Planking the Hull - Part 2 (Rebuilding Tally Ho / EP91.2)

14 feb. 2021
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EPISODE 91 (part 2)
In this second part of the video we continue to hang more planks on the boat, getting closer and closer to closing up all the gaps and making the hull watertight. We discuss more questions that have been asked about planking, and an adventurous chicken closely inspects our work. Matt explains the new Butt-Block clamp, Pete talks about Whisky planks, and Pancho struts her stuff in the snow.
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92. Planking the Hull - Part 2 (Rebuilding Tally Ho / EP91.2)

  • I’m curious as to what is the total cost of all materials for this boat rebuild? Any ideas.....and don’t say lots!

    Phil MayPhil May23 uur geleden
  • Hi I'm looking for cheoy Lee ketch 45 to 53 project is okay to if you know any please let me know....

    david aharondavid aharonDag geleden
  • Hello Leo, I have been watching several of your videos to catchup and was wondering about Fransica? I have not seen her in any of your more recent videos. Miss seeing her smiling face and addition to you content. Can you provide an update? Thank you

    Jb BJb BDag geleden
  • luv it thanks

    Pete AllenPete Allen2 dagen geleden
  • Sir, I have known you from the beginning, when you built the shed and cleaned the workshop. Please go on, go on and fight until the end

    botes en maderabotes en madera3 dagen geleden
  • Maybe to help community tensions you could give every 4th vid over to the community.. It’s history, tradition, the culture and showcase some other local projects. In that way you would be doing a little bit for the tourism council such that the wider populous can capitalise on the interest people have in your boat. I am sure there are some wannabe film makers that would love to cut there teeth with your audience for free. I also had a whimsical neighbour who made me take my newly erected fence down even though I had pre agreed with her that we would site it on the boundary line and I would pay for materials and labour. Subsequent to her agreeing with the plan someone told her that because it was half on her side of the boundary she would be responsible and even though I showed her the deeds which clearly made marked me as liable had to undo all my work and move it back 2 inches. Yet because all the ground was disturbed it became a bitch of a job! Reason is not a good defence against stubbornness it seems.

    Paul DuttonPaul Dutton3 dagen geleden
  • Pete, what is the best wood for boat building?

    Juan Carlos HessJuan Carlos Hess4 dagen geleden
  • YOU HAVE A LOT OF" STICK TO IT", when you first started I was sure it would end in a bonfire !

    kevin hoffmankevin hoffman5 dagen geleden
  • Good

    Promi AkterPromi Akter5 dagen geleden
  • Leo, it saddens me to hear how much the troubles with the county have affected you. I wish I had the knowledge or ability to help in someway. Respectfully, Ken Carroll

    Ken CarrollKen Carroll5 dagen geleden
  • Leo, I've been watching your progress from the beginning and I am a delighted supporter. I'm saddened to hear of your struggles with the one neighbour who really sounds like a vexatious litigant. Especially when you have so much interest and support by nearly the entire community and of course all of us from around the world. (I am in Australia). If anything happens to this project before it is complete I think there would be a huge outcry. It has been more than just the building of another boat. This is an historic reclamation and a work of art. I wish you a peaceful resolution, and hope that within the judiciary there is enough common sense and goodwill to ensure this project is completed. You are a true gentleman, and a highly skilled artisan. It would be be a miserable act on the part of the County to discredit your project at this advanced stage of development.

    Chris BakewellChris Bakewell6 dagen geleden
  • I love the build; I posted a tough comment, that I hoped the county would read! You can't be held responsible for free speech;which is more important than just about anything! I detect less than "noble" motives in this county action!

    TRichmond1964TRichmond19646 dagen geleden
  • Magnifique... as usual !

    Thibault CHOMELThibault CHOMEL6 dagen geleden
  • 99 dislikes, I completely don't get it. Great update Leo, she is looking beautiful!

    Uriah GilesUriah Giles6 dagen geleden
  • An idea for how to check moisture: Extract a small sample, like 20g of wood, or wood shavings. Then dry that wood in an oven and see what is the difference in weight. Would that work?

    Robert WensmanRobert Wensman6 dagen geleden
  • anyone know how Leo chopped off the tip of a finger, a while ago?

    Ak FisherAk Fisher6 dagen geleden
  • How do you guys finance the boat?

