Prince Charles Concerned About Diana Portrayal On 'The Crown'

16 nov. 2020
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During "ET Canada Live", Graeme O'Neil weighs in on the reports that Prince Charles and Camilla are concerned about their public image as their relationship, along with Princess Diana, are dramatized on "The Crown".
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  • Ooot

    William MorrisonWilliam MorrisonDag geleden
  • Owt

    William MorrisonWilliam MorrisonDag geleden
  • Just shut up, you heartless zombie!! 💀

    Alfando SavantAlfando SavantDag geleden
  • Harry knows the truth so he will not stop them especially when his own family turn on him and wife Meghan like a park of wild dogs.

    Gyabes EduseiGyabes EduseiDag geleden
  • To look handsome keep some one who looks more uglier than you by your side like Charles keeps camila 🤦

    Lovelyday27 HrLovelyday27 HrDag geleden
  • Camila's father never wanted Charles to continue with his daughter after d royal marriage in 1981

    Veronica MascarenhasVeronica MascarenhasDag geleden
  • It’s the unapologetic sins of his past coming back to haunt him because he did Diana wrong. Nobody really likes Charles and no one is looking forward to him being king. To be honest, I don’t particularly care for William either. I don’t think he’s anticipating the crown because he wants to serve the people of The Commonwealth. I think Charles and William are anticipating the crown because of the image they think it’ll give them in the eyes of people.

    Ashar HannielAshar Hanniel2 dagen geleden
  • “Why would I care about her?” “Because I care about her!!🤬” 🥴really?!! it doesn’t work like that Charles 🙄🖕 you piece of 💩

    blackcat 303blackcat 3032 dagen geleden
  • CHARLES is just a dickhead moron PERIOD.

    Riya GuptaRiya Gupta2 dagen geleden
  • The Crown writer has stated events are real (historical facts) whilst the actors' words have been somewhat fictionalised in that there weren't always witnesses during discussions.

    Voula FisentzidisVoula Fisentzidis2 dagen geleden
  • Charles chamella have broken hearts of so many people even after her death people she is the queen of the world's heart.

    Sunita GaikwadSunita Gaikwad2 dagen geleden
  • Charles Camilla are Villains not only on the screen but also off screen. Their image is already damaged. Let all the royals grandchildren learn the image of Charles chamella. Should Charles be the King??? Absolutely No.

    Sunita GaikwadSunita Gaikwad2 dagen geleden
  • I still think Diana shouldn’t cheated on him

    Zifa FamilyZifa Family3 dagen geleden
  • I just saw season 4, and I honestly don’t understand the hate toward Charles and Camila. 1st.: It’s kind of a fiction, and, even if half of it were true, 2. I would blame the crown itself for not allowing people marry whoever they wanted. All three of them were victims of an institution.

    José MatiasJosé Matias3 dagen geleden
  • They lost their reputation and never get it back. With this film or without. Nothing will help them to get their reputation back. Everybody will always remember who is who.

  • Ironically, It's the news reporting this yet they are the person who killed her. To those who said that Princess Diana cheated. Stop the cap. First off after the divorce, she had a relationship with Dodi Faye that's isn't cheating she's moving on. If anyone disagrees with my comment say it and give me at least 3 pieces of evidence.

    King and FriendsKing and Friends3 dagen geleden
  • Most of us Brits do not want Charles and his b!tch on the throne...... Ever, we'd prefer William,....

    Angel StarlightAngel Starlight4 dagen geleden
  • The presenter talks too much, it's hard to follow.

    Piranha and the dirt planted tankPiranha and the dirt planted tank4 dagen geleden
  • Charles is ugly, INSIDE OUT!

    Farnaz ziiFarnaz zii4 dagen geleden
  • It's fiction.

    Janet ClaireJanet Claire4 dagen geleden
  • Charles and Camilla disgusts me.they are ugly inside and outside. Princess Diana was a divine beauty. She will be loved for ever. She was, is and always will be the queen of our hearts 🥰

    saleh sayeedsaleh sayeed4 dagen geleden
  • HE should be concerned about the legacy of his name instead! He will always be seen as Diana's murderer!

