Repsol Honda 2021 Team Launch

22 feb. 2021
222 985 Weergaven

Marc Marquez and Pol Espargaro are ready to show their colours 👊
Don't miss a thing with the Repsol Honda 2021 Team Launch! 👀
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  • Good job for Repsol Honda and for you Marc Marques .

    Silvio PalaciosSilvio Palacios7 uur geleden
  • Why did pol change his helmet sponsor from agv to hjc , overall agv looked better on him

    binada senanayakebinada senanayake17 uur geleden
  • Honda is the motorcycle company that i idolized for their works.

    Americunts SucksAmericunts Sucks3 dagen geleden
  • I have no expectation for the livery designer, they have easy job

    Salman FauziSalman Fauzi4 dagen geleden
  • 93 is the best

    Tirtahadi KusumaTirtahadi Kusuma4 dagen geleden
  • Such a ungrateful manufacturer they never showed Pedrosa’s 26 bike in the bike evolution,after all contributions he made to Repsol Honda😡😡😡, it’s not only the championship that define a team just look what’s he done to KTM in just a year he’s taken them from ground to cloud 9.

    KIRAN T RajKIRAN T Raj5 dagen geleden
  • Pol espagaro?

    heru dwipancaheru dwipanca5 dagen geleden
  • Give pol time to ajust before hes up there with marc

    DeathcrushDeathcrush7 dagen geleden
  • I think that Pol may rue the day he took on MM as a team-mate... ! :-)

    Bruce ThomsonBruce Thomson7 dagen geleden
  • desain motor rc213v 2019-2021sangat bagus dibanding tahun2 sebelumnya

    Hendra MaulanaHendra Maulana7 dagen geleden
  • Nice bikes and nice rider

    BUDI ONOBUDI ONO7 dagen geleden
  • Semoga lekas fit, marq

    PAPI TWINSPAPI TWINS7 dagen geleden
  • Boring. Always same livery 👎

    ikbal andyikbal andy8 dagen geleden
  • Hondaaa

    Mhmd_ Aril_123Mhmd_ Aril_1238 dagen geleden
  • Saya selalu menunggu pengganti pedrosa

    PERKASAPERKASA8 dagen geleden
  • The Best

    Angel Evies OfficialAngel Evies Official8 dagen geleden
  • 2002 the best design

    faysal mfaysal m8 dagen geleden
  • The Honda Repsol Bike will now become faster on straight, more than the ducatis,

    Michael&Jacky RACING TVMichael&Jacky RACING TV8 dagen geleden
  • The fact is I didnt watch the 2020 GP because of MM93 absence on the track, And Im excited to see the 2021 GP to see him conquer.... Good luck bro, You are the reason I bought a Honda repsol bike,

    Michael&Jacky RACING TVMichael&Jacky RACING TV8 dagen geleden
  • Never seen a better intro

    Shabana BanuShabana Banu8 dagen geleden
  • 🔥🔥❄️❄️

    Shabana BanuShabana Banu8 dagen geleden
  • La misma moto de siempre 😂

    Juan LLanoJuan LLano9 dagen geleden
  • Repsol: Blah blah blah, beige corporate buzzword bullshit, blah blah blah... thanks for wasting everyones time there, champ.

    BremBrem9 dagen geleden
  • poooool!!!!lets gooo!

    Guitar and Motogp 46Guitar and Motogp 469 dagen geleden
  • 🌧️☕

    Buyung puyuhBuyung puyuh9 dagen geleden
  • Marc marquez e um gênio

    Edson Fernandes Ortiz OrtizEdson Fernandes Ortiz Ortiz9 dagen geleden
  • I love to see these 2 fighting to the top... It's becoming even interesting about marquez vs rossi and pol espargaro vs morbidelli

    ÆM641ÆM6419 dagen geleden

    SikecilSikecil10 dagen geleden
  • Repsol 🔥🔥💪🏻

    Taloon Speed ProjectTaloon Speed Project10 dagen geleden
  • 👍🏽👍🏽 nice

    Jhu RosJhu Ros10 dagen geleden
  • good luck Honda, I'm sure Pol can be a very scary rider with you

    RA WI SONRA WI SON10 dagen geleden
  • HRC!

