10 apr. 2021
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  • Yo the +1 upgrade actually looks like a solid upgrade across the board, makes you wonder how good he could have been with a +2. Oh well still an awesome card super happy I unlocked him.

    Evan DipasqualeEvan Dipasquale21 dag geleden
  • how does he feel i don’e him dis morning

    Me LiqMe Liq21 dag geleden
  • HOW MANY ADS?? jesus

    Goat EditionGoat Edition22 dagen geleden
  • That assisted pass before the whipped cream was disgusting. How is that skill? Smfh

    saeeddeanablesaeeddeanable22 dagen geleden
  • 87 machis or 88 neres?

    Aa3Dr Gam3rAa3Dr Gam3r22 dagen geleden
  • That card is ridiculous gone against him multiple times he's easily better than neymar wtf

    SantiSanti23 dagen geleden
  • Him: You could buy Pele Me: I could buy his foot

    transformers legotransformers lego23 dagen geleden
  • Imagine if he gets upgraded

    Noël RL clipsNoël RL clips23 dagen geleden
  • Should i give choudury for him

    Tom van den BroekTom van den Broek23 dagen geleden
  • Him and dzeko up top together are dangerous

    HomerfiedYTHomerfiedYT23 dagen geleden
  • Him or FB El Shaarawy?

    André Hauptfleisch2204André Hauptfleisch220423 dagen geleden
    • @Brendan Mullen managed to fit both in aswell

      André Hauptfleisch2204André Hauptfleisch220421 dag geleden
    • Put both in the same team that’s what I do, neres is so much faster

      Brendan MullenBrendan Mullen21 dag geleden
    • El shaw

      Brendan MullenBrendan Mullen21 dag geleden
  • If they get a draw he turns 89?

    Morientes MuscatMorientes Muscat23 dagen geleden
    • I believe so yeah

      SqueakySqueaky23 dagen geleden
  • In which game is he turning 90 ?

    Samsul AlamSamsul Alam24 dagen geleden
  • Him or fut bday reus?

    BlackPantherBlackPanther24 dagen geleden
  • UEL Showdown not UCL Showdown

    Shitel ArshitaShitel Arshita24 dagen geleden
  • Where’s Kent

    James HunterJames Hunter24 dagen geleden
  • Honestly Douglas costa rule breakers has been the best lw I’ve used all year. Neymar is better striker. Costa is best lw

    A PoocumberA Poocumber24 dagen geleden
  • 8 Chem Vidal or 10 Chem kessie?

    A PoocumberA Poocumber24 dagen geleden
    • @Adan Omar already have him on 8

      A PoocumberA Poocumber22 dagen geleden
    • 5 chem renato

      Adan OmarAdan Omar22 dagen geleden
  • Is neres good as a lw or rw?

    Ne NeNe Ne24 dagen geleden
  • Boys is he good on 8?

    Sajid ChammoutSajid Chammout24 dagen geleden
  • If I put a hunter on him and use him as a sub and when I put him in game will the chemistry style apply or no?

    MK 10MK 1024 dagen geleden
  • Can you try Edin Džeko too the Bosnian diamant🇧🇦🇧🇦

    p pp p24 dagen geleden
  • Gold neymar or devid neres ?

    On Numara FutbolOn Numara Futbol24 dagen geleden
  • Nick listen man you are sooooo underrated you are absolutely disgusting 👌👌👌I learn a lot from you bro damn great gameplay always

    WACKitic504WACKitic50424 dagen geleden
  • Nick scores the most insane finesses on yt

    Johan HarrisJohan Harris24 dagen geleden
  • Seen the first 3 minutes - need Neres!

  • C’mon bro I’m supposed to be saving coins before tots 😭

    Charlie MooresCharlie Moores24 dagen geleden
  • please review van basten moment 🙏

    rayyannrrayyannr24 dagen geleden
  • Robben or neres off chem?

