20 apr. 2021
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I bought a wrecked BMW M4 Competition, but there was more to it than i first anticipated. I found a huge hole in the engine sump, which left me wondering whether the engine had been ran dry and completely shot. Well i just found out....
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  • Doesn't matter how big the bills will be be Mat as long as the balls are looking and smelling good,, laughed so much I nearly dropped my beer...

    C. LewisC. Lewis16 dagen geleden
    • It's not about luck, he's put/putting in the work and reaping the benefits. Hard work pays off

      Dayne GunnDayne Gunn15 dagen geleden
    • NLworld an sponsers will be paying the bill great job if you're lucky enough to get it

      Allan MccormickAllan Mccormick16 dagen geleden
  • Top job! That subframe when you dropped it out suddenly looked like one huge-ass piece of car!! :o Hope the M3 parts do fit....gotta say I'm not sure...

    Simon BanksSimon Banks8 uur geleden
  • Well the voice is annoying but the content in itself is good so I might stay for a bit

    Loris FoucartLoris Foucart3 dagen geleden
  • M3 wings are different to M4

    EHSANEHSAN5 dagen geleden
  • Where do u buy your cars from

    Nathan NeildNathan Neild5 dagen geleden
  • Mat since you’ve got the whole front disassembled, take a look at replacing the crankshaft gear. It’s a big problem with these engines. Crankshaft gear failure will cost you or the next owner a new engine. 😉💪🏻

    V HoogendoornV Hoogendoorn6 dagen geleden
  • Bmw m3.5 👍

    Sam RobinsonSam Robinson6 dagen geleden
  • Hands full on this project, fair play love to see it.

    MacMac6 dagen geleden
  • Where MAT at

    Ragiv red devilsRagiv red devils9 dagen geleden
    • I was thinking the same thing lol

      AA24AA249 dagen geleden
  • Mat, whilst the front end is off do yourself a favor and upgrade the crank hub bolt, these are a common failure on the M3/M4 engines.

    Shane SpencerShane Spencer10 dagen geleden
  • Put a new steering wheel in the golf r and I love your car the golf r

    Anas KarimAnas Karim10 dagen geleden
  • Where have u been recently man

    bliss gaming69bliss gaming6910 dagen geleden
  • Matt absolutely love the vids been using your bmw 1 series vids to help me strip my 1 series msport to use the parts for my 120d just need to teach myself how to wrap

    Magnetic lukeMagnetic luke10 dagen geleden
  • Matt theres a guy dan chambers on NLworld you should team up with him he needs his roof rapped your the man 2 help.. 🙂

    JOHN GAULTJOHN GAULT10 dagen geleden
  • If you think £645 quid is expensive for a m4 competition, I paid £600 for a mini jcw sump f56. I know the feeling man been their done it bought a t shit. Good work man keep it up.

    ShanAli08ShanAli0810 dagen geleden
  • Can anyone let mw know what the music coming in at around 6:13 is please?

    Nick GrahamNick Graham11 dagen geleden
  • Unfortunatly the m3 front end is differant to the m4 , wings are shorter on the m3 due to the car being a 5 door and not a 3 door and unfortunatly it all follows on

    Evan SullivanEvan Sullivan11 dagen geleden
  • You don't need a razor for your plums Matt, you need a wheelbarrow to carry those great big buggers! Hell of a brave lad throwing all that money at the M4 as just a punt with crossed fingers! Incredible!

    Bazza ClarkyBazza Clarky11 dagen geleden
  • 'Ball Toner' sounds like a must have.

  • matt im not happy with you at all. just sat down for dinner. bang the phone down to watch a new and nothing. cant eat dinner now!!

    hopsflyhopsfly11 dagen geleden
  • That is amazing but though it need new brake disc and new caliper.

