Pokemon but the World Champion controls the AI

15 apr. 2021
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  • That ending was crazy.

    Fluke1xFluke1xUur geleden
  • Will you finish this game?

    CrauceCrauce2 uur geleden
  • 10:14 46:36

    林子瑄林子瑄3 uur geleden
  • Is this mod public in any way or form? It's such a fun concept.

    HexHex4 uur geleden
  • This guy is the real Champion of all the pokemon games. Congrats

    Ο γυριστης της μπιφτεκαςΟ γυριστης της μπιφτεκας7 uur geleden
  • I should have used a full-heal

    SuperClapProductionsSuperClapProductions8 uur geleden
  • I watched worlds! It was great

    SuperClapProductionsSuperClapProductions8 uur geleden
  • He's just suffering so hard through the cringe at the Magic Muffler shitpost that it's hurting me through the screen.

    Mister BonesMister Bones9 uur geleden
  • So he play enemy pokemon? How to do that?

    lingga yogialingga yogia9 uur geleden
  • Does not look like the full vod is on twitch of either of the players, doesn't look like like SmallAnt VOD channel has it either. Anyone knows where we could watch the whole, uncut thing? (I really, really dislike watching edited streams)

    RancorSnpRancorSnp11 uur geleden
  • When does it continue? Really nice idea

    ThePGamer1ThePGamer111 uur geleden

    GerGmbH ReptiloidUndPartnerGerGmbH ReptiloidUndPartner11 uur geleden
  • nuzlocke like this lmao

    HenesiiHenesii13 uur geleden
  • but can we get this mod to download?

    TombRaiderStoryHDTombRaiderStoryHD14 uur geleden
  • Loser

    Kyle CollinsKyle Collins16 uur geleden
  • Poison type moves are not super effective, because bulbasaur is part poison type

    M.CoşkunM.Coşkun16 uur geleden
  • The best AI - Actual Intelligence

    HariHari16 uur geleden
  • does this champ know anything about the game?

    uelssomuelssom19 uur geleden
  • Pokemon... but can only press a direction key 500 times before it stops working. We runnin' out of em boys...

    GrillmongerGrillmonger20 uur geleden
  • Can’t wait to see the rest of the run please release 🥲🙃

    Travis SilbernagelTravis Silbernagel22 uur geleden
  • World champion, doesn't know what string shot does. hm.

    KugroxKugrox23 uur geleden

    Deadpool GamesDeadpool Games23 uur geleden
  • lol the best part of this for me is that metapod story. lol when thievery was Actually the right strat. XD 45:11

    Henry ,Henry ,Dag geleden
  • 46:59....

    SogiSogiDag geleden
  • This but randomizer, would be epic.

    FDCAnselmoFDCAnselmoDag geleden
  • This is so cool!! I mean the World Champion is actually a pretty cool guy! :) Wow! He plays competitive but has fun playing the Pokemon games. It is about having fun which he and Ant are having a blast here! I love it!

    Chaud The GamerChaud The GamerDag geleden
  • Anyone have a download link for this mod? I'd love to play this against my daughter or one of my nerdy peers

    Ian Warner-O'ConnorIan Warner-O'ConnorDag geleden
  • mmmh the magic muffler you say....That would be interesting to watch.

    XLuxtra 2000XLuxtra 2000Dag geleden
  • is there a VOD of this, can't focus when it's been edited but I like the concept

    Michael KendallMichael KendallDag geleden
  • Is there a Ditto mode ? you are what you fight

    Rhonivh _Rhonivh _Dag geleden
  • I need to see a Nuzlocke with this mode

    Dorobo KinoDorobo KinoDag geleden
  • 13:49 Camisa do Vasco KAKAKAKAKAKAKSKAKAKAKAKAKSK tem brasileiro em todo canto pqp

    leo stabileleo stabileDag geleden
  • Idk but Wolf is kinda unsympathetic to me. But ah well next video for me I guess.

    UnlashedUnlashedDag geleden
  • how do I play this with my friends?

    Trey HarshawTrey HarshawDag geleden
  • A great addition to this would be if you only get to heal once per pokecenter. That would limit your ability to grind past the challenge because you have to conserve PP, and it makes all the HP he can shave off of you count that much more. You're not locked either - you can always regain PP and health by taking a whiteout, but that would cost subs. Something to think about if you're considering gen 2...

