One of the most unlikely European Cup winners ever

16 feb. 2021
143 016 Weergaven

One of the most unlikely European Cup winners ever
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UEFA Cup Winners Cup 1980/81 went to Dinamo Tbilisi. This was during a period when they also won the Soviet Cup and Soviet Top League. Go back 20 years and the USSR Nations Cup winning side of 1960 had a core of Georgian talent.
This is the story of their rise and, with the fall of communism and the death of their stars, how it collapsed.
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  • let FM 2022 come and we'll show the them once again what Tbilisians are made off!

    Shahir95Shahir95Uur geleden
  • Thank you so much for making this video. I don't know about Dinamo Tbilisi but our national team will soon rise 🇬🇪♥️

    George XGeorge XDag geleden

    Dave AddamsDave Addams2 dagen geleden
  • You pronounce Tbilisi wrong

    Artem EsaulkovArtem Esaulkov2 dagen geleden
  • A great watch. Thanks very much.

    Karma BabyKarma Baby3 dagen geleden
  • I’d advise changing the title of the video. They didn’t win the European Cup. You don’t need to resort to clickbait.

    Zachery StephensonZachery Stephenson3 dagen geleden
  • c'mon tifo football, you can do better than this. the bosman rulling decimated football in eastern europe more than gangsterism and corruption combined because the east clubs lost the only leverage they had against the richer clubs from the west.

    Xexoxical EndarchyXexoxical Endarchy3 dagen geleden
  • This was quite depressing.

    Bimbo B.Bimbo B.4 dagen geleden
  • Unfortunately lots of countries in Eastern Europe lost their former glory in football when communism fell, probably because the system in which football talent was developed also collapsed just as the system as a whole. For example just look at Bulgaria and Romania who both had amazing teams back in the World Cup 1994 for instance, my country Sweden beat them both in the bronze game and in the quarterfinal, but they were amazing teams back then, and look where they are now. Maybe Georgia could have had a great national team as well, if they had built on this success. Had never heard of this story before but it's a nice one! Seems like an amazing, beautiful country as well, would really want to go there someday too.

    Jonathan EJonathan E4 dagen geleden
  • პირდაპირ სქართველოდაააან

    DonMishoKuraDonMishoKura4 dagen geleden
  • I'd forgotten all about Carl Zeiss Jena. They were always there or thereabouts in European competitions back in the 80s, I wonder what happened to them after reunification?

    Tony RossTony Ross4 dagen geleden
  • Forest were holders, not Liverpool in 79-80?

    Coach LawrenceCoach Lawrence4 dagen geleden
  • Dinamo beat Liverpool in 1979, not 78, and the Reds weren't holders, but English champions

    Mango 4ttwoMango 4ttwo5 dagen geleden
  • sorry, what? Didn't Npttingham Forest beat holders Liverpool in the European Cup of 1978? Is this a wind up?

    Mango 4ttwoMango 4ttwo5 dagen geleden
  • Steaua is also a weird ucl winner

    nøkk mainnøkk main5 dagen geleden
  • I feel so proud rn

    beastbeast5 dagen geleden
  • Can you please make a video on the Uefa conference league

    M DM D5 dagen geleden
  • A rather depressing story.

    Jenney BaileyJenney Bailey5 dagen geleden
  • They've got the dates wrong - the Liverpool and West Ham games were both a year later than stated here, 1979-80 and 1980-81. I remember the West Ham game - brilliant play by DT

    Keith HusseinKeith Hussein5 dagen geleden
  • Excellent video. Would also love to see an article regarding the rise and fall of Ararat Yerevan, fascinating story from winning the Soviet title and becoming a competitive European force to a complete non-entity in Armenian football.

    Christopher GallowayChristopher Galloway5 dagen geleden
  • My dad always says the best team he saw beat West Ham at Upton Park was that dinamo tbilisi team. Great work tifo 👍

    Daniel BanksDaniel Banks5 dagen geleden
  • Correct. The Soviet republics didn’t play for the “Russian” side they all played for the Soviet Union national team because it was one country representing all nationalities and ethnicities within the union.

    alameanoalameano6 dagen geleden
  • My club ajax had aan very good player in the ninties from Georgië Sheverladse. He whas very popular a great striker.

