Old Roblox ruined my life

19 jan. 2021
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  • we restocked some stuff and we got pants.. now we can all wear pants flimflam.shop

    FlamingoFlamingoMaand geleden
    • Lol last comment babeeeeyyy

      Stickmin FanStickmin Fan3 dagen geleden
    • _The time has come- now we can wear pants_

      ꧁Alisha꧂꧁Alisha꧂22 dagen geleden
    • Finally..

      Sarah WolfsonSarah Wolfson26 dagen geleden
    • Albert can you make 1 pair of a 7 size one for me if i come to your state? Right now im in Canada, please make the color black and put a flamingo! Please :{

      Paul Justine KatapangPaul Justine KatapangMaand geleden
    • Ok

      Izuku MidoriaIzuku MidoriaMaand geleden
  • Flamingo you're the only person that I only watch and the greatest NLworld 😀😃

    Joaquin GuillenJoaquin Guillen2 uur geleden
  • Your vids make my day

    Michele CochranMichele Cochran7 uur geleden
  • flamingooooooooooooooo

    KaitlynKaitlyn9 uur geleden
  • They added kohls to studio now you can have admin in your place and ban annoying people that destroy sad stories

    Aristides CoboAristides Cobo15 uur geleden
  • Albert: Talks about dead dogs Little kids: normal Albert: Says hell casually after 2017 Little kids: Shit went from 1 to 100 real quick.

    NøMaxNøMax18 uur geleden
  • U can litterly say i like u in 2021:/

    123Ez boi123Ez boi19 uur geleden
  • I went the I hate you roblox and inappropriate username is “SuckedPaynis”

    Boxysalads BoxysaladsBoxysalads BoxysaladsDag geleden
  • the username i think was eatdatwap which is not appopriate at all

    Isaac NewtonIsaac NewtonDag geleden
  • That tongh is an arm thing

    Jakey BoyJakey BoyDag geleden
  • no maybe that could be a hand and a arm

    the animalthe animalDag geleden
  • Albert: DaaAAA RObLOX TERmS oF seRvviCE WiLl Be REmOoOOooOOUUUuUuVVeEd! *him wondering what he just did*

    It’s not just me it’s you too.It’s not just me it’s you too.Dag geleden
  • peter

    Luisagustin2946Luisagustin2946Dag geleden
  • This is way too nostalgic.

  • *Right when Albert sees a gun* 0-0 GiMme GiMme GimMe GimMe

    all you need is kpop in your lifeall you need is kpop in your lifeDag geleden
  • Oil?

    Rachael BoothRachael BoothDag geleden
  • Can you please stop saying the h word

    SibsSibsDag geleden
  • When I found your game I murder he’s Babe it’s called sad story and you added a Monster picture

    Yan BitzYan BitzDag geleden
  • I always thought the thing the guy was eating in iron cafe was pizza

    Goldenpixels_1021Goldenpixels_1021Dag geleden
  • how can flamingo be mad at roblox like 8 years ago

    Noah CroninNoah CroninDag geleden
  • i remember when i had to wait 60 days to play NDS in 2017. Also, thats how my main acc was born.

    GrumpyWardenGrumpyWarden2 dagen geleden
  • I Got Ban From Roblox

    Deborah ReynaDeborah Reyna2 dagen geleden
  • E

    Gothic weebGothic weeb2 dagen geleden
  • His hand?

    Local hope dealerLocal hope dealer2 dagen geleden
  • Hey Albert somebody’s stealing your ROBLOX group by the way I love your channel and I’m in your group but somebody is stealing your group here’s his group name Cleetus Creations and here’s the person who stole your groups name on ROBLOX Mrfoamflips

    Noah WarburtonNoah Warburton2 dagen geleden
  • that sad story is so sad 😭😭😭

    MingailėMingailė2 dagen geleden
  • [ Content Deleted ]

    BAC0N3BAC0N32 dagen geleden
  • Accidentally turned my volume all the way up

    BAC0N3BAC0N32 dagen geleden
  • Lets do a rapping battle flamingo

    It's whitty's styleIt's whitty's style2 dagen geleden

    Izz AirellIzz Airell2 dagen geleden
  • The younger is #####

    phyco eclipsephyco eclipse2 dagen geleden
  • Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Nathan BubanNathan Buban2 dagen geleden
  • UIIT

    Nathan BubanNathan Buban2 dagen geleden
  • Oh I remember the old

    CheckerhatCheckerhat2 dagen geleden
  • Dad please come home

    Tuxedo BirdTuxedo Bird3 dagen geleden
  • Its not his tongue its his arm-

    Sylveon SmithSylveon Smith3 dagen geleden
  • My name is Kitty of real life so stop literally

    poinnj pou9poinnj pou93 dagen geleden
  • 9:50 chat bubble?

