QI | Why Is Santa Off The Rich List?

2 dec. 2020
88 676 Weergaven

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This clip is from QI Series K, Episode 14, 'Kris Kringle' with Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Jo Brand, Phill Jupitus and Brendan O'Carroll.


    jacob israeljacob israel5 dagen geleden
  • QI you can be fired from the BBC if you say Santa does not exist.

    Martin PooleMartin Poole9 dagen geleden
  • He was real. I mean a person did exist. St. Nicholas. Not sure about the one whos apparently going through chimneys though

    Naveed AhmedNaveed Ahmed19 dagen geleden
  • 1:18 He doesn't actually have to deliver all that many gifts.... I mean, have you ever noticed that in every movie, after Santa delivers the presents, he just fucks off into the distance and doesn't stop at any of the other houses in town? It's because children are horrid, little monsters.... :P

    TaricusTaricus26 dagen geleden
  • Santa is a saint? or is he a Clause?

    Ivan PetryshynIvan PetryshynMaand geleden
  • You can tell Brendan really wanted a klaxon xD

    Boom12Boom12Maand geleden
  • wot

    Ishraq FarhanIshraq FarhanMaand geleden
  • Well Forbes are lying pieces of shit then because Scrooge McDuck should definitely top that list, not even Forbes can challenge me on Duck-Lore. I shouldn't be this bothered by that.

    MuetzenfuehrerMuetzenfuehrerMaand geleden
  • Phil is so beautiful

    ZeroArtisanZeroArtisanMaand geleden
  • Phil Jupitus' reaction is priceless and cracks me up each time.

    Average MeatsackAverage MeatsackMaand geleden
  • Isn’t just because Santa is not AS rich as Smaug or anyone else in the top 10? Like if he wanted to Smaug could give every kid several presents more than Santa or something like that

    nick jacknick jackMaand geleden
  • To be completely real here for a second- the Hobbit only works when it's gold, right. You can't envision Smaug sleeping under all his stock shares.

    Flying ScottFlying ScottMaand geleden
  • tax evasion haha

    Tommy FreshTommy FreshMaand geleden
  • Crazy idea. Have Stephen Fry be the new host of Jeopardy.

    BIGBLOCK5022006BIGBLOCK5022006Maand geleden
  • I thought it was because Santa has all the elves make each present on sight? And you can't profit if you're losing money. I'd say Santa has been operating with negative cash flow for millennia...

    Mark MitchellMark MitchellMaand geleden
  • child labour laws

    ScottSimplyScottSimplyMaand geleden
  • I don't understand how Flintheart can be on the list when Scrooge isn't, since it is almost constantly stated that Scrooge is the richest person in the Duckburg Universe

    TheWildmandenTheWildmandenMaand geleden
  • Forbes’ reason is very clever and appropriate.

    MnogojazykMnogojazykMaand geleden
  • First Forbes in 2012 discounting Santa because he's real, and now the CDC saying Santa is immune to COVID-19 and cannot transfer it. I love when big organizations keep the faith

    Kendal McClureKendal McClureMaand geleden
    • he may be real but he's not immortal, dead ppl can't catch COVID but you can get worse than COVID messing about with dead bodies

      CorvusCorone68CorvusCorone68Maand geleden
  • Oh, how I love Phill

    Gareth TudorGareth TudorMaand geleden
  • God Bless the child-like at heart

    Lord FaladarLord FaladarMaand geleden
  • That hug was adorable.

    N PN PMaand geleden
  • Everybody knows that Santa only delivers the toys, the parents are the ones who bought them.

    Luís Cláudio FugolinLuís Cláudio FugolinMaand geleden
  • " Because forbs decided he is reaallll" And so insanity takes over again...

    Andrew WattsAndrew WattsMaand geleden
  • I'm Bavarian and I can confirm that Santa isn't real. ... The *Christkindl* brings the presents, and that's that!

