Pop Culture Trivia War & Friendship With Shane Is Over - Frenemies #18

26 jan. 2021
3 124 714 Weergaven

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  • Trisha really got caught in 4k

    Danielle GreenDanielle Green5 uur geleden
  • I love just feeling like I’m joining something like friends hanging out when there’s no one else, this podcast is beautiful

    Alex NormoreAlex Normore7 uur geleden
  • trishas voice is so nice

    notsydnotsyd9 uur geleden
    • Mmmhhh

      YouTube won’t let me type a good usernameYouTube won’t let me type a good username7 uur geleden
  • as an mcr fan idc that shes in the community its just that some of the things she did were so cringy HAHAHAH

    Petrichor WeatherPetrichor Weather10 uur geleden
  • "A latin band right? Spanish" Solo un yanqui.

    Facundo Mégevand SánchezFacundo Mégevand Sánchez13 uur geleden
  • I love Trisha so much my screen time is so damn high cause of this show

    Simoriah LonghornSimoriah Longhorn14 uur geleden
  • The faint fair flat basally jam because group adversely allow amongst a delicate jump. gaping, successful rabbi

    nick verendianick verendia15 uur geleden
  • Why did Ethan do that to the bread??

    Mariana PradoMariana Prado18 uur geleden
  • I have gone from love Trisha to being indifferent to hate and right back to love! A true BPD relationship 😂 she is my queen👑

    Emily GuessEmily GuessDag geleden
  • you can tgell david really fucks w trishas mood

    JayJayDag geleden

    JayJayDag geleden
  • This is giving me ‘siblings who usually hate each other bond over something their parents said or did that annoyed them’ vibes

    DanielleDanielleDag geleden
  • I agree with the step brothers comment

    Synthia RamageSynthia RamageDag geleden
  • Anyone else quaking over what Trisha said about Avi? Just me? okayyyy

    Hazel CoodoHazel CoodoDag geleden
  • Trisha thinking she looks like Bono and Samuel L. Jackson is the funniest thing lmao.

    Kae BaeKae BaeDag geleden
  • The way Ethan always just blindly says yes to having “guests” on the podcast is so funny

    Lucia MejiaLucia MejiaDag geleden
  • *Put the butter in the pan and cook.*

    Melissa StoneMelissa StoneDag geleden
  • Freddie Mercury is Parsi, Iranians from India 😭

    tw!nktw!nk2 dagen geleden
  • I love the bursts of laughter from the guys behind the scenes - cracks me up :'D

    H HappelH Happel2 dagen geleden

    Jessica MessicaJessica Messica2 dagen geleden
  • anyone else notice how trisha scrapes ethan’s crumbs off his plate onto her plate ,,, idc what anyone says she’s genuinely a kind person

    beetle juice x3beetle juice x32 dagen geleden

    Jazlin ShaiJazlin Shai2 dagen geleden
  • duuude I love but why the headdress lol let me email you Trisha. Native American from the Flathead reservation.

    Alyssa WhitworthAlyssa Whitworth2 dagen geleden
  • pog

    MandoMando2 dagen geleden
  • no hate but is Trisha christian?

    Ra'shon SmithRa'shon Smith2 dagen geleden
  • I love how Trisha took the crumbs from ethans plate onto hers 🥺

    Jodie RichardsJodie Richards2 dagen geleden
  • Ik this drama is somewhat old but man I love seeing trish just making sandwiches and chilling while ethan goes in as a true friend should lmfao

    Barbie DreddBarbie Dredd2 dagen geleden
  • Are we gonna talk about how when ethan made the jab at shane about kids trisha looked like she was gonna obliterate shane's career even more. Mom instincts almost snapped and said send him to jail then cancel him on facebook AND myspace. Trish was bout to thanos snap his presence off the earth. Trish got that look in her eye like she was about to pull out her mortal youtube kombat finishing move. President Trish was 1/2 a second from atomic warfare. Trish was ready to risk it all, call up Jesus and get him removed from heaven's PR. Can't hate from outside the holy club when he literally can't even get in. I have been revitalized

    Barbie DreddBarbie Dredd2 dagen geleden
  • I actually liked Trisha's song :)

    SophieSophie2 dagen geleden
  • Thank god someone told Trisha that you can be nb, the way she’s talked about gender stuff has always been relatable to me as a nb person and I’m glad she’s figuring herself out

    Kalinda StromeKalinda Strome2 dagen geleden
  • Trisha laughing @ 41:58 ahahaha. Loveee👏🏻

    Allie IppolitoAllie Ippolito2 dagen geleden
  • Why is nobody talking about the fact that Trisha had sex with the the dad from back to the future.

    random stuffrandom stuff2 dagen geleden
  • is trisha dressed as revenge gerard way?