    Habib ZamanHabib Zaman11 dagen geleden
  • Great Video! Are you channeling your inner Chris Fix? 👌👍💥😀

    John SmithJohn Smith11 dagen geleden
  • Love your Videos Big hug from Island of Madeira Portugal

    Paulo FernandesPaulo Fernandes11 dagen geleden
  • Ey up Matt . That looked a fancy torque wrench buddy ?? Any link fella

    wannu 1066wannu 106611 dagen geleden
    • @Mat Armstrong cheers buddy . Top work and honest as always . Genuine guy

      wannu 1066wannu 106611 dagen geleden
    • It’s a mac tools one it attaches to any Ratchet nice bit of kit

      Mat ArmstrongMat Armstrong11 dagen geleden
  • Stop shouting

    Man like JerryMan like Jerry12 dagen geleden
  • What a car the m4 is! Can’t wait to see this complete, it’s my dream car congrats Matt, great work mate

    scottjcsscottjcs12 dagen geleden
  • Amazing the amount of people saying on the last video the big end bearings were gone. I commented back to a few saying it was more than likely just the VANOS running dry. Must have been a massive relief mate.

    Mac35Mac3512 dagen geleden
  • When is the next one due out??

    Arran LockettArran Lockett12 dagen geleden
    • @Mat Armstrong amazing. Cheers

      Arran LockettArran Lockett12 dagen geleden
    • There will be updates on Tuesdays video! 👍🏼

      Mat ArmstrongMat Armstrong12 dagen geleden
  • Your adverts are so jokes.

    Jonathan HardyJonathan Hardy12 dagen geleden
  • You dodged a bullet on that one!!

    Phillip TurnerPhillip Turner12 dagen geleden
  • Mat the level of stuff you can do now is proper impressive, nice one 👏

    George AshmoreGeorge Ashmore13 dagen geleden
  • Anyone notice he was sitting in honda type R at the start👀 civic for the next build maybe?

    Rhys ThomasRhys Thomas13 dagen geleden
    • @Mat Armstrong hahahah😂😂

      Rhys ThomasRhys Thomas12 dagen geleden
    • Haha that’s Boris not a civic 😝🤣

      Mat ArmstrongMat Armstrong13 dagen geleden
  • So much content in one video. Love it Mat, keep up the hard work 👍

    P2KP2K13 dagen geleden
  • Your video's are great but man do they make me Dizzy with all the moving about and in and out shots . Calm down fella and take your time .

    Keith HallKeith Hall13 dagen geleden
  • Big salvage repair good luck mat

    Darren FDarren F13 dagen geleden
  • Looking at that M4 sat on the ramp I’d be thinking “wtf have I got ahead of me” ..big respect Mat for the task ahead you’ve taken on . Looking forward to this build

    ColeCole13 dagen geleden
  • Ball aftershave , I'm all over it my mrs will be getting a treat with the next T bag 🤣

    TalkfreeTalkfree13 dagen geleden
  • Check out the REAL OEM website. Last 7 of the VIN number and all your parts diagrams and part numbers are listed to the exact listing that BMW use.

    b19dnbb19dnb13 dagen geleden
  • "The wheels are facing the right way..." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Christopher PintoChristopher Pinto13 dagen geleden
  • easily your best video yet Mat. Your journey continues- that's a huge job to swap out alone, especially first time - be brave and carry on. One observation - good to see you torqueing the bolts however shoudlnt you be alternating the sides to even the tightening versus just doing one after another? Thats what they say on wheeler dealers, anyways ;-)

    Tim_GTim_G13 dagen geleden
  • Super happy that this didn't turn out to be another C63 jobby. Cannot wait for the next episode Mat, you continue to inspire us all to live our dreams! #MaidmentMadness

    MaidmentMadnessMaidmentMadness13 dagen geleden
  • Keep up the good work Matt

    Mike HughesMike Hughes14 dagen geleden
  • Thank god its OK, well done mate

    amazingfeetamazingfeet14 dagen geleden
  • I ve never been happier for a person i dont even know

    fuck itfuck it14 dagen geleden
  • Hey Mat - Glad the engine is pukka. I think I saw you at the at the Sharnbrook on AdamC's channel in the GT :) - Can't wait to see the M4 come together, thanks for the content.