    SurdusSurdus6 dagen geleden
  • I think 'specific gravity' is called 'density' these days. Mass per unit volume. It's not surprising this value changes with changes in moisture content.

    hector mcgubliganhector mcgubligan7 dagen geleden
  • Pancho is saying " Land ho!"

    SVPBSVPB7 dagen geleden
  • 15:44 this gets very

    John barfneckJohn barfneck7 dagen geleden
  • Hi Leo, I'm a old man now and I have never sailed in my life but I am hooked on your project and really look forward to each episode. I just hope I see you sail Tally Ho back to England. The engine choice you have made sounds quite superb, I wonder what Albert Strange would say if he was around to see it. My best wishes to you all.

    Laurence BarberLaurence Barber7 dagen geleden
  • Here we go again! Waiting for the next episode to drop, doesn't Leo know about addiction? I needs me some Tally baddd...

    gwkdadgwkdad7 dagen geleden
  • Sustainable tropical hardwood and from Suriname, were to begin to negate that! The only sustainable tropical hardwood is coconut palm wood.

    Arthur FleckArthur Fleck7 dagen geleden
    • @Hayden Watson I have family in Suriname. And That country is a corrupt shithole! Do I need to say more?

      Arthur FleckArthur Fleck6 dagen geleden
    • Sustainable lumber? What do you think, does wood grow on trees!

      Hayden WatsonHayden Watson7 dagen geleden
  • Looking very nice Leo! Great work :)

    Damian JDamian J7 dagen geleden
  • Still begs the question. Does Pancho eat the boat timber?

    Rip KirbyRip Kirby8 dagen geleden
  • One of the few chanel that should never ever get a thumb's down. - 97, maybe the neighbors :)

    PopeyePopeye8 dagen geleden
  • comment.

    Luther HendricksLuther Hendricks8 dagen geleden
  • Poncho is going to go through people withdraw when this project is over. Macaws are very people dependent and do not like it when their environment changes dramatically. Anyways - this is one of my favorite channels to watch even though I never had an interest in wood boats before seeing this. I think it’s because this has been more of a journey about people as much as it’s been about a boat. I wish you a happy future and look forward to every step it takes to complete the boat. I have been watching since the beginning and love it every time that you post a new video

    Ann OttenAnn Otten8 dagen geleden
  • Are you going to use cotton in between the planks or Tar rope in between ship planks?

    Jeremy GrunerJeremy Gruner8 dagen geleden
  • berapa lama awak siapkan kapal layar🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

    Ikki IkkiIkki Ikki8 dagen geleden
  • Y’all think shirts or hats might happen to support Tally Ho

    Charlie GundersonCharlie Gunderson9 dagen geleden
  • that copper and bronze sure looks good

    J BJ B9 dagen geleden
  • you really are doing a fine job i cant wait to see the final outcome.

    Bob BaileyBob Bailey9 dagen geleden
  • I assume the planking timber is a mahogany analogue. I couldn't figure out the spelling so I can't look it up. Anyone know how to spell it? Warina? Google isn't helping.

    Erich RaudebaughErich Raudebaugh9 dagen geleden
    • @Sampson Boat Co Thanks!

      Erich RaudebaughErich Raudebaugh7 dagen geleden
    • WANA / Red Louro

      Sampson Boat CoSampson Boat Co8 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or does everyone seem happier with each new video?

    Sheik RahamanSheik Rahaman10 dagen geleden
  • Good work 👍🏼

    Ahmad AbdullaAhmad Abdulla10 dagen geleden
  • I see no H2O has been applied since last year, well to each his own.

    AnomieAnomie10 dagen geleden
  • Крайне интересное и позновательное видео. Благодарю всех его авторов и участников. Особая благодарность г. Попугаю за чуткое общее руководство строительством корабля.

    андрей сушковандрей сушков10 dagen geleden
  • February 24 - hope you guys are surviving the polar freeze ok. Leo, don't worry about a comb, as soon as soon as you start sailing, that boat will fly and give your head a nice aerodynamic shape. Annie, you've got a great smile. What's your name in the witness protection program, you'd better grow a mustache, half the world knows where you are by now. I hope all your Mums and Dads are doing well. "Hey, Leo, what cha doing in there?" -- Love it. Cheka, hope you are well and will one day be able to rejoin this crew.

    Peter BrickwoodPeter Brickwood10 dagen geleden
  • The frames seem to be separating a lot over time as the wood ages. they focus so much on the little things to make sure they dont collect water, these seem like a pretty big issue? is the plan to fill them in later once they have shifted more? is it not a big deal? is it worse to fill in a big separation in the frame?

