Polo G Feat. Lil Tjay - Pop Out 🎥By. Ryan Lynch Prod. By JDONTHATRACK & Iceberg

13 jan. 2019
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Polo G feat. Lil Tjay “Pop Out” Out Now:

Directed By Ryan Lynch
Produced By JDONTHATRACK & Iceberg

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  • YOOOO the space cowboy cut...

    TyrvingTyrving30 minuten geleden
  • 0:33 my lil brothers face after finally getting gta 5

    guyofoofsguyofoofs6 uur geleden
  • Rapstar is polos top song not pop out

    Roan ParkerRoan Parker7 uur geleden
  • Vicf+

    Amaree DupreeAmaree Dupree7 uur geleden
  • shit never gets old

    MarkO.MarkO.8 uur geleden
  • broo why Lil Tjay had that haircut tf

    eldi kodraeldi kodra8 uur geleden
  • I hate how this song reminds me of them street rats in 8th grade singing and blasting this song 🤦‍♂️

    ChristopherChristopher8 uur geleden
  • I love tcay's voice is so higt

  • Already a legend

    GamerMrYTGamerMrYT10 uur geleden
  • 😎📱🎥😚🤔🍑🌍🌎🌏🌐🇦🇹

    Alecia MooreAlecia Moore11 uur geleden
  • lil tjay looks so young

    Adam HerreraAdam Herrera12 uur geleden
  • All gangster tell one of ya get shot or arrested then it’s the poor little victim pity party

    David HaleDavid Hale12 uur geleden
  • You need no autotune to sing your insane ❤️

    Fortnite GamingFortnite Gaming13 uur geleden
  • Still fire in 21.

    zxevetz ツzxevetz ツ13 uur geleden
  • He's got the gang with him

    ManavManav15 uur geleden
  • Love this song i sing most of the lyrics lol

    Darrell LentzDarrell Lentz16 uur geleden
  • Polo g and lil tjay🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    Vapor_JXVapor_JX18 uur geleden
  • still heat

    Kwasi PokuKwasi Poku20 uur geleden
  • You’re fucking goattttt

    EXD _santaEXD _santa21 uur geleden
  • Dude they look so young right here

    Colorado ClassicsColorado Classics21 uur geleden
  • this song mother fucking DOPE:)

    Master GamerMaster Gamer23 uur geleden
  • 2021 still 🔥

    AtromityAtromityDag geleden
  • Daaaaang this song fire polo g rocks it🔥

    Jay MillerJay MillerDag geleden
  • Bro lil tjay looks so different now

    Hornet 7431Hornet 7431Dag geleden
  • I was here

    Fizzer ClipsFizzer ClipsDag geleden
  • Say hi it’s not your first time here

    Crolla 2xCrolla 2xDag geleden

    Raed AlosmanRaed AlosmanDag geleden
  • Doo0pp🔥🔥

    CHARLY _M OfficielCHARLY _M OfficielDag geleden
  • 8mg um a

    Janet StarkJanet StarkDag geleden
  • Ahhhhh😩❤️

    SamizzileSamizzileDag geleden
  • If pop smoke hop on the beat fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Brodie Adu-YeboahBrodie Adu-YeboahDag geleden
  • Anyone else here looking at tjays old hair or just me

    Thomas PurcellThomas PurcellDag geleden
  • I prefer no auto tune

    Lil’aLil’aDag geleden
    • @Jamzy 33 I know my point was that they use very little

      Lil’aLil’a16 uur geleden
    • @Lil’a they’re using autotune but it’s not very obvious meaning the right amount 👍🏾

      Jamzy 33Jamzy 33Dag geleden
    • Oh wait they don’t use any

      Lil’aLil’aDag geleden
  • Free pull up 22

    김동영김동영Dag geleden
  • What’s funny is that in class like 3 years ago, I would listen to music in class and this exact song would pop up as an ad. I was like who are these 2 nobody’s, one day I decided to listen to it, and from the to know polo is my first favorite rapper and my idol while lil that is my second

    SpxySpxyDag geleden
    • lil that💀💀💀💀

      TruplupTruplup4 uur geleden
  • so cool

    me halkme halkDag geleden
  • RAPSTAR will be this big 💪 maybe even bigger.

    GbayGbayDag geleden
    • Nahhh

      RvngXRvngXDag geleden
  • you aint a killer if u suicided

    Jedi CaptainJedi CaptainDag geleden
  • For peaople that watch when he will be dead he was a legend

    Vlad GheorgheVlad GheorgheDag geleden
  • ik every lyric

    Jason DawsonJason DawsonDag geleden
  • I know the hole lyrics of this

    Jaquincio wellesJaquincio wellesDag geleden
  • this shit still fire..

    mr wigglesmr wigglesDag geleden
  • See hd Vicks help 🆘 with me and her mom was a little kid that was my to be there at the same place I was in the next few years ago but I don't think 🤔🤔🤔 is it on the way home now

    Travis WatkinsTravis WatkinsDag geleden
  • I use to replay this song everyday. Had to come back and acknowledge it again. 💯🖤

    BailOutBailOutDag geleden
  • ok f youkiis

  • Man lil tjay looks so different before he got that haircut

    Jacob HannaJacob HannaDag geleden
  • Nicki minaj vibing in this song

    Zak MarajZak MarajDag geleden
  • ৻⨀⨆⨀৲

    KilluaKilluaDag geleden
  • this song carried 2019 i remember playing fortnite with this song on

    Kranky 13Kranky 132 dagen geleden
  • 2021 still listening to dis

    lorrinlorrin2 dagen geleden
  • Who still coming back to this in April 2021

    MyronTheShinnooMyronTheShinnoo2 dagen geleden
  • Goat

    Kam RKam R2 dagen geleden
  • Anybody here in April 2021???

