Reacting to 'THE HILLS' | S3E24 | Whitney Port

30 apr. 2021
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Audrina and Heidi hang out some more. Spencer shows up to SBar and does shots with randoms. To be fair, he was just sipping, but Heidi doesn't care. She's PIOSED (that word means "pissed"). Whitney and Lauren are officially working at People's Rev. Peace out forever, Lisa Love. And Whitney and I are just here to make jokes on the couch and have fun!
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About Whitney Port:
Whitney is an alum of MTV's "The Hills," as well as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She found early success on NLworld with a parenting series called "I Love My Baby, But...". Now, Whitney and her husband, Tim, use her channel to share their reactions to "The City" and "The Hills" and moments from their everyday lives in “Everybody Loves Vlogging” and "Whitney Port LIVE!"
Reacting to 'THE HILLS' | S3E24 | Whitney Port
Whitney Port

  • I love what you guys do. You are such a cute couple! You guys are so funny. Love it! ❤💙💜💖

    Valerie KnoxxValerie KnoxxUur geleden
  • 25:13 “oh Kirstie Alley. Shocker why L.A. fashion week got cancelled” 😂😂💀😂 Tommy’s delivery is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    Tommy SiroTommy Siro4 uur geleden
  • ⁰⁰

    Stacey BlundellStacey Blundell8 uur geleden
  • Kelly Cutrone gives me “Devil wears Prada” vibes ! Lol

    Tayler ReneeTayler Renee9 uur geleden
  • I really hope Heidi joins in for some episodes. I love hearing all the reactions years later!

    WhimsicalNarrativesWhimsicalNarratives13 uur geleden
  • Timmy is my unapologetically gay sister.

    Taylor CuchTaylor Cuch14 uur geleden
  • Looooove this. Whitney was my favorite on the hills!!! I wondered ( if too personal you don't have to answer) but does Whitney still get paid for re runs of the hills? Love from New Zealand xxx

    Kim FealaKim Feala17 uur geleden
  • That would be awesome if Heidi came and reacted as a guest star.

    bella.m31bella.m3121 uur geleden
  • Make a reaction video while watching Look Who’s Talking 👌✨

    Victoria LunaVictoria LunaDag geleden
  • wE WeRe On A bReAk!!!

    Justine RauchJustine RauchDag geleden
  • Whatever happened to Blaine?? I was rewatching an earlier episode and saw him but I feel like he just disappeared? Where did he go to??

    Lydia BethanyLydia BethanyDag geleden
  • Whits new line is everything. The designs are so thoughtfully made and look casual but could be made up with a nice collard shirt underneath. However, I just don’t have $100 for a sweatshirt or $65 for a tee. Uhg :( this is NOT to say the quality isn’t there, this IS to say the $ in my account is not there lol. Proud of Whitney though. Very exciting for her and her family

    K8 MK8 MDag geleden
  • Uhg I wish this show was around during the time of reunions. That shit would have been amazing. Watching Lauren see the “real girls night” would have thrown her into cardiac arrest

    K8 MK8 MDag geleden
  • Uhg please Heidi comeeeeeeee on the showwwwww

    K8 MK8 MDag geleden
  • Uhg LOVE nipple covers!!

    K8 MK8 MDag geleden

    Ashley-Lauren ElrodAshley-Lauren ElrodDag geleden
  • Can’t wait to see you In new Hills. Since Lauren isn’t there I’m glad you are at least. :) How do you have time to do the Hills and a fam loldsz?

    LavenderDidiLavenderDidiDag geleden
  • Why is every celebrity Scientologist in this episode. Jesus Christ

    Rachel carsonRachel carsonDag geleden
  • Can we talk about the fact that Lauren was gaslighting Audrina....

    Elizabeth0350Elizabeth0350Dag geleden
    • I think so, too. But a lot of people are convinced that Lauren was right in this situation and Audrina should've been loyal. Idk. Lots of different opinions 😅

      Nadja KNadja K16 uur geleden
  • When i worked at Paramount, I’d have friends and loved one come for lunch. Just saying cause you were curious 😊

    Shannon BalderramaShannon BalderramaDag geleden

    Lumi LaraLumi LaraDag geleden
  • 23:24 what's up with the chandelier candle?