    Kitten KutieKitten Kutie3 dagen geleden
  • Me, when i started rapping but dont know any words to say : 8:06

    Mr. lordsithMr. lordsith3 dagen geleden
  • Mounten,s

    Mirko BijelicMirko Bijelic4 dagen geleden
  • Mrek

    Mirko BijelicMirko Bijelic4 dagen geleden
  • Editor: * sees 7:28 * Also editor: ima pretend I don’t have to blur that out.

    Tiger Lover 285Tiger Lover 2854 dagen geleden
  • When flamingo was reading the disclaimer at the start, he sounded like Willy Wonka

    Ari GoodsirAri Goodsir4 dagen geleden
  • I sub

    Ben SchulzBen Schulz4 dagen geleden
  • I like you flamingo

    Ben SchulzBen Schulz4 dagen geleden
  • Weird.....

    Maxim YurayevMaxim Yurayev4 dagen geleden
  • I was hoping for him to get louder while reading it 😔

    Piper ScottPiper Scott4 dagen geleden
  • ë

    Daniel HmfcDaniel Hmfc4 dagen geleden
  • 😁

    Zub AbduZub Abdu4 dagen geleden
  • Hi 😊😁

    Zub AbduZub Abdu4 dagen geleden
  • 1:03

    Jakub JovanovičJakub Jovanovič4 dagen geleden
  • The inappropriate username that IHATEYOUROBLOX12135 was following is SuckedPaynis, they were banned.

    That GooseThat Goose4 dagen geleden
  • I found the game

    puppyman1067 YTpuppyman1067 YT4 dagen geleden
  • lindsey is 𝖥𝖠𝖳

    シPOLUXシシPOLUXシ4 dagen geleden
  • olny mha/bnha fans will know the ''i am here''

    madara Mihailovamadara Mihailova4 dagen geleden
  • E

    abby kinabby kin5 dagen geleden
  • 2:38 it's so weird hearing that song as not an earrape

    gamingluke247gamingluke2475 dagen geleden
  • it tong

    Dustin DemoryDustin Demory5 dagen geleden
  • Its funny how the only thing he writes in the comments hes plugging his merch

    Brynna ParkerBrynna Parker5 dagen geleden
  • 8:29 ummmmm dirty minds role!

    red scoutred scout5 dagen geleden
  • Ok the dude in the window is a pancake flamingo lol

    boneless pizzaboneless pizza5 dagen geleden
  • si

    yeppo360yeppo3606 dagen geleden
  • Ok were getting closer and closer to a albertsstuff remake because he said hell, I cant wait for cursing Albert 2.0

    Jackson_does_stuffJackson_does_stuff6 dagen geleden
    • If he ever has a patreon or if Susan retires I can see that fully happening.

      NøMaxNøMax18 uur geleden
  • Account too young. Lol

    Charles McLarndernCharles McLarndern6 dagen geleden
  • Me on old roblox typing: Y Yo You You You s You su You suc You suck My character: [ Content Deleted ]

    Damien RigaliDamien Rigali6 dagen geleden
  • His arm

    NailyNaily6 dagen geleden
  • Did albert just say ‘hell’!?

