Пума Месси пытается разбудить Сашу

19 jan. 2021
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Меси очень настойчив в своих желаниях)) Месси пытается разбудить Сашу, а Саша пытается не поддаться на его уговоры.

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    Rastaveli MCRastaveli MCMaand geleden
    • Those eyes are like magical pools

      Abdulkadir GibrealAbdulkadir Gibreal3 dagen geleden
    • @James Kevin Heinle I couldnt stand my G/fs mom. So she rarely came around. So anyways, Janis was telling her we had a new kitten and shed love it if she came over. So she agreed. Her mom also has a habit of snooping around in the bathrooms. So I went to my neighbors house cuz he has a St Bernard that takes HUGE dumps. So I put one in a bag and took it home. I still had a few minutes before her mom showed up. So i went in the bathroom and put the turd in the new kittens litterbox. Her mom asked to use the bathroom as usual. She came out with a look on her face that was priceless. First thing she asked was how old the cat was. When Janis told her a few months old, her jaw hit the ground. She finally asked "What, do you have a damn mountain lion?"

      NUMB SKULLNUMB SKULL4 dagen geleden
    • ❤️🧲♥️🧲🧲🧲❤️✔️🐱🤩☀️🤣imagining my sister when she would visit our apartment and surprised her waking up to see the cat first time! This would be funny! 🐱 Meet our new kitten"just an odd little mutt breed we picked up from the SPCA" we're not really sure what he is, but he's unique-wait and see in the morning! 😆😂🤣😁🙄😒🤨😴🥴⚡💥💢💨🚀🎇🎆🐾♥️🥰😍😳💩😲🤗😊😅Now THAT is a CAT! "

      James Kevin HeinleJames Kevin Heinle4 dagen geleden
    • 🙏🏽

      Objective IntuitionObjective Intuition5 dagen geleden
    • @Bianchi But this helps. Kinda nlworld.info/key/video/tYx8gdi9qK6ml4w

      NUMB SKULLNUMB SKULL5 dagen geleden
  • Кися)

    Oz BlackmoreOz Blackmore6 minuten geleden
  • Кися)

    Oz BlackmoreOz Blackmore6 minuten geleden
  • Lol gives new meaning to telling your buddies after a night of partying that you woke up next to a "cougar"

    MacKenzie DonaldMacKenzie DonaldUur geleden
  • Такая харошенькая

    Анатолий ТюльковАнатолий Тюльков2 uur geleden
  • Класс

    sergey savkosergey savko2 uur geleden
  • Двойное одеяло лучше

    Di LubimovaDi Lubimova2 uur geleden
  • This thing is sweeter than my 1 year old feral cat we brought in.

    Jamie ThompsonJamie Thompson2 uur geleden
  • Есть русские? И да видео русское? И ты из какой страны а то видео русское а комментарии английские

    Graf TvGraf Tv3 uur geleden
  • У меня леопард, я в шутку сказал другу что хочу леопарда а он мне на др подарил уже как три года у меня, только в отличии от Месси он ложится на меня с самого утра и если не встану начинает носится по дому.

    Алексеи ШлеёнкинАлексеи Шлеёнкин3 uur geleden
  • Xd

    TetrajonTetrajon3 uur geleden
  • Danger kitty😍

    Shadrach WilsonShadrach Wilson3 uur geleden
  • Ой какая прелесть

    Ляля ЗолотареваЛяля Золотарева4 uur geleden
  • Ауу где русские?

    MixMix4 uur geleden
  • Запираете ее где-нибудь на ночь? Всё-таки животное дикое.. Мало ли что в голову придёт.

    Та ТаТа Та5 uur geleden
  • Them large cat turn on their owns and some have died it is a wild animal not a house pet.

    Tommy WieringoTommy Wieringo5 uur geleden
  • 에드형 영상인줄 알았네

    Kyu Jin KimKyu Jin Kim5 uur geleden
  • cool !!! having a cougar to wake you up early every day must be quite different. I loved it, I enjoyed it too !!

    TexMex BrasilTexMex Brasil6 uur geleden
  • Manifico

    Dan EskyDan Esky7 uur geleden
  • En las mañanas temprano mi gatita reacciona igual, pero en tamaño gato😅

    Marcela GutiérrezMarcela Gutiérrez7 uur geleden
  • Ahh, the humble Puma, otherwise known as the Dachshund of the big cats...marvelous.

    Payne VessPayne Vess7 uur geleden
  • Lucky guy

    Rajesh JujareRajesh Jujare9 uur geleden
  • that cat wants morning sex or something

    Brenton LugrinBrenton Lugrin10 uur geleden
  • У меня жена и то так никогда не проявляла внимания))

    MIHAILMIHAIL10 uur geleden
  • Messi is just gorgeous

    NotSoSneakyNotSoSneaky10 uur geleden
    • Handsome cat.

      Joe BlowJoe Blow4 uur geleden
  • Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Приступ нежности случился)) У моего кота тоже бывает.