    Austin TannerAustin Tanner11 dagen geleden
  • She's Absolutely a work of art.. The detail they used to put into things..

    OldSkool 55F100OldSkool 55F10011 dagen geleden
  • Enjoying..

    Jody WhitneyJody Whitney11 dagen geleden
  • Hey all! What was the slang german name that Pete used for hammering the was afew episodes ago? :)

    Steve KlinkSteve Klink11 dagen geleden
  • What a wonderful experience for all involved, the workers and the audience!

    Alan RoeAlan Roe11 dagen geleden
  • I’ve watched every episode and was wondering why stainless steel is not a option as far as Fixing go. Just curious

    AL BarettaAL Baretta11 dagen geleden
    • While stainless steel doesn't corrode as quickly as iron, it will release iron ions when wet. These ions corrode wood, weakening its structure & giving microbial rot a better foothold. Leo will avoid "iron sickness" by using only non-ferrous fittings & fasteners.

      Frederick StibbertFrederick Stibbert11 dagen geleden
  • Nice

    sajid bashirsajid bashir11 dagen geleden
  • It's coming together amazingly! my god you have to leave as much of the wood, metal work and general craftsmanship as apparent as possible in the final boat, amazing work.

    Ian AllenIan Allen11 dagen geleden
  • What do you think of HMS Surprise new deck system?

    Aoki SoundsAoki Sounds12 dagen geleden
  • Привет, я из России! Лайк кто также оттуда 👍👍

    Vadim. L VaryagVadim. L Varyag12 dagen geleden
  • Nice video just a pity you have a very unreasonable person as a moderator who acts like a dictator on the Facebook page, and before the fan boys light up their key boards, no I haven't done anything on the Facebook page its just an observation from watching how the gentleman handles things

    Mark DuncanMark Duncan12 dagen geleden
  • дуже дивно, що дика папуга від Вас не тікає! Команді можу тільки щиро позаздрити ;) (жодного спічу не розумію), Ви гарні! (Google translation) It is very strange that the wild parrot does not run away from you! I can only sincerely envy the team;) (I do not understand any speech), You are good!

    Ruslan UARuslan UA12 dagen geleden
  • I told myself I would save this episode for a week from now, made it about 30 minutes.

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose12 dagen geleden
  • I'm astonished by the amount of of free tools, accomodation, vehicles, labour, supplies and services that Leo has received, not to mention actual money and not to disregard his girlfriend slaving away for months. It would be interesting to tot up the value of all of that. This is an interesting cultural phenomenon, helping a stranger achieve a personal dream and essentially gain an asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The barn-raising analogy from earlier on does not quite apply. You helped your neighbour because you hoped they would help you in turn when needed. Another thing I observed is also cultural - he's had volunteers from all over the world but apart from I think one East Asian very early on, everyone has been white. I wonder is this something that only appeals to white people, do other ethnicities not care about sailing or woodwork?

    RK LMBDRK LMBD13 dagen geleden
  • I love it! Nice work!

    bfgivmfithbfgivmfith13 dagen geleden
  • Hello. I have begun to long for further news of this grand vessel and finally went in search. To my joy I found this part 2 of planking the hull right when I started to hope for more. Trust all had a good Christmas . It's wonderful to be back at work on Tally~ho with you. Thank you very much for publicising the project Leo!

    Jack RichardsJack Richards13 dagen geleden
    • Tally Ho really is a thing of great beauty. The attention to fit and finish can be seen everywhere, quite extraordinary.

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose12 dagen geleden
  • Been a long haul,...... wonder if there is a projected time of sail ?

    Anthony AloiAnthony Aloi13 dagen geleden
  • The adventurous chicken was the highlight of this one.

    armr6armr613 dagen geleden
  • hi have a look at this ytube sight Alster357 it look at build ships in the 1950s in island

    stephen evansstephen evans13 dagen geleden
  • fastest two weeks of my life, gotta love it.

    miko foinmiko foin13 dagen geleden
  • Leo you are developing a little bit of a USA accent your t's are sounding a little more like d's lol particularly when you discussed the planking at different areas. Another great video, thanks so much for sharing this with us.

    Paul CockramPaul Cockram13 dagen geleden
  • Thank you Leo! I had jaw surgery on Wednesday and have been layed up binging on Tally Ho all week.