    MuttleyMuttley10 dagen geleden
  • No ducati is best

    Leon JacobLeon Jacob10 dagen geleden
  • Moin minecraft ist gut wie Ducati

    Stefan JacobsStefan Jacobs10 dagen geleden
  • Hallo ich bin Ducati Fan

    Stefan JacobsStefan Jacobs10 dagen geleden
    • Hallo

      Leon JacobLeon Jacob10 dagen geleden
    • Ich auch

      Leon JacobLeon Jacob10 dagen geleden
  • Ducati🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    Leon JacobLeon Jacob10 dagen geleden
    • Hallo

      Leon JacobLeon Jacob10 dagen geleden
  • If the mighty Marquez comes back to full fitness he will dominate again. If not Honda need to make their bike better handling like the Suzuki or Yamaha to make it easier ride..if they do he will dominate.

    Mbal 40Mbal 4010 dagen geleden
  • Breaks my heart however nothing above his overall health. Speedy recovery brother and will see you on the podium very soon at your best of health.

    Bikemaniac13Bikemaniac1310 dagen geleden
  • ora target lha buat apa maen... omong kosong apa lagi :)

    Sap ReadySap Ready10 dagen geleden
  • best luck mm93

    CB110 MOTOVLOGCB110 MOTOVLOG10 dagen geleden
  • R.I.P Fausto Gresini

    JL 99JL 9910 dagen geleden
  • Cant wait to see Yamaha Petronas Team 2021

    Aidie AdrianAidie Adrian10 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully youre win Marc 🔥

    Rosyi's DiaryRosyi's Diary10 dagen geleden
  • I see that at the end of the video, Honda seems to still think that the motorbike is the winner, not the driver factor.

    Mas BambangMas Bambang10 dagen geleden
  • Nonton di depan TV lagi saja Marc.

    Mas BambangMas Bambang10 dagen geleden
  • 31:29 2002, The 1st MotoGP champion! Valentino Rossi ...!!! 😉

    Fauzi AlvansyahFauzi Alvansyah10 dagen geleden
  • where is the bike

    T TT T10 dagen geleden
  • Can’t wait, 2 legendary players.

    Sand OverlordSand Overlord10 dagen geleden
  • Com-on Pol....get yer elbow down !

    george karitzisgeorge karitzis10 dagen geleden
  • We have seen all the history, all the interviews, but hardly the new bike :(

    Joaquín Javaloyes RuizJoaquín Javaloyes Ruiz11 dagen geleden
  • I like livery mike dohan..good job repsol honda!

    Drawing Sport ozieDrawing Sport ozie11 dagen geleden
  • Sebelum launching pun pasti sudah ketebak kan livery nya kaya gimana hihihi...🤭🤭😅🙏

    Rhe 469Rhe 46911 dagen geleden
  • Gue tetep VR 46

  • Marquez cemen gak pernah ganti team kalah sama adik nya

  • Let's Goooooo Champ !!!

    Fiko 5000Fiko 500011 dagen geleden
  • 99 and 02 bikes are serious eye candy 🔥👌

    Prime AnomalousPrime Anomalous11 dagen geleden
  • A true legend is someone you don't like but then because of their raw/pure talent you fall in love with them like Kobe Bryant and Marc Marquez are for me.

    cachemoney9cachemoney911 dagen geleden

    ikhsan armajiikhsan armaji11 dagen geleden
  • As if they're going to listen to Pol Esp😂😂😂

    Aku PeguAku Pegu11 dagen geleden
    • they ain't

      pixapixpixapix4 dagen geleden
  • I think pol will do good on the honda

    Kev oKev o11 dagen geleden
  • Off topic: Am I the only person who thinks that Monster Yamaha has the worst team presentation so far?

    No Luck JKNo Luck JK11 dagen geleden
    • and one of the worst liveries as well

      Aku DimanaAku Dimana10 dagen geleden
    • relatable

      RapipRapip10 dagen geleden
  • Parece la seleccion española con sponsor y todo... Algun latino que le permitan competir? No participar, Competir!

    Seba BalzaSeba Balza11 dagen geleden
  • Change the livery please heheh

    Michael DeanMichael Dean11 dagen geleden
  • 💩💩💩💩💩

    TULI / TUNARUNGUTULI / TUNARUNGU11 dagen geleden
  • poggers

    Hey BirchHey Birch11 dagen geleden
  • Sonho de Consumo Rep Sol

    Moto AdrenalinaMoto Adrenalina11 dagen geleden
  • Why don't show the bikes more?😍

    Earl BationEarl Bation11 dagen geleden
  • I hope my favourite rider MM93 and PE44 can bring Repsol Honda back to the top after their impending doom in 2020.