    Håkon MarcusHåkon MarcusDag geleden
  • The chat is like “no pp 👀”

    Trippy KitTrippy KitDag geleden
  • This turned out to be a lot harder than I expected! I thought early game would be the most difficult because of how little players have to work with, then get easier as it went as you get a team built, but as some of the "AI" opponents have better teams and movesets, those can be quite the roadblocks after all when the "AI" is significantly better.

    PkGamPkGamDag geleden
  • Wtf I just realized ant has more subs than pokimane or shroud keep up the grind dude love the content

    oofmydudeoofmydudeDag geleden
  • I felt so weird watching someone else play this game and talk like its so foreign... gen 4 isn't to far off from gen 1 for moves

    NephleimNephleimDag geleden
  • Dig theory but Softboiled

    MRS PlaysMRS Plays2 dagen geleden
  • When is the next one?! I enjoyed this content.

    Ryan GallagherRyan Gallagher2 dagen geleden
  • part 2?

    Joshua GJoshua G2 dagen geleden
  • Started watching the vid before bed. Woke up, realized I had paused right at "I was kind of grinding on you." Good morning to me, I guess lol

    Alex KovenskyAlex Kovensky2 dagen geleden
  • Atsign back at it again with the amazing mods

    Ian TanIan Tan2 dagen geleden
  • Bug moves twinneedle, leachlife, and pin missile. All those moves are terrible

    richard bakerrichard baker2 dagen geleden
  • Subbing for this series

    JD PolzinJD Polzin2 dagen geleden
  • Does anybody know if this is available publicly? I would love to try this with a friend

    Filip ChudziakFilip Chudziak2 dagen geleden
  • Can we get the next part of this Video? I really loved watching this

    HellyonHellyon2 dagen geleden
  • Where can i get this mod!?

    sebastian bergströmsebastian bergström2 dagen geleden
  • Is this mod compatible with randomized roms?

    Haachama PriestessHaachama Priestess2 dagen geleden
  • “It doesn’t have any weaknesses in this gen” twin needle my guy, twin needle

    Nic HNic H2 dagen geleden
  • 47:15 anime final battle right there.

    Rafael Rigon MaierRafael Rigon Maier2 dagen geleden
  • Ngl this guy sucks at Pokémon. I’m like 5-6 mins in and he hasn’t even train any of his Pokémon. Then he’s like omg how is it lvl 9 it was always lvl 9 and my Pokémon used to be 12 by the time I fought Gary the second time.

    Fastguy10Fastguy103 dagen geleden
    • Cuz you don’t want an audience to be bored watching you train Pokémon

      The BergThe BergDag geleden
  • how could i get this rom ?

    Mohammed GamingMohammed Gaming3 dagen geleden
  • I’m DEFINITELY trying to see that muffler video!!

    Notti DADNotti DAD3 dagen geleden
  • I'm really confused... I assume WolfeyVGC is controlling ONLY the AI, but Ant is supposed to be controlling Red based on his commentary. But... why is Ant's one hand constantly up on his face in his video feed? Is Ant playing one-handed or something?

    guardianrandyguardianrandy3 dagen geleden
  • Should've put him in the top left corner instead of the spam

    KriKri3 dagen geleden
  • Pokemon: World Champion Blue. I would love to see a Nuzlock like this

    Randy RandomRandy Random3 dagen geleden
  • " I was kinda grinding on you" Chat : Pride ant emotes! go go go

    ID:N/AID:N/A3 dagen geleden
  • Will we get part 2?

    PowerghostPowerghost3 dagen geleden
  • Where is the second part?

    Spidey KingSpidey King3 dagen geleden
  • Thanks NLworld suggestions for showing me a video so cringe and terrible I'll never come back to this channel dude knows nothing about pokemon

    Brock ForsterBrock Forster3 dagen geleden
  • But will there be a part 2!????????????

    Ken PrimeKen Prime3 dagen geleden
  • PLEASE does anyone know where i can find this mod???

    TruYamiTruYami3 dagen geleden
  • Pokemon, but somebody else battles for you, and tries to stop you from winning

    Komodo-TubeKomodo-Tube3 dagen geleden
  • Dig theory

    robobrain44449robobrain444493 dagen geleden
  • Anywhere for us to find the mod? I'd love to try this with my friends.

    RoflskippyRoflskippy4 dagen geleden
  • This is like the reverse of Twitch Plays Pokemon. Instead of everyone in the real world controlling one man, one man controls everyone (well, every enemy trainer) in the game.

    Darkknight55Darkknight554 dagen geleden
  • Magic muffler must be seen

    Ryland McClellandRyland McClelland4 dagen geleden
  • For some reason I understood this as "The AI of the in-game Pokemon champion makes the choices for the player character."