    Steve HiemstraSteve Hiemstra14 dagen geleden
  • I thought Abom came on in another tab hehe. Ty guys, brilliant.

    Mitch GatesMitch Gates14 dagen geleden
    • this is a great channel and fantastic project. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching your progress.

      miko foinmiko foin13 dagen geleden
  • I find myself wondering how long it took to build this boat when it was first made. Does anyone know if this was explained in any of the videos?

    Dana SharpeDana Sharpe14 dagen geleden
    • The original drawings are dated Jan 1909, she was launched (as 'Betty') in 1910. That's all that is known from records. I assume she was fitted out, rigged & delivered in 1911.

      Frederick StibbertFrederick Stibbert13 dagen geleden
  • I absolutely love watching her come to life. You're living my dream right now, truly.

    OneTrue HaloOneTrue Halo14 dagen geleden
  • Okay, time to tell us what percent of the old boat is left in this rebuild? Less than 3%. Would it not be better to be all-new? And use some old portals and hardware.

    Rob BRob B14 dagen geleden
  • Leo, If you are feeling very science-y and curious, you can do the following: - Take a cut off from your planking, full width, but only about two inches long. - Measure its width with a micrometer or other very accurate device. - Measure its weight with a lab scale. Put it in a very warm, dry space for about a week. Not hot enough to scorch, but very warm. Maybe on top of a baseboard radiator, or in a warming oven (about 120F). Remeasure after a week, and you will have a very good estimate of moisture content and expected maximum shrinkage. (Moisture content = loss of mass / post-drying total mass) Thanks for sharing all the excellent work of you and your crew. -A woodworker and former lab nerd

    Rob WRob W14 dagen geleden
  • Didn't realise there was another video 😁

    Chris DebonoChris Debono14 dagen geleden
  • Do you ever have like conflicts in the group? Because it seems super chilled working on Tally Ho. Also how do you lay out such a huge boat? Like how do you plan where every plank goes and so on? With all the curves and varying board widths it seems really really complicated to me. Love your videos, greetings from Germany

    Henri SchneiderHenri Schneider14 dagen geleden
    • If you have Butt Blocks you really need a laxative! Please see your chemist!

      dolita windodolita windo14 dagen geleden
  • A boy named Sue and a girl named Poncho.

    BrandonBrandon14 dagen geleden
    • Name *Pancho* actually.

      Tony GrimesTony Grimes6 dagen geleden
    • Brilliant. Love watching the playing. 👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺

      dolita windodolita windo14 dagen geleden
  • Tally Ho really is a thing of great beauty. The attention to fit and finish can be seen everywhere, quite extraordinary.

    John McKinleyJohn McKinley14 dagen geleden
  • Nice use of "Arkansas Traveler" - Jim in Little Rock

    James MorrisonJames Morrison14 dagen geleden
  • Wow, the young lady with the hammer. My kind of women! Pointpilot

    PointpilotPointpilot15 dagen geleden
  • I remember the first episodes when leo was removing the old planks The state of the boat back then and now incredible , Gratz Leo and the crew for this amazing Job

    aola wiliaola wili15 dagen geleden
  • Will all the rivet holes in the planks get wood plugs?

    C SmithC Smith15 dagen geleden
  • Leo and Co , She's looking real beaut - now you' re getting planking on - and her curves are showing- like a real woman ! i've been following since you were sourcing the timbers. bloody good job -iv've learner a lot too [ only having sailed mostly plastic fantastic yachts . your crew are a great bunch of larrikins too. id love to be able to get there one day and help out- -covid permitting. - as we say here in Oz Good on ya be lucky Nico

    nick Reynoldsnick Reynolds15 dagen geleden
  • Great to see the progress being made!

    PassinThruPassinThru15 dagen geleden
    • at 20:30 i tought a abom video is about to end :D

      aola wiliaola wili15 dagen geleden
  • this is a great channel and fantastic project. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching your progress.

    DonnybrookDonnybrook15 dagen geleden
  • Just curious, Leo. Did you run out of sound live oak and have to use marginal pieces for some of the framing?

    Clark KentClark Kent15 dagen geleden
    • Watch previous videos!!!

      Tony GrimesTony Grimes6 dagen geleden
  • What species of wood is that hull planking?It looks like mahogany. What's the total cost of the rebuilt TallyHo?"

    Tod DavisTod Davis15 dagen geleden
    • OIt's Wana.