    Mario kooijmanMario kooijman6 dagen geleden
    • Sorry , Arveladze.

      Mario kooijmanMario kooijman4 dagen geleden
    • @IBERIAN GEORGIAN He not played very good for ajax , Shota Averladse whas the men.

      Mario kooijmanMario kooijman4 dagen geleden
    • @Mario kooijman yea bro in Ajax also played George Kinkladze one seasson as i know , but he was legend of Manchester sity. in the same period The Ajax was very magestic club in Europe

    • @IBERIAN GEORGIAN Yes , i maked a mistake about his name. Long time ago.

      Mario kooijmanMario kooijman5 dagen geleden
    • Arveladze

  • I can't wait for Arsenal to win the Champions League and take the place as the #1 most unlikely European Cup winner ever

    Jovan KuzmanovskiJovan Kuzmanovski6 dagen geleden
  • 0:37 I am sorry, can you say that name again? How on earth can "Chokheli" become "Chiele"? ... RIP all those Georgian legends :(.

    Mr. ReeseMr. Reese6 dagen geleden
  • So, what you're saying is things were better under Communism?!

    Colin AndersonColin Anderson6 dagen geleden
  • a Scotland fan that name sends shivers down my spine 😬

    MrMervinJMinkyMrMervinJMinky6 dagen geleden
  • Another reasons why we need a 3rd European Cup (big up for the new coming UEFA Conference Cup!) and another reason why UEFA was super stupid to cancel the Cup Winners' Cup and in making - especially on the financial distribution of funds towards certain federations in an inequal way - most of the decisions since 1999 on. It's super sad to always see the top 5 federations and the same clubs winning trophies. Sad, stupidly planned, inequal and digging distance between clubs in different countries, rather than promoting a good, fair football. Anecdote: was in Tbilisi and bought a scarf of Dinamo Tbilisi, with written "1980 Cup Winners Cup Winners". Something I am terribly proud of.

    Luca BisighiniLuca Bisighini6 dagen geleden
  • This is lowkey clickbait but I forgive you

    andrei kershekovandrei kershekov6 dagen geleden
  • Please do RED STAR BELGRADE !!!!

    Professor ExistentialProfessor Existential6 dagen geleden
  • could you do a video about the Gothenburg side that won the europa league twice? (uefa cup)

    sir swagalotsir swagalot6 dagen geleden
  • Glory to Dinamo

    Кавказ КавказовичКавказ Кавказович7 dagen geleden
  • Great video!

    brokenbroken7 dagen geleden
  • i remember Russian football TV show used to do these kind of historical bits on legendary players and teams with archive video's and a lot of inside stories that simple people before the internet had no access to. i would watch beautiful clips of Baggio, Ronaldo, Cruyff and then there was Kipiani. it was unbelievable. i dont know what exactly made him so special to me - maybe because you never knew someone coming from these countries could play like that, but he looked out of this world.

    bsklasikabsklasika7 dagen geleden
  • I know this is a long shot but anyway you could do some videos on MLS when the season starts?

    CezrDaPleazrCezrDaPleazr7 dagen geleden
  • Leeds united return video

    JRF7JRF77 dagen geleden
  • Do a video of leeds and GFH capital and what happened with david haigh. Very intersting story.

    DanDan7 dagen geleden
  • hey tifo football guys! i wanted to say that im from georgia and youve covered this story pretty well. by the way these weren't just accidents. most of the situations were rigged to kill them the soviet past is very dark. and about him not being included in the team that was because he was from georgia and russians always hated us. we hate them too. and nice of you t o show that 20% of our country is occupied by russia.

    sandro kakabadzesandro kakabadze7 dagen geleden
  • Thanks Tifo for this amazing video ❤❤ I hope one day we will be back 🔵⚪🔵

  • Di Maria best team mates. Team one and 2

    GoldGold7 dagen geleden
  • I wonder how much of an impact rugby had on Georgia's fall in football. This only wants Georgia added to a second division (with/promotion/relegation) of a Six Nations even more. Surely Georgians have a stronger sense of pride in their rugby team these days?

