Prom the Music Video Challenge in 24 Hours!

2 mei. 2021
1 643 773 Weergaven

I can't believe Preston challenged us to do this. It all started when Matt and Rebecca created "Rebecca Said YES!" Then Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Preston Crashed our Prom inside our HOUSE!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying Yes To Evil Daniel for 24 Hours Challenge." Now they started the challenge by trying to be the first to find an M&M in 10,000 skittles. If they lose Preston and Brianna said they have to create a music video and original song in 24 hours. Matt decides to write about Prom and Love. Daniel isn't evil any more but is not married to his crush RZ Twin. Do you think they can complete this song and music challenge in time? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Make sure to subsribe before you find out I misspelled it!

    Matt and RebeccaMatt and Rebecca3 dagen geleden
    • HI

      มาเรีย มาการ์เร็ตมาเรีย มาการ์เร็ต3 dagen geleden
    • Lo

      Wisam YounisWisam Younis3 dagen geleden
    • O

      Wisam YounisWisam Younis3 dagen geleden
    • Lp

      Wisam YounisWisam Younis3 dagen geleden
    • Era black

      Era BacaEra Baca3 dagen geleden
  • Lol Matt’s so jealous when another guy be prom king lol 😂

    Nelina LoeakNelina Loeak7 minuten geleden
  • it was eve

    Terrence Shears Jr.Terrence Shears Jr.12 minuten geleden
  • Ok that was kinda sad "Hack and snack alone" Lol 😂😂

    Twyla PhillipsTwyla Phillips19 minuten geleden
  • Here are my answers in who cant u trust rick,eve,dan and last john maybe Kyle too

    Jacob GaddiJacob Gaddi58 minuten geleden
  • dont tterusb hyle he sudch sos fdmduch me w,siewkw toodd

    Megan WaddleMegan WaddleUur geleden
  • But wait when he said I guess I was evil I almost Married a clone it was like a buzzing

    Jaiden RodregezJaiden Rodregez2 uur geleden
  • u cant trust rick noah

    SapphireSapphire4 uur geleden
  • You Rebecca and maddie

    Kaycea SanfordKaycea Sanford4 uur geleden
  • Ricknowa girlfriend

    Kaycea SanfordKaycea Sanford4 uur geleden
  • I got so sad When Daniel was crying in the hacker room

    Alexis van de GraaffAlexis van de Graaff5 uur geleden
  • Eve can,t be trusted

    Ava NelsonAva Nelson5 uur geleden
  • Maddie is lucky she has lots of options

    inpostor gg99inpostor gg995 uur geleden
  • Anyone else see Rick Noah in the window

    Tayla ClancyTayla Clancy6 uur geleden
  • why did Matt look so cute when he said “is he crying?” The time is at 6:35 🥺😭

    Roudha MohammadRoudha Mohammad7 uur geleden
  • Maddie

    trin9290 trin9290trin9290 trin92907 uur geleden
  • Your x boyfriend Josh

    Saylar RoseSaylar Rose7 uur geleden
  • I really really love it it’s awesome

    Maunda OyinMaunda Oyin8 uur geleden
  • Awesome Guys

    Saylar RoseSaylar Rose8 uur geleden
  • Evelyn,matt,kyle,ebeccA MADDIE RICK NOA

    elsy arguetaelsy argueta8 uur geleden
  • evilen and jhon

    mrs risksmrs risks8 uur geleden
  • And Maddie

    Camele Osbourne-KingCamele Osbourne-King8 uur geleden
  • Rebecca I like your part of the song better

    Camele Osbourne-KingCamele Osbourne-King8 uur geleden
  • John is actually the guy from daniels wedding and he is evil and was the stalker in the zam fam gaming by the way love you guys

    Kotaku KotakuKotaku Kotaku8 uur geleden
  • Rebecca and matt pls Rick noah is evil and he was the rhs at the and of the video by the way love you guys

    Kotaku KotakuKotaku Kotaku8 uur geleden
  • Maddie and Rebecca

    Harmony moon Todoroki tododeku childHarmony moon Todoroki tododeku child8 uur geleden
  • Wooo🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Pila DeitasPila Deitas8 uur geleden
  • I love the song and I am something like Madie

    kyllie St Rosekyllie St Rose9 uur geleden
  • hmmm idk MAYBE u lost the "find the m and m in the skittles challenge" bec preston was cheating.. hmm but i still dont know....u know the time where you found it then he made you drop it?

