Rare Barn Find Ferrari 308 Vetroresina Untouched Since 1987

6 apr. 2021
98 514 Weergaven

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A rare (1 of 54) Ferrari 308 Vetroresina (fibreglass) model, discovered and rescued not moved since 1987.
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  • it sounds like a honda edit: i like hondas

    ShInOomfgitsmeShInOomfgitsme13 uur geleden
  • turn/lights is a Jaeger like on Alfa 105 GTs, only one plastic end is different

    idontcareaboutyouidontcareaboutyou2 dagen geleden
  • what the hell of barn you have there?? i only find pigeon stools overhere!

    idontcareaboutyouidontcareaboutyou2 dagen geleden
  • Where is the new update? It feels almost like if I am part of your restoration. Can't wait to see the BB back in its former glory

    Willem Van Der NestWillem Van Der Nest2 dagen geleden
    • It’s coming, I’m just waiting on one part to finish the video

      RatarossaRatarossa2 dagen geleden
  • What are the building next to the Ferrari?

    Trent WestonTrent Weston8 dagen geleden
  • My grandpa buy a 308 quattrovalvole from factory back in the day.. she was california blue ( pretty rare ). He sold it in 2015 to an scotish collector. Oh i forgot to say it but the car was in Switzerland (my country) and has 23’099km. ;)

    Leo FaselLeo Fasel8 dagen geleden
  • Does anybody resto-mod these older Ferraris? Probs not the done thing but if I had the cash that is probably the route I would take. Cue the trolls...... 😂😅🤣

    Andy HerringAndy Herring8 dagen geleden
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    Madhab RoyMadhab Roy8 dagen geleden
  • I have a friend with a 512 Boxer and a 246 Dino have been sitting in a garage since about 35 years. Look great but have mechanically been sitting.

    Marc StephanMarc Stephan9 dagen geleden
  • imagine if someone reproducd all those panels in naked carbon fibre tho

    VracktalVracktal9 dagen geleden
  • We need some 911 updates!

    mitoman83mitoman839 dagen geleden
  • finaly real ferrari... but oh f*** rh drive ...

    BagatuuriBagatuuri9 dagen geleden
  • Rust under glass.....

    Lloyd V.Lloyd V.9 dagen geleden
  • Hey Scott do you know the weight saving the fibreglass version has?

    jamesread11jamesread1110 dagen geleden
    • The fibreglass cars around around 300 lbs lighter than the steel cars.. that was the reason that they started getting more popular.. Ferrari Club racers wanted the light weight bodies.. unfortunately, that means that a lot got Turned into race cars and damaged,

      Andrew newsomeAndrew newsome8 dagen geleden
  • Overtaking on a double continuous line... Nice car though

    Davide AnastasiaDavide Anastasia10 dagen geleden
  • Is that a custom 1st gen. Camaro beside the car?

    Gear ScarGear Scar10 dagen geleden
  • Great video, love seeing these. Too many adverts though.

    Toby RussellToby Russell11 dagen geleden
  • Hi Sir, Please look for this Ferrari. nlworld.info/key/video/jqyhgpensZ6ieXg

    CorsariunCorsariun11 dagen geleden
  • You gpt your Pininfarina and Scaglietti the wrong way round! Good video

    John WhJohn Wh11 dagen geleden
  • Funny how @13:07min this guy is not using a piece of cloth as a mask. I was told by the Government, that any cloth you like is good enough to filter virus´s that are even as small as 150 nanometers.Hmmm...

    stevehislopstevehislop11 dagen geleden
  • great video and information mate! well done! thanks for sharing!

    shake jonesshake jones11 dagen geleden
  • I'm Italian and the way you pronounce scaglietti hurts my ears... Look it up please! love your channel tho

    Leem LeemLeem Leem11 dagen geleden
  • Vetroresina in italian means vetro-glass ,resina-resin (fiberglass). The correct pronounce is vètrorèsina

    M'n'SM'n'S11 dagen geleden
  • Think the frame and body outrigger may need reviewing to check for rot.

