Reacting to 'THE HILLS' | S3E7 | Whitney Port

20 feb. 2021
145 537 Weergaven

Ok! This is an interesting one. Be prepared we talk for like 20 minutes before the show even starts. Peace in the streets and in the comments!

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About Whitney Port:
Whitney is an alum of MTV's "The Hills," as well as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She found early success on NLworld with a parenting series called "I Love My Baby, But...". Now, Whitney and her husband, Tim, use her channel to share their reactions to "The City" and "The Hills" and moments from their everyday lives in “Everybody Loves Vlogging” and "Whitney Port LIVE!"
Whitney Port

  • You missed my favorite part of this episode. When elodie tells off Heidi. I wish it showed that.

    Kristina KoneKristina Kone9 uur geleden
  • I definitely don’t take the commentary so seriously. If someone is treating this like life/death that’s their problem. It’s meant to be enjoyed and something we can look back on! Lauren, Heidi, everyone wasn’t perfect and we don’t really know them. Why people even care that much about personal feelings needs a chill pill.

    Every Day with Melissa FayeEvery Day with Melissa Faye13 uur geleden
  • I truly dont understand why people thinl he hates on lauren lol i always laugh when he comments

    Andrea MendezAndrea Mendez18 uur geleden
  • These are so good! Sorry to hear Timmy is struggling. I always love Timmy's input. Please don't stop!

    Melissa MinayMelissa Minay18 uur geleden
  • Y’all are great, love the authenticity. We need more of it in this world!

    Alexandra ScullyAlexandra Scully19 uur geleden
  • I love Timmy and his humor and thoughts on everything. Please don't stop making these videos. I thoroughly enjoy them!!

    Jamie AdamsJamie AdamsDag geleden
  • Pleaaaaseee don't stop these videos... they keep me sane! I love both of your commentary. Don't change a thing!

    Sarah CrossSarah CrossDag geleden
  • Just here to comment on behalf of my hubs that watches with me. He loves Timmy's commentary, and he gets sad if I start to watch an episode without him. Keep doing you.

    Kali KisroKali KisroDag geleden
  • I've been bingewatching these video's and I absolutely love your videos. Everybody has the right to their own opinion, but come on... you title the video 'Reacting to..' so they can expect nothing more than YOUR opinions. All the episodes up until now have been respectful and really insightful. Also hilarious edits and sidebars. Whitney has literally been in this show, she can talk about it haha.

    Selina NdauwaSelina NdauwaDag geleden
  • Please don’t stop making the videos. Me and a friend were talking about how you’ve got us both through lockdown with these videos. We love you guys I’d miss you so much if you stopped xxx

    laura hampshirelaura hampshireDag geleden
  • Timmy is entitled to his opinion regardless. We need to remember that a lot of the comments are probably coming from women. He is looking at this from a man's point of view and maybe he doesn't understand womens friendship but doesn't mean he has to agree with whit or the comments.

    Aisling BAisling BDag geleden
  • I almost feel bad that they have to explain this stuff. Like this is supposed to be fun and it’s hilarious a lot of the time and now people are making it heavy when this is all produced lol lay off Timmy !!

    Daniela PerezDaniela Perez2 dagen geleden
  • Timmy I wish you could be a fly on the wall when I watch reality TV, you’d feel a lot better. The fun in watching reality shows is watching it communally and making funny comments!

    Sara DaySara Day2 dagen geleden
  • And nooo, do NOT defend WeWoreWhat. She's a terrible person as seen by her actions and the way she steals from smaller creators and tries to bully them. Let's not even touch on how she treated COVID. Even if you go back to how she got started -- photoshopping herself to unnatural proportions and lying, lying, lying about it. She's having "anxiety attacks" now because she's probably facing all of the shitty things she's been doing for YEARS. Not the same thing at all and lumping it with Timmy's anxiety really does him a disservice.