    Иван ПавловИван Павлов11 uur geleden
  • I wonder the size of the litter box.

    Terri CruzTerri Cruz12 uur geleden
  • Nobody: Russians: oh, I show you my little cat.

    Patricio CoffeyPatricio Coffey12 uur geleden
  • Beautiful big kitty cat....i want one!❤🐱😘😘❤🤞

    Mina ChgoMina Chgo13 uur geleden
  • This makes me uncomfortable.

    Erik WingerErik Winger13 uur geleden
  • Когда я вижу такое, всегда вспоминаю Берберовых. Никогда нельзя забывать, что это все же хищник, вольное животное.

    Sonja SteinmüllerSonja Steinmüller15 uur geleden
    • Они не забывают

      Çрыч MøрдычÇрыч Møрдыч10 uur geleden
  • Johnny Sins and cougar

    The FührerThe Führer15 uur geleden
  • Bruh I thought that was my fukn neighbors heater or pipe or something, videos almost over and I'm just noticing it was just purring

    Rich ElliottRich Elliott16 uur geleden
  • And yet another video I leave the comment, everybody in Russia live they spirit animal, and yes the last video was Russian, a white bear if you were curious.

    Rich ElliottRich Elliott16 uur geleden
  • Does this cat have a giant litter box or what’s the deal there?

    Pamela StephensPamela Stephens16 uur geleden
    • No, he pees in the shower and poops outside like a dog.

      Joe BlowJoe Blow4 uur geleden
  • Of course it's a Russian...

    Izell AstrileIzell Astrile16 uur geleden
  • it's too dangersous...still exotiic animal

    phu nguyenphu nguyen17 uur geleden
  • Wow too cool

    Bill bBill b17 uur geleden
  • This is so loving. Just beautiful. Warms my heart ❤️❤️💕❤️

    My Card ArtMy Card Art17 uur geleden
  • Я не могу не поставить лайк! Мое сердечко этого не позволит!:) ❤

    Толян LoveGachaТолян LoveGacha18 uur geleden
  • 何だこれ。。

    口紅口紅18 uur geleden
  • 기린이 왜 저기 있어

    catcat18 uur geleden
  • Awwww :3

    -///Calvo\\\--///Calvo\\\-19 uur geleden
  • Quiere salir el felino

    Yissel Ruiz DiazYissel Ruiz Diaz20 uur geleden
    • Yo soy un felino, y sé lo que quiere Messi, naturaleza!!

      Yissel Ruiz DiazYissel Ruiz Diaz4 uur geleden
    • Messi quiere su paseo primero del dia.

      Joe BlowJoe Blow4 uur geleden
  • От хитрюга)))

    Элен СтихияЭлен Стихия20 uur geleden
  • Господи, какое счастье,я Вам завидую,но только белой завистью.

    Анжела АверьяноваАнжела Аверьянова20 uur geleden
  • 한국인은 나뿐인가... 🙄 죄다 영어네ㅜ

    Duri ReginaDuri Regina20 uur geleden
  • 🥰🥰

    beatriz eugenia estradabeatriz eugenia estrada22 uur geleden
  • There's no way that guy actually speaks like that, but I love it. It's like he's speaking what a renowned author would write.

    GraverGamesGraverGames22 uur geleden
    • He has a dozen books on the headboard..

      akinpawsakinpaws3 uur geleden
  • 🥰🐾👏👏💝💝💝

  • Get outta that bed! Dont make the kitty beg!

    Sally PinsSally Pins22 uur geleden
  • That tail is ridiculously long

    Michael TranMichael Tran22 uur geleden

    Cristina TheilerCristina Theiler22 uur geleden
  • 한국인들 있나

    ju leeju lee22 uur geleden
  • big and fluffy alarm clock

    gg300795ovg Ggggg300795ovg Ggg23 uur geleden
  • Высокие отношения!

    Александр ОшмаровАлександр Ошмаров23 uur geleden
  • 뭐야 푸마 너무 귀엽자나 .. ㅋㅋㅋ

    새희망주택TV NewHope Housing새희망주택TV NewHope Housing23 uur geleden
  • Puma : it seems like delicious egg

    김준표김준표23 uur geleden
  • 오우 알고리즘

    밤Dag geleden
  • Остается позавидовать Саше

    александр тимофеевалександр тимофеевDag geleden
  • Роскошная кошечка !!! Вставай, Саша, вставай, кушать пора и погулять нужно...

    Лидия ЧерныхЛидия ЧерныхDag geleden
  • 💘💘💘💘💘

    Irina FoxIrina FoxDag geleden
  • *Burglar breaks in* Puma: Hello snack

    Arnav RayArnav RayDag geleden
  • А Котэ кастрированный или нет? Чет пузико свисает, как у кастрированных .