    Andrew GardnerAndrew Gardner11 dagen geleden
  • I knew someone called Harry that owned one of these in the 80s in the Notts area, I noticed this one was service on Loughborough road. Be interested to know if this was his.

    High LightHigh Light11 dagen geleden
  • Worth watching this video just for the shot of the 246 Dino phoooars!!! When I win the lottery!!

    Rick RasterdlyRick Rasterdly11 dagen geleden
  • What’s the story with the Camaro beside it?

    Brooke FraserBrooke Fraser11 dagen geleden
  • and where is that beautiful road?

    lord snooplord snoop12 dagen geleden
  • Very interesting, I never knew the early cars were glass, does anyone know the weight difference between the glass and steel cars, Was there a big difference in rigidity and handling?

    Stephen MitchumStephen Mitchum12 dagen geleden
    • The weight difference is around 300lbs (approx 150 kg). Maybe 15% lighter than a steel car!

      Andrew newsomeAndrew newsomeDag geleden
  • Carrots are 'ere. Good name for a fruit and veg shop.

    Jon LyonsJon Lyons12 dagen geleden
  • 7:40 Overtaking with double lines👎👎 That is so wrong and arrogant, and on an semitunneled alpine road with no room to make an emergency move. It makes me sick you show this behaviour. You lost me as a follower☹️👎👎

    Anders Lauge PripAnders Lauge Prip12 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for sharing, on the down note I heard the early 308’s like this one have framing issues, lots of rust as we know..

  • I thought the Vetroresina had only 1 exhaustpipe? This one had 4?

    Ottar OlsenOttar Olsen12 dagen geleden
  • Didn't get a Notification for this video?

    Dan PotterDan Potter12 dagen geleden
  • Nice Peugeot!

    FFM0594FFM059412 dagen geleden
  • In my opinion I never repainted this car. This is a history from the car.

    Leandro StarckLeandro Starck12 dagen geleden
  • 252kmh? What’s that in Mph 😊🇬🇧

    Peter WaltonPeter Walton12 dagen geleden
  • My skin is itching just watching them sand that fiberglass.

    Atypical DriverAtypical Driver13 dagen geleden
  • “Lunch is for wimps” 😂 haven’t seen Wall Street in ages. Interesting project car to follow through the workshop👍.

    Nick HannafordNick Hannaford13 dagen geleden
  • Come on, Scott. Get the pronunciation of Scaglietti right! You drop the G and say 'scalietti'. It's all about the details.

    Ashter FadgadgetAshter Fadgadget13 dagen geleden
  • That Ferrari garage is now the cooperative food store.

    Mick SuttonMick Sutton13 dagen geleden
  • that road looks like the chase scene from quantum of solace

    alexr129alexr12913 dagen geleden
  • Great 👍

    steffydog1steffydog113 dagen geleden
  • That tunnel part brought back memories of going through Mont Blanc in 74 in my Dads 73 V12 E type

    Phil Brownsey-HughesPhil Brownsey-Hughes13 dagen geleden
  • What happened to the original owner? That caused it to be left in the barn for so long?

    NbKXStormNbKXStorm13 dagen geleden
  • Great find,car and video😀🇳🇴 Love the sound👌

    Øyvind HanstadØyvind Hanstad13 dagen geleden
  • The first car poster on my bedroom wall was a 308GTB. And seeing these old classics still alive reminds me of how much I still love them. It's a subconscious thing I suppose. Great vid.

    Jean-Paul MaréJean-Paul Maré13 dagen geleden
  • Love the Vetroresina video but please avoid the propaganda of Netflix.

    w cw c13 dagen geleden
  • Great find. Well done son.