    Beth LitchmanBeth Litchman2 dagen geleden
  • Omg. I swear I'm at the same stage in life as Whitney. Came to the conclusion I too have manly features (and am totally ok with it) and decided I no longer need to wear a bra in 90% of situations atm haha

    Chantelle ColemanChantelle Coleman2 dagen geleden
  • the K and G is phonetic thing. Whitney is basically devoicing the letter /g/ because the /g/ and the /k/ sound happen in the same place in your mouth. (say p,t,k, and then b, d, g ) PTK are unvoiced and BDG are voiced I'm studying to become a speech pathologist, but itd be cool if i pulled this info from my ass

    Miriam GarciaMiriam Garcia2 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one who wouldn’t like to see Heidi do one of these? lol 😬

    meredithmeredith2 dagen geleden
  • “What kind of face did you just make at me?” -Whitney rolling her eyes.

    Eleonore BonEleonore Bon2 dagen geleden
  • Timmy is hilarious! 😂 So glad you guys are doinK these episodes together 🙌🏼

    TamaraTamara2 dagen geleden
  • I've literally just watched ten of these melted into my couch with my housemate. We feel like we're friends with you guys 😂 love you both ❤️

    Kate DunneKate Dunne2 dagen geleden
  • "Spencer, I justttt, shots are our thing. I'm calling from my iPhone 2" .. "is that what they're called it" hahaha i can't

    Shannon LivergoodShannon Livergood2 dagen geleden
  • “Look who’s talkink” 😭😂 A childhood favorite for me too

    Lauren WLauren W2 dagen geleden
  • I loved Kirstie Alley in the tooth fairy

    None NoneNone None2 dagen geleden
  • I might be the only one here but I don’t blame Lauren for being annoyed. I’m not being friends with some girl who did such a shitty thing to my friend, I mean it was very invasive and gross. Obviously a friend I would want in my corner lol

    Jess SmithJess Smith2 dagen geleden
  • I never want this to end ...

    C SSC SS2 dagen geleden
  • TIMMY is life the way he immates Kelly catrone is dead on I LOVE IT

    Katrina FergusonKatrina Ferguson2 dagen geleden
  • Whitney -- Why are you even friends with Heidi ?

    Jasmine B.Jasmine B.2 dagen geleden
  • “He looks malnourished” 😂😂😂

    Margaret MarieMargaret Marie3 dagen geleden

    VTAMEOW S.VTAMEOW S.3 dagen geleden
  • Narrator Voice: They WERE indeed taking shots.

    Will CWill C3 dagen geleden
  • Whit I love you but whowhatwear is like known for stealing from small businesses and Etsy shops.

    Lauren RidenourLauren Ridenour3 dagen geleden
  • Not only Ericka's creative director, but the choreographer on The Next Pussycat Doll. That show was truly iconic. Hahahahaha

    tkay99tkay993 dagen geleden
  • I'm sure hedi changed her mind after watching a few of the recent reviews and how critical they are of her and Spencer and the lauren situation

    Purtisha WoodPurtisha Wood3 dagen geleden
  • Huge fan.. regular here.. love you guys!! However I'm sorry but I have to say it... I'm not loving how often Whitney is getting picked on for her gk's.. maybe she is feeling this is something she should work on.. maybe not at all and it doesn't bother her getting picked on . But it just bothers me.. idk if anyone else feels that way.. I had to comment and say something. I'm a super sensitive person in general and I feel like it was slightly comical at first but now it's in every video lately... Maybe wanted to bring it to your attention from an outside view.. enough is enough..😩 leave the girl alone lol 😂

    ARIAARIA3 dagen geleden
  • Google did you dirty then...never even asked you, “did you mean Kirstie Alley?” 🤣

    sumicatherinesumicatherine3 dagen geleden
  • What is Audrina doing

    The Jasmine ChannelThe Jasmine Channel3 dagen geleden
  • @ohaggie - so now that I've watched this episode (and I watched them all back in the day in 2007 when the Hills was out too!), I'm still not understanding this Spencer/Heidi fake fight thing? Were they faking this fight too? I heard Timmy's comment about the producers most likely making the bar scene all happen to rile up the fight, but were they really living apart and having a "vacation" on the relationship or was it fake? Timmy has insinuated in past episodes it was all fake. He didn't mention it at all in this episode so now I don't know. And the Heidi/Audrina thing is so yuck. Ugh. I do think Audrina and Heidi are friends in present day, and even Whitney texting Hiedi to come over to do BTS on the reacting video? I know Whitney had nothing to do with any of the drama, but I'm sorry - I couldn't get past a friend doing something that evil (leaking a sex tape) about another friend and feeling that person was a good/trusting person or even someone I'd want to have an acquaintance relationship with.

    angela bennettangela bennett3 dagen geleden
  • I've missed watching their videos. So I decided to re subscribe 😉 And I can't wait for The Hills!

