Playing Among Us In Real Life!

27 nov. 2020
27 372 415 Weergaven

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I played Among Us In Real Life with my friends! Larray, Quen Blackwell, Noah Beck, Alex & Kouvr, Nailea, Ravon, Mario, & Curtis Newbill joined me for a 9000 IQ strategy game as we competed to see if we could figure out who the impostors were among us. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Amazing love

    Kristi LohrKristi LohrUur geleden
  • I like Among us

    Amon BereketAmon Bereket4 uur geleden
  • James and Larry are best impostors by far

    Hailey CarpenterHailey Carpenter5 uur geleden
  • James Charles trying to swear be like : Oop

    Nainna KaurNainna Kaur5 uur geleden
  • Larry: itches, family-friendly. Quinn: I'm the badest **** here all these ******* *o** LOL hahahaha

    Emily RibeiroEmily Ribeiro6 uur geleden
  • gg lol

    zero and kono yt gamingzero and kono yt gaming7 uur geleden
  • Please do more irl Among us

    Mahida ShahMahida Shah8 uur geleden
  • is that nickyminaj

    derek angderek ang12 uur geleden
  • why is larry a whole vibe

    Ayannah's worldAyannah's world12 uur geleden
  • naa

    yoyo13 uur geleden
  • Go to 7:45 Nailea BIG BRAINED james

    cloudpuffcloudpuff19 uur geleden
  • 4:37 OMG a mUrdEr hAs BeEn dIscOveRed

    Rexy MunchRexy Munch20 uur geleden
  • James: you saw that too Some suspicious behaviour for sure

    Daisy RutherfordDaisy Rutherford21 uur geleden
  • hahaha funny video James Charles

    Christopher BarreraChristopher Barrera23 uur geleden
  • Where the heck did you get these amazing costumes?? Trying to be an among us character for Halloween.

    Ellie KinlockEllie KinlockDag geleden
  • Hay dumey you a boy not girl don't sky like angirl

    kayla garderkayla garderDag geleden
  • omg hi davide d

    Grace HehrGrace HehrDag geleden
  • What about quarantine tho?

    Dániel TukoraDániel TukoraDag geleden
  • Sidemen idea still

    alan dolanalan dolanDag geleden
  • Why is your face like that I am so sorry I had to do that,that is the challenge because if I don’t do it they will make me sleep in a pool full of slime.

    Alhanof AljabriAlhanof AljabriDag geleden
  • Hey James I am doing a write a funny joke to you and your friends get ready

    Alhanof AljabriAlhanof AljabriDag geleden
  • They forgot Alex

    Abby FaxonAbby FaxonDag geleden
  • Me: oh he found a body Larry: A body has been discovered😜

    Cool Calya and cassCool Calya and cassDag geleden
  • when bila chased down ravon after witnessing the murder!!!!!! LMAOOOOOOO ravan ran for his lifeeeeeeee T0T

    amelia latanyaamelia latanyaDag geleden
  • hello sisters

    The Tanooki TeamThe Tanooki TeamDag geleden
  • what that is so cool how did you made aomgs us in rill life--------------------

    3rd Distance Learning3rd Distance LearningDag geleden
  • Lol I feel like Nai, James, and Larray were the funniest. Definitely try to collab in the future!!!

    Dum BoDum BoDag geleden
  • alex:kovurs dead 🤨sorry bub 🥺🥺

    Jazel MedinaJazel MedinaDag geleden
  • this filming quality is just .....

    Sauni TaiSauni TaiDag geleden
  • lmao 4:35 had me dying

    Cavellee LakatooCavellee LakatooDag geleden
  • Vvvvvv

    Esmeralda AranaEsmeralda AranaDag geleden
  • Curtis really annoyed me in this vid, like it’s just a bit of fun. Calm down lol 😂

    Carly MadelynCarly MadelynDag geleden
  • Italiani?