    Richard CraniumRichard Cranium13 dagen geleden
  • Funny little note, that line down the side, that sort of C channel type thing, that was a molding line between the two halves of the car for the fiberglass, and theirs actually another one in canada, the cold war motors guy was working on getting it running for a customer, also look how inset the bumpers are at 1:30, like their non existent and I hope that's not a habit at 7:37, like I dont know what the laws are in that location, but here, double lines mean do not pass, and theirs no run off if that goes wrong. but still what happened that this well loved car got put away like this, did he buy an 87 Quatrovalve, as one of the funniest things I've heard is that actually, the latter quattro cars are better than the early fiber ones as the weight balance is better, and the cars are faster and more powerful. as both James May and Harry Metcalf had, and sold both of them, Harry bought the testarossa, and loves the hell out of it, even though it was down on half a bank with its worn distributor for the longest time, including when it was on the grand tour which means it didnt get a fair test of how it would have been when new and james well, he had an old overthink crisis and put the thing fully back to stock, including the 14 inch wheels, instead of the upgraded 15's which makes a hell of a difference in how well they drive apparently and then was like, well this cars not that good and I'm kinda bored with it like preversely, ferrari actually made the 308 better as time went on lol still though the other thing is, these cars, well, each one is different, maybe this one has more power than both their glass fiber cars, as per the nature of handbuilt cars. if it was me, honestly the icon for me is the targa model, so I'd have to go with your black beater that you bought from the set of the hidden over it and sell it for that, also from 1987 ish lol although I probably wouldnt say that after driving it lol or either really lol as this one, I gotta say gives off good vibes, weirdly just even looking at harry's and James I had the feeling they were both mingers, this one, evidently might be a good one. I mean look at that mileage, and its condition, 80K miles and it was kept up this well, someone REALLY loved this thing, and you dont love a piece of junk like that.

    Kavinsky SmithKavinsky Smith13 dagen geleden
  • You still gotta pay tax on a stored car??? England fucking sucks

    Jay DoesStuffJay DoesStuff13 dagen geleden
  • This thing was already a 10-year old, 70,000 mile Ferrari with a bad paint job when it was put away, 34 years ago. Let's just hope that that underneath the steel bits are in a better state than the one in Ian Tyrrell's workshop! (nlworld.info/key/video/r52Iga6cbJ2XeKY). They do have a reputation for hiding all sorts or ugliness.

    Tim GoslingTim Gosling13 dagen geleden
  • I have an honest question about that VPN. When you shop parts in the US via VPN, how do you get them over to the UK? I think those additional offers didn't show up initially because the do not ship them, or how does this work? Apart from that, it is a stunning car. I would drive it, since I hate it when cars just sit around, flat-spotting their tyres.

    S MartinS Martin13 dagen geleden
    • @Ratarossa Ah, I see. Thanks for that!

      S MartinS Martin13 dagen geleden
    • good question. Generally i have found for example with ebay if you message the seller normally you can sort out shipping

      RatarossaRatarossa13 dagen geleden
  • Woah...i never knew they made 308 in fiberglass in the early years. Thats a real valuable gem

    ShakeelShakeel13 dagen geleden
  • These things suffer rust far more than is commonly assumed....

    Alan HuntAlan Hunt13 dagen geleden
  • I hope they at least put a fresh t belt on it before they started it?! And yeah after watching Tyrells Classic Workshop I hope it isn't going to collapse on the new owner!

    racerx8410712racerx841071213 dagen geleden
  • I'm surprised at the amount of miles on it with no cracks in the fiberglass. That alone is amazing as with the old fiberglass Corvettes you have way more cracking and spidering on those bodies with far less mile examples than this. With the type of restoration the owner is doing it's obvious it's going to be enjoyed again maybe not as much miles on it but what he's chosen to do is the right redo.. not full restoration with that amount of miles.

    Sirremus RobinsonSirremus Robinson13 dagen geleden
  • Obviously, they have not checked out the under chassis which is probably hiding some really bad rust - as previously mentioned - re Ian Tyrrell

    Mario AntoniazziMario Antoniazzi13 dagen geleden
  • I’ll get myself a cup of coffee ☕️

    JonBonDoneganJonBonDonegan13 dagen geleden
  • Straight out of Charnwood - probably seen this at Graypauls.