    S.W.W.S.W.W.4 dagen geleden
  • Dejjal Charles.

    Arıtürk O2222Arıtürk O22224 dagen geleden
  • Prince Charles still love her even had two Child

    Zhang Yaodong 张耀栋Zhang Yaodong 张耀栋4 dagen geleden
  • I can't see how people taking what they see on the crown between Diana and Charles as gospel is so bad. The actual story is already pretty terrible. I don't think Charles and Camilla can really get any worse of a reputation And about Charles picking Diana because she was cute is a very simplified reason. He chose her because she was beautiful, young, and naive. Basically she'd fill the role, produce some heirs, and would probably be easy to maneuver into doing what he wanted while he still had Camilla on the side. Low and behold, his treatment of her and her miserableness in the marriage very much let her true steely strength and resolve shine through to where she was all those traits he looked for except naive.

    Lil RedLil Red5 dagen geleden
  • I'm also only jumping in where Princess Diana is introduced. I believe it's Season 4? It's sooo good either way!

    Fine Natural Hair ROCKSFine Natural Hair ROCKS5 dagen geleden
  • If Charles becomes king then please people of UK do a coup de tat until prince William comes into the throne.

    Aj MartinezAj Martinez6 dagen geleden
  • I wanna say that i think camilla is a wonderful woman, like we all are and she shouldt be hated for love and if you watch the season right you see how all three of them suffer and i was really really gled, that i knew they will find each other for real. oc it is hard, how diana got wrapped up in all of this but there are no villians in this story

    John WatsonJohn Watson6 dagen geleden
  • How dare they use Diana she was the youngest the elder sisters said No

    Ellie McCarthyEllie McCarthy7 dagen geleden
  • SARAH DI’s oldest sister said In 1977, Sarah's relationship with Prince Charles led to the first meeting between Diana and her future husband. She later commented on her sister's marriage saying: "I introduced them. ... She also declared that she would not marry Charles "if he were the dustman or the King of England".

    Ellie McCarthyEllie McCarthy7 dagen geleden
  • In 1977, Sarah , Diana’s older sister relationship with Prince Charles led to the first meeting between Diana and her future husband. She later commented on her sister's marriage saying: "I introduced them. ... She also declared that she would not marry Charles "if he were the dustman or the King of England".

    Ellie McCarthyEllie McCarthy7 dagen geleden
  • Diana’s older sister said no way to marrying Charles

    Ellie McCarthyEllie McCarthy7 dagen geleden
  • In 1977, Sarah's relationship with Prince Charles led to the first meeting between Diana and her future husband. She later commented on her sister's marriage saying: "I introduced them. ... She also declared that she would not marry Charles "if he were the dustman or the King of England".

    Ellie McCarthyEllie McCarthy7 dagen geleden
  • ET loves assuming. In the end, they know nothing and can only assume. Just as I can't stand a man who cheats blatantly, I also can't stand a queen who stays with a cheating man submissvely.

    Lexy MartinLexy Martin7 dagen geleden
  • Everybody hates Charles ....

    Nay L.S.Nay L.S.7 dagen geleden
  • Click bait as usual

    Kathy ParkerKathy Parker7 dagen geleden
  • Why does this video have a US elections thing lol

    MJ907MJ9077 dagen geleden
  • What if Diana was saved and will return to expose the monarchy for the Luciferians and satanic cult . Now that would free the world .

    pauline knowlespauline knowles8 dagen geleden
  • Charles & Camilla's image is way beyond repair. We have not forgotten about the divorce and the tragic death of Princess Di.

    ChunChunChunChun8 dagen geleden
  • i hate diana

    scatteredscattered8 dagen geleden
  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    Agata SlavinskaAgata Slavinska8 dagen geleden
  • It's scary how people are influenced by TV.