    JaseJase14 dagen geleden
  • Already no the price 16k😜😋😋😋😋😋

    Mess 2 Success CarsMess 2 Success Cars14 dagen geleden
  • Awesome! I heard Matt Armstrong’s name called out by DMO DJ. VMAXX.. what sorcery is this collaboration. 6 months ago I was thinking it would be sick if all these guys got together, then Matt does a podcast with OG.😂 I should predict more things like maybe winning the lotto😂

    Shahnwaz AliShahnwaz Ali14 dagen geleden
  • You packed a lot into this video. I like ones like this!!

    Gena- F56 Cooper SGena- F56 Cooper S14 dagen geleden
  • So over 10k likes so what was the cost ?

    simon harleysimon harley14 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant Brilliant channal

    Jessica JohnsonJessica Johnson14 dagen geleden
  • Picking up the car with forks causing very expensive damage and then charging through the nose in fees.

    VinceVince14 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant effort Mat. I loved my M4 CP.

    Peter GreenPeter Green14 dagen geleden
  • I knew that previous owner was a 2 Bob C...

    andrew millsandrew mills14 dagen geleden
  • Did you fix the car all alone?😯😲🤯

    yung boy arcadyyung boy arcady14 dagen geleden
  • Massive respect Mat.. I've been watching your videos since the 1 Series, It's brilliant how far you've come.. I do the same with motorbikes in my spare time, have done for years and your videos have given me the confidence to tackle jobs I'd usually pass on to someone else.. Thank you... and keep these videos coming!

    Spindex ToolsSpindex Tools14 dagen geleden
  • This is probably the best transformation YET! Obv mass and bent and golf oh dam they all good

    Muhammed PatasMuhammed Patas14 dagen geleden
  • Matt might be worth doing the crank hub fix while you got the front end off, adds value when you sell the car. Great content as always 👍🏼

    Rai NoorRai Noor14 dagen geleden
  • What happened to the dog Mat donated money to for the vet fees a few months ago?

    bower2powerbower2power14 dagen geleden
    • @Mat Armstrong Ah I don’t use Instagram, brilliant news though!

      bower2powerbower2power13 dagen geleden
    • Alive and well! I updated everyone on my Instagram

      Mat ArmstrongMat Armstrong14 dagen geleden
  • Gotta respect the berlingo in the background

    Mikes car LifeMikes car Life15 dagen geleden
  • ง้าว

    peam peampeam peam15 dagen geleden
  • Yes buzzing for you Matt ! Nice One

    Carrera 2GT3 CabreraCarrera 2GT3 Cabrera15 dagen geleden
  • I tried to subscribe again.. Turns out I can't. Have a like. Delighted the engine runs

    Arthur CollinsArthur Collins15 dagen geleden
  • Another belting video mat and do you ever get sad ? Every video i end up in a better mood and happy even though I wrote my t5 off a month ago 😢

    craig wolstenholmecraig wolstenholme15 dagen geleden
  • I'm so happy with your project, it makes me buy an M4!

    Killmayr JacintoKillmayr Jacinto15 dagen geleden
  • Ohh yesss waiting for this 👌🏼

    SMSM15 dagen geleden
  • No way you can just wing that you know what your doing bruv stop gassin.

    Waqar KayaniWaqar Kayani15 dagen geleden
  • Great to see the “EGG” Maserati making an appearance on ADAMC’s NLworld channel.

    Paul BuncePaul Bunce15 dagen geleden
  • 10k likes 👍 easy done

    Adz HxAdz Hx15 dagen geleden
  • Loving the learning on the job! Keep up the good work

    timshattocktimshattock15 dagen geleden
  • Only issue I have with Matt's video's is they are too short.. 😆 Fair play for taking a project this big 👏

    Adz HxAdz Hx15 dagen geleden
  • want to sell your old LCA's?