    Dum DumDum Dum2 dagen geleden
    • wassup lol

      ryanawdesignryanawdesign2 dagen geleden
  • For the ppl who watching 2024 this guy is a legend🔥🔥🔥

    Chezzy BriceChezzy Brice2 dagen geleden
  • Damian

    Iliana FloresIliana Flores2 dagen geleden
  • Polo will not see this

    Colins Wrld 999Colins Wrld 9992 dagen geleden
  • Who here is back after listening to rapstar

    Ethan KlarfeldEthan Klarfeld2 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Yeah ChaseYeah Chase2 dagen geleden
  • 2 legends in same frame ❤️ Its love❤️

    Harsh SainiHarsh Saini2 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone else notice how he said “ni**a” like 13 times😭

    Maya LeeMaya Lee2 dagen geleden
    • He's black, he can, stfu

      DivanettoDelNapoliDivanettoDelNapoli2 dagen geleden
  • ''heartbreaker ladies love me like i'm Cool James'' what a way to pay homage to a hip-hop legend (LL Cool J).

    Tropical99Tropical992 dagen geleden
  • This man still has not dropped a single bad song

    PelleSpeeltSpellePelleSpeeltSpelle2 dagen geleden
    • People are gonna say “GNF” but they just people who only seen one side of him

      JC ThomasJC Thomas4 uur geleden
    • Right😎😲

      caprixencaprixen10 uur geleden
    • Ong

      yccyccDag geleden
  • Why Disslike?😣

    Krypto RKrypto R2 dagen geleden
  • People be like: who's here after.... Me: Shut the f**k up we never left.

    Ainish VarandaniAinish Varandani2 dagen geleden
  • I hope he don’t die I love his music

    Carlos MendezCarlos Mendez2 dagen geleden
  • Why does this man pretend to be from the ghetto lmao he’s from Chicago’s old town neighborhood, one of the most expensive in the city. His family is rich as fuck lmao

    longhornsforevalonghornsforeva2 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Arorium xvArorium xv2 dagen geleden
  • Only the real ones come back

    HazHaz2 dagen geleden
  • JD is king 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Lucas RodriguesLucas Rodrigues3 dagen geleden
  • For people watching in 2035 this guy is still a legend 🤣

    Rudy2xRudy2x3 dagen geleden
  • Songs bebés

    devious 84devious 843 dagen geleden
  • Polo for sure gonna have the album of the year in 2021

    William StaceyWilliam Stacey3 dagen geleden
  • Damn

    AJ PLayzAJ PLayz3 dagen geleden
  • Everybody gangsta till some guy sings this in an opera voice

    FlakeFlake3 dagen geleden
  • people who see this in the future hes a god

    teuziiteuzii3 dagen geleden
  • My daddy Lil Tjay with the glow up in 2021

    Annette AguilarAnnette Aguilar3 dagen geleden
  • just look at him now

    David MichelDavid Michel3 dagen geleden
  • I don’t want to believe this came out 2 years ago

    D3m0nxtaD3m0nxta3 dagen geleden
  • 2021?

    SyreinceSyreince3 dagen geleden
  • i just like this song

    i just watch videosi just watch videos3 dagen geleden
  • Dis nice

    CeManii DelilahCeManii Delilah3 dagen geleden
  • Is roddy rich here

    Kim SillahKim Sillah3 dagen geleden
  • This has to be at least at the top 15

    Adalina HernandezAdalina Hernandez3 dagen geleden
  • ive been hearing this song i did like it but didnt even know who made it now i just found out it was polo g who made it

    SuperBloxHunt_SuperBloxHunt_3 dagen geleden
  • We needed this music in 2010-2015 when partying was trendy AF. So many people got Aura Majestic AF with this song.

    Iggy MixIggy Mix3 dagen geleden
  • 2021?

    Kevin BarnettiKevin Barnetti3 dagen geleden
  • the lyrics😩

    Tyson GraflundTyson Graflund3 dagen geleden
  • But......... He's not a killer though. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Levi AnthonyLevi Anthony3 dagen geleden
  • I love this song you're so epic bro

    Porsche God GaminPorsche God Gamin3 dagen geleden
  • 69k dislikes be like

    Legend 27Legend 273 dagen geleden
  • Ong polo g marking it to the top

    Deandra BondDeandra Bond3 dagen geleden
  • Put on a nother video

    Caleb SmithulaCaleb Smithula3 dagen geleden
  • I listening

    Caleb SmithulaCaleb Smithula3 dagen geleden
  • Facts facts and facts and so relatibul 🥰🤯❤🖕🔥

    jj Ademjj Adem3 dagen geleden
  • This song just slaps

    Logan McComberLogan McComber4 dagen geleden
  • You're just the best of your best and you'll probably enjoy that one

    quent davisquent davis4 dagen geleden
  • they went of on this

    Yourant !Yourant !4 dagen geleden
  • Polo G

    Klaisdv GuggenheimKlaisdv Guggenheim4 dagen geleden
  • These guys are such legends

    Daniel HirschDaniel Hirsch4 dagen geleden
  • I wish I met polo g

    Samuel Diaz de leonSamuel Diaz de leon4 dagen geleden