    Gareth Ford-ElliottGareth Ford-Elliott7 dagen geleden
    • We have pretty big faith in Rugby National Team, League isnt best here, there are lots of problems yet just like in Football League.

      Andria MamaladzeAndria Mamaladze7 dagen geleden
  • Could you make one about psv's win?

    MC-swaggerMC-swagger7 dagen geleden
  • Moral of the story, Never drive in Georgia.

    The lonely mountain.The lonely mountain.7 dagen geleden
  • Kipiani was incredible.

    Joshua Gerald ButlerJoshua Gerald Butler7 dagen geleden
  • Tifo should start up a different channel for TIFO CHESS because they’re way too smart

    Kabano AmosKabano Amos7 dagen geleden
  • Great video!! Next video Steaua winning champions league!

    vlad stochitavlad stochita7 dagen geleden
  • WC 1982, USSR Vs Brazil. 4 Georgians in starting eleven. Included Captain Chivadze. ♥

    Akaki GvenetadzeAkaki Gvenetadze7 dagen geleden

    Ксения ЧилимоваКсения Чилимова7 dagen geleden
  • i've been watching this channel for over a year now and would never have though that my country could get video here, im proud and thankful to you. amazing content keep it up

    Kakhi MshvidobadzeKakhi Mshvidobadze7 dagen geleden
    • Our pleasure!

      Tifo FootballTifo Football7 dagen geleden
  • Stalin must be so proud of his home country...

    Kazuya IIKazuya II8 dagen geleden
    • @Kazuya II yeah he was Georgian, but he wan not patriotic at all. If he was proud to be a Georgian he would not kill hundreds of thouthands of our people and give away half og Georgias land.

      wierdo132 33wierdo132 337 dagen geleden
    • @wierdo132 33 In my opinion, I think he's proud of what his people had acheived

      Kazuya IIKazuya II7 dagen geleden
    • @wierdo132 33 bro... He was georgian

      Kazuya IIKazuya II7 dagen geleden
    • No, he has no home country other then USSR. He literaly gave away half of our lands.

      wierdo132 33wierdo132 338 dagen geleden
  • Still more European cups than Manchester City, Arsenal, Spurs, Combined.

    Rhythm PatelRhythm Patel8 dagen geleden
    • @Georgios Ioannis Pappas Didn't know that. Thanks. My team, Rangers have won the European Cup Winner's Cup so it annoys me when people ignore it.

      Rule BritanniaRule Britannia5 dagen geleden
    • @Rule Britannia Spurs have won the Europa League twice, in 1972 and 1984.

      Georgios Ioannis PappasGeorgios Ioannis Pappas5 dagen geleden
    • Not true. Both Arsenal and Spurs have won the UEFA European Cup Winner's Cup. However, as it no longer exists as a competition people think it doesn't count as a European trophy.

      Rule BritanniaRule Britannia7 dagen geleden
  • Tifo use so much stats it’s easy to feel outdated after even just a month

    Ka Chun Eugene MakKa Chun Eugene Mak8 dagen geleden
  • In 2021 it would be Barca lol

    El MejorEl Mejor8 dagen geleden
  • 1:42 why is that what he ha... It's was made out of a vodka bottle in a shape of balalajka and rimmed with bear fur.

    Arthur SmileArthur Smile8 dagen geleden
  • Messi is old news it’s all about Meskhi

    SpikeSpike8 dagen geleden
  • Georgian football before the collapse of the Soviet Union was really good. Dinamo Tbilisi had a great youth system. Soviet football in general is still highly underrated as a system. Lobanovskiy, Maslov, and Nodar Akhalkatsi were all early pioneers in the development of modern football philosophies.