    AuroraAurora9 uur geleden
  • You can't trest jone

    Anyia GormanAnyia Gorman10 uur geleden

    Mimi UbakaMimi Ubaka10 uur geleden
  • John

    Allisson NavarroAllisson Navarro10 uur geleden
  • I love the song Rebecca

    Madison SweetenMadison Sweeten10 uur geleden
  • Rick Noah can't be trusted because he working with the RHS

    JJ NationJJ Nation10 uur geleden
  • So ur ex bf cant be trusted

    cherryplays cherrycherryplays cherry10 uur geleden
  • Shawn is a faker he's a imposta

    Jiranthanin SuchonsaowaphakJiranthanin Suchonsaowaphak11 uur geleden
  • Rebbeca

    koula Diallokoula Diallo11 uur geleden
  • That was amazing

    chiquatine1chiquatine112 uur geleden
  • I like Rebecca and Maddie and Matt and Daniel is lyrics

    Marc MatiniseMarc Matinise12 uur geleden
  • Made sod prank matt

    sarah Sarahsarah Sarah12 uur geleden
  • I like you and matt

    sarah Sarahsarah Sarah12 uur geleden
  • It's John ,Eve , the camera man and Mr.nice guy

    tarang bamintarang bamin12 uur geleden
  • Rebecca l think it you ex boyfriend

    Stephen MbuguaStephen Mbugua12 uur geleden

    Coralia LunaCoralia Luna12 uur geleden
  • Your x Rebeca was bad he want the truth of fountain and Matt rick is working with r s h

    Chris CortezChris Cortez13 uur geleden
  • John eve Rebecca Matt Maddie Kyle Daniel Rick Noah camera dude mr nice guy

    It's just RihuIt's just Rihu13 uur geleden
  • 13:00

    Gaby NavarroGaby Navarro13 uur geleden
  • so rebecca when preston and idk the girl name but anyway when they left and you were tryin' to think what song you are gonna make rich noah was passing behind you ok so always look aroud every door or window

    Gael KGael K13 uur geleden

    Emmanuel DelhierroEmmanuel Delhierro13 uur geleden
  • You can not trust eve aka evelyn

    tanzeela aslamtanzeela aslam13 uur geleden
  • Eve is evilyn

    Ariadna RenartAriadna Renart13 uur geleden
  • You cant trust john

    Ariadna RenartAriadna Renart14 uur geleden
  • I relate to Maddie the most

    Maisie DyerMaisie Dyer14 uur geleden
  • Daniel

    Jairo DobladoJairo Doblado14 uur geleden
  • is it bad that I can't stop laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 when daniel cries😭😭😭

    Haley ShahHaley Shah14 uur geleden
  • Jon

    Naphifia DuverneyNaphifia Duverney15 uur geleden
  • Daniel

    Aleeshays squadAleeshays squad15 uur geleden
  • That song was amazing Rebecca

    Laura CourtLaura Court15 uur geleden
  • Eve and John can't be trusted

    Jodeenj TinglinJodeenj Tinglin15 uur geleden
  • 15:17

    Dee BirdDee Bird15 uur geleden
  • You can't trust Rick Noah

    Cintra SahadeoCintra Sahadeo15 uur geleden
  • I thought when the game master left a note and said the camera man from prom was working with the R.H.S and I thought it was talking about your guys camera man and also I loved the song

    Eiden ManzoEiden Manzo15 uur geleden
  • My name is Krystal Rodriguez I live in 732 North Carolina St., Allentown, PA and I’m your Biggest fan

    eduardo rodriguezeduardo rodriguez15 uur geleden
  • Hi my name is Crystal I live in Allentown 732 Allentown Pennsylvania

    eduardo rodriguezeduardo rodriguez15 uur geleden
  • I'm pretty sure eve is the ghost Evilyn in the power ranger trainer body

    Bethany SeamanBethany Seaman15 uur geleden
  • I hate you r ex rebeccca

    Khiarra Con-uiKhiarra Con-ui16 uur geleden
  • It was Eve

    Dave EldridgeDave Eldridge16 uur geleden
  • you cant trust eve..