    FD SFD SMaand geleden
  • I thought it's because he's a slave owner.

    Peter BánosPeter BánosMaand geleden
  • Forbes is wrong every contest between Scrooge and Flintheart is won by Scrooge time and time again it is proven that Scrooge is the richest duck despite all attempts by Flintheart at cheating

    fisher kingfisher kingMaand geleden
  • Because santa is a fictional character so should not be counted as a real person. I'd happily take the -10 klaxon there

    Wonderguard1Wonderguard1Maand geleden
  • Smaug isn't real? I don't believe you!

    Ruby DoobieRuby DoobieMaand geleden
  • Forbes says santa is real. Birds are real

    Barnaby BruceBarnaby BruceMaand geleden
  • Actually i believe smaug would have to be richer than that, not only the gold, rubies, emeralds anddiamondsthesize of your head..but those white star gems too..and top of that is that massive kings jewel..the gold itself has to be 30feet deep atleast

    john banksjohn banksMaand geleden
  • His wife took halve in the divorce

    Cameron BranfordCameron BranfordMaand geleden
  • Can you imagine the goddamn economic disaster in all of Middle-Earth when Smaug's gold gets out on the market and the inflation starts...?

    adamgrogoryadamgrogoryMaand geleden
  • I’m still waiting for the edition of Qi where Sandy hosts and Stephen Fry is a guest panellist. Come on John Lloyd.... you invented the show so you can make it happen?

    Mongo BoogieMongo BoogieMaand geleden
  • Smaug cannot possibly be richer than Jabba the Hutt...

    Magmafrost13Magmafrost13Maand geleden
  • He looks pretty rich. In fact, I expect eating him would give you quite the case of gout.

    New MessageNew MessageMaand geleden
  • I want to rewatch a bunch of QI Christmas specials now. Will there be one this year?

    GeneralityGeneralityMaand geleden
    • Yes! It’s part of the R series, and because it’s the Christmas episode is named “Rejoice”! It will air on Wednesday 23rd December at 9.30pm on BBC2 and presumably will be available on the I-player after that.

      Sarah JonesSarah JonesMaand geleden
  • That's rather heartwarming.

    JackDManheimJackDManheimMaand geleden
  • :))

    Traffic LightTraffic LightMaand geleden
  • Phill when Brendan said Santa’s not real 🤣🤣🤣

    Ange MaidmentAnge MaidmentMaand geleden
  • This was so wholesome!

    hitchikersguide1hitchikersguide1Maand geleden
  • Jeff Bezos is nearly 3 times richer than a mythical beast that sleeps on a mountain of gold

    William DelaporteWilliam DelaporteMaand geleden
  • $62 billion dollars of gold and still not as rich as bezos

    Sam W.Sam W.Maand geleden
  • if QI says Santa's real, he must be real. Case closed.

    Yash KshirsagarYash KshirsagarMaand geleden
  • wholesome.

    roo mierzroo mierzMaand geleden
  • I thought black panther was the richest fictional character if they accounted for the value of all the vibranium in Wakanda?

    Sam CottonSam CottonMaand geleden
    • This list came out about 5 years before the Black Panther film. Was he less rich in the comics?

      Septimus iiSeptimus iiMaand geleden
  • Here me out on this but why can’t we make a real Santa? They could build a house in Scandinavia and elect a Santa Clause like you would a President from a list of candidates. The candidates would have to meet a list of criteria to be nominated eg charity work, physical appearance, past experience of playing Santa etc.

    Robert NolanRobert NolanMaand geleden
  • Wait, no comments mentioning that Stephen has faced Smaug before as master of Lake-town?

    ThePixel1983ThePixel1983Maand geleden
  • He can't be that rich, he isn't on the real rich list either. I thought his elves made the toys and gifts, and as he is giving presents away for free he must be losing money.