    Samantha ElisabethSamantha Elisabeth2 dagen geleden
  • I agree with Unstoppable Morgan. Most YTers I follow, if they engage with comments, only do so for the first few hours and then step away / stop. Just takes some practice! Have you also thought about creating another forum where you can engage that might be less toxic? Like a Facebook group or something? People can comment whatever here but then you kind of train your brain to ignore these and focus on the other platform.

    Samantha ElisabethSamantha Elisabeth2 dagen geleden
  • You guys! Just stop reading the comments, the majority of people are here for fun, trolls are everywhere. Who cares what we think. the irony of me writing this in a comment.

    k8e Grohlk8e Grohl2 dagen geleden
  • Keep going Timmy! Love you guys commenting on this show!!

    Katie MillesonKatie Milleson2 dagen geleden
  • You can’t please everyone, but keep this going for the ones that enjoy it! I love this!

    Lauren WeigleLauren Weigle2 dagen geleden
  • I love hearing Timmy's opinion! Nobody better silence him! There are waaaayyy too many sensitive people. We are all adults & should be allowed to give our opinions without being ridiculed. Such a shame. Timmy, you keep being you! I for one, enjoy your sense of humor & insight! You should never be afraid of saying how you feel! Don't let anyone silence you! The people who really care about you & like you will support you no matter what! 💯👌✌🙌

    Jen BJen B2 dagen geleden
  • Love you guys!!! Please don’t stop being true to yourselves.. I love the singing and the commentary!

    Elisa RangelElisa Rangel2 dagen geleden
  • Just another silent regular: Your reaction videos have been the most refreshing dive in the 2000 era! I mean, it's 15 years ago, it obviously deserves a good laugh. Your perspective is so interesting and this has been the most comforting thing I've watched non-stop through quarantine. Please don't censor yourselves, it would be a pity. Hope you keep doing this forever. You guys are so loved!

    Danai SykiniotiDanai Sykinioti2 dagen geleden
  • Don't listen to the trolls! My boyfriend and I both enjoy vibing to your videos so much. Your family is so refreshing and such a great inspiration in a sea of toxic media

    Nicolette RiveraNicolette Rivera2 dagen geleden
  • here's the deal. your channel and your videos have really weird uncomfortable energy. you seem to have a really strange fixation on pandering to the snowflakes. you both spend too much time talking about things that nobody cares about, and whitney's attitude is generally quite boring and unpleasant. also one scroll through my subscriptions page and i see like 10 different posts from your channel talking about merch. i'm sorry if this is rude but all your behaviors point to you guys being broke as hell and desperate to sell your merch. if you're going to water down your commentary for the sake of not offending the SJWs then you should just stop making the videos. whitney has literally nothing to offer, it's like watching paint dry, and timmy has to muzzle himself then apologize to strangers constantly. you're both pretty capable skilled individuals, is there not another way for you to make money than to sell tshirts to 13 year olds? stop using the hills to get views, you barely even talk about the hills! and whitney we all know when you're lying or covering for mtv! you are a very poor actress! just put these vids to bed, none of this is helping you. i actually dislike whitney now after seeing how this is all coming about. stop trying to be relevant, it's just not working out well for you.

    Joah YonesJoah Yones2 dagen geleden
  • Timmy, you´re getting me through quarantine, making me laugh like a crazy person (quote boyfriend). Don't let the haters get to you. Your honest comments are amazing, you are amazing! :) You and Whitney are hands down the best thing I ever discovered on NLworld

    TheBlaBla205TheBlaBla2052 dagen geleden
  • I just want to say that I love your videos! I have been binge watching them because they are just so enjoyable to watch. Timmy, your comments are hilarious and insightful!! I hope you are able to continue making reaction videos, but I completely understand if you can't. Thanks for brightening my day and making me laugh during these tough times.

    Emma ScottEmma Scott3 dagen geleden
  • I have never commenting on anything, I think your great .. seems weird ppl are hating. You two are the cutest :)

    Jesse McintoshJesse Mcintosh3 dagen geleden
  • I would like if you guys watched Laguna Beach.

