P Money & Silencer -'This Year' (Feat Tobi)

18 mrt. 2021
860 077 Weergaven

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  • Whats the start from cause its 🥶🥶🧊

    harvasblackjacket _harvasblackjacket _9 uur geleden
  • Hard af still🔥🔥🔥

    Cooper JonesCooper Jones12 uur geleden
  • What's the song at the beginning?

    Dhruv JoshiDhruv Joshi16 uur geleden
  • Man rhymed ‘lot’ with ‘lot for a whole verse . This shits so dead

    23 Zino23 Zino18 uur geleden
  • P you asked me on Facebook what I'd like to see and hear and this is a banger bro! I said you can go in hard and this is one of the best keep it up bro number 1 grime artist wiley King of grime naaa think wiley has he's work cut out.... Keep bringing out these bangers and show the world what UK grime is about

    Luke CarterLuke CarterDag geleden
  • Ok this music video was fire🔥🔥🔥

    Tamia VanneilTamia Vanneil2 dagen geleden
  • P money is a G

    MR DondidillyMR Dondidilly2 dagen geleden
  • This sounds 🥶🥶🥶🥶

    Lazyman456 TalioLazyman456 Talio3 dagen geleden
  • Tobi's verse is lit

    George NtiamoahGeorge Ntiamoah3 dagen geleden
  • tobi carries this song but it is an overall great song

    Ballistic BengalBallistic Bengal6 dagen geleden
  • I’m sorry tobi jus too nice like even if the song was shit (which it isn’t) you jus gonna have to love it

    Harley HodsonHarley Hodson6 dagen geleden
  • Generous of Tobi to have these features

    SmithySmithy7 dagen geleden
  • this track is sooo underrated

    Christy JophyChristy Jophy7 dagen geleden
  • Who came from the other video

    Nicolas MesterNicolas Mester8 dagen geleden
  • big up pmoney and my guy tobi

    muhammad yousefmuhammad yousef8 dagen geleden
  • Plz I need the name of that intro song pliiiiiz

    • I dont think its an actual song since there arent any lyric matches

      Sierra CocoSierra Coco6 dagen geleden
  • Who's hear for Tobi?

    Snobuhle SikosanaSnobuhle Sikosana8 dagen geleden
  • Tobi just came only 20 seconds

    cakécaké9 dagen geleden
  • 🔥

    Lewis VasselLewis Vassel9 dagen geleden
  • We have to get it to 1 mil views before the end of April

    Rudy123YTRudy123YT9 dagen geleden
  • We need a tobi single track and needs to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Zali_ LNDZali_ LND10 dagen geleden
  • Tobi needs to make more music like damn why you gotta pop off on us like that🥵🥵

    krabbypattyykrabbypattyy10 dagen geleden
  • 🥶 cold

    Jake YoungJake Young10 dagen geleden
  • what a monster

    yusuke Leivayusuke Leiva11 dagen geleden
  • tobi is a king so is p money

    Aliyah EverittAliyah Everitt11 dagen geleden
  • Love From The US

    Karen A.Karen A.11 dagen geleden
  • Love from Florida

    Karen A.Karen A.11 dagen geleden
  • Tobi had more verses on the song he was featuring in than jj in his own song😂😂😂

    Dr DankDr Dank11 dagen geleden
  • What's the intro music

    Gee IffyGee Iffy11 dagen geleden
    • Same, its awesome

      FizzyDrinkFizzyDrink8 dagen geleden
  • This reminds me of when Dave sang Thiago Silva with that kid

    RollTru TVRollTru TV12 dagen geleden
  • i used to mistaken Tobi as 21savage

    Fz TFAFz TFA12 dagen geleden
  • Tobi looks like he's explaining his verse via presentation

    Bhargav JoshiBhargav Joshi12 dagen geleden
  • I thought this would have 2 mil + by now

    Lil WRLDzxLil WRLDzx13 dagen geleden
  • Sheesh🥶

    J. BenjaminJ. Benjamin13 dagen geleden
  • P Money's drip tho

    Azmir BaloshiAzmir Baloshi14 dagen geleden

    1stklass1stklass14 dagen geleden
  • Already better than jj

    anonymous personanonymous person14 dagen geleden
  • this is wayy too cold

    parex Ψparex Ψ14 dagen geleden
  • if this is an add, bit of a madness 🔥 🔥 🔥

    help i need vänkehelp i need vänke14 dagen geleden
  • What is the song at the beginning

    The ScorpionThe Scorpion15 dagen geleden
  • Is that jizzle yeh

    liam 2837liam 283715 dagen geleden
  • TBJZL 😍😍😍

    CWM 99CWM 9915 dagen geleden
  • whats the song at the beginning

    DefolDefol15 dagen geleden
    • I was wondering the same thing

      Dragonjay6468Dragonjay646813 dagen geleden
  • 1:00 wenger not being able to fit his hands in his coat vibes

    Eoin BuckleyEoin Buckley15 dagen geleden
  • 0:54 is that a illvzn coat jeeez tobi out here advertising his clothing line in a mainstream song big up

    Billyboi and Zak attack gamingBillyboi and Zak attack gaming16 dagen geleden
  • what was the song at the beginning

    K49fK49f16 dagen geleden
  • 2:11

    Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia16 dagen geleden
  • Way too few views

    CreamOfTheCropCreamOfTheCrop16 dagen geleden
  • Tobi cold. He should release a song. Great tune

    Harley QuinnHarley Quinn16 dagen geleden
  • Bro someone please tell me what the song at the beginning is

    Leo Prosen-OldaniLeo Prosen-Oldani17 dagen geleden
  • Rewind ⏪ this song 🔥 🥶 🔥 🥶🔥🥶🔥🥶

    DannyDanny17 dagen geleden
  • This song is madness... MADNESS!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    DannyDanny17 dagen geleden
  • 757,769 views only for Tobi! Change my mind!