    PraetorianGuard2004PraetorianGuard20048 dagen geleden
    • Thats a difference to a top11 from the former soviet states. After the USSR collapsed there havent been many world class players besides Shevchenko and maybe Arshavin. So Russia, Ukraine etc have a lack in scouting. There is clearly a talent pool but other than during the soviet era, when they had good scouting, there is a clear lack in this area.

      L TheisenL Theisen5 dagen geleden
    • @PraetorianGuard2004 Yeah. During the 80s the Soviet league was one of the top leagues of europe. And not forgott the sucess the national team had back in the 60s. Yugoslavia was also great. Just when you look what current players are from the former state. Would be a really strong team.

      L TheisenL Theisen5 dagen geleden
    • @L Theisen For real. The Soviet Union was getting quite strong by the end of the 1980s. Would have been interesting to see how well Yugoslavia and USSR could have done in the 1990s if they had stuck together.

      PraetorianGuard2004PraetorianGuard20045 dagen geleden
    • I think the Soviet Union is the lost powerhouse in football. Everyone talks about Portugal or the Netherlands eve when they are in a hard time but the heritage of Soviet football is often missed out.

      L TheisenL Theisen5 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully they will play in the UEFA Conference League. Good to see great clubs in european competitions.

    SebastianSebastian8 dagen geleden
  • What an amazing channel

    Barnsey _Barnsey _8 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully we'll see them again on the international stage. Georgia is a beautiful country full of wonderful people.

    Daredevil 1142Daredevil 11428 dagen geleden
  • These are my favourite tifo footballs, stories and events you don't know about!

    MegaJDOG1995MegaJDOG19958 dagen geleden
  • Meskhi sounds a lot like messi

    MC BrodzMC Brodz8 dagen geleden
  • Wow this was depressing :(

    yuriydeeyuriydee8 dagen geleden
  • haven't watched the vid yet, but glad to see tifo making arsenal content

    funfun8 dagen geleden
  • The streets won't forget when Georgia ruled European football

    RyanRyan8 dagen geleden
  • You know, you could really look up the image of Soviet Cup trophy and not come up with a ridiculous over the top image. It's actually really beautiful and was made out of crystal. Both RPL and Cup trophies until recently were made out of crystal rather than usual metal.

    VonKrauzerVonKrauzer8 dagen geleden
  • Tifo will you please make a video about Bob Paisley and his achievements, I almost never hear any football channels give him any recognition.

    Jakob SmithJakob Smith8 dagen geleden
  • Make a new video about what pep has made to Manchester city now days on this winning stake much love from Uganda

    AmosAmos8 dagen geleden
  • That Athletic money is making an already quality product just that much better. Who knew? Another fine video, Tifo. Keep it up.

    BigBlack81BigBlack818 dagen geleden
  • And to top it off, their opponents in the final were also pretty unlikely winners, won't you say?

    Fhloston ParaphraseFhloston Paraphrase8 dagen geleden
  • Sad feels

    Not Woke EnoughNot Woke Enough8 dagen geleden
  • Afraid that the dates are wrong. The vid states the West Ham tie was in 1979. This cannot be true as the Irons won the cup in 1980 so this game must have been 1981. Otherwise a good vid as usual but this is basic

    Liquidator CFCLiquidator CFC8 dagen geleden
  • Can you do 1986 UCL winner Steaua Bucharest ? A very surprising and interesting story !

    xAcexAce8 dagen geleden
  • The game animations are looking more and more like the in-game 2D classical view of Football Manager. :-D

    Tridivraj BhattacharyyaTridivraj Bhattacharyya8 dagen geleden
  • Denmark '92 coming up?

    Byrd FluByrd Flu8 dagen geleden
  • Can you do a video on the 1986 Steaua Bucuresti side that won the European Cup? I'd enjoy a video on that.