    BigmanSamBigmanSamMaand geleden

  • How the hell is Glomgold richer than McDuck when his entire character is that he is only marginally poorer than McDuck?

    Lorewalker MaohaoLorewalker MaohaoMaand geleden
    • @adamgrogory "current storyline"?

      Lorewalker MaohaoLorewalker MaohaoMaand geleden
    • According to another comment, "at the time the list was made, Glomgold had stolen Scrooge McDuck's fortune in the current storyline."

      adamgrogoryadamgrogoryMaand geleden
  • Love Phil Jupitus 🤣

    danwicdanwicMaand geleden
  • If QI says so it must be true. SANTA 🎅 IS REAL. YEAH!!!!

    Angela MuircroftAngela MuircroftMaand geleden
  • Because forbes didn't want to encourage slave labour?

    ratholinratholinMaand geleden
  • Wow, Smaug the Dragon is, according to Forbes, only 1/4 as wealthy as Jeff Bezos.

    sideshowcrissideshowcrisMaand geleden
    • The great treasure hoard of Thror, but times four and my mind boggles

      N PN PMaand geleden
    • Does question how he is richer than Jabna the Hutt, who owns entire planets.

      cgi2002cgi2002Maand geleden
    • Laketown is his workers during times of covid

      ViggoViggoMaand geleden
    • "a most specially greedy, strong and wicked worm" is a good description for Bezos as well...

      Saoirse del TufoSaoirse del TufoMaand geleden
    • Smaug merely owned gold, silver, jewels, and mithril. He had not a single share of Amazon stock.

      ChrisCChrisCMaand geleden

    Ange MaidmentAnge MaidmentMaand geleden
  • The fact they didn’t mention Tony Stark bothers me for some reason. 😂

    Brett JohnsonBrett JohnsonMaand geleden
    • @袁是帅 Idk pretty sure black panther is meant to have over 100 billion dollars same with Gomez Addams and probably several other Marval and DC characters. This episode/list is old but several real life people are way above Smaug now since his value can't change because he is locked into the hobbit but comics books are still being written and getting more ridiculous

      thomasqwerty101thomasqwerty101Maand geleden
    • Smaug is waaaaaaaaay richer than Tony Stark, and so is Santa

      袁是帅袁是帅Maand geleden
  • But Flint heart Glam gold is the second richest duck

    Zev FeitelsonZev FeitelsonMaand geleden
  • I thought because Santa uses slave labour

    EfemralEfemralMaand geleden
    • That's Jeff Bezos you're thinking of.

      ZondaFRoadsterZondaFRoadsterMaand geleden
  • I love it when Phil does that Just drops to his knees in disbelief and then runs to Stephen for comfort. Excellent. It's one of my favourite parts of "Phil's Best Bits on QI" video, which include the largest drip which is hilarious and how he "hates this programme" when it constantly destroys his long held "knowledge" of things. When the sun has actually set, is another absolute classic from Phil's best bits video. Worth a look if you haven't already.

    R EvansR EvansMaand geleden
  • Notes from the Naughty List : in an effort to cease fossil fuel use, coal became too expensive, now naughty children are given Kale, toys that don't work-even with fresh batteries, phones that only make phone calls and don't connect to the internet, game balls that always lose, much better ways to punish bad children.

    RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidzMaand geleden
  • I"ve seen this too many times, I start to well up just within the first 14 seconds because I know what's coming. Phil. from full blown adult to comforted toddler in microseconds. Phil Is a Force of Nature. Buzzcocks anyone? oh, Nevermind.

    RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidzMaand geleden
  • We all know Jeff Bezos is the real Santa Claus. With all his elves in the Amazon warehouses

    JarvaliciousJarvaliciousMaand geleden
    • But Santa is supposed to actually do a day's worth of labor once a year.