    Valerie Van KerckhoveValerie Van Kerckhove4 dagen geleden
  • love your pokemon challenges and inventiveness!

    S0rynS0ryn4 dagen geleden
  • Are we going to see the other parts to this challenge? :)

    JoeRollJoeRoll4 dagen geleden
  • Is there a continuation of this video, @smallant?

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith4 dagen geleden
  • Imagine doing this with a Nuzlocke

    LilianaeLilianae4 dagen geleden
  • Epic final battle hahaha

    Renan de Oliveira PereiraRenan de Oliveira Pereira4 dagen geleden
  • Is this rom available anywhere?

    Benjamin DehBenjamin Deh4 dagen geleden
  • In yellow, male nido learns double kick pretty early. I would beat brock with either double kick or low kick from mankey.

    zirath ashezirath ashe4 dagen geleden
  • I feel bad for the NPCs.. theyre just getting bullied for their money by an overpowered protagonist pokemon

    sandy thamtonosandy thamtono4 dagen geleden
  • I'd like to see pointcrow and archit3ct play this honestly. Dont judge me

    zirath ashezirath ashe4 dagen geleden
  • Pokemon, but the AI is actually smart. Fun ↗

    Christian FuenzalidaChristian Fuenzalida4 dagen geleden
  • This seems like something Ludwig would get into

    Josh WibbensJosh Wibbens4 dagen geleden
  • That pokeball play was an amazing, it wasn’t intentional but it single handedly disabled the world champions items

    Questionable SpyQuestionable Spy4 dagen geleden
  • What happened to part 2?

    60sto80s260sto80s24 dagen geleden
  • So idk but id love to do this with my brother. anyone know where this mod is located?

    SPYRO 894SPYRO 8944 dagen geleden
  • I can tell he’s a champion, he’s full of himself 😂😂😂

    The NurseThe Nurse5 dagen geleden
    • yeah he seems like a wanker

      Niklas HedströmNiklas Hedström3 dagen geleden
  • Next challenge: Pokemon, but you can only visit the Pokemoncenter so many times throughout your entire playthrough. Maybe like 100 times for easy mode, 50 times for difficult and 10 times for hardcore challenge. Also it includes using the PC

    LagiacrusLagiacrus5 dagen geleden
    • @Das Erdmännchen Oh? Hm!

      LagiacrusLagiacrus3 dagen geleden
    • he has done a gen3 challenge without ever taking a center or any other optional free healing

      Das ErdmännchenDas Erdmännchen3 dagen geleden
  • 38:35 this is why second gen has a tower based around Bellsprout.

    EnigmaOfTheEchidnaEnigmaOfTheEchidna5 dagen geleden
  • Body slam is just a better quicker normal dig

    Hope HiltonHope Hilton5 dagen geleden
  • This is a really cool idea. Looking forward to seeing how it goes late-game.

    ShredShred5 dagen geleden
  • Bruh, how can you claim to be a pokemon master yet say "I think only twinneedle on Beedrill." for Gen 1 bug moves? Jolteon with pin missile was legendary as a psychic slaughterer back then, could defend against ground and rock types with double kick, and was only outsped by Electrode (tied with Aerodactyl and Mewtwo.)

    skizz0phreniaskizz0phrenia5 dagen geleden
  • now do it randomized

    Jumping FlounderJumping Flounder5 dagen geleden
  • This is by far the best kind of run ever made. 100% need this again with either more limitations OR a hacked rom so Wolfeypie can have better mons. Looking forward to the next "person controls AI" run.

    Conner McKinnonConner McKinnon5 dagen geleden
  • This is awesome but I think scaling back the "A.I.'s" ability to see what move is being used would make it much more enjoyable

    LinkophereLinkophere5 dagen geleden
  • part 2 video i wanna see elite 4!

    Eric st.martinEric st.martin5 dagen geleden
  • Can someone please tell me the name of this mod? I couldn't find it on google.

    GREG _GREG _5 dagen geleden

    King slowKing slow5 dagen geleden
  • Is this mod public/does anyone have the link to it? I haven’t found it in my search and would love to try it, it looks awesome.

    Cory McCulloughCory McCullough5 dagen geleden
  • will there be a pt 2?

    JackNJack 23JackNJack 235 dagen geleden
  • pp did exist in gen1

    Helleuw123Helleuw1235 dagen geleden
  • This is amazing. Please part2

    Mihael ĐurasekMihael Đurasek5 dagen geleden