    H KatH Kat24 dagen geleden
  • Im playing him st and ney on cam (7 chem) with your 352 bro its too good

    RefleshReflesh24 dagen geleden
  • Who came here after the zewbecHD shanty 😂

    Pj JjjPj Jjj24 dagen geleden
  • He put ucl 😂

    Jovany OrtegaJovany Ortega24 dagen geleden
  • Dont u think he feels like vini jr summer heat from fifa 20

    GH StejoGH Stejo25 dagen geleden
  • He's almost identical to the Machis SBC card... With a hair slightly better dribbling

    Doug LDoug L25 dagen geleden
    • But this card actually has a chance of upgrading not like machis. Cheaper than machis too

      Emmanuel StrasserEmmanuel Strasser25 dagen geleden
  • Better than reus?

    Maaz KhanMaaz Khan25 dagen geleden
  • When is winter refresh lol??

    KingaKinga25 dagen geleden
    • Fifa 22

      Shaun GrinblatShaun Grinblat25 dagen geleden
  • once neres told his coach: i can’t come to practice today, my car broke coach: what about the bus? neres: i don’t have a bus

    hpupohpupo25 dagen geleden
  • Better then el shaarawy?

    RgZRgZ25 dagen geleden
  • I literally only did him in the hope that he gets upgraded right now he doesn’t fit in my team but he is good for how cheap he is

    Generic GuyGeneric Guy25 dagen geleden
  • I did it but i cant link him now 😎

    HiddenHidden25 dagen geleden
  • Which team is better. In game formation for both is 4312. Prime cole at lb, James fs at cb. Klaiber at cb, zambrotta base at rb. Gattuso cm, rooney rcm, Renato fb lcm. Prime okocha cam. Neres and Neymar striker. Or. Prime cole lb, boateng and klaiber at cb, zambrotta at Rb, gattuso Cm, renato lcm Rooney rcm, okocha cam and butra and Neymar striker

    Hype GfxHype Gfx25 dagen geleden
    • Sorry for fullbacks at cb but I’m sick of not having proper football being played and being through balled. Having pacy cbs helps that

      Hype GfxHype Gfx25 dagen geleden
  • i enjoy your video from japan should i choose Neres or Kent on RW?

    臭いの国からバルシャーク臭いの国からバルシャーク25 dagen geleden
  • What difference between control ball and reaction ?

    A OA O25 dagen geleden
  • guys who is better him or felipe anderson

    Wessam AlkuwaitiWessam Alkuwaiti25 dagen geleden
  • Worth repleacing future stars Bergwijn for Neres?

    Arnel PoprženovićArnel Poprženović25 dagen geleden
  • As soon you said about costa I done straight away! He was my fave card for months

    Serpion 22Serpion 2225 dagen geleden
  • greenlink to klaiber finally

    Aryan DhamejaniAryan Dhamejani25 dagen geleden
  • I sold my antony yesterday 😭😭😭😭

    Angad sahniAngad sahni25 dagen geleden
  • Neres or Gold Neymar? Pls? I have untradeable Mbappe and baby Dinho

    Jawad BasitJawad Basit25 dagen geleden
  • Love giving people player comparisons... helps alot

    Indy FreemanIndy Freeman25 dagen geleden
  • Is he better than baby shevchenko

    NathanielNathaniel25 dagen geleden
  • Wanna swap teams

    Vince NoordovenVince Noordoven25 dagen geleden
  • He would be better at 7 chem than robben on full right?

    kaitsukaitsu25 dagen geleden
  • Nick: “this gameplay is so bad” (with 20 ping) Me: “finally a good gameplay that i can play” (with 80 ping from Turkey)

    Omer KahyaogluOmer Kahyaoglu25 dagen geleden
    • Me: "Finally playable ping" (With 137 ping in Nigeria)

      MrSuperkickHOH_MrSuperkickHOH_24 dagen geleden
  • Klaiber with this guy.. God help me please 😢😢

    Mixalis22 GrMixalis22 Gr25 dagen geleden
  • It’s europa league nick

    Elliot ChristiansonElliot Christianson25 dagen geleden
  • This sbc shouting ‘I am David Neres come to me’

    Aadil MohmedAadil Mohmed25 dagen geleden
  • 6 ads in 7 mins. Sort it out, that’s a joke.

    JackG2207JackG220725 dagen geleden
  • Neres 88 ore Neymar 91??