    Victoria VictoriaVictoria Victoria3 dagen geleden
  • I honestly skip when Timmy talks,...he's not funny makes many judgmental opinions about the women on the show and I just wanna hear Whitney lol

    Ana BAna B3 dagen geleden
  • Omg Lauren and Spencer are very similar when it comes to the random rules they impose upon their roomies

    Lindsey BailesLindsey Bailes3 dagen geleden
  • I remember watching this stupid show, these reacts are so much better.

    Dita Von CheeseDita Von Cheese3 dagen geleden
  • I love when Timmy is “Kelly Cutrone” 😂😂😂😂😂

    Jessica ColeJessica Cole3 dagen geleden
  • This show gave me really unrealistic expectations about how easy it would be to gain employment in my 20's. I thought you could just show up, work hard and impress the right people, and boom here's a job! Wish they had showed more of the it's who you know/ nepotism aspects of working.

    Karibird22Karibird223 dagen geleden
  • I’ve been really struggling lately with depression, and finding these reaction videos has been such a great source of fun and relief for me. I started from the beginning until I was caught up, and it’s helped me relax and have a little bit of escape from my stresse. I appreciate these videos so much. I also know that a little while back the comments and negativity were really getting to Timmy, but they are some of my favorite parts of these videos. Thank you for these fun videos in a difficult time. ❤️

    Sarah BartonSarah Barton3 dagen geleden
  • Hahahahaht the commentary

    heba elhossaryheba elhossary3 dagen geleden
  • little late comment: but who loves timmy ? give him some love!

    s verhoevens verhoeven3 dagen geleden
  • Yess Heidi!!!

    Mafalda SantanaMafalda Santana3 dagen geleden
  • Timmy is the funniest human EVER! 😂😂😂😂

    Clara CullenClara Cullen3 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely 🤗 Love the sparkling when Whit clicks;)!

    Aussi3 SundollAussi3 Sundoll3 dagen geleden
    • THANKS 👍

      Aussi3 SundollAussi3 Sundoll3 dagen geleden
  • Hollis!! 🤣

    MedinaMedina4 dagen geleden
  • Can we all sing it ??

    Aussi3 SundollAussi3 Sundoll4 dagen geleden
    • I mean get snippets from all viewers whom choose their own words and edit together, no copyright actionable;))!!!

      Aussi3 SundollAussi3 Sundoll4 dagen geleden
  • Lmao Erika Jaynes creative director 😂

    Tina PaleothodorosTina Paleothodoros4 dagen geleden
  • Whitney, Kelly Rutherford is your doppelgänger I think. I can’t help but see the resemblance.

    Robyn PeckRobyn Peck4 dagen geleden
  • Ok I’m sorry I know that’s but nice but they CLEARLY wanted to be friends with Audrina to get close to Lauren just like Lauren befriended Stephanie to irritate Spencer. Sorry not sorry

    passion taylorpassion taylor4 dagen geleden
  • Love u guys 🙌🏽 this is therapy

    AraAra4 dagen geleden
  • Someone made a good point about heidi coming on and it may not be a good idea and I kinda agree. She might roon everything lol

    Stacy RanchStacy Ranch4 dagen geleden
  • Despite this being so scripted. I am happy lauren got a job with Whitney in the end because i think she deserved it for sure.

    Aaron GoldbergAaron Goldberg4 dagen geleden
  • “OOOOHHHHH NOooooo... He looks malnourished” 😭😭😭😭

    Keri BandiKeri Bandi4 dagen geleden
  • i wonder if anyone ever thought it was weird back then when lauren did that thing with her tongue all the time. no hate.

    Lindsey WalkerLindsey Walker4 dagen geleden
  • So weird I used to think Lauren was the prettiest of everyone (she is stunning!!) but looking back Whitney is sooooo naturally pretty it’s insane!!! And still is!! She was so underrated

    Amy HuntAmy Hunt4 dagen geleden
    • Also her and Tim’s relationship is the best 🥺 love them

      Amy HuntAmy Hunt4 dagen geleden
  • Lo becomes UNBEARABLE after their move... I’m so glad my immature pettiness isn’t forever immortalized 😅

    Laura QuinnLaura Quinn4 dagen geleden
  • The thing that I like about Lauren is that she’s fair. The camera might make her seem unreasonable if your don’t try to understand Laurens POV but if you think of the circumstances of these relationships, she’s never been in the wrong. The only time she really got annoyed was when Audrina told her that she let Heidi come into their place when she wasn’t there and I would’ve been livid at the disrespect too 🤷🏽‍♀️. I think the spin that Lauren is controlling or doesn’t want Audrina to hang with Heidi & comparing it to Stephanie is kind of off. She only warned her about Heidi but never told her she can’t be friends, I personally don’t think Lauren cares but is only worried that if they get close- is it going to affect their roommate situation or friendship and it’s more so Audrina herself who owned it that she would not want to be friends with Heidi but in turn didn’t keep her word kind of fake? I think if Audrina was just honest instead of playing both sides it would be better but she’s just too passive and insecure.