      ZondaFRoadsterZondaFRoadsterMaand geleden
  • I object! Flintheart Glomgold was not richer than Scrooge McDuck, his whole deal was that he was the world's SECOND richest duck! That was like... his whole character

    Håvard Zackarias PettersenHåvard Zackarias PettersenMaand geleden
    • @nick jack tbh having more gold than has ever been mined doesn't actually mean you have that much gold. We really haven't mined alot of gold. The first effective asteroid mining operation will likely result in more gold than has ever been mined.

      cgi2002cgi2002Maand geleden
    • @nick jack Glomgold's riches aren't in gold, he has investments. And of course the real riches are the friends he made along the way.

      jb888888888jb888888888Maand geleden
    • I was gonna say how does someone have more money than Scrooge McDuck, I’ve seen someone try to calculate McDuck’s fortune and I think it was something like he had more gold than had ever been mined

      nick jacknick jackMaand geleden
    • @Brian Sammond i will fight you! 🤣

      pal nespal nesMaand geleden
    • @Brian Sammond but they're not canon! 🤣

      pal nespal nesMaand geleden
  • Phil made me cry with laughter.

    DribbleondoDribbleondoMaand geleden
  • "Flintheart Glomgold" is a positively Dickensian name.

    Serai3Serai3Maand geleden
    • also a great name for a D & D style dwarf

      CorvusCorone68CorvusCorone68Maand geleden
  • Smaug has got to be way richer now that gold prices have shot up.

    Mukul PareekMukul PareekMaand geleden
  • Jeff Bezos has 3 times more money than Smaug.

    Kevin BKevin BMaand geleden
  • I think that's the funniest thing Phil Jupitus has done on QI.

    Todd CrabtreeTodd CrabtreeMaand geleden
  • hold on, how is Glomgold on the list but McDuck isn't?? Flintheart Glomgold is the _second richest_ duck in the world!

    SavageGreywolfSavageGreywolfMaand geleden
    • nlworld.info/key/video/zG6Bk6eki4yCpWc Check right near the end. Basically, most of Scrooge's money was stolen by Flintheart in the comic series at the time the list was made. Scrooge got it back and returned to number 1. 🙂

      Slick TailsSlick TailsMaand geleden
  • For those wondering why Flintheart Glomgold made it on the list and not Scrooge McDuck himself, it's because at the time it was published in the Duck Tales comic series Flintheart had stolen Scrooge's moneybin (i.e. The gigantic building with the "swimming pool" of money seen in the cartoon intro), thus had overtaken Scrooge's wealth by a considerable margin. The list in the following year saw Scrooge McDuck back at number 1 after having retrieved his money bin and all the gold it contained. Edit: Here's a Forbes video of the subsequent year's list. Check near the end! nlworld.info/key/video/zG6Bk6eki4yCpWc

    Slick TailsSlick TailsMaand geleden
  • why is the twilight guys on the list, I get that they have money but surely not ton of it

    mellon marshallmellon marshallMaand geleden
    • A quick google says that it's investments and compound interest. The guy's around 370 and has been making quiet, smart investments the entire time. He's like if Warren Buffett had been going for centuries.

      Claire ProctorClaire ProctorMaand geleden
  • Of course Forbes thinks Santa is real. They bought the idea that Trump is a billionaire.

    Joachim SchoderJoachim SchoderMaand geleden
  • Then by this logic, he's presumably on the actual 500 list?

    neuvocastezero 1neuvocastezero 1Maand geleden
  • So there isn't a creature or human in all of the creative works that have ever been imagined that is richer than Jeff bezos' ex wife?

    fyukfyfyukfyMaand geleden
  • Father Christmas.

    JohnyG29JohnyG29Maand geleden
  • I was gonna say because he's been kicked off the list by Jeff Bezos and the rest. Bezos could literally buy every child in the world a 90$ gift and still have money left over to never work for the rest of his life. Even with elf slave labor, how's Santa gonna compete with that? With wooden horses?