    Sarai ScheeleSarai Scheele3 dagen geleden
  • OK you seriously have to stop explaining yourself. You've repeatedly defended your opinion so many times that if people aren't agreeing to disagree than they're not going to get it. But 15 mins of repeated explanations of your opinion is not the biz. You have to keep telling yourself it's not that serious & most people (like me that don't usually comment) don't mind that we don't agree & just enjoy watching the reviews 😁

    Jo MommahJo Mommah3 dagen geleden
  • TIMMMYYYY NOOOOO PLSSS. I feel like people are always going to have their opinions just as much as you do. you have to understand that people will not always agree with what you have to say because you look at it from a different perspective. you look at this show from a realistic standpoint whereas others watch the show at service level. you try and analyze the show and look past the fakeness. some people still believe that this show is true reality tv.. which it’s not. I don’t agree with everything you have to say but i do understand where you’re coming from and i appreciate your perspective as someone that was in the tv recording industry (if that is even what you call it). I appreciate the discussion that your reaction videos create. Those coming at you need to understand that this is YOUR reaction video. there is no right or wrong. Please continue to speak your truth and don’t let these commenters silence you hehe.

    joannjoann3 dagen geleden
  • I love your commentary, don’t dull it! The quieter people are loving these they just don’t make noise!! Stay yourselves, the others don’t have to watch x

    Harriet PatchettHarriet Patchett3 dagen geleden
  • Love Timmy! Also tho to Danielle Bernstein comment, she has actually done things wrong it seems so I don’t equate that as the same. But comments are hard on anyone !

    Adair ClarkAdair Clark3 dagen geleden
  • Haters gonna hate. Don’t let them take your sparkle.

    The Lynsey FilesThe Lynsey Files3 dagen geleden
  • Please, please don’t stop. I never watched the hills when it was on tv, but I was aware of the show and the cast. I love your commentary. The show would be boring without you. And I especially love the way you talk to each other. Just block the haters and delete their comments. It takes a while to get used to the shitty comments, but eventually your skin will get thicker.

    Kimberly N.Kimberly N.3 dagen geleden
  • I love these videos I hope you guys don’t stop I think everybody has their opinions and people just need to take things with a grain of salt it’s literally a reality show it’s not a big deal

    L SL S3 dagen geleden
  • Please read this, y’all are amazing. Y’all have good vibes n y’all both seem to have very positive good intentions. & it’s Great that y’all care enough to explain so much but I love this channel & it’s so nostalgic & fun to watch you guys react to the hills. Do NOT second guess yourself Timmy! You are awesome & you do NOT come off bitter or negative . Y’all are very unbiased. Ppl just love drama, pls don’t let it get to you guys 🥺💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    Elizabeth RushElizabeth Rush3 dagen geleden
  • The conversation at the beginning is the best part. Timmy's commentary and editing is amazing!

    Sdority905Sdority9053 dagen geleden
  • So there were scenes after what you showed at the end. Lauren and Heidi discuss their run in and Elodie kind of calls Heidi out.

    Laura CowleyLaura Cowley3 dagen geleden
  • Team Timmy!

    Kathleen O'HaraKathleen O'Hara4 dagen geleden
  • They don’t make them like you anymore, Timmy! You’re so cool and your commentary is the best! Your input is valuable and gives us another perspective. Don’t change!

    laura floreslaura flores4 dagen geleden
  • Awww watching this episode & wanted to send love to you both. These videos are so fun & make me so happy, don’t change ❤️

    Amanda HarwoodAmanda Harwood4 dagen geleden
  • 1. I made a NLworld account just to leave this comment; 2. Timmys commentary is the best part. Y’all are just analyzing a show! What would be the point of watching if your commentary mirrored the narrative of the show? 3. As an adult, watching this back is so interesting because I feel very different than I did watching this in high school and that’s the FUN OF IT! Nothing comes across as mean spirited at all and I hope y’all don’t censor yourselves going forward! This is the only thing I watch on NLworld 😂😂😂