    Seth ParkerSeth Parker8 dagen geleden
  • Chelsea most defensive team ever

  • What happened to tifo basketball?

    ibby moibby mo8 dagen geleden
  • Never would’ve thought I’d see a Tifo video about my hometown and country. Great video about a once great club with interesting stories. Kipiani by the way is the GOAT. When they beat Liverpool some fan gave him money to congratulate him. He looked at it signed it with his autograph and gave the money back to the fan.

    Sandro UrushadzeSandro Urushadze8 dagen geleden
    • That's a sheer Zlatan moment

      AnonymousAnonymous4 dagen geleden
  • That’s what capitalism does to you

    ArtaArta8 dagen geleden
    • Lol, pls shut up if you dont know what you are talking about.

      wierdo132 33wierdo132 338 dagen geleden
  • Soyuz Neroshimiy respublika svoye

    Michael AdeyemiMichael Adeyemi8 dagen geleden
  • Alan Hansen's initial positioning to be caught out by Kipiani's pass to Gutsaev, ... well it was absolutely shocking.

    TheMeeesterTTheMeeesterT8 dagen geleden
  • Yes! This video made my day, finally a video on the Georgian Golden Age of Football

    Zezva GugunishviliZezva Gugunishvili8 dagen geleden
  • “Gangster capitalism” you can just say capitalism yknow

    Cecil MillenCecil Millen8 dagen geleden
  • New FM save?

    Collin ThompsonCollin Thompson8 dagen geleden
  • Haven't started the video but I can tell it's a farmers league team, marseille😂😂😂

    Aff SoyeAff Soye8 dagen geleden
  • as a georgian im proud

    abrezov aimichabrezov aimich8 dagen geleden
  • Shit video. So dull. Channels dead.

    unbelievablescenesunbelievablescenes8 dagen geleden
  • Where did you get this information

    genci Jgenci J8 dagen geleden
    • You can just read it on wiki

      DTDT8 dagen geleden
  • < HI guys please check out my football channel.

    Mr JM10Mr JM108 dagen geleden
  • Another stellar piece of work from Tifo.

    steven cookesteven cooke8 dagen geleden
  • As a Georgian thanks for doing this video.

    GioGio8 dagen geleden
  • Do a video on Aberdeen winning 2 European cups under fergie

    Callum CruickshankCallum Cruickshank8 dagen geleden
  • I took the risk dealing with Luiz to be in charge of my trade and finally end up with perfect testimony.his platform is amazing and very straightforward..

    Management boardManagement board8 dagen geleden
    • Thanks Luiz .+

      Management boardManagement board8 dagen geleden
  • This video is Jonathan Wilson all over

    Mike HocksbigMike Hocksbig8 dagen geleden
  • I suggest you to make a video of chelsea under tuchel plz

    Ahmed BisharAhmed Bishar8 dagen geleden
  • Can you do a video about the Videoton SC side that were finalists in the 1984-85 Uefa Cup?

    Bendegúz NémethBendegúz Németh8 dagen geleden
  • "Gangster Capitalism"? is there any other kind?

    Communist LlamaCommunist Llama8 dagen geleden
    • Communist Llama Kazan. The Soviet Union. TyapLyap(yes, that is the name).

      Rossonero1899Rossonero18998 dagen geleden
    • @Rossonero1899 Which city? Which country? What criminal organisation?

      Communist LlamaCommunist Llama8 dagen geleden
    • Of course, it would be a communist who comments dumb shit like this. Fun fact: during Soviet times, a criminal organization held so much control over a city, that no Italian mafia ever could dream of. Was that “gangster” capitalism or is it that crime can also exist in a socialist system?

      Rossonero1899Rossonero18998 dagen geleden
  • They were all on PAD’s

    TobyToby8 dagen geleden
  • David Kipiani is good. Had I kept myself away from McDonald's I would've been in top flight leagues by now.

    BMW OF - TEXASBMW OF - TEXAS8 dagen geleden
  • Liverpool played Tbilisi in the 79/80 season. We won the European cup in 78

    Harry CarrollHarry Carroll8 dagen geleden