    VeronVVeronVMaand geleden
    • Smaug would only just scrape 7th on the list of richest real people

      Septimus iiSeptimus iiMaand geleden
  • I'm really confused about the fact that Scrooge McDuck's not on the list, but Glomgold is. In the Donald Duck universe it has been confirmed many times that Scrooge is very much on the top, followed more or less closely by Flintheart Glomgold or John D. Rockerduck. Maybe there's a reason for this, but whatever. This was just some of my Disney comic nerdyness

    AnselmTheWeird0AnselmTheWeird0Maand geleden
    • @pal nes Aha, no worries then. :)

      Slick TailsSlick TailsMaand geleden
    • @Slick Tails all in jest, sorry if it came across as having a go at you. :) have a nice day.

      pal nespal nesMaand geleden
    • @pal nes Why are you having a go at me for it? It's Forbes who made the decision to use the comics. I'm just relaying the information since people are confused.

      Slick TailsSlick TailsMaand geleden
    • @Slick Tails I don't read fan-fiction. Saying Ducktales is canon because Disney made it is like Oxford University Press publishing The New Adventures of Romeo and Juliet.

      pal nespal nesMaand geleden
    • @Slick Tails Very interesting. I had no idea that they used the DuckTales -comics as the "official" source. DuckTales isn't really a that big of a thing where I'm from, so thanks for educating me on this matter.

      AnselmTheWeird0AnselmTheWeird0Maand geleden
  • Carliste cullen is damn rich

    Tia HaywardTia HaywardMaand geleden
  • i like how phil didn't even say a word

    Sohan KaliraiSohan KaliraiMaand geleden
  • For some reason, it gives me hope for humanity that Forbes (even Forbes!) says Santa is real! Bless their hearts.

    Br. Martin Dally, OSBBr. Martin Dally, OSBMaand geleden
    • @Isla Micstate Partly, but mainly because both St. Nicholas and the secular version of Santa Claus provide an example of unbridled generosity to all who are less fortunate and suffering. Such examples are, to my mind, more important now than it has been. Even so, a strong case could be made that the historical St. Nicholas is a better example since he was a real person. Even so, I'll take any example of generosity toward others that becomes available.

      Br. Martin Dally, OSBBr. Martin Dally, OSBMaand geleden
    • is it because Saint Nicholas was a real person?

      Isla MicstateIsla MicstateMaand geleden
    • @Christopher Meraz-Mata While this does raise the issue of whether or not it is okay to perpetuate such fictions, I would argue that in this case (Santa Claus), it serves a real psychological purpose of being, for the most part, harmless fun. I acknowledge that there are legitimate arguments against it being harmless fun, but I'm not convinced by them as yet. At least, in this case.

      Br. Martin Dally, OSBBr. Martin Dally, OSBMaand geleden
    • I had rather a feeling of despair for humanity that adults would decide to purposefully perpetuate such drivel.

      Christopher Meraz-MataChristopher Meraz-MataMaand geleden
  • 0:52 awesometeens.online

    Roman LitvinenkoRoman LitvinenkoMaand geleden
  • i would have said he doesn't obey elf and safety

    Kishore ShenoyKishore ShenoyMaand geleden
  • It's because kids are running a muck. So Santa doesn't give out as many presents and now the Government is paying him less. Seen it in a documentary the other day.

    Mr J.S.Mr J.S.Maand geleden
  • I love how Phil didn't say a single thing in this clip, and yet he completely stole the show.

    GentlemanPenguinGentlemanPenguinMaand geleden
    • @flyawaytodie different people have different senses of humor. i find him funny

      Maeve KirklandMaeve KirklandMaand geleden
    • About the only time he's ever been genuinely funny on the show. Only gets the spot cause his daughter is a QI Elf

      flyawaytodieflyawaytodieMaand geleden
    • Because he sucks?