    Gilland JonesGilland Jones4 dagen geleden
  • Watching these episodes is one of my favorite parts of the week, please don’t stop!!😭

    Stephanie HaenStephanie Haen4 dagen geleden
  • Hello from Brazil from a HUGE The Hills and The City fan! 🇧🇷 Please don't stop the videos or you pertinent comments because haters love to hate! Ignore them! I used to watch the show when it aired and was (still am) Team Lauren allll the way. But now I'm older! And it's not that I like Spencer or Heidi (witch I still don't) but I understand the actions and errors of a 20 something person better. We grew up, guys! Come on! They did too. Truth and time told us all (😂)

    Amanda Correa BicalhoAmanda Correa Bicalho4 dagen geleden
  • Timmy, take it from this old Canadian Granny. You are an amazing human; please do not EVER forget that. Some (not all), but some people are never happy unless they are tearing somebody else apart. It is never easy to expose yourself to the public arena and be miss understood. Chin-up kiddo, do not ever stop your amazing commentary that I tune in to hear.

    Carol GoddardCarol Goddard4 dagen geleden
  • Why are you guys always apologizing for everything? Lol why do you care?

    Heartbreak HotelHeartbreak Hotel5 dagen geleden
  • So wait....did Heidi not actually work at sbe??

    Amber LuceAmber Luce5 dagen geleden
  • Please please keep doing these! You guys are amazing and I don’t think anyone has any real footing to throw shade at you. You are sweet and kind people and insightful and incredibly funny people. I binged your reactions of seasons 2 and 3 today, can’t stop ☺️💕

    Laura VogtLaura Vogt5 dagen geleden
  • Dude, it's not that serious. People's opinions don't matter. this is your channel and it should be fun to watch and for us as viewers just see what your opinions of the show are and maybe see your perspective. so stop letting people's comments get to you. just keep doing it cause I love watching you guys and hearing your commentaries.

    Anna MontielAnna Montiel5 dagen geleden
  • Please please don’t stop these videos. You’re having fun. People watching like me have fun watching too. It’s just for fun. People need to just relax and enjoy this. Stop being mean to Timmy people. Come on.

    Valerie MillerValerie Miller5 dagen geleden
  • Comment for Timmy: I hope you don't put too much effort into over analysing the content you are putting out from here on. Yes, I think that the world has changed in the past 10 years, so it's good to update certain responses and messages put out there (re: sex tape), but there will always be people who take something too literally, or lack sense of humour, or are over sensitive about some things. We are living in a western world of people too PC (politically correct) now. It's impossible to please everyone, and everyone wants pleasing. No longer can you make a joke, or give your own perspective without someone complaining and pointing. We are all here and watch regularly for your authenticity, so yes, give perspective with sensitivity that you are now an adult and these people over 10 years ago on the show were young and are no longer those same people. All is good!

    AmandaAmanda5 dagen geleden
  • We love you Timmy!!! 🙌🏽

    Nienke JanszNienke Jansz5 dagen geleden
  • Damn, I always thought Heidi was such a bitch to Lauren and Jason in that scene at Ketchup anyway, but never picked up on how much Spencer didn't really get that involved in it until you both pointed it out. Not justifying his actions at all because he is pure evil regardless but wow when you said it, I realise now it makes Heidi look 10 times worse in this scene, almost like Spencer has created this monster that even he's surprised at the levels she'll stoop to

    KateKate5 dagen geleden
  • Love these videos! Please don't stop 😢

    Anastasia WolfAnastasia Wolf5 dagen geleden
  • OMG do Jersey Shore hahaha

    mentalmegpiementalmegpie6 dagen geleden
  • Oh no, I’ve been watching since the “I love my baby but” days. I LOVE these react videos, your opinions are your own, people in the comments have no right to come for you. I have never felt as though you were attacking anyone in particular on the show. Your commentary is light hearted and you share your real thoughts, absolutely nothing wrong with that!