    James ShawJames Shaw13 dagen geleden

    mylesnicmylesnic13 dagen geleden
  • Nice to see you and the bodyshop guys being normal around one another, not a bloody face nappy in sight, lol!

    John BridgeJohn Bridge13 dagen geleden
  • Hi Scott, was that Lake Garda you were driving? It would be great to hear about your past road trips in these cars sometime. Thanks

    Ian HoyleIan Hoyle13 dagen geleden
  • I’ve read somewhere that older fiberglass actually absorb moisture. Should explain bubbling.

    John SpanosJohn Spanos13 dagen geleden
  • Overtaking on double lines. Perfectly acceptable in a classic Ferrari. Bring it.

    Club SportClub Sport13 dagen geleden
  • Looks like a right shithole of a place. I wouldn’t leave my chainsaw there to be serviced 🤦‍♂️

    andrew jacksonandrew jackson13 dagen geleden
  • Why do you think Ferraris of that era never really had good quality interiors or even good design. Gauges tucked away on the RHS of the steering column look like an afterthought and the column mounted signaling arms and so on are bits of bent wire and plastic. That juts leaves the God awful gear lever stick.

    GrahamGraham13 dagen geleden
  • Forget the Rosso Corsa...do it in gloss black.

    G MG M13 dagen geleden
  • The one at Ian Tyrell's was good from afar but far from good! Lets hope this one was cared for and shows less rust beneath the surface. Both project will be great to see once completed.

    Gaetano FlorioGaetano Florio13 dagen geleden
  • What a great find! Didn’t know the first 308 were fiber glass. Awesome engine sound also, can’t you get that sound out of your own 308 with throttle bodies or something? I’m so looking forward to see the BBI finished too. Enjoying every video ;)

    Paul de GansPaul de Gans13 dagen geleden
  • Love geeking out over the minute differences twixt the vet and the later cars, looking forward to the next one mate

    M PM P13 dagen geleden
  • I would drive ewrry Day at the week ind the summer time..store indsigelse ind the winter time and do normal maintenens to keep it going and going...🇩🇰👍😎

    Niels-Ole knudsenNiels-Ole knudsen13 dagen geleden
  • I know, I know. This is a Ferrari Channel and i love it but that Camaro at 10:31 has my eyes fixated to it. The wheels, wow! I'm not even a Camaro guy, smh.

    rolandleap1rolandleap113 dagen geleden
  • i was 23 when this car was last on the road... i could do with a restoration too....

    Daniel ThomasDaniel Thomas13 dagen geleden
    • I think I’m suffering from some hidden, structural rust ‘n’ all.

      Joss ArmitageJoss Armitage11 dagen geleden
  • Great vid! As an ‘83 QV 308 owner (approx same miles) I loved seeing this and would love a carb’d car. I can’t believe they started it with 34 year old timing belts! Gutsy! Looking forward to seeing the paint and refresh.

    tberreth33tberreth3313 dagen geleden
    • however the belts on my boxer having been outside for 13+ years felts fine

      RatarossaRatarossa13 dagen geleden
    • it proves the point, these engines are pretty solid. rubber belts though risky

      RatarossaRatarossa13 dagen geleden
  • Nice.

    Jerry HawkJerry Hawk13 dagen geleden
  • 👍👍 up to the first owner who wasn't shy driving it .

    bryanbryan13 dagen geleden
  • Please.ceramic coat the exhaust manifolds... 😇

    srreventonsrreventon13 dagen geleden
  • I have absolutely NO idea why you remind me so much of Thomas Dolby...

    salvagedroversalvagedrover13 dagen geleden
    • @Joss Armitage ok, so I’m not crazy... (fun fact, typing this AS I’m listening to ‘commercial breakup’, lol)

      salvagedroversalvagedrover11 dagen geleden
    • I hadn’t thought of that but now you’ve said it, I can’t get it out of my head.