      Joseph NormJoseph NormMaand geleden
    • 1:31

      Buc ReviewerBuc ReviewerMaand geleden
  • wait, wait, wait. Hold the phone! Back up there! Youre saying that Smaug's treasure hoard, that VAST hall which had literal MOUNTAINS of gold heaped in unholy quantities so high they were able to completely bury a creature as immense as Smaug, is /only/ $62 Billion?! We're genuinely saying that at the respective height of their affluence, Jeff Bezos is almost 3x richer?!?! I know 60 Billion is a massive number but... that room... Bezos... but seriously... *proceeds to curl up in a ball and rock at the sheer absurdity over the rich-poor divide in the world today*

    KwingofKlubsKwingofKlubsMaand geleden
    • @Samuel Lawrence Similarly, in Ancient Egypt, silver was much more valuable than gold because it was much rarer locally. For all the gold in King Tutankhamun's tomb, I think there was only two silver objects.

      ChrisCChrisCMaand geleden
    • @RIXRADvidz This is mostly dwarf coins, so it's probably 24k

      Septimus iiSeptimus iiMaand geleden
    • @KwingofKlubs Perhaps not Middle Earth as a whole, but certainly in the region of the Lonely Mountain

      Samuel LawrenceSamuel LawrenceMaand geleden
    • @Samuel Lawrence ah, so youre saying that real-world gold is actually worth much more than Middle earth gold. That actually makes sense. Phew. Excellent Point

      KwingofKlubsKwingofKlubsMaand geleden
    • The value of gold is very much dependant on its rarity. If so much is as concentrated as the gold we see in Smaug's hoard then it is common - locally - and loses some value. We've seen this in the real world with the Aztecs of Meso-America, gold was relatively plentiful, and - though it was used decoratively because it is beautiful - it wasn't of great value.

      Samuel LawrenceSamuel LawrenceMaand geleden
  • I adore Phill Jupitus so much. When he runs over to Stephen...gets me every time.

    Ellen MEllen MMaand geleden
    • Well he's not there it's a mirrage

      Romain SaviozRomain SaviozMaand geleden
  • Santa is not rich, he lives away from society so he doesn't have any money what so ever. He is, in fact, a communist

    DY4YDY4YMaand geleden
    • Don't let the beard fool you. He's not a communist. He's a haute bourgeois capitalist who happens to be a philanthropist. He controls the means of production and maintains the status quo of a proletariat elf underclass. He also works to maintain the social strata in our society by giving more to the rich than to the poor.

      Christopher ClarkChristopher ClarkMaand geleden
  • That smaug net worth is an astronomical underestimation

    The SiegeThe SiegeMaand geleden
    • @Interested Bystander In Tolkien's legendarium, dragons were all created by the primary Dark Lord Morgoth, and only a very few survived his downfall. Aside from Smaug, we definitely know of only two others in the Third Age, Scatha the Worm (from whose hoard came the horn that Eomer gave to Merry), and an unnamed cold-drake that slew one of Thorin's ancestors. There are references to others, but Smaug seems to have been the greatest of them at that point in history.

      ChrisCChrisCMaand geleden
    • @Coy Yes, as with everything in that movie, Jackson blew it out of proportion to the point of ridiculousness.

      Serai3Serai3Maand geleden
    • @Interested Bystander Only in potential. How long can a human being go without food or drink? Midas could have neither since everything turned to gold. I figure his story didn't last more than a couple of days.

      Serai3Serai3Maand geleden
    • Depends on the depiction. I believe the original book has a pile of gold as big as the dragon, the films make it a golden city.

      CoyCoyMaand geleden
    • Well, to be candid, inflation would render it a lot less than you think.

      VeronVVeronVMaand geleden
  • Because several children have come forward with pretty serious allegations

    The SiegeThe SiegeMaand geleden
  • I’ve seen this clip so many times but Phil dropping to his knees in disbelief just sends me every time

    Jolie CollierJolie CollierMaand geleden
    • @Mongo Boogie I'm not even slightly joking when I say that Santa is at least as real as Jesus.