    Sally-AnnSally-Ann8 dagen geleden
  • Charles is so bad

    mariajose Lombardomariajose Lombardo8 dagen geleden
  • What happened to Harry and Meghan proves that the royal family is as ruthless and cruel as the Crown portrays them to be. And why should the fact that Charles and Camilla tried to repair their reputation for years defend them? If they didn't destroy it so spectacularly there would be nothing to repair.

    EquiNerd VlogEquiNerd Vlog8 dagen geleden
  • It is hurtful to think what has been Prince Charles and Camila been done to Princess Diana . I hope he won’t become king and queen . Bad influence the country .

    Tina AnsenTina Ansen8 dagen geleden
  • Clickbait. Charles said nothing in this video. It's just a reported making people think he said anything. Honestly if i were Charles, Camilla, William, and Harry I would boycott this season. Imagine having your marriage dramatized for public enjoyment. Because that is literally what The Crown did. Charles and Camilla said nothing in this video don't waste your time.

    Laura SchoenbornLaura Schoenborn9 dagen geleden
  • I do not know personally, of a single person who likes Charles or Camilla. They are referred to as, "The gruesome Twosome".

    Lisa MendelowitzLisa Mendelowitz9 dagen geleden
  • They weren't concerned about their image when they were having an affair for decades. THEY tarnished themselves. The Crown, does an excellent job of their portrayals.

    Lisa MendelowitzLisa Mendelowitz9 dagen geleden
  • lol how funny reveal charles as unfaithfull husband

    Katashi JungKatashi Jung9 dagen geleden
  • Shut up old man lol

    Heya! How are you?Heya! How are you?9 dagen geleden
  • Camilla was the jealous one she cud I've leave the prince with wife Diana and let him grow wit her but she was the interference in this marriage

    Nazeema AdamsNazeema Adams9 dagen geleden
  • It's funny to me how the USA cares about the royal family and it's drama more than the UK

    Freya BarryFreya Barry10 dagen geleden
  • Didn't anyone else appreciate the subtleties of Charles's portrayal...his humanity? No? Ok. Also I wish people would realise this series is about 75% fictional.

    Helen McDermidHelen McDermid10 dagen geleden
  • Scoobie??? He is the lowest worm.

    Roxanne RawlsRoxanne Rawls10 dagen geleden
  • Wtf, gained popularity in the UK, I don’t think so!!! That couple will never be accepted.

    JammersJammers10 dagen geleden
  • Hope Camilla cheats on Charles 😂😂

    Niyaz AhmedNiyaz Ahmed10 dagen geleden
  • Charles was not man enough to make a stand for what he wanted, who he wanted to marry and basically a poor bloke with no backbone, sorry to say. I blame the Queen and her husband Philip they did not take care of his needs when he was a young boy and we know how he turned out! Sad really

    La Bella EscrimaLa Bella Escrima11 dagen geleden
  • I, still to this day, think Diana was used for one purpose only. To secure the royal family’s continued role in the United Kingdom. If the queen had been as lenient as she has been in the last 25 years, Camilla would have become the Princess of Wales, and we would never know who Diana was. Charles was dragging his feet because he carried a torch for the woman he loved. As she’s said in interviews, Diana was the sacrificial lamb. She produced what was required of her, and Charles left her. She didn’t want the divorce but was forced into it. She’d probably still be alive.

    John KeatingJohn Keating11 dagen geleden
  • I love Charles and Camilla. I met them and they are really wonderful. The crown is so fake. And how dare Omid Scooby Doo compare Meghan to Diana. Meghan is trash and a liar.

    Chaz LenzChaz Lenz11 dagen geleden
  • I just hate Camila because i think she stole dianas in the eyes of Charles

    yesenia castilloyesenia castillo11 dagen geleden
  • Perhaps Charles and Camilla should have been more concerned about their actions at the time it was first happening. Not it's too late to do anything to change things.

    Nancy Rubano-NordNancy Rubano-Nord11 dagen geleden
  • I don’t think I’ll be able to justify Camilla Shand. Never!