    Ciara MurphyCiara Murphy16 uur geleden
  • U can not trust john or rick noah they are bad news our rick noahs date I realest bad news

    Melia CampbellMelia Campbell16 uur geleden
  • matt lyrics are the best

    Nagamani BysaniNagamani Bysani16 uur geleden
  • Rich was there on 2.56 mins in the back

    Shreya Deepak MungekarShreya Deepak Mungekar16 uur geleden
  • The people that were trying to get the fountain where your ex-boyfriend and Henrik Noah's girlfriend

    Jaylin CooperJaylin Cooper16 uur geleden
  • Maddie

    Nazingha CharlesNazingha Charles16 uur geleden
  • I am like daniel my boyfriend has just dumped me 3 days ago

    Alexandria FullerAlexandria Fuller17 uur geleden

    Sofija StubeSofija Stube17 uur geleden
  • 2:56 I almost spitted my water while seeing Rick Noah back in the window

    mariyam mausoomamariyam mausooma17 uur geleden
  • Rick noaw cannot be trusted Love you Rebecca 💕💕

    Joud MalekJoud Malek17 uur geleden
  • All of you I can't choose your all cool

    Kinda Shireef GalalKinda Shireef Galal18 uur geleden
  • We want to see matt and rebecca when they were getting married and not sus about each other pleaseeee!!!!!!

    Aarya KulkarniAarya Kulkarni18 uur geleden
  • The part when they had to find the MnM from the pool filled of skittles I went to get skittles but there was no moreeeeee🤧😥

    Sarah RobinsonSarah Robinson18 uur geleden
  • I like Matt and rebeccas lyrics also one of the rhs is Rick Noah he’s trying to take the fountain of truth

    Myriamme PierreMyriamme Pierre18 uur geleden
  • Then don't snack

    Bella MaeliahBella Maeliah18 uur geleden
  • You are song of Ride

    Bella MaeliahBella Maeliah18 uur geleden
  • 😎😂

    Bella MaeliahBella Maeliah18 uur geleden
  • Rebecca. Matt's y'all cannot trust do you know the girl that the green guy was dating Eve her name is actually evil in I looked it up and in the video the nice guy gave her a new body whenever y'all know whenever she was a ghost she must have wants a nice guy and told them don't trust

    Wendy JamiesonWendy Jamieson18 uur geleden
  • I loved Daniels

    slender # best gamerslender # best gamer19 uur geleden
  • John

    Soon Poh SimSoon Poh Sim19 uur geleden

    EusethEuseth20 uur geleden
  • The way Rebecca said “twin telepathy”

    Taylor HollandTaylor Holland20 uur geleden
  • Evilyn is in eves body

    Ella Monique LauzonElla Monique Lauzon20 uur geleden
  • You can't trust Rick

    ᴄxᴄᴏɴᴜᴛ ʙʟɪssᴄxᴄᴏɴᴜᴛ ʙʟɪss20 uur geleden
  • Deio

    Guuleed GeediGuuleed Geedi21 uur geleden
  • Also Rick Noah can't be trusted he was in the front of the house 2:55

    narelle mcdormannarelle mcdorman21 uur geleden
  • Hi G.M.N I don't think you can trust John or eve

    narelle mcdormannarelle mcdorman21 uur geleden
  • Rebcca

    Farah RitelFarah Ritel21 uur geleden
  • Whoosh 7:00

    • Saiko Akuma •• Saiko Akuma •22 uur geleden
  • Is Middie older then Rick Noah?

    Chloe and Hailey's playChloe and Hailey's play22 uur geleden
  • you cxant trust eveylyn and josh thats it

    jenny-vi pangindianjenny-vi pangindian22 uur geleden
  • The camera man 👨🏼 and John

    Jakiya BevanJakiya Bevan22 uur geleden
  • Rebecca! When you Guys were thinking of What the song was about then in the backround Rick noah was by the window running 😱😅

    Emma WillemsenEmma Willemsen23 uur geleden