      TjalveTjalveMaand geleden
    • I love it because it’s so perfectly executed! This is exactly how a child acts when they are told Santa 🎅 Isn’t Real. Thank goodness 😅 (as Qi has officially confirmed) Santa 🎅 Claus 🤶 IS REAL...... How could he not be real since children the world over relieve a stocking full of presents 🎁 from him every year.

      Mongo BoogieMongo BoogieMaand geleden
  • He finally started paying the elves a living wage

    DylanDylanMaand geleden
  • I always click another video before the video totally ends because I hate hearing Sandi be frustrated with me.

    YYZedYYZedMaand geleden
    • Yes, it's quite annoying. If her tenure on the show itself was like that, I would have stopped watching the show altogether

      Brian SammondBrian SammondMaand geleden
    • I think it's hot.

      DirtyFishyDirtyFishyMaand geleden
    • That tag got old the second time I heard it.

      Serai3Serai3Maand geleden
  • Well please come on, pick one present.

    Freaky LeekFreaky LeekMaand geleden
  • Glumgold in number two???? Preposterous

    André Corazza MiguensAndré Corazza MiguensMaand geleden
    • @typhoidtyphoon Also, a little-known Scrooge fact is that his Money Bin that he swims in isn't all his money, it's just every dollar and cent he personally earned with hard work and the sweat off his brow (do ducks sweat?). The rest of his wealth is tied up in all the businesses he owns. He once claimed to have a net worth of "multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred and twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents". This article breaks down how rich Scrooge actually might be using real numbers, and...it's a lot. Enjoy! everygeek.net/how-much-money-does-scrooge-mcduck-have-anyway/

      John EdwardsJohn EdwardsMaand geleden
    • @typhoidtyphoon exactly.

      John EdwardsJohn EdwardsMaand geleden
    • Sorta like Pi, there's always a few more digits?

      typhoidtyphoontyphoidtyphoonMaand geleden
    • Scrooge is off the list because however much money you can calculate, he's richer. So he's barred on a technicality.

      John EdwardsJohn EdwardsMaand geleden
    • Would have to be wrong indeed, Scrooge is canonically richer - I wonder how Forbes squares that.

      typhoidtyphoontyphoidtyphoonMaand geleden
  • We need a photoshop of Phill Jupitus sitting on Santa's lap... Come on internet! Get on it! 😂👦🎅

    Sherri McCormicSherri McCormicMaand geleden
  • Santa is of the real rich list because of tax evasion

    King PeterKing PeterMaand geleden
  • "Is it because...he may not be real?" *W e h a v e f o u n d t h e h e r e t i c*

    explosiveramenexplosiveramenMaand geleden
    • *S h u n t h e n o n b e l i e v e r*

      Nathan DehnelNathan DehnelMaand geleden
    • leave it to an Irishman -ooh, that'll stir The Troubles.

      RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidzMaand geleden
  • It’s Father Christmas.

    RS JaguarRS JaguarMaand geleden
  • I'm glad qi confirms santa is real 😂😂

    The Giant SquidThe Giant SquidMaand geleden
    • I thought the British were supposed to not say “Santa”. Come on, Brits! You are going to lose your identity if you’re not careful!

      Joseph NormJoseph NormMaand geleden
    • I'm glad Forbes confirmed it. QI just confirmed Forbes.

      Laszlo KaestnerLaszlo KaestnerMaand geleden
    • @ChrisC If this had been Hollywood, they would have said "Based on a true person". Or maybe even "VERY loosely based on a true person".

      TjalveTjalveMaand geleden
    • He's a real historical figure anyway, in the person of St. Nicholas of Myra.

      ChrisCChrisCMaand geleden
    • Well, keep in mind that it's the QI ELVES that confirm that Santa is real. And they just might know, don't they?

      TjalveTjalveMaand geleden