1 apr. 2021
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  • This is why I shouldn't leave cameraman Chris alone on Wish. What was your favourite thing he bought me? Ahaha.

    Cherry WallisCherry WallisMaand geleden
    • The tongue duh

      Anara OmanAnara Oman8 dagen geleden
    • 🐥🐔🐣🐤

      DIRECTIONERDIRECTIONER12 dagen geleden
    • I love your videos ❤️🥚🐔

      Hilde SergeantHilde Sergeant19 dagen geleden
    • the fake tongue was literally the best and the funniest

      Sofi BobaSofi Boba20 dagen geleden
    • the glasses were my fav.

      Kathrine WellsKathrine Wells26 dagen geleden
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  • Applying the she wee upside down...could be interesting how it works out....

    Siw RudolfsenSiw Rudolfsen10 dagen geleden
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  • nicolas (pillow)case :P

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  • Please do a part two!!!

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  • 🐣 the video took me by surprise I wasn’t ready to laugh that hard, thank you

    Holly LouiseHolly Louise21 dag geleden
  • I can´t put emojis while I´m in my computer but I did watch until the end

    Valeria De MiguelValeria De Miguel21 dag geleden
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  • 🐔🥚 Just because I made it that far into the video 😅

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  • Loved it! 🐔🐥

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed this video 🐓 🍳

    Jenny HarwoodJenny Harwood24 dagen geleden
  • 🐔 where is your sweater from I need it too

    Liwi RoseLiwi Rose24 dagen geleden
  • Part two yeah! Just be a bit more child friendly like nothing to do with you know what next time! Talking to you camera man Chris!

    Crazy LVCrazy LV24 dagen geleden
    • Haha honestly I tried, but the funniest things have a habit of not being quite so PG. 😅

      Cameraman ChrisCameraman Chris12 dagen geleden
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  • i l like your outfit! You look so pretty!

    Kathrine WellsKathrine Wells26 dagen geleden
  • you need to do a part two ahahaha 🐣

    Alexei HiscottAlexei Hiscott26 dagen geleden
  • 🐣

    Saga HagströmSaga Hagström26 dagen geleden
  • "It's like it's got depression... sad whoppy cushion. " WHEN I TELL YOU A LAUGHED MORE THAT I SHOULD HAVE... 🤣🤣🤣

    Emma A.Emma A.27 dagen geleden
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    Hayley MoneyHayley Money27 dagen geleden
  • Loved it 💚❤️❤️ funny😂

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  • Can you pleaseeeee do more Harry Potter videos?

    Inez CarijnInez Carijn27 dagen geleden
  • I want part two. Please, do for us, Cherry.

    Maria Fernanda B M LeiteMaria Fernanda B M Leite27 dagen geleden
  • 🥚

    Maria Fernanda B M LeiteMaria Fernanda B M Leite27 dagen geleden
  • What else can I say but.... 🤟🐔🐣🥚

    Susan R. LichtmanSusan R. Lichtman27 dagen geleden
  • Nicolas Cage got the British accent out of Cherry. I love it xD :D

    Natalie BreideneichenNatalie Breideneichen27 dagen geleden
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  • I was gonna say "Keep it PG guys!" lololololol

    juliem_1986juliem_198628 dagen geleden
  • 🐓🥚 this was hilarious, would love a part 2

    ellie cookellie cook28 dagen geleden
  • Omg the fake tongue thing is hilarious! I didn’t know this was a thing hahahah

    IncompetentISUIncompetentISU28 dagen geleden
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    Gabriella NaylorGabriella Naylor28 dagen geleden
  • 🐓😂

    Inès d'AlcantaraInès d'Alcantara28 dagen geleden
  • i need more of these videos, i need this version of cherry more often 🥚

    Domenico LambertiDomenico Lamberti28 dagen geleden
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    Sofya DicksonSofya Dickson28 dagen geleden
  • Do a part TWO!!

    Sofya DicksonSofya Dickson28 dagen geleden
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    starr Hankinsstarr Hankins28 dagen geleden
  • Yes please part 2

    JordynLagaceJordynLagace28 dagen geleden
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    Carly WalkerCarly Walker28 dagen geleden
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    Ava PaschAva Pasch29 dagen geleden
  • 🐔🐓🥚🐣🐤 I wish there had been some warning about the She-Wee! 🤣🤣🤣 Such a hilarious video, those are some awesome things - those glasses though! I've also seen variations of that chicken - including a unicorn the pooped a glitter bubble...

    Creepy Cutie CraftyCreepy Cutie Crafty29 dagen geleden
  • I think that is the most chaotic video Cherry has ever uploaded but I love it haha.😅

    Emy IceEmy Ice29 dagen geleden
  • I love the pillow cover the best, and that would end up at my mothers house instead. Love watching you open all the packages sweetie. It is like Christmas all over again. Thank you so much for sharing with us, and you have a Blessed day!!! I would also like to see more like this in the future too.

    Marlene WalkerMarlene Walker29 dagen geleden
  • 🐣 love that jumper!

    Steve AylwinSteve Aylwin29 dagen geleden
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  • i have the exact same Nicholas Cage cushion.

    Hayly Ryan Lily JaneHayly Ryan Lily Jane29 dagen geleden
  • Fave would be the glasses!

    Emily DicksonEmily Dickson29 dagen geleden
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    Emily DicksonEmily Dickson29 dagen geleden
  • 🐔 Which came first the egg of the Chicken that laid it?

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