    Lalrempuii RalteLalrempuii Ralte11 dagen geleden
  • Умоляю переведите

    catherine romanovacatherine romanova11 dagen geleden
  • he got the personality of a wet mop 😩

    jackie hinkeyjackie hinkey11 dagen geleden
  • Princess Diana forever !!!!! Prince chRles will never be king

    A AdeA Ade12 dagen geleden
  • If Diana had the love and support off Charles from the get go she would have given that love and support back because it was there Charles just didn’t want it from her. They could have been a great team and had a great marriage but Charles put camilla first.

    Michelle SimpsonMichelle Simpson12 dagen geleden
  • i dont get how they were able to marry now. camilla has no right to have any title

    Melissa LoveMelissa Love12 dagen geleden
  • he should be mad how the world sees him now. how dare he do that to her. knowing she wanted to work on their marriage.

    Melissa LoveMelissa Love12 dagen geleden
  • OMG I am glad they will not show the Merkle thing. She is not Diana, she will never be Diana. She did not suffer what Diana suffered, period. Diana was a true victim of Charles and Camila. The Merkle thing did not endure anything like that, if any she handles Harry as her puppet and when she takes all the money, she will leave him, that is her kind.

    Milagros WalkerMilagros Walker12 dagen geleden
  • I had no idea charles did that crap to diana. I can't stand him or camilla. Horrible couple. Diana was an innocent and impressionable young girl.

    Anabella LutzAnabella Lutz12 dagen geleden
  • Camilla is home racker! Lady Diana was too good for Charles.

    camron di rossicamron di rossi12 dagen geleden
  • Yes waiting for Season 5 and more. I want Prince William to be the next king and Duchess Kate to be queen. I really loved the queen of people's heart Princess Diana,we have the same birthday July 1. Love the Crown done watching the Season 1 2 3 and 4.

    mykpopsofia mom&memykpopsofia mom&me12 dagen geleden
  • The Crown is mostly based off of real events. If you pay close attention to the series, Charles had always been in love with Camilla but his family didn’t approve. Why?? Because we was sleeping with Andrew. He liked Diana but not the same way, as the royal family saw Charles and Diana getting acquainted, they thought Diana as a better candidate to marry him. You can see in the portrayal that he was internally against it but wouldn’t go against his mother’s wishes because that would get him far from the throne. Even if Diana grew to care for him, she realized later his love belong to another. To sum it up, it was an arranged marriage he never wanted but tolerated it to keep the crown until Diana had enough. Good for her, screw him 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Stephanie VazquezStephanie Vazquez13 dagen geleden
  • Charles is no Prince Charming. Camilla and Charles were very UNROYAL and VULGAR. They are very selfish. Rest In Peace Phillip and Diana. Bloody hell.

    Coletha AlbertColetha Albert13 dagen geleden
  • Whole World Loves Diana But not her own husband

    pcppcp13 dagen geleden
  • Charles finding ways to look concerned about Diana; IMAGINE the FAKENESS ? could this clip be true ? A would be King of England, did not think of the feelings of his country when she was alive & now he his wasting time on shows made from their story? RIDICULOUS !!

    shakti majumdarshakti majumdar13 dagen geleden
  • Charles is a disgusting human being. Being jealous of Diana, ruining her life and marrying Camilla as soon as Diana died. I always hated Camilla, both of them are horrible people

    Noodle NiBBaNoodle NiBBa13 dagen geleden
  • They will never repair their image!

    Mary Ann GardnerMary Ann Gardner13 dagen geleden
  • Charles is just Disgusting!

    Mary Ann GardnerMary Ann Gardner13 dagen geleden
  • He needs to worry about Andrew. Harry's stripped of his titles, but not Andrew?!

    Chicken DumplinsChicken Dumplins14 dagen geleden
  • Diana forever 💖

    naila Félixnaila Félix15 dagen geleden
  • Imagine having Camilla as your queen consort and Charles as your king. That's the future of you British people (and people of the commonwealth)..... Well, at the very least he won't likely to reign for much more than 20-30 years

    Hacantya PradiptaHacantya Pradipta15 dagen geleden
  • Bullshit Charles was NEVER worried about Diana the only thing he cared about was Camilla like what now he cares you're too late jerk and plus their image is already ruined it was ruined when they got together RIGHT after Diana died

    Makayla NealMakayla Neal15 dagen geleden
  • Diana is so powerful even today, enough to wreck the royal household even from her grave :)

    R PandherR Pandher15 dagen geleden
  • People need to let the past go. Forgive move on.