    Axl Van rompayAxl Van rompay25 dagen geleden
    • Neymar is easier for a team

      Faisal HussainFaisal Hussain25 dagen geleden
  • And this has been bothering me for a minute, but every time nick says a players dribbling is responsive, it almost always comes from him contextual agile dribbling in that moment. Im wondering if people actually use the RB/R1 button to make cuts because relying on the game to be consistent is a joke. I turned the setting off but use it constantly.

    striker045striker04525 dagen geleden
  • It’s the 71st minute, the ball goes out of bounds and your opponent who has been running a 41212(2) with the cam on stay forward subs off his front 3 of neymar, mbappe, and rashford for moses simon, ryan kent, and david neres. The score is tied, but deep down you know the game is over

    striker045striker04525 dagen geleden
  • The title of this video is wrong 🤣 it’s Europa league not UCL

    Dizzie PascalDizzie Pascal25 dagen geleden
  • 3:13 🦍B A N G E R🦍

    Isak SöderlundIsak Söderlund25 dagen geleden
  • Smokes weed trait 🍁 💨

    Keaton RanaKeaton Rana25 dagen geleden
  • Good review , question though. Is Neres better than Robben card ? I am happy with Robben and not sure if I need to do this neres SBC

    andronovmandronovm25 dagen geleden
    • @Brendan Mullen not making excusss helping the man out you wait until tonogjt

      TheGameShifuTheGameShifu21 dag geleden
    • @TheGameShifu so many excuses lmao

      Brendan MullenBrendan Mullen21 dag geleden
    • @andronovm yea but bro dont underestimate ajax, 2 is more then doable and they did it in Madrid when lost 2-1 at home. And hear me out. Ajax in the first leg missed a pen and like 5 clear chances, roma scored vecause of a mistake of the Ajax keeper bc Ajax had their 3rd goalie, and the other goal was lucky. AJax were the dominant force and are better then roma. Therefore they will atleast draw, not saying they will go through but even a draw s +1 and a win is likely to. Probs 1/3

      TheGameShifuTheGameShifu25 dagen geleden
    • @TheGameShifu I doubt Ajax will go through mate . They lost 1~2 at home . So Ajax needs to score at least 2 in Rome . I’d say the chances are 1/10 for Ajax . Neres SBC price is not too high . Might do him for super sub , but I already have Diatta with similar qualities

      andronovmandronovm25 dagen geleden
    • I think he is since neres will probs upgrade atleast +1, ajax wont lose a return if they already lsot a first leg and they were dominant

      TheGameShifuTheGameShifu25 dagen geleden
  • Can u review kehrer?

    David ØstergaardDavid Østergaard25 dagen geleden
  • @nick say cool whip? =) =) =)

    Roald JacobsenRoald Jacobsen25 dagen geleden
  • Him on 7 or reus fb on 10 at striker with mbappe

    Jack HughesJack Hughes25 dagen geleden
  • Do you support spurs

    Shammah HillsShammah Hills25 dagen geleden
  • Do a dzeko review

    Big AldBig Ald25 dagen geleden
  • I've never had so many ads in a vid, what's is going on nickolas

    Christophe JalletChristophe Jallet25 dagen geleden
  • modric review please

    whoisDejiwhoisDeji25 dagen geleden
  • Him or Neymar?

    Jaguar Steel14Jaguar Steel1425 dagen geleden
  • Should I get him if he comes on the bench? I have if neymar untradable

    R7 FootballR7 Football25 dagen geleden
    • @R7 Football ya

      Adam and EvilAdam and Evil25 dagen geleden
    • @Ali K so should I get him as a super sub or not?

      R7 FootballR7 Football25 dagen geleden
    • Yeah he's basically neymar without the weak foot anyway, he's cracked even without the upgrade

      Ali KAli K25 dagen geleden
  • Is he better than el shaaraway

    Olava OlavaOlava Olava25 dagen geleden
  • Better than neymar?

    Kyle McCallumKyle McCallum25 dagen geleden
  • Unpopular opinion but I prefer fut birthday modric in cam compared to vidal

    Matthew WeaverMatthew Weaver25 dagen geleden
  • Its not UCL but what US person can know about football 😂

    DunoxikDunoxik25 dagen geleden
  • Is he better than gold neymar?