    João FerrineJoão Ferrine2 dagen geleden
  • why did they put peanut butter on grilled cheese 😩

    random stuffrandom stuff2 dagen geleden
  • As an Irish person in Ireland we don’t hate Bono hahaha

    EllieEllie3 dagen geleden
  • Trisha we need the march restocked!!! they look so cute

    kasiakasia3 dagen geleden
  • I feel like ethan just says yes to everyone Trish says she want ont the show

    Evie DelacassaEvie Delacassa3 dagen geleden
    • that’s exactly the case

      wigglyboneswigglybonesDag geleden
  • Trish was right will and Katie got married in 2011 and Meg and hazzer got married in 2018???

    Evie DelacassaEvie Delacassa3 dagen geleden
  • ethan and trisha work out the same exact way as john mulaney and cardi b imo lol. they definitely have created such a unique, yet unexpected relationship. i believe trish has always had such a genuine, yet vulnerable heart. ethan is someone i feel like ive smoked 36 blunts with in another dimension.

    Gabriella RGabriella R3 dagen geleden
  • That sports one, impressed that she went all out of town. Especially leafs.

    Alana BennetAlana Bennet3 dagen geleden
  • trisha: “i don’t know anything about dogs. unless you’re a pomeranian.” idk why this is funnier than it really is to me 😭

    ashley gashley g3 dagen geleden
    • And she had a dog... that we saw once and never again

      Danielle SilvaDanielle SilvaDag geleden
  • 1:04:00 did anyone else see her mic just switch and face her? Notice how she also didn't use her hands and it started malfunctioning afterwards

    Alex MercerAlex Mercer3 dagen geleden
  • Ryan La-Che LOL

    Chelsea FutrellChelsea Futrell3 dagen geleden
  • Hey Fabio actually lives in the same county as I do, he goes to skamania lodge where I was working and he is a major douche bag😂

    Abby SweenyAbby Sweeny3 dagen geleden
  • “You like it” “I’m just fat”

    Liz CamachoLiz Camacho3 dagen geleden
  • Freddie Mercury is from Zanzibar and not Pakistan...

    Emma MadsenEmma Madsen4 dagen geleden
  • Stan isn’t even a real person lollll

    BellaMadillBellaMadill4 dagen geleden
  • What is with her hair and that makeup I'm slightly trying I'm trying not to be offended by it as a native American but I'm just saying it looks really bad but I love her I guess I'm just going to be that guy that points that out

    nonove urbizneznonove urbiznez4 dagen geleden
  • Iconic

    Meg LlewellynMeg Llewellyn4 dagen geleden
  • Them making panini's while listening to Ryland's apology is ICONIC!!!!

    Charlotte XoxoCharlotte Xoxo4 dagen geleden
  • For real this podcast is the best thing to come out of 2020!!

    Vim EvanVim Evan5 dagen geleden
  • Ethan: I'm a socialist Ethan: don't give your money to people! You have things to pay! XD

    Walking AroundWalking Around5 dagen geleden
  • Shane is in a lot of ways worse than Jeffree, I believe Trisha 100%

    Vim EvanVim Evan5 dagen geleden
    • @NLworld won’t let me type a good username as a brown person the black face stuff doesn't offend me as much, because I remember back then most of us really didn't know any better, many famous NLworldrs did it, the important thing is that they took accountability, apologised and learnt from their mistakes. HOWEVER, I can never get past Shane's disgusting behaviour with kids.

      Vim EvanVim Evan5 uur geleden
    • Also Shane’s past is wayyy more disgusting. Literal blackface, mocking every minority, and weird stuff with kids

      YouTube won’t let me type a good usernameYouTube won’t let me type a good username7 uur geleden
    • @Virgoan Tyrant EXACTLY! Shane pretends to be NLworld's Angel. An empath as he always likes to say, but in actual fact has been orchestrating cancellations and talking about people behind their backs for literally a decade. The unfortunate thing is it took us so many years to realise who he really is only after so many people came forward.

      Vim EvanVim EvanDag geleden
    • Shane is worse because he’s a liar. He uses a mask, pretends to be innocent whereas Jeffree is a mean girl, that’s his whole aesthetic. Jeffree owns his meanness but Shane hides it.

      Virgoan TyrantVirgoan TyrantDag geleden
  • How is he NOT familiar with stepbrothers

    Maxine SanchezMaxine Sanchez5 dagen geleden
  • ❤️❤️❤️ I love that they’re just grilling cheese and not listening to ryland 😂😂😂

    Quailene ShmadamsQuailene Shmadams5 dagen geleden
  • Watching this because I need a good distraction.

    michelle martinezmichelle martinez5 dagen geleden
  • Trisha hates me and my People 🙁 pray4NY2021alsogetcuomothefout

    Fidelroyolanda Smackonmytiddyboosters IIIFidelroyolanda Smackonmytiddyboosters III5 dagen geleden
  • "i hate friends, i've never seen an episode" girl what how do you know you hate it if you've never watched

    Olivia HamptonOlivia Hampton5 dagen geleden
  • Danganronpa vibes it’s manakuma vibes from the sadboy 2005 shirts right the logo tho sorry for the misspell guys lol

    Gabby NicholsGabby Nichols5 dagen geleden
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    Jasper LowJasper Low5 dagen geleden
  • ok but trish's new song is catchyyyyy

    Nikki RothNikki Roth5 dagen geleden
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    Ardelle CanestraroArdelle Canestraro5 dagen geleden
  • Saving Private Ryan was my favorite Disney movie as a kid.

