Now We Know Vault-Tec Started It

8 jul. 2020
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Fallout 4 is a game that left players asking many questions, however what may be the Fallout universe's biggest mystery is why the Great Conflict began in the first place and who started it. While there are various obvious suspects, today we'll explain why it was more than likely Vault-Tec which created the catalyst for this series and Vault-Tec is far more suspicious than the Fallout games have led anyone to believe. Sit back and relax as we break down the weirdest company in Fallout to this day.

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  • Hola! Huge thanks to TKS Mantis' video on the entire cancelled Fallout Move: Also - At 16:08 there's some dead audio that stems for around 12 seconds, sorry about that :*(

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    • 8qiiiiiiiiii8iiiii

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    • But wait, wait, WAIT! In Fallout 1 or 2(I can't remember which), one building you go into has a super smart AI computer you talk to that basically admits it was bored to be super smart and essentially have its own personality, but not