    Chris AgerChris Ager15 dagen geleden
  • Well done Mat, glad it ran ok, that would of been a big bill! 😬. I'm sceptical about the M3 front end though, most of the past 3 series coupe and saloon models are actually different from memory but hopefully I'm wrong on this one.

    Dayne GunnDayne Gunn15 dagen geleden
  • BMW M4 Mondeo .

    Rs500ybdRs500ybd15 dagen geleden
    • Good Ali welder Can Repair that sump Old bean

      Rs500ybdRs500ybd15 dagen geleden
  • mate, what model is that drill/ impact driver/ whatever it's called you're using? Want to get one

    Jason MillanaiseJason Millanaise15 dagen geleden
  • Nice work Mat! I’m a knife maker and couldn’t be further from a mechanic but really enjoy watching you repair these cars! It’s a nice therapy - keep up the excellent work and content 👍🏻

    Mic TaylorMic Taylor15 dagen geleden
  • Wow your dads young!!! Would be cool to see him more on the channel

    Jubair AhmedJubair Ahmed15 dagen geleden
  • We need a civic type r or an ej9 on the channel mat!!

    Jubair AhmedJubair Ahmed15 dagen geleden
  • Great stuff Mat looking forward to the next vid on this M4 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    Davey MayDavey May15 dagen geleden
  • WTF is ball toner?

    Mark JMark J15 dagen geleden
  • Ahhh man the relief I felt hearing it run bet you’re glad

    Ethan DiagoEthan Diago15 dagen geleden
  • Favourite type of content from Mat, anyone got a feeling those m3 parts aren’t going to fit 🤣

    Sam WoodSam Wood15 dagen geleden
  • After you have finished repairing you should put an LB kit

    Ariful HoqueAriful Hoque15 dagen geleden
  • I hope you did not pay more than £14750 ... hopefully you got it for £14k

    Mark googleMark google15 dagen geleden
  • thats hell lot of work to do, your hard work is what pushing me to watch all your contents, cant wait to see the outcome and hope you can unleash the M4 beast on the road soon!

    TDTD15 dagen geleden
  • Change the title to "can I rebuild my BMW M4?"

    Luke MurrayLuke Murray15 dagen geleden
  • Great project Mat I love a beemer

    Clive BannisterClive Bannister15 dagen geleden
  • Omg this damage is so bad even the steering wheel is in the wrong side maybe flipped over during the accident

    Alex DagAlex Dag15 dagen geleden
  • Another great video my friend

    2 wheels2 wheels15 dagen geleden
  • Great effort Matt

    Ciao MeinCiao Mein15 dagen geleden
  • Ppphhheeeeeeewwwwwww !!!

    Martin PerryMartin Perry15 dagen geleden
  • Great work Matt 😉

    colin martincolin martin15 dagen geleden
  • I think you need a rethink on this one

    Bru BruBru Bru15 dagen geleden
  • WOW!!

    Richard BucknerRichard Buckner15 dagen geleden
  • Legend Man 👌💯

    carfanaticcarfanatic15 dagen geleden
  • Not interested in cars what so ever,but love your videos,and attitude towards life,top man, let's hope that BMW is OK, one thing for sure,I will be following you,good luck pal

    Derek WoodDerek Wood15 dagen geleden
  • CoPart are kinda idiots for lifting all these cars with a forklift

    MJ95MJ9515 dagen geleden
  • I honestly don’t know how you do it. Great job. Do you use Something is telling me the m3 front end will not work, I hope i am wrong!

    Lee JohnstonLee Johnston15 dagen geleden
  • I'm sure you already know Mat, but just in case...Real OEM is a lifesaver for working out part numbers and cross compatibility, bolt sizes, part diagrams etc for Beemers

    PinkPineapple44PinkPineapple4415 dagen geleden
  • Best youtube hands down , some youtubers i watch their vids and get bored n stop watchinf i been watching matt consistently from day 1 , every video is lit !!

    KashKash15 dagen geleden
  • 500quid for all that mate what hell must be from a stolen motor?! 😉 😉 👐

    name goes herename goes here15 dagen geleden