    Damar FadlanDamar Fadlan11 dagen geleden
  • What a mental mountain Marquez has in front of him. I believe he will be the GOAT.

    Joseph puszakowskiJoseph puszakowski11 dagen geleden
  • Honda Repsol Forever

    Ikhsanudin Al FaruqIkhsanudin Al Faruq11 dagen geleden
  • Team Suzuki is better..... 😎😎😎

    win andromedawin andromeda11 dagen geleden
  • A lot of pressure on hondas shoulders this year no engine upgrades

    minislaminisla11 dagen geleden
  • Wishing everyone on the team the very best for the 2021 season. Hopefully Marc can return as strong as ever and both riders will have great success.

    Kamikaze JoeKamikaze Joe11 dagen geleden
  • From the moment I saw all the generations of motogp bikes I knew this is hands down the way presentations should be done. Pure class some of those 2 strokes I'd give my left arm to ride one...

    minislaminisla11 dagen geleden
    • What would you then use to steer let alone clutching?

      john kimjohn kim7 dagen geleden
  • It's good for honda for not changing the livery, so the other factory doesn't know what is change. But for motogp fans it's kind a boring thing. Good luck Honda

    VitaVita11 dagen geleden
  • Spanish and English= disaster!

    FEDERICOFEDERICO11 dagen geleden
  • This 2 guy will be a internal war, 2 conceited and obnoxious braggart! And the bad karma for Marquez is not finish... 😡

    FEDERICOFEDERICO11 dagen geleden
    • @FEDERICO Congrats make all Rossi fans like a bunch of wankers.....😃👏👏

      Ahnafhisan WSAhnafhisan WS11 dagen geleden
    • @Ahnafhisan WS the way Marquez does things here is stupid and the jealousy he feels for Rossi is evident and ridiculous to the point of making a real fool of himself in 2015 ... and copying all Rossi's moves made over the years ...

      FEDERICOFEDERICO11 dagen geleden
    • @FEDERICO Rossi have same case with Marquez Jerez 2005 - Mugello 2010 = bumped someone - injuried 5 years later Sepang 2015 - Jerez 2020.......bumped someone - injuries 5 years later... Do you accepting that Rossi getting Karma too? Explain that Mr. Edgy!

      Ahnafhisan WSAhnafhisan WS11 dagen geleden
    • @FEDERICO i have some serious statement for frustating Rossi fan.... Did Rossi get karma in mugello 2010 when he bumped Gibernau and make him out off track in Jerez 2005.....? Do you accepting that also kArMa ? Stop acting like a hooligans who treating Rossi like a god..... This is Racing Not religius group

      Ahnafhisan WSAhnafhisan WS11 dagen geleden
    • @FEDERICO In racing no.... But in life yes.....

      Ahnafhisan WSAhnafhisan WS11 dagen geleden
  • Very exciting season for Honda coming up!🔥

    ChristianChristian11 dagen geleden
  • Q tunggu kembalinya kau Marq 93, semangatmu menginspirasi Q dalam memacu kuda besiQ dijalanan

    Darwanto SubiantoDarwanto Subianto11 dagen geleden
  • Worst bike on the MotoGP grid best rider on the MotoGP grid . Pol espargo is in for a rude awakening when he finds out how bad the handling is on the Honda RCV213V

    jake88cijake88ci11 dagen geleden
    • @Ahnafhisan WS No problems! Though like you said, Honda is a bad bike if one cannot master it properly (but overall I'll still put it as one of the better bikes right now alongside with Ducati, KTM and Suzuki).

      No Luck JKNo Luck JK11 dagen geleden
    • @No Luck JK Thanks for explain that👍😀

      Ahnafhisan WSAhnafhisan WS11 dagen geleden
    • I beg to differ, but Honda is considered the jack of all trades in the MotoGP grid. In other words... - The bike has good top speed, but not as great as Ducati. - The bike has good corner speed, but not as good as Yamaha. - The bike can turn well, but not as excellent as Suzuki. As for Pol, I believe he can handle the Honda bike because Honda is basically the same as KTM, except it's harder to ride (but who knows if Pol can actually beat Marc in any races? Plus Honda might had tweaked the bike for easier learning after the last season).

      No Luck JKNo Luck JK11 dagen geleden
    • Worst bike? Are you dumb? Honda better than Yamaha lol But Ducati better than Honda... Honda is second/third fastest bike in MotoGP grid right now But Honda bike is useless without big talents.....