    Der VueDer Vue4 dagen geleden
  • The singing at the end im deaddd 😂😂

    holly keoghholly keogh4 dagen geleden
  • Will you do siesta keys

    MR.T Shark boyMR.T Shark boy4 dagen geleden
  • Would LOVE if Heidi came over and did a reaction video! 😍

    Kerry DONOVANKerry DONOVAN4 dagen geleden
  • Lol I can’t with the firework snapping and the “sniff” flying into the nose. Laugh so much at the editing.

    Danielle GossmanDanielle Gossman4 dagen geleden
  • I love these so so so much ! Let’s do 3 a week !!!

    Amber WeimerAmber Weimer4 dagen geleden
  • I love how the dial pad was still up while Heidi was “on the phone” with spencer 💀

    MeekyMeeky4 dagen geleden
  • I met Kelly cutrone at Disneyland she was so sweet! Haaha the show throws me off

  • Omfg Timmy is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Spencer’s high pitched “IDIDNTHOOKUPWITHANBODY” had me rollliiiinnngggg

    Anna KeaneAnna Keane4 dagen geleden
  • ”Hollis is in a Netflix show called Nirvana” 😩😭 it’s Dynasty lol 😂

    help me get 10k followershelp me get 10k followers4 dagen geleden
  • Just caught up after missing the episode this Friday. Would LOOOOVE for Heidi to be on the showwwwww and react. Would literally be the besssst thing ever!!! Xxx

    Becca CraigBecca Craig4 dagen geleden

    geegibbsgeegibbs4 dagen geleden
  • I hate Lo being on the show, she is so mean!

    Amber LAmber L4 dagen geleden
  • The Kirstie Alley story 🤣🤣

    scrubs andblushscrubs andblush4 dagen geleden
  • Oh my gosh please no Heidi. 😳😳😳

    Amber LAmber L4 dagen geleden
  • I love you two....please never stop doing these...ever!

    Kerry BKerry B4 dagen geleden
  • Of course it would be cool for some for Heidi to be a guest on the reaction videos, but I can’t say that if she never made an appearance I’d be sad lol just don’t let her get you guys to do any tiktoks 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️😂 I say that with love for all people 😂

    Terra Vulpes TarotTerra Vulpes Tarot4 dagen geleden
  • I love the face swaps! I belly laugh every time 🤣

    Rhi41Rhi414 dagen geleden
  • Whitney’s low bun, gold jewelry look is so cute.

    Madge TMadge T4 dagen geleden
  • Has a human ever looked more tired than Kelly Cutrone?

    Madge TMadge T4 dagen geleden

    AppelmoosAppelmoos4 dagen geleden
  • Timmmmyyyyyy omg THE BEST!! When you put on the hair and talk like them ESP KELLY CUTRONE!! Heidi and Spencer are my usual faves but just know WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! Whitney LOOK WHO’S TALKING 1 and 2!! I HEAR YOU GIRL!! Kirstie Allie and John Travolta!! Childhood classics!!

    Andrea MasseminoAndrea Massemino4 dagen geleden
  • I used to try to hard to pronounce my "ing" like Whitney! 😻

    Esther ShaplandEsther Shapland4 dagen geleden
  • Whitney and Tim you have become my favorite you tube to watch bravo I love the bond you have and how funny you are together. Great couple great channel

    Lorrie HarrisLorrie Harris4 dagen geleden
  • I dunno if I maybe missed this getting explained. when Lauren gives the chat at the start of the episode after the previously on last week’s episode, did she record that before or after different situations they found themselves in. I hope that kinda makes some sense.

    PunkyInASensePunkyInASense4 dagen geleden
  • I literally died at the end when Timmy said Justin Bobby looked malnourished !!! love from the UK 🇬🇧

    Brown- AmbitionBrown- Ambition4 dagen geleden
  • I remember that actually "What I've Become" by Ashlee Simpson played at the end of the episode when Heidi exits the car.

    Daniel SchwenkDaniel Schwenk4 dagen geleden
  • PLEASE PLEASE make some merch with "they're taking shots? They're taking shots?! They're taking shots?" quote.

    Addy MurphyAddy Murphy4 dagen geleden
  • The face Timmy makes whenever he plays the air drums !! Lmao 🤣 loves it

    Adrienne MAdrienne M4 dagen geleden

    Vanessa PetersonVanessa Peterson4 dagen geleden