      Joss ArmitageJoss Armitage11 dagen geleden
  • Owner watches Iain Tyrrell's video and calls garage to halt everything and reassess. That's my guess

    brixtonsaintbrixtonsaint13 dagen geleden
    • Yep, all over but definitely the front frames

      John WhJohn Wh11 dagen geleden
    • im going to check rust today

      RatarossaRatarossa13 dagen geleden
  • Were those Delloroto or Weber carbs?

    Ted SmartTed Smart13 dagen geleden
  • Is this a workshop that rents it's space?

    hasithasubhasithasub13 dagen geleden
  • I’d do exactly what the owner is doing on this one. Frame and fiberglass spot repair, good repaint, make it beyond good but not a garage queen, it shouldn’t be nut & bolt resto. Love it.

    Brendan ProutyBrendan Prouty14 dagen geleden
  • I really hope they leave some if the Patina on the inside.

    Maverick BuckleyMaverick Buckley14 dagen geleden
    • yes a sympathy cleanup I believe is pretty much all thats happening

      RatarossaRatarossa13 dagen geleden
  • One of the last few imported to uk in '77.does it have the lightweight spare wheel? Worth doing it right.Rosso Chiaro?

    Flying HedgehogFlying Hedgehog14 dagen geleden
    • yes it does the slim 'dino' wheel

      RatarossaRatarossa13 dagen geleden
  • bellissima

    Antonio PavorelAntonio Pavorel14 dagen geleden
  • They don't fool around at that garage!

    Jon WintersJon Winters14 dagen geleden
  • No more 308s, show us the F40.

    Jim WorthingtonJim Worthington14 dagen geleden
    • i need one

      RatarossaRatarossa13 dagen geleden
  • Man I would love to see someone Resto mod one of these and drop a modern Ferrari engine in it!

    Tim DennisTim Dennis14 dagen geleden
  • That’s no Fiero kit car. It’s beautiful!

    Rear Engine ShopRear Engine Shop14 dagen geleden
  • Another channel had one of these in for refurbishing and almost everything under the fiberglass was rotted. Hopefully they checked out.

    kingofl337kingofl33714 dagen geleden
  • not trying to be offensive, but genuinely curious why are the fiberglass versions so much more desirable? is it cause they're early cars, or lighter, or rarer, or...? to me fiberglass always implies 'kit car', so not sure of the appeal. now, I do have a C3 Stingray, which of course is fiberglass but never available as a steel body, so am obviously not biased against fiberglass...no choice with corvettes. also, the paint on my corvette bubbled up the same as on this 308...was told it was the resin gassing off over the years...maybe, maybe not.

    Steve SSteve S14 dagen geleden
    • no offence taken mate. generally with ferrari's they become more collectable (with that more expensive) due to the lower production numbers

      RatarossaRatarossa13 dagen geleden
  • What a beauty. Id do exactly what the owner is doing and then drive it and enjoy it! thanks for sharing!

    David RoseDavid Rose14 dagen geleden
  • Uhh that’s about as rare as finding a Walmart receipt in a Walmart parking lot

    doons403doons40314 dagen geleden
  • Recently one of these fiberglass 308s was featured on Tyrrell's classic workshop. It was shocking how much structural rust the car had under the fiberglass body panels.

    Georgi MihalkovGeorgi Mihalkov14 dagen geleden
  • Ha! I watched Lost Boys on the weekend with the kids. We also watch the Never Ending Storey. I like that you divert from the regular show for this.

    Andrew SchaerfAndrew Schaerf14 dagen geleden
  • The year a was born

    Stephen WilliamsonStephen Williamson14 dagen geleden
  • Nice car, amazing find . That one in the mountain road sounds like what Jack @Number 27 wants his 308 to sound, as his is a carburetted too.

    Inacio F. MarquesInacio F. Marques14 dagen geleden
  • Bonus being stored there. No high or low temps.

    E ZacherE Zacher14 dagen geleden
  • A terrific video, and a simply beautiful Ferrari.

    conniebennyconniebenny14 dagen geleden