    Aristo VAristo VDag geleden
    • Кастрирован по мед показаниям

      Çрыч MøрдычÇрыч Møрдыч10 uur geleden
  • Love pumas purring

    김지수김지수Dag geleden
  • I love Russia -Random Fucking American 2021

    FaithlezFaithlezDag geleden
  • What a beautiful animal But I feel sorry for that domestic cat it's an accident waiting to happen why would you put them in that situation together

    Jessica GirlJessica GirlDag geleden
    • The little cat, Kira, was in the family first. She's the dominant cat. It's personality, & probably seniority, not which cat is bigger. They've been fine for 4 years already.

      akinpawsakinpaws3 uur geleden
  • Такая сожрать может...,

    Саша УрбанСаша УрбанDag geleden
    • Невоспитанная собака тоже сожрать может 🤷

      Çрыч MøрдычÇрыч Møрдыч10 uur geleden
  • She is beautiful, you are lucky

    Brian McnaryBrian McnaryDag geleden
  • А, дети есть, которые будят?

    марина Gмарина GDag geleden
    • пума, и сфинкс . Во дворе ещё гепард

      Çрыч MøрдычÇрыч MøрдычDag geleden
  • هل يوجد شخص عربي مهتم ويشاهد هذا اشعر ان قلبي توقف من الخوف 😂😂😂

    Alaa LoliaAlaa LoliaDag geleden
  • 무야~~~호!

    정단정단Dag geleden
  • Its not a average puma, he's name is Messi and he was abandoned by his mom, then Sasha And Marsha adopted him, and i can se how much love messi feels for both! Greetings from Brazil, I love Messi! ❤🐾🐾

    Fernando JJFernando JJDag geleden
  • The reason why people have the need to domesticate wild animals is beyond me.

    Anya LazarekAnya LazarekDag geleden
  • 발 너무 귀엽다ㅋㅋㅋ

    희꽃희꽃Dag geleden
  • You have a cougar in your house? You sleep with a cougar in your house? You have a cougar as a pet? I am flummoxed! By the way what do you feed that thing?

    Marina CapriMarina CapriDag geleden
    • Messi gets two big bowls daily of meat and poultry.

      Joe BlowJoe Blow4 uur geleden
  • She / heacts like she’s ur girlfriend 🤣❤️

    Yasser AlaklabiYasser AlaklabiDag geleden
  • Що він зробив

    Юрій ЮщакЮрій ЮщакDag geleden
  • He wants to hunt at night! That is why he didn’t let you sleep.

    Notes from EsmeraldaNotes from EsmeraldaDag geleden
  • What a beautiful girl!

    Notes from EsmeraldaNotes from EsmeraldaDag geleden
    • Messi is a boy, but yes, very beautiful.

      Joe BlowJoe Blow4 uur geleden
  • Привет пума я те бя видел ты пгромный

    Gülşən NamazovaGülşən NamazovaDag geleden
  • Ummm. That’s a cougar. Wth!!!?? 😱

    Heather VickersHeather VickersDag geleden
  • Cougar is so big. But very pretty

    ronit shinderonit shindeDag geleden
  • Wow, the cats in Russia are giants!

    Preciso FalarPreciso FalarDag geleden
  • Какие вы молодцы!Какая любовь взаимная!Первый раз смотрю пуму домашнюю.Очень интересно,а повадки моих котов! спасибо за видео,буду заходить к вам!лайк!

    Lena AntsupovaLena AntsupovaDag geleden
  • I just shit my bed

    Samer AssafSamer AssafDag geleden
  • she sounds like a monster npc in a game

    Flacotaco 97Flacotaco 97Dag geleden
  • Y’all got a shit ton of snow. How much snow did y’all get. The cats must be going crazy. I feel for ya. Same problem here with my black rescue cat. He will go out in the pooring rain tho.

    Chris Jennys AdventuresChris Jennys AdventuresDag geleden
  • Messi just wants since love though🤣

    KI The BoyKI The BoyDag geleden
  • what a biiiiiiiiiig cat..

    눈의꼽눈의꼽Dag geleden
  • Hey!, you, puma....stop impersonating my sister and brother cats in the morning.....

    Dario BuratovichDario BuratovichDag geleden
  • How big a litter box do you need for a puma?

    Singing-in-the RainSinging-in-the RainDag geleden
  • Beautiful! My late friend Dick Dale rescue from Hollywood and... many wildcats. He was amazing with them.

    Anna PattyAnna PattyDag geleden
  • what breed of dog is this?

    F!ENDF!ENDDag geleden
  • Gente nem imagino como achei este vídeo, ms adorei ver tanto carinho, é um animal lindo,é um puma? Tão manso e domesticado. Lindo, 👏👏👏👏

    Flávia LimaFlávia LimaDag geleden
  • No way

    Reshme's RastaReshme's RastaDag geleden
  • Am I the only one looking for the "You're every Where guy"?

    Reshme's RastaReshme's RastaDag geleden
  • That never ends well owning wild animals you should put him in a zoo immediately before he eat your eyes

    Travel GypsyTravel GypsyDag geleden
  • Só comentando para deixar a marca do Brasil aqui, Esse vídeo aleatório apareceu nas notificações

    Taylon TabogaTaylon TabogaDag geleden