      Tony GrimesTony Grimes6 dagen geleden
  • Mr. Leo, it warms my heart to watch old time skills well used in today's world - an adze on the keel? Too cool! Ask 100 people what an adze is - I guess you'll get 0 correct answers. I also follow Acorn to Arrabella - I think those guys could could use some of your knowledge. Way cool project. Looking forward to the rigging stuff & seeing her under sail. Steven P.S. I'm a retired Navy Gunners Mate and a 32 year air conditioning / refrigeration mechanic in the yachting world. I would like to see your requirements for climate control and refrigeration. I design and build custom systems for fun. It would be a feather in my cap to have a piece of machinery on Tally Ho! that I built.

    stevensteven15 dagen geleden
  • Leo , just saw a video here on the tube that might interest you .... Jolie Brisse - the boat the changed John cunliffe life .... maybe you already know of this 1913 pilot cutter but it was wonderfull watching her sail the vid may even remind you of bits and pieces to put in the diary for future scavenging to keep the project on track ... look forward to see this pilot cutter and the tally ho head to head maybe in a few years what a glorious sight to see two ex fastnet race winners of the same era back in battle ......

    Steven MillerSteven Miller15 dagen geleden
  • Extraordinary how this project has kept sailing along. Something I could only imagine to take place at a commercial boat builders. Plus of the course the passion for the project doesn't seemed to have waned. Would be lovely just to run my hands over it this stage and sniff the wood.

    Greg NichollsGreg Nicholls15 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant. Love watching the playing. 👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺

    Adam RuchotzkeAdam Ruchotzke15 dagen geleden
  • If you have Butt Blocks you really need a laxative! Please see your chemist!

    Theophilus JedediahTheophilus Jedediah16 dagen geleden
  • This is absolutely awesome.

    Miroslav MarjanovicMiroslav Marjanovic16 dagen geleden
  • Most authentic NLworld Channel ?

    jakob petersohnjakob petersohn16 dagen geleden
  • Making great progress there guys. Anyone have an idea as to the present approximate wight of the hull, do you have to be thinking of how it is affecting the ground underneath. Also, when the boat is ready to go to a boatyard, how is that going to happen ? I imagine that it will require a pretty big crane.

    JAMES RivisJAMES Rivis16 dagen geleden
    • When TH is ready, she will be transported the way she was delivered : see episode 2

      on4xbon4xb15 dagen geleden
  • I prefer sea bird guano on my sandwiches not parrot

    Chicken FingersChicken Fingers16 dagen geleden
  • Love it awesome !

    bobby witcherbobby witcher16 dagen geleden
  • Like it or not Leo, not only are you building a boat you are building a crew! Number one, there is no way Tally Ho is leaving that yard without Pancho, what ship can sail without a parrot! Pegleg Pete is your first mate, you have Rosie the riveter and dozens of others! More accomidation is needed! Sure you will work it all out!

    Paul OrchardPaul Orchard16 dagen geleden
  • at 20:30 i tought a abom video is about to end :D

    wumbawumba16 dagen geleden
  • have you started thinking about deck planking? what wood species do you plan? Teak is super expensive and hard to get...

    tactus tenebristactus tenebris16 dagen geleden
  • Lots of sail on this boat!

    Johannes BrouwerJohannes Brouwer16 dagen geleden
  • I love the dog riding on the back of the forklift 🐶 he is having fun.

    dolita windodolita windo16 dagen geleden
  • How is this funded ? It must cost a fortune!

    PaliVCiernomPaliVCiernom16 dagen geleden
    • Look at the description of this (and all other) video(s). All the options are there

      on4xbon4xb15 dagen geleden
  • Pliable

    William J McCartanWilliam J McCartan16 dagen geleden
  • Make sure you soak the boat BEFORE you put it in water.

    1776TwoPointOh1776TwoPointOh17 dagen geleden
  • The music in this video is simply magical! We love Yard Sale - Silent Partner❤️

    Robby ParksRobby Parks17 dagen geleden
    • man sieht - das Holz = staubtrocken... :-)

      dolita windodolita windo16 dagen geleden
  • are you selling her?

    richard lamkinrichard lamkin17 dagen geleden
    • No, he's sailing her!

      Tony GrimesTony Grimes6 dagen geleden
  • What is the sheer strake going to be like? Bright or painted? Flat or molded?

    X GeckoX Gecko17 dagen geleden