      Ahnafhisan WSAhnafhisan WS11 dagen geleden
  • Marc and Pol, 2 amazing riders on an amazing bike in the same team! 1 month to go!!

    Alpha MaleAlpha Male11 dagen geleden
  • Marc is so humble he clearly and genuinely mentions that his intention for 2021 will be not to get injured than attaining the title,because it's quite natural for a rider to take time to adjust with the condition after being away from racing for months

    gomez shilugomez shilu11 dagen geleden
  • Not a MM93 fan but appreciate the talent. Will be nice to see him back and race vs the new generation. Hopefully it will be an entertaining 2021 season.

    spoiler42ifyspoiler42ify11 dagen geleden
  • The wrost livery of all time Repsol honda..they are so shit they never change that livery

    Md.shaon Prince ShuvoMd.shaon Prince Shuvo11 dagen geleden
    • @Aku Dimana yehama honestly got good livery from 2005 to 2016...but honda never have good livery..most ugly livery of all time is repsol honda...

      Md.shaon Prince ShuvoMd.shaon Prince Shuvo10 dagen geleden
    • what? you're so mad about how ugly yamahmud's livery is after movistar left (and now partnering with monster instead, making it an ugly looking black and blue livery) so you take it out on honda's iconic livery? ppfffttt

      Aku DimanaAku Dimana10 dagen geleden
  • Repsol honda iconic motogp, amazing Dream Team 👏🏻

    fakboy_insyaffakboy_insyaf11 dagen geleden
  • 44!!!!

    Quit Seven SixQuit Seven Six11 dagen geleden
  • "Best of luck to all teams&riders for"MotoGP 2021"seasons!! Just get your ass out there&enjoy the adrenaline rush👍😲!!" #WinnerNeverQuit,QuitterNeverWin~

    DiNO 'EL'NiNO!!!DiNO 'EL'NiNO!!!11 dagen geleden
  • The music is terrible !

    Márcio NogarotoMárcio Nogaroto11 dagen geleden
  • NSR 500 Nastro Azzuro 2001 always in my heart

    Konco RekosoKonco Rekoso11 dagen geleden
  • This was a real presentation. Ducati was more documentary and other teams were bad.

    UNIA LTDUNIA LTD11 dagen geleden
  • 93 👍👍

    Marianus anhusMarianus anhus11 dagen geleden
  • Poll🔥🔥🔥

    Arman SimamoraArman Simamora11 dagen geleden
  • MM93🔥🔥

    Sumang jawaSumang jawa11 dagen geleden
  • Honda: who's your Daddy Every other Manufacturers: Papa !

    Tapan DasTapan Das11 dagen geleden
  • Aquajaya Aquariset

    Genemart AdrenalGenemart Adrenal11 dagen geleden
  • 11 on a 125. No wonder these guys are so good. Good luck on the comeback Marc. Mentally tuff for sure.

    Black Sheep ProductionsBlack Sheep Productions11 dagen geleden
  • Why always same livery 😑😑😑

    Raphi NugrahaRaphi Nugraha11 dagen geleden
  • is marquez already recovered yet ?? I don't think so. I'm sure he will miss 5 or 6 races this year. maybe the quickest he'll back in july or august, but I don't think he will be the same as marc before, so, for marquez fans don't expect too much this year, just like marc said, he just want to enjoy ride the bike, not more

    Naila HaznaNaila Hazna11 dagen geleden
    • @Ahnafhisan WS thanks mate, respect for all rider 🙏💪💪💪 this is gonna be competitive season as well #MM93 #FQ20

      El Diablo 20El Diablo 2011 dagen geleden
    • @El Diablo 20 Good luck for Fabio in 2021 season....hope he will do better this year..... #ElDiablo20

      Ahnafhisan WSAhnafhisan WS11 dagen geleden
    • @Ahnafhisan WS yup, he never been a Champion like mir, morbidelli in intermediate class

      El Diablo 20El Diablo 2011 dagen geleden
    • @El Diablo 20 Yeah, Fabio also talented aswell but he performed badly in 2020 year....he struggles too much in middle of last season.... Fabio must learn something.... He must learn how to take pressure....

      Ahnafhisan WSAhnafhisan WS11 dagen geleden
    • @Ahnafhisan WS he is very talented rider i'v ever seen

      El Diablo 20El Diablo 2011 dagen geleden
  • Semoga jaya kembali

    Mekarsari FishingMekarsari Fishing11 dagen geleden
  • Come on marc don't race to enjoy Race to be champion again

    Parminder SinghParminder Singh11 dagen geleden