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith5 dagen geleden

    LateSavesLateSaves5 dagen geleden
  • omg i almost choked on my chocolate xd they started talking about pentatonix and i was like "aww i love them" and then trish said avi and the flashbacks attacked me xd

    B. Liv GirassolB. Liv Girassol5 dagen geleden
  • I like how she said her depressed friends like we’re connected 😂

    versace_ beauty03versace_ beauty035 dagen geleden
  • Trisha is really smart. I knew it xo

    Kim MKim M5 dagen geleden
  • What the actual fuck is with Ethan slopping into his mic. Man is gross as fuck.

    The1FloydThe1Floyd5 dagen geleden
  • I love Trisha. So funny. Xo

    Kim MKim M5 dagen geleden
  • Ok but her putting ethans crumbs on her own plate 😭 so adorable lolol

    MPMP5 dagen geleden
  • 1:51:00

    L MartinL Martin6 dagen geleden
  • 1:46:46 it’s so weird hearing Ethan not understand why Davis Dovrik is bad

    L MartinL Martin6 dagen geleden
  • I was never a huge fan of Trisha but I’m glad that she seems to be doing a lot better these days and she’s growing on me a lot

    Emma AnneEmma Anne6 dagen geleden
  • If it’s going to people with aids maybe we should evade taxes - Trisha 1:21:58 Feel like this deserves more attention

    Zesty ppZesty pp6 dagen geleden
  • low-key want that grill cheese

    LauraLaura6 dagen geleden
  • YASSSSSS to Planned Parenthood!!!

    LauraLaura6 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one who died with the "bread with tourettes" bit? ahahahhah

    ArualBlackArualBlack7 dagen geleden
  • Why do I like them together so much? I hate most podcasts, but their dynamic is so honest.

    Steari FranesdenSteari Franesden7 dagen geleden
  • god dammit trisha we are HERE for you

    Hannah PetrickHannah Petrick7 dagen geleden
  • Did I find this podcast a week ago ? yes .... have I watched everyone single episode since finding it ? YES 😂 I Love you Trisha I’ve been a HUGE fan for like 11 years. Thank you for always making me feel like I’m not alone ❤️🤍 also.... give us “With Peace and Love” MERCH !!!!🌹♥️

    Lill PruittLill Pruitt7 dagen geleden
  • I have a crush on AB

    Layal KhalafLayal Khalaf7 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone notice how sweet it was that Trisha took the crumbs off Ethan’s plate and put it on hers ;-;

    Audi RainAudi Rain7 dagen geleden
    • omg yes trish is so cute

      Aliyah MitchellAliyah Mitchell6 dagen geleden

    Daisy RojasDaisy Rojas7 dagen geleden
  • 1:16:49 someone should make a documentary about trish. what the hell

    lisbeth younglisbeth young7 dagen geleden
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    Nova DiscordNova Discord8 dagen geleden
  • 42:05

    Alex LakeAlex Lake8 dagen geleden
  • Ethan yelling about the bonus points 😂😂

    Ok byeOk bye8 dagen geleden
  • Guys the first video to play on MTV was Pat Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot

    Albeit_JordanAlbeit_Jordan8 dagen geleden
  • Ever since I’ve been watching Ethan and Trisha, I’ve been saying “with peace and love” a lot lol

    Sharon MannSharon Mann8 dagen geleden
  • Actually, Trish, Pete Best was the drummer for The Silver Beatles - they didn't become The Beatles until Ringo joined, so.

    Albeit_JordanAlbeit_Jordan8 dagen geleden
  • Not August Alzelia.... chilee

    K WK W8 dagen geleden
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    Hattie MaxwellHattie Maxwell8 dagen geleden
  • You can get Surge at the Dollar Tree

    Christina MyersChristina Myers8 dagen geleden
  • The Tarzan shot talking is so upsetting respect Phil Collins name

    sarah.rosebudsarah.rosebud8 dagen geleden
  • Living for Trisha’s makeup. I’m glad someone else loves MCR. That was my favorite MCR era :’)

    Desiree RodriguezDesiree Rodriguez8 dagen geleden
  • okay but why does sadboy2005 slap

    Mia BellaMia Bella9 dagen geleden
  • trisha's laugh this episode HA

    inkbender andonabenderinkbender andonabender9 dagen geleden
  • Not gonna lie, Wrong Side of Mulholland Drive and Don't Tell Me are fuckin bangers of songs. I dug Trisha's music before, but sadboy2005 has legit good lyrics, good composition, and its a pop-punk bop.

    Whitney KingWhitney King9 dagen geleden
  • This is a pop culture trivia! What were the last 6 presidents? ...that’s social studies 👁👄👁

    MitchelMitchel9 dagen geleden
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    Danielle RochaDanielle Rocha9 dagen geleden