    Elisabeth VickersElisabeth Vickers6 dagen geleden
  • Also a long time watcher, first time commenter. I watch with my husband from Costa Rica and we love all of Timmy’s comments and his conversations with Whitney. Keep it fun, stay nice (because you always are!) and light and try not to worry about the negative comments.

    Melissa GonzalezMelissa Gonzalez6 dagen geleden
  • I love watching these videos. You guys are hilarious, I laughed so hard watching the last few episodes. I love rewatching The Hills. I watched it in college and haven't really seen it too much since then. So it has been great to see it again. I love your commentary and editing, it all makes me laugh. Keep making the videos, it's so fun!!!

    Morgan SnyderMorgan Snyder6 dagen geleden
  • Okay I have never commented on any videos I just like to watch however this has really annoyed me! Why are people criticising Timmy’s personals opinions? If he and Whitney didn’t give their opinions then these videos would be pointless and no one would watch, if people are that touchy don’t watch! I really enjoy these videos and feel bad you are feeling bad about making them. Just keeping being you and ignore pathetic people!

    Judson19Judson196 dagen geleden
  • My husband and I love Timmy (he’s also a producer)!

    Marcelle UrenaMarcelle Urena6 dagen geleden
  • Please don’t stop these reaction videos. You guys are the best. Aka Kind, funny and real.

    Erica EmmonsErica Emmons6 dagen geleden
  • It's important to address things if you notice a REALLY big reaction, but who cares what they say! It doesn't have anything to do with the people watching the videos who are enjoying and don't really care about all of that. I don't misunderstand you. There is nothing wrong with your reactions. I don't take what you guys say seriously at all. You are just watching a show and reacting to it. When the cameras are off do you know what people really say when they watch these shows? You two are so nice. Come on.

    Dhanashree108Dhanashree1086 dagen geleden
  • Long time watcher, first time commenter- TIMMY Your hilarious, and you give a great perspective!! Don’t change!!

    Jackson BeckwithJackson Beckwith6 dagen geleden
  • Please do keep filming the videos! You are both amazing! This has been fun!

    ambidaambida6 dagen geleden
  • please dont stop! :(

    tdr1130tdr11306 dagen geleden

    Annie CohoatAnnie Cohoat6 dagen geleden
  • We love Timmy. Please don’t stop making the videos :( I like hearing his theories

    Annie CohoatAnnie Cohoat6 dagen geleden
  • It's so sad that Timmy can't be himself. Timmy is one of the main reasons I watch this! His jokes and facial expressions crack me up! Never change who you are just to please a few unhappy people.

    Michelle WoznickiMichelle Woznicki6 dagen geleden
  • We stand with you Timmy ⚡️

    Georgia HeritageGeorgia Heritage6 dagen geleden
  • Timmy, I have loved watching these videos for your commentary alone. It’s funny, it’s interesting and you are doing a great job (you too Whit!). What I have loved as a HUGE fan of this show is finding a new perspective 15yrs later. I think the issue ppl may be having is as a fan in 2006, the show and the media made it 100% team Lauren or bust. At the time, I agreed with that (even had the Team LC Hollister shirt to prove it lol) and for the most part still do. But b/c you have commentated on the other “characters” with an open mind and a different perspective than 2006 even allowed fans to have, its made me feel a little different about certain ppl back then ( jenn bunny, audrina) and the production of the show etc. If ppl are giving you a hard time its because they arent willing to take a step back and use a new perspective as a chance to grow. Stay honest. Stay open. Stay funny. Stay kind. Much love to both of you. :)

    Mindy ToussaintMindy Toussaint6 dagen geleden
  • My honest opinion - if the comments make you feel bad just turn them off. But pleeeaaase don't stop doing these videos. The reaction videos for The City were so much more authentic and fun so just go back to that 🤷‍♀️

    A Day In The UKA Day In The UK6 dagen geleden
  • I think you are waaaayyyyyyy over analyzing this. This show was on years ago. If you want to watch and make comments, do it, have fun and forget about other people. If you are going to be on NLworld you will be analyzed by everyone. If it bothers you this much don't do it, the stress you are showing is not worth it. You are both super nice people. There is no bad intentions whatsoever.