    Maria Do Soccorso De SilvaMaria Do Soccorso De Silva2 dagen geleden
  • I love the ending

    Laura ZhangLaura Zhang2 dagen geleden
  • Hi James i do your makeup looks by the way and i'm not that good at makeup but i'm good

    Sabine BarrowSabine Barrow2 dagen geleden
  • I’ve never watched James Charles in my life. I’m only watching this because it looked interesting when I saw it in MrBeast rewind

    Adrian GAMEOVERAdrian GAMEOVER2 dagen geleden
  • so called influencers acting like they need to do this so badly that they have to put others lives in danger, doesn’t sound like a good influence to me

    Sophie WebleySophie Webley2 dagen geleden
  • The "Dang I hate being the crewmate" Gets me everytime :D

    Andrea Martinez GarciaAndrea Martinez Garcia2 dagen geleden
  • when Nailea chased Ravon around after killing Larray XD

    FoxyFoxy2 dagen geleden
  • James low-key a great actor

    DoritosAppleSlushieDoritosAppleSlushie2 dagen geleden
  • Where the hell was noah? Or am I just blind

    Althea SiennaAlthea Sienna2 dagen geleden
  • That seems really fun

    Artemis VelosArtemis Velos2 dagen geleden
  • Is it me or was Larray and James the best impostor

    Skyler BrownSkyler Brown2 dagen geleden

    Travis PickettTravis Pickett2 dagen geleden
  • i love the vid james UvU i wish i was in itand those wigs oooo save me one

    Travis PickettTravis Pickett2 dagen geleden
  • why everyone saying larry for larray

    grace longgrace long2 dagen geleden
  • 4:22 these tasks are like hard or something...🤣

    • Fluffy Ducky •• Fluffy Ducky •2 dagen geleden
  • 13:18 happy bee noises

    Michelle MeegdesMichelle Meegdes3 dagen geleden
  • Was larray gonna kill infront of all of yalls im so confuzled🤦

    Andrea Martinez GarciaAndrea Martinez Garcia3 dagen geleden
  • This is the best among us video on YT and the thing that I like in this vid is that they did a lot of effort💓

    Ghulam NabiGhulam Nabi3 dagen geleden
  • Evil

    Scotty KillingsworthScotty Killingsworth3 dagen geleden
  • Dang this is a good game!! I should play this in real life often

    ShadowXXShadowXX3 dagen geleden
  • how to pronounce names: laray (luhray) james (jaimes)) quen (kwehn)

    LizzieLizzie3 dagen geleden
  • 6:44 😳👀☠️

    Daniel ChoiDaniel Choi3 dagen geleden
  • جيش العرب 😂🌚

  • I love you and you greet me

    MariMari3 dagen geleden
  • I love your videos

    MariMari3 dagen geleden
  • “Stay away...Itches! Family friendly” -Larray 💀😂

    Smella BellaSmella Bella3 dagen geleden
  • James Noah shouldn't be here if Dixie wasn't here

    bubbles squadbubbles squad3 dagen geleden
  • A MuRdEr HaVe BeEn DiScOvErEd

    Roblaxian PrincessRoblaxian Princess3 dagen geleden
  • this is sad

    The OfficeThe Office3 dagen geleden
  • The supreme study distally train because switch physiologically confess towards a dark fight. wiggly, unequal vase

    Adrien PinardAdrien Pinard3 dagen geleden
  • Curtis was so sus I feel like he looked at everyone's cards before the game started.

    It's SummerIt's Summer3 dagen geleden
  • No charli no like

    Elzbieta KrolElzbieta Krol3 dagen geleden
  • Mean Ravon

    Lillian CambriaLillian Cambria3 dagen geleden
  • When Larry killed Aragon he was like 😘

    Lillian CambriaLillian Cambria3 dagen geleden
  • Only the BEST imposters can win AKA James and Larray

    Natalia RadulovicNatalia Radulovic4 dagen geleden
  • Omg I a fan of you

    crp nurse2crp nurse24 dagen geleden
  • 6

    Lalita TrikhatriLalita Trikhatri4 dagen geleden
  • Hi James

    Emani DallasEmani Dallas4 dagen geleden
  • Alex’s face when Larry and James won was so funny lol🤣

