was the same guy who made the Atari 2600 game Beat em & Eat em

    MorbusMorbus3 jaar geleden
  • The way he builds the suspenses before each point. One of the best stand up comedian 👏🙌

    Hemant BubnaHemant Bubna3 jaar geleden
  • Can you imagine strolling along, enjoying your day, and as you're about enter a building something warm and sticking splats on top of your head? And then as you look up to figure out the source, a second batch lands on your face getting into your eyes, nose, and mouth...

    EclipseorawEclipseoraw3 jaar geleden
    • You sound like you're enjoying that scenario. 😉

      Mark FoxMark FoxMaand geleden
  • What the hell does "cum into some fruit' even mean?!?!??!?!

    whataboutredlorrywhataboutredlorry3 jaar geleden
  • Just a point - why would c***ing on his back stop HIV?? They would still have had unprotected sex!

    Charles C. C. ShierCharles C. C. Shier3 jaar geleden
  • I will never be able to look at another watermelon in the same way again...

    Querty UiopQuerty Uiop3 jaar geleden
  • Third one wasn't hairy funny

    Luke EadieLuke Eadie3 jaar geleden
  • 😂

    Katie McD BruceKatie McD Bruce3 jaar geleden
  • Damn, I wanna know what the other five are. The last one was a definite stretch.

    fourbypetefourbypete3 jaar geleden
  • 😬😃😅😂

    PhauxtoNPhauxtoN3 jaar geleden