Players who only scored TWICE | First & Last Premier League goals | Afellay, Depay & more!

22 feb. 2021
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A compilation of goals scored by players who only netted twice in the Premier League. This First & Last goals episode features Ibrahim Afellay (Stoke City), Memphis Depay (Manchester United), Kieran Trippier (Burnley, Tottenham Hotspur), Claude Makelele (Chelsea), Owen Hargreaves (Manchester United, Manchester City) and more!
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  • Memphis only scored twice???

    Karan AbrahamKaran Abraham12 uur geleden
  • Ibrahim Afellay, what a legend, his goal against Atletiko Madrid at Olympiacos-Atletiko Madrid 3-2 was a world class finish.

    Dinos PolykanDinos Polykan16 uur geleden
  • these players are like prime and the number itself 😂

    Mawuli 972Mawuli 9722 dagen geleden
  • Depay!!! One of the flop of ManU.

    Amlan DuttaAmlan Dutta3 dagen geleden
  • Nostalgia really does play with your brain. Before watching this I thought some of these players had multiple premier league goals

    Dylan AbrahamDylan Abraham3 dagen geleden
  • Used to love Hargreaves' work ethic. Really meshed into the squad, and contributed more than just goals.

    Red Devils7Red Devils73 dagen geleden
  • Abel Xavier being the only person to play for two different teams in this video what a mad career he had like

    Just Some GuyJust Some Guy3 dagen geleden
  • Hargreaves goals are the two most identical goals I have ever seen

    John DavidJohn David4 dagen geleden
  • Whats the song in the background in the first section of the vid?

    Jordan TurnerJordan Turner4 dagen geleden
  • At least most of them were defenders and CDMs. As for Affelay and Depay 🤷‍♂️

    Keenan PatherKeenan Pather4 dagen geleden
  • What about Bryan Oviedo?

    Mind FlexMind Flex5 dagen geleden
  • Well since that video suppose to insult players (a lil bit) maybe u should focus on players who play on the front of the formation coz i saw few ppl (even from looserpol that i hate) that were iconic on their position at their time and putting claude makalele ho has played on DMC entire carrier, slaven bilic the defender oven hargreaves who spend more time curring injuries then playing on the pitch and all the defenders are fucking joke... Understand putting depay,affelay and ofc donovan who were winger stricker, offensive midfielder and fucking stricker (omg)...

    Goli 31Goli 316 dagen geleden
  • Timo Werner only needs to score 2 more to get in this video

    TruffleKingThe1TruffleKingThe18 dagen geleden
  • Why don’t add in the Hargreaves goal 4 times? We didn’t remember the first three cut in the opening minute and a half. Just a suggestion

    Jamie TrevillJamie Trevill8 dagen geleden
  • Poor John Obi Mikel he was only 1 goal off

    Jack BurlingJack Burling9 dagen geleden
  • No Stuart Holden? Ridiculous

    SkhTrainsSkhTrains10 dagen geleden
  • Landon Donovan only scored 2 goals for Everton?? I thought he was a club legend

    Brad HornBrad Horn11 dagen geleden
  • Owen the useless clown made sum list

    David CDavid C11 dagen geleden
  • Some of these are bangers 🤌🏻

    Mitch starkeyMitch starkey11 dagen geleden
  • I was right behind the goal for rhat trippier freekick. Oh i miss trippier

    MonovanMonovan12 dagen geleden
  • I miss the crowd

    Jesh NarainJesh Narain24 dagen geleden
  • I thought Depay scored more goals in the prem?

    Fahrunissa Al-HubsheeFahrunissa Al-Hubshee25 dagen geleden
    • Yes 7 in total

      wistfuyetiwistfuyeti4 dagen geleden
  • I rickrolled Mark goldbridge with a super chat on my channel 🤣🤣

    deandean29 dagen geleden
    • Who cares?

      BrookeBrookeDag geleden
  • 2:44 has me creasing 😭 Ronaldo got robbed of a free kick lmao

    Rameez AliRameez AliMaand geleden
  • Makelele, absolute legend

    archiewall15archiewall15Maand geleden
  • The courageous passive subsequently instruct because sail numerically rhyme below a neighborly leek. poor, lyrical shingle

    Chris LChris LMaand geleden
  • How does Depay only have 2 as a forward lolol

    timlamiamtimlamiamMaand geleden
    • 7 goals in total

      wistfuyetiwistfuyeti4 dagen geleden
  • 7:26 What a goal by Slaven Bilic

    Net NeutralityNet NeutralityMaand geleden
  • The video we never thought we’d need, but we’re glad we’ve got it

    Ben JohnBen JohnMaand geleden
  • This video wouldnt be this entertaining without the commentary.