    Not so much of DistraxNot so much of Distrax6 dagen geleden

      shinade lewisshinade lewis5 dagen geleden
  • 8:28 i dunno albert maybe its *his right arm*

    R0wlet B0iR0wlet B0i6 dagen geleden
  • funfact: hes eating a worm in that picture

    Nora JalamnehNora Jalamneh6 dagen geleden
  • I have not felt joy since you left I don't care

    Esmé DEsmé D6 dagen geleden
  • Roses are dead Violets are dying outside i’m thinking about my subs Inside i’m thinking about my subs when i check i cry to make me happy sub to my channel

    RanpostorRanpostor6 dagen geleden
  • i like how the korean roblox keeps reacting

    ThygoThygo6 dagen geleden
  • That happened to me i wanted to join scary game but it says “your too young to join please wait until 35 days!” I was like bruh no fun 😒

    çøøkîëłøvèrçøøkîëłøvèr7 dagen geleden
  • The girl with no visor reminds me of the girl that copied albert’s jean shorts

    Pusheen Lover226Pusheen Lover2267 dagen geleden
  • "I am here" ALL MIGHT IS THAT YOU!!

    •Space Cookie••Space Cookie•7 dagen geleden
  • IHATE_YOUROBLOX12135 he got banned

    AmaridanoobAmaridanoob7 dagen geleden

    ellell7 dagen geleden
  • 😓ؤ

    TTV Ada fornite gamingTTV Ada fornite gaming7 dagen geleden
    • Cheese

      TTV Ada fornite gamingTTV Ada fornite gaming7 dagen geleden
  • Just got a Disney add-

    {•Frøg•} •_• Frog is life{•Frøg•} •_• Frog is life7 dagen geleden
  • I think that the "tounge" might be a arm and he is holding the coffee

    Andi KananajAndi Kananaj8 dagen geleden

    TheLostGamer 663TheLostGamer 6638 dagen geleden
  • When you joined from 2016 and can play it: *im just a kid and life was a good thing*

    Mario seen some musicMario seen some music8 dagen geleden
  • Dhyrbyfyty or something like that got terminated because the name had a hidden word that bad its the fy the almost last it counts as The F Word

    Jerrick De guzmanJerrick De guzman8 dagen geleden

    Leo KelloggLeo Kellogg8 dagen geleden
  • dhyrbfyty rule 34

    matthew harkinmatthew harkin8 dagen geleden
  • So sad I’m crying and quaking right now I’m quaking right now

    Charlie’s gaming PlaceCharlie’s gaming Place8 dagen geleden
  • 😀😅😊😌😙😜😎😒🙁😩😠🥵😥🤫😬😮😪🤮🤑👺☠️😺😽😃😂😇😍😚🤪🥸😞☹️🥺😡🥶😓🤥🙄😲😵🤧🤠🤡👽😸🙀😄🤣🙂🥰😋🤨🤩😔😣😢🤬😱🤗😶😯🥱🤐😷😈💩👾😁🥲🙃😘😛🧐🥳😟😖😭🤯😨🤔😐😦😴🥴🤒👿👻🤖😆☺️😉😗😝🤓😏😕😫😤😳😰🤭😑😧🤤🤢🤕👹💀🎃 I’m feeling a lot of emotions

    Jaxmy MattoonJaxmy Mattoon8 dagen geleden
  • 1:24

    dude 45dude 458 dagen geleden
  • Flimingo do you live in Texas cuz thats where my fake friend lives (:

    Midnight Moon gachaMidnight Moon gacha8 dagen geleden
  • 1:03

    Alan ThePhoenixAlan ThePhoenix9 dagen geleden
  • When he showed his old roblox girlfriend😭

    BoujeeLBoujeeL9 dagen geleden
  • 3:13 the follower revealed Username: eatdatwap2

    Noobus Friends84Noobus Friends849 dagen geleden
  • Probably his #########

    What’s appWhat’s app9 dagen geleden
  • 🔺️®️ 🔻

    CountryToadCountryToad9 dagen geleden
  • i remember the avatar editing broke when i was wearing a stupid trollge outfit and like at the time it didnt show the message so i was actually slightly freaked out

    DadIneedhelp12DadIneedhelp129 dagen geleden
  • Sigh. Albert. That ‘tongue’ was probably coffee spilling out😖🤚‼️ so sad😭

    The_PotatosThe_Potatos9 dagen geleden
  • no small big yes

    Alexander RusuAlexander Rusu9 dagen geleden
  • *The Pinnacle of Arson*

    miller rbenmiller rben9 dagen geleden
  • I know the person who is following ihateroblox user name

    Sports Academy KidsSports Academy Kids9 dagen geleden
  • His arm

    Matic UrnautMatic Urnaut9 dagen geleden