    Denise DooganDenise Doogan6 dagen geleden
  • I really appreciate Timmy being so open about how these comments make you feel. It's very difficult not to take them personally. But sadly this is how the internet has become. People are very passionate about the Hills and how they believe things actually were, so they react badly and take it out on you. That is something you really shouldn't take personal.

    Sanna KahilaSanna Kahila7 dagen geleden
  • No, please don't stop making them! Like I said in another comment, watching these videos brings back good memories for me. We were all so young and dramatic back then and it is fun to laugh about it. I don't think you guys are going too far or being mean. *And I just say "we" because I'm the same age as you guys and I look back at my early 20s and laugh at how dramatic I was, and how different priorities were back then. I hope you won't become paranoid of censor yourself too much over people's opinion because I feel like that creates an inauthenticity. P.S. When I first got to LA in 2007 I had an interview with the manager at the Regent Beverly Wilshire but the only job she would offer me was pool attendant but I was too self conscious to do it Hahaha

    Sweet Lil DevilSweet Lil Devil7 dagen geleden
  • Timmy, you bring a great perspective!

    haley bolthaley bolt7 dagen geleden
  • Please keep filming these videos! Ya'll are so fun to be with! Truly, these have been a highlight to my week!

    haley bolthaley bolt7 dagen geleden
  • Damn, Hedi was such a bitch in this episode 😂

    ClaireClaire7 dagen geleden
  • Timmy! Never stop being you! Your comments are hilarious, and it’s the BIG reason we’re tuning in to these reaction videos.

    Yosephine DhisaclaraYosephine Dhisaclara7 dagen geleden
  • Ignore the one or two assholes and listen to the hundreds of subs that love you guys.!!

    M MarceauM Marceau7 dagen geleden
  • Timmys sarcasm is exceptional it makes the commentary hysterical. It doesn’t seem like he doesn’t like Lauren, it seems as though he actually knows what the fuck he’s talking about since he knows more about the behind the scenes the anyone in the comments. People saying shit comments are getting what they want when they upset Tim or Whit. So if you have a problem with the content then don’t fucking watch. I promise the ones complaining are the ones who watched the Hills for the Drama now they can actually cause drama and Tim and Whit are to nice to understand how the Spencer’s of the world work. So please ignore the Spencer’s!!!!

    M MarceauM Marceau7 dagen geleden
  • Also for the love of God it's reality tv can we chill out 🤣🤣🤣

    Tako EditsTako Edits7 dagen geleden
  • I've watched every episode of your reactions and honestly I don't see what the criticism is. I think people need to try to sense Timmy's tone, which is really humorous. I just don't get the issue. You guys are fun and funny to watch and PLEASE don't stop ❤️

    Tako EditsTako Edits7 dagen geleden
  • Timmy don’t change. This is legit my fav thing to watch. Be assured that people see that you’re doing this with a good heart.

    Leah NewtonLeah Newton7 dagen geleden
  • Commenting in the hopes that it’ll weed out the negatives - I LOOK FORWARD TO THESE REACTION VIDEOS EVERY WEEK. They literally put me in a good mood. I’m in school, working, I’m a mother, a wife. My life is hectic. I get a half hour to 40 mins of hills reaction from you guys and it truly brings me joy and brings me back to my teenage years when I originally watched the hills for the first time. I just love you guys, you’re such a dynamic duo and I genuinely enjoy watching your content ❤️

    Megan MurrayMegan Murray7 dagen geleden
  • Long time watcher and love watching everything you two make! Timmy and Wit , you lift my days up with your laughter and joy! Love how you guys communicate with each other and to us! I’ll be watching whatever you guys decide!