    Kane de BruyneKane de BruyneMaand geleden
  • That makelele penalty was absolutely horrible

    Mitch DdhfacetyyMitch DdhfacetyyMaand geleden
  • Man, Owen Hargreaves was such a good footballer. A huge shame for the England team that he couldn't stay fit for longer.

    Table 53Table 53Maand geleden
  • Thierry arbeloa

    coolstufftodocoolstufftodoMaand geleden
  • Hargreaves really had the audacity to take free kicks Instead of ronaldo

    Adam WhitbreadAdam WhitbreadMaand geleden
  • PSV Eindhoven!!❤️❤️

    MarquinhosMarquinhosMaand geleden
  • Its crazy to think that depay who was ligue 1s highest non-psg top scorer scored just 2 goaos for man u in one season

    Maksymilian LegendzMaksymilian LegendzMaand geleden
  • Yo what's the first song?!

    S AS AMaand geleden
  • Van Wolfswinkle

    John MitchellJohn MitchellMaand geleden
  • 1:29 love how the fans are pointing to where he should shoot

    Ha FaHa FaMaand geleden
  • Dele's pass in the first goal is underrated

    Ha FaHa FaMaand geleden
  • Let's just appreciate that header from Xavier at the end

    Walshy94Walshy94Maand geleden
  • Vurnon Anita and cheik tiote??????

    kieron_ fifakieron_ fifaMaand geleden
  • Look how happy that Chelsea team was to see Makalele score. You love to see it

    Toby599Toby599Maand geleden
  • So flops of the season

    Langu SiweleLangu SiweleMaand geleden
  • Song Name ?????

    Maho UzunMaho UzunMaand geleden
  • Im just tryna figure out what musics in the background

    Stephen EverettStephen EverettMaand geleden
  • The gleaming ex-wife bailly listen because peak psychologically sound aside a charming state. bumpy, makeshift spark

    Rory VeltmanRory VeltmanMaand geleden
  • Any idea what the instrumental is behind the footage?

    L NL NMaand geleden
  • Memphis dephay is so much better now that means premier league was hard for him

    Crevzna ZiguaCrevzna ZiguaMaand geleden
  • Yall noticed how most of these goals were epic 😂

    Crevzna ZiguaCrevzna ZiguaMaand geleden
  • Can’t wait to see Kai Havertz on this video someday

    DJ Your New DadDJ Your New DadMaand geleden
  • Truly an elite group to be a part of 🥇🏆

    Mugamad Nur SalieMugamad Nur SalieMaand geleden
  • Ahhhh two dutch names in the title.

    Gienne QGienne QMaand geleden
  • Bit daft putting defenders in this

    Monkey TennisMonkey TennisMaand geleden
  • 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

    Werner MunnikhofWerner MunnikhofMaand geleden
  • Arfelay score 7 premier league goals. Even says it on YOUR website

    Just JamesJust JamesMaand geleden
  • Bruh at 1:34 why was he sighing, he pointed out the wrong direction XD

    Dishan Singh MehtaDishan Singh MehtaMaand geleden
  • I think Joe Linton might end up in the next one

    ItzMazItzMazMaand geleden
  • Beautiful thumbnail with Afellay & Depay 🇳🇱 💪🏼

    EvernityEvernityMaand geleden
  • Ulises de la Cruz had two goals during his Premier League days. Once for Aston Villa and once for Reading. Would've been a nice inclusion to your list.

    Oliver BeckOliver BeckMaand geleden

    JayaunJayaunMaand geleden
  • Isn’t it weird that Havertz doesn’t have enough goals to be in this video?

    Rayan WaliRayan WaliMaand geleden
  • Depay scored a few goals n so did a few others 👀👀👀 whos doing the goal finding for you 👀🤣

    Kruno HDKruno HDMaand geleden
    • Depay only scored two in the prem.

      Sean JonesSean Jones7 dagen geleden
  • Ummm Hargreaves scored for Man City. How accurate is this list?

    James MooreJames MooreMaand geleden
    • Didn't score in the prem for City though.

      Sean JonesSean Jones7 dagen geleden
  • 1:27 when the Charlton #15 tries to tell his keeper to go right. #fail

    Aaron WongAaron WongMaand geleden
  • Xherdian Shaqri

    Pro_GamingHDPro_GamingHDMaand geleden
  • Radostin Kishishev could have been placed here.

    spd7693spd7693Maand geleden
  • Why memphis twice on the thumbnail

    mark taylormark taylorMaand geleden
  • Shows how shit united is when a player like depay only scored twice for them

    SumronSumronMaand geleden
  • Ronaldo stood and watched Hargreaves take that free kick at Old Trafford 👁👄👁

    waynehough13waynehough13Maand geleden
  • Donovan wore no9 and only scored 2? Lol

    MystxryMystxryMaand geleden
  • Players who only played twice.