    Alex SmileyAlex Smiley17 dagen geleden
  • Name of the song in the intro?

    Filip KleppeFilip Kleppe17 dagen geleden
  • Tobi come through with his own slow flow on grime, muad, and p just done his thing, levels are set

    Dylan La'VillainDylan La'Villain17 dagen geleden
  • Tobi is hard still I never knew he had flows like that 👀👀

    Nathan LhoniNathan Lhoni18 dagen geleden
  • P money is the most awkward man I’ve ever seen in a music video I swear

    Harry MilneHarry Milne18 dagen geleden
  • JJ ft tobi need a song together

    DJP MUSICDJP MUSIC18 dagen geleden
  • I Just Hope Tobi meant the top of this years Charts With some more Tobi ICE bangers

    Louis BuscheLouis Busche18 dagen geleden
  • Yes tobiiiiiii

    Bongo BreadBongo Bread18 dagen geleden
  • I hate p money’s verses, tobi killed it

    tw0fasttw0fast18 dagen geleden
  • tobi spiting those barss cheesssseee

    Joshua MudhooJoshua Mudhoo18 dagen geleden
  • this deserves to be on fifa 22 what a banger!!!!

    MYK312MYK31218 dagen geleden
  • Best believe this will be in GTA 6

    Baltazar CruzBaltazar Cruz18 dagen geleden
  • most improved artist goes to tobi

    Jj OlijedeJj Olijede18 dagen geleden
  • Tobi should make more music his bars were fire 🔥

    Jack RennisonJack Rennison18 dagen geleden
  • This is biggggg

    Jordan BrooksJordan Brooks18 dagen geleden
  • Shit song 😪

    LK BROSLK BROS18 dagen geleden
    • Nah

      A Wild ApricotA Wild Apricot11 dagen geleden
  • What's the song at the very beginning lol

    Evan ParryEvan Parry18 dagen geleden
  • Just noticed they were reppi'n ILLVZN as well 💀🔥

    Blurry FaceBlurry Face18 dagen geleden
  • damn tobi is the Goat

    Mac squadMac squad19 dagen geleden
  • 2:08 best part

    Christopher LontorfosChristopher Lontorfos19 dagen geleden
  • This is actually brillany p money was brillant this and tobis verse was decent as well. Tobi could make it to jjs level in a couple of years if he keeps at it

    beyond ultragamingbeyond ultragaming19 dagen geleden
  • 2:17 whats her insta

    greatslumbergreatslumber19 dagen geleden
    • Everyone is asking for it 😂

      Afshin ZamanAfshin Zaman11 dagen geleden
  • The music video is great but, at 0:59 my man was struggling searching for the pocket whole

    Suhail AlqubaisiSuhail Alqubaisi19 dagen geleden
  • Tune left me feeling nauseous. Jeeeeeeeez. Brother, you are the hardest. Assalamu Alaikum.

    JR2 MediaJR2 Media19 dagen geleden
  • Tobi is definitely my favorite sideman

    TDMG YTBTDMG YTB19 dagen geleden
  • l love the song tbjzl #

    kirsty anguskirsty angus19 dagen geleden
  • nice

    eeklingeekling19 dagen geleden
  • 2:12

    Yeet Feet 2Yeet Feet 219 dagen geleden
  • p money has got better with age

    IITP MediaIITP Media19 dagen geleden
  • So nice to see P Money supporting Tobi. This is great content.

    SeamSeam19 dagen geleden
  • 0:59 this pocket struggle was pain 🤣

    mohammed ajmalmohammed ajmal19 dagen geleden
    • hahaha we’ve all been there

      owenowen18 dagen geleden
  • This was amazing

    Trevor MathuesTrevor Mathues19 dagen geleden
  • Tobi goes haaarrrrdddd 🔥🥶

    RV -CW7-RV -CW7-19 dagen geleden
  • Never slept. 👾

    Adam DawsonAdam Dawson19 dagen geleden
  • yeeeesh tobi is FIRE

    Clo4k3dClo4k3d19 dagen geleden
  • Tobis hard

    Theo WoodruffTheo Woodruff19 dagen geleden

    D VD V19 dagen geleden
  • Tobi doesn't fit here for me. Like compared to P Money it sounded like he was just talking. He really took me out of the song ruined the whole vibe. I think with more practice he could be a lot better but he needs to do something by himself or with people on the same level as him.

    R WR W19 dagen geleden
  • Real grime 🔥🔥

    GrootGroot19 dagen geleden

    Daanish UmairDaanish Umair19 dagen geleden
  • anyone know what song plays in the first ten seconds??

    Hussain GaisHussain Gais20 dagen geleden

    CY. 23CY. 2320 dagen geleden
  • Daaaaaaaang. This song is a straight banger. Tobias has gotta drop more music fam. He's got the flow and lyrical talent 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤

    Tai CollierTai Collier20 dagen geleden
  • tobi carried the track

    SinatraSinatra20 dagen geleden
  • Considering this isn't my taste in music at all, this is actually very good

    Natasha ThomasNatasha Thomas20 dagen geleden
  • The song is ❄️ but tobis verse locked it off my mans wayy too talented 👀🔥

    MannyManny20 dagen geleden
  • Take a shot of apple juice every time someone says man.

    weekend Gamerweekend Gamer20 dagen geleden
  • ILLVZN 🥶

    TRAVIS SMITHTRAVIS SMITH20 dagen geleden