    Lissette’s BloomLissette’s Bloom15 dagen geleden
    • Forgive what?

      VG TonvaVG Tonva14 dagen geleden
  • I don't understand how Daina's two sons are tolerating camilla, who destroyed her mother's life.

    Beauty DasBeauty Das15 dagen geleden
    • For their father.The things you have to do out of respect 🤦🏻‍♀️.

      Khloe CohenKhloe Cohen10 dagen geleden
  • Newsflash- Diana wasn't perfect! Lady Colin Cambell's book is best resource for truth. "The Real Diana" 2004 British Edition includes sources. Me-again is a disgraceful liar and only wanted to serve herself; the facts are not hard to find- too bad Americans can't be bothered to and just eat up all this nonsense!

    Randall GrimmRandall Grimm16 dagen geleden
    • Well, Diana was innocent and naive when she got married. It was only later in the relationship when it was clear Charles was never going to leave Camilla that Diana had boyfriends. They 2 timed her just like on Netflix. So that's what you do when you have been made as a baby machine. You try to find someone and after her divorce she displayed the characteristics of a strong independent modern woman of the 21 st century. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      VG TonvaVG Tonva14 dagen geleden
  • Charles and Diana got along brilliantly in Australia! The Crown is pushing utter rubbish!!! Diana would never have talked to the Queen like that. The writers couldn't be bothered to find out the truth! What a farce!

    Randall GrimmRandall Grimm16 dagen geleden
  • They only have another 20 years left, bury Camilla and Charles’ popularity (if they ever had any) deep into the depths of the earth.

    K WK W16 dagen geleden
  • She will never b the women do was..... .

    Billie FreemanBillie Freeman16 dagen geleden
  • Why is Charles wearing all those medals? Did he win those???

    Just A guyJust A guy16 dagen geleden
  • it got nothing to do us its there life gone to far its the past

    jason coxjason cox16 dagen geleden
  • Charles could never love Diana because, she was more popular than him. He was jealous of her popularity. Everyone gave more attention to her than him. So his stupid ego was hurt and hated her. With camilla he doesn't have to deal with that. Because camilla can never be popular like Diana. Almost no one really like her. She will not steal Charles attention. That's why he loves camilla. His stupid ego won't be hurt and, he could feel more child like manliness around her.

    Aibeom limAibeom lim17 dagen geleden
  • "do you think Charles and Camilla's image will be damaged by The Crown?" it has always been damaged bro :)

    Charitini SCharitini S17 dagen geleden
    • Lmao! 🤣

      Khloe CohenKhloe Cohen10 dagen geleden
  • Lol they didn't even show how he harrased her during her pregnancy or how she attempted suicide more than 3 times. You don't deserve happiness with that homewrecker Charles and COWMILLA can rot in hell along with the ones who played a part in her murder. Yes,MURDER.

    Hey, HEY SlowlyHey, HEY Slowly17 dagen geleden
  • Charles is a noodle

    The Hipbee KatherineThe Hipbee Katherine17 dagen geleden
  • "At a time when Charles and Camila are just gaining popularity in the UK" errrm..what? No. We all still hate them!

    Charlotte HillCharlotte Hill17 dagen geleden
  • charles n dracula (shameless camilla) can never repair their image,they gave so much pain to Diana. I see them as murderers .

    Pipi NyorakPipi Nyorak17 dagen geleden
  • Prince Charles cheating on Diana is like sneaking out of a 5 - Star Restaurant for a baloney sandwich

    Nico AngeloNico Angelo18 dagen geleden
  • I thought Charles married the Tracey ullman version of Camilla ha ha

    alpha omegaalpha omega18 dagen geleden