    Brooke ToddBrooke Todd4 dagen geleden
  • The entertaining height cytogenetically work because brick sporadically breathe outside a curved pharmacist. ignorant, flashy stinger

    Bessie BrownBessie Brown4 dagen geleden
  • Larray: “She went AAAAAA and stabbed him” Noah: “As she should tho😜”

    Alva GustafssonAlva Gustafsson4 dagen geleden
  • Omg I love this so much 😭😂❤️

    Maritza Gomez ValleMaritza Gomez Valle4 dagen geleden
  • Lol the first round is so funny lmao pls respond james i am a big fan of you

    Shawn StokesShawn Stokes4 dagen geleden
  • James tell me this honestly do you watch...ANIME if you see this.I think personally think you do but I want a actual ancer. I cannot spell lol.

    Stitch MayfieldStitch Mayfield4 dagen geleden
  • James deserves and golden globe for everything

    Evie EvolutionEvie Evolution4 dagen geleden
  • I know that James Charles is a boy not a girl

    Lilly sladovnikLilly sladovnik4 dagen geleden
  • this actually is a really cool idea nice one james!

    Thomas TheDankEngineThomas TheDankEngine4 dagen geleden
  • masks?

    Golden_GramsGolden_Grams4 dagen geleden

      Maya SuaveMaya Suave4 dagen geleden
  • ThEsE TaKeS ArE LiKe HaRd Or SoMEtHiNg meanwhile he’s imposter

    Lailanee RivasLailanee Rivas5 dagen geleden
    • Tasks*

      Lailanee RivasLailanee Rivas5 dagen geleden
  • "Damn, I hate bein a crew mate" ME TOO SISTER

    Vivian OlivoVivian Olivo5 dagen geleden
  • How is the girl with the knife even alive

    AnimatorGAMINGAnimatorGAMING5 dagen geleden
  • Quen: HAHAHAHAHA Also Quen: Dang i hate being cremate

    Emmett DudzienskiEmmett Dudzienski5 dagen geleden
  • I love te part tat black started trowin te ball at red ;-;

    Monifa TaraMonifa Tara5 dagen geleden
  • IMPOSTOR 😀😂😂...😑Damn i hate being a creawmate 😂😂😂change of mood

    • Ayesha •• Ayesha •5 dagen geleden
  • The best

    Britney EdmondsBritney Edmonds5 dagen geleden
  • i love this video ^^

    アシスタントアシスタント5 dagen geleden
  • bruh how they play among us is so cool!!!!!!

    Natia WeissNatia Weiss5 dagen geleden
  • united states was a mistake

    ratorato5 dagen geleden
  • When Alex said waitkovers dead I’m sorry bub it almost made me cry because it was so sweet

  • * nailea dead * James:so u found the body in the basement? Me:that's not a basement Also me: how is it so clean

    Lobelia halethLobelia haleth5 dagen geleden
  • Larray trying out the wigs had me rolling on the floor LMAO

    Ariel_DaQueenAriel_DaQueen5 dagen geleden
  • 4:10

    Dragonz NightmarsDragonz Nightmars5 dagen geleden
  • I love how James is always trying to make sure everyone is having a good time ☺️

    Kylie B.Kylie B.5 dagen geleden
  • Bitch I didn’t know u and nailea where friends she’s my idol (after u ofc)

    ting durransting durrans5 dagen geleden
  • ppppppppppppplllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee turn number 3

    Marianne Lechere-GhoshMarianne Lechere-Ghosh6 dagen geleden
  • Quen be like Quen: opens paper and looks* HAHAHAHA..... dank I hate being crewmate 🚗💨 🥲

    Roblox Watermelon girlRoblox Watermelon girl6 dagen geleden
  • shhhtoopid

    Ava RashidAva Rashid6 dagen geleden
  • who kept count on how many times Quen said Bish (I spelt it wrong on purpose)

    The TropicalCoconutThe TropicalCoconut6 dagen geleden