    Alex CAlex CMaand geleden
  • Fun fact: Landon Donovan bears the rather ignominious distinction of having been the one player Jürgen Klinsmann really wanted to have when he was at Bayern Munich. According to Uli Hoeneß, Donovan was Klinsmann‘s only concrete suggestion on how to improve the squad during his nine months in charge. As with everything Klinsmann touched at Bayern, Donovan was completely awful during his loan spell and later deemed “not even good enough to play in the second team“ by Bayern legend Hermann Gerland, who was the long-time Bayern II coach and first team assistant coach at various points over the last couple of decades.

    Jack DangerJack DangerMaand geleden
  • 7:28 every 11 year old on Xbox has that mic

    Xavier RawlsXavier RawlsMaand geleden
    • Every mr beast fans

      Eavy EavyEavy EavyMaand geleden
  • 3:46 맥딜리버리

    SF ASF AMaand geleden
  • Depay nothing more than a poser who thinks a lot of himself

    JokerJokerMaand geleden
  • Funfact the players in the thumbmail are former psv players

    itspinguin ytitspinguin ytMaand geleden
  • Remember when united fans said depay was the next ronaldo ahahahahahahahahahah

    Oliver CampionOliver CampionMaand geleden
  • Hargreaves could have been a legend and amazing footballer, destroyed by injuries such a shame he was good when he was on a pitch!

    Tokky TimTokky TimMaand geleden
  • Tim Howard needed one more goal to get in this video

    AndyAndyMaand geleden
  • Love you tripps ❤️

    DanielMasonBFCDanielMasonBFCMaand geleden
  • Ibi ❤️🔴⚪️

    Ollie WaltonOllie WaltonMaand geleden
  • that's not fair trippier also scored the second goal of Chelsea's 2-0 victory over Tottenham

    Mahmoud AhmedMahmoud AhmedMaand geleden
  • DIdnt Trippier score vs croatia in world cup semi final?

    Alexander WoodAlexander WoodMaand geleden
  • I know Calres Gil will be in this. 2 great goals

    It ain't ObeezyIt ain't ObeezyMaand geleden
  • Afellay and Depay from PSV ❤️🤍❤️🤍❤️

    DollarDollarMaand geleden
  • Suprised actually to see donovan here. I thought he had more

    Muhamad AdhityaMuhamad AdhityaMaand geleden

    Finn StimpsonFinn StimpsonMaand geleden
  • That header by Xavier at the end! Wow!

  • Alternate Title : Most deserved Players for Ballon D'or. Check

    1e-Chan1e-ChanMaand geleden
    • @Cartoons 4Kids normie

      1e-Chan1e-ChanMaand geleden
    • Cringe

      Cartoons 4KidsCartoons 4KidsMaand geleden
  • clicked because i saw afellay, what a legend, whatever happened to that guy?

    Jacob IbbsJacob IbbsMaand geleden
  • Still can’t believe Depay only scored twice for us in the pl . Man was supposed to bring us up

    Teddy WestsideTeddy WestsideMaand geleden
    • Van long balls ruined him

      Rohit PandeyRohit PandeyMaand geleden
  • Depay scored twice versus Watford...

    RobbyPlaysRobbyPlaysMaand geleden
  • Troppier scored on Lloris 🤨

    WAZAAA KenWAZAAA KenMaand geleden
  • Landon Donovan has so much potential in Europe I think

  • It seems like the crowd at Riverside stadium have started the social distancing way before the pandemic.

    Sanphit Sae-tohSanphit Sae-tohMaand geleden
  • Makelele goal wouldn't count with the new rules.

    TheNizoubizouTheNizoubizouMaand geleden
  • baground music?

    FredGajFredGajMaand geleden
  • 0:35 this is what annoys me so much when listening to English Commentary. Lamela with an absolute class assist yet mention is only made of Trippier. If it was vice versa they would comment on the Trippier assist more than a Lamela goal. The patriarchy for English players is insane.

    Vari210Vari210Maand geleden
    • You don't know what patriarchy means do you?

      Dan2994ifyDan2994ifyMaand geleden
  • That Xavier guy is definitely an absolute nutter.

    JoeeelJoeeelMaand geleden