    RefleshReflesh25 dagen geleden
  • If he turns 90 he is insane😍

    Lars SchmidtLars Schmidt25 dagen geleden
  • Did you know hitting both bumpers after a goal skips straight to kickoff? Say “no” to toxic celebrations.

    Its TheDIts TheD25 dagen geleden
    • Shush

      Brendan MullenBrendan Mullen21 dag geleden
  • I wonder how he compares to Robben? Forget the weak foot. Don’t really need it for Robben. As he’s only on the wing

    RookieRookie26 dagen geleden
  • Have el Shar already, is it worth it? Don’t have a lot of extra coins and it would use up all my fodder.

    Space duck7Space duck726 dagen geleden
    • @JackG2207 I have klaiber and can finally Upgrade my van bergen for this neres I also have el sharaway

      The ManThe Man25 dagen geleden
    • No not really. Just use el shar

      JackG2207JackG220725 dagen geleden
  • 8 mid rolls?

    TeckTeck26 dagen geleden
  • Anyone know if he’s better than el shaarawy?

    ebisthenameebisthename26 dagen geleden
    • use both. im putting neres at RW with a finisher and linking him by putting lucas leiva, bruno peres, and FB paulinho, then using an icon at ST position for chem

      Garrett HagenGarrett Hagen26 dagen geleden
  • Not better than neymar?

    EDDIET G_09EDDIET G_0926 dagen geleden
  • Him or diatta

    luca vykopalluca vykopal26 dagen geleden
  • Please do the showdown keher

    Alejandro RivasAlejandro Rivas26 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or does he feel a little slow. I know it sounds dumb but I was dribbling with him and he feels slower than I thought he’d feel. 🤷‍♂️

    Brian PerezBrian Perez26 dagen geleden
  • Really reminds me of summer heat Vinicius from last year

    Gabriel redricoGabriel redrico26 dagen geleden
    • Thanks lingardinho

      Toby TrundleToby Trundle24 dagen geleden
  • Time to get Klaiber back into my squad 😂, this time at LB

    Abhishek BhandariAbhishek Bhandari26 dagen geleden
  • Does he expire on Wednesday or Thursday?

    Jake PenningtonJake Pennington26 dagen geleden
    • @Shahruz Numonov dammit 😂 thanks bro!

      Jake PenningtonJake Pennington26 dagen geleden
    • Wednesday

      Shahruz NumonovShahruz Numonov26 dagen geleden
  • Neres over neymar???

    Alterableaxe 797Alterableaxe 79726 dagen geleden
    • Yeh bro definitely! For the price and now the plus 1 👌 that pace is what makes him better and he feels strong in game!

      The NotoriousThe Notorious20 dagen geleden
  • Please please please do dzeko too

    Noah CookNoah Cook26 dagen geleden
  • Yoooo sancho what if value dropping 350k over night thoooo!’ EA DRAINING MY FUCKING ACCOUNT

    Ok AlrightOk Alright26 dagen geleden
  • definitely has a hidden 5* weak foot played like 10 games with him and thought he was right footed the whole time

    Owen DyerOwen Dyer26 dagen geleden
    • @The Man definitely worth it if you craft him i’d start him over el sha or as one of the most op super subs this year

      Owen DyerOwen Dyer25 dagen geleden
    • is he worth it? I have el sharaway but I could play him at rm on 7 chem and play neres on 10 cuz I have cole and gullit so I can easily link him

      The ManThe Man25 dagen geleden
  • I bought 95 Pele to link him no cap 🧢

    Eric CamposEric Campos26 dagen geleden
  • No one gonna comment on how many adds there is? I got the same add three times in like 5 mins 😂 I have future stars Antony so David was a HAS to get!!

    MSTY rianrobbieMSTY rianrobbie26 dagen geleden
  • Linked my neres to my baby Pele, goddam my luck was good this year

    Fu$byFu$by26 dagen geleden
  • I have a question. Will his card upgrade if Ajax wins the match or do they have to advance to the next round?

    gingin26 dagen geleden
    • @L T ight thanks brother

      gingin25 dagen geleden
    • Just if they win the match bro

      L TL T25 dagen geleden