    Emma TouchieEmma Touchie7 dagen geleden
  • just be you & ignore the comments. You do nothing wrong in your videos and the commentary isn't as enjoyable. Everyone will judge online and it's easy to do when you're not always getting the full picture when we are only watching a few mins of your day. Just keep being you & forget about ALL of the comments, you can't make everyone happy.

    Rachel KRachel K7 dagen geleden
  • I have never commented on a single NLworld video (or any website, etc) in my life but please don’t stop these videos! They have been one of the only calming things in quarantine and you are both lovely. I’m sure it’s grating, but more people enjoy your videos than are commenting. The overall response is bigger and more positive than what is reflected in comments, which often skew negative on every platform. Thank you for the fun, original idea. Your videos are such a treat!

    Megan SteinMegan Stein7 dagen geleden
  • These videos are something I look forward to every single week! I can always count on a good laugh, especially based on Timmy's reactions and comments. I'm sorry you're facing criticism, but just remember that it's (sadly) the nature of media and this platform. You're both stronger than you think and you shouldn't let those negative comments drag you down. Peace in the streets!

    Gina DoyleGina Doyle7 dagen geleden
  • Did your sister steal the bag? How did the text play out?

    Will CWill C7 dagen geleden
  • Please don’t stop the episodes!! The majority of people who watch know you both don’t hate anyone. This is just for fun and we all enjoy these videos so much. Ignore rude and annoying comments 🤍🤗

    Eleni KaoullaEleni Kaoulla7 dagen geleden
  • Awe I love you guys, Timmy your the best your not saying anything wrong. I absolutely love watching you guys...💙💙💙

    April DowApril Dow7 dagen geleden
  • OMG 😲 😱 😲 It took 17 minutes & 23 seconds to arrive at the whole point of the videos. Please separate your jibber jabber as it's own episode like a pre-show talk and keep the videos of the reactions as their own show. I get forwarded everything to get to the real content.

    Dia BeltranDia Beltran7 dagen geleden
    • If you don't want to hear the talk, just skip? It ain't that hard.

      Malin SMalin S6 dagen geleden
  • Please don't stop the videos, they are so much fun to watch & I REALLY enjoy them! I have recommended them to so many peeps!!

    Melissa MarieMelissa Marie7 dagen geleden
  • Are you friends with exes, or is that a bad idea? Talk to me!

    Whitney PortWhitney Port7 dagen geleden
    • Nope I'm sure not!

      Funny TingsFunny Tings7 dagen geleden
  • I am gutted that you feel this way Timmy! You are easily the reason I watch these videos. You are smart and you communicate in such a clear and interesting way. Keep going guys!

    Chrissie JohnsonChrissie Johnson7 dagen geleden
  • Whitney your skin is FLAWLESS. Timmy, never stop being you.

    Carrie AnneCarrie Anne7 dagen geleden
  • I really don’t understand the hate. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Timmy makes me laugh so much. I love the reaction videos more than I loved the hills. Whitney and Timmy are the cutest

    Sasha BranscombeSasha Branscombe7 dagen geleden
  • I never comment, and I love these series! Your relationship is so refreshing, and I’d love to be friends with you both in *real life*. Please keep going, or maybe turn off the comments?

    Sascha KellySascha Kelly7 dagen geleden
  • I would say the majority of loyal followers and avid watchers don't always comment. Please don't stop recording these, for us!! It is something I SO look forward to each week! If anything maybe just turn the comments off? The type of hate you've received is not warranted nor needed. Please continue doing what your doing while protecting your mental state! There are plenty of viewers behind you that want you here just as you are. ❤

    Niki LarsonNiki Larson7 dagen geleden
  • Will there be any episodes this week?

    Yadira SierraYadira Sierra7 dagen geleden
  • I have never commented and just wanted to say how much I love these videos and your relationship and the people you are. Getting insight on Lauren and Whitney's relationship was crazy to me and it's just very entertaining. Keep making them please!

    Ellie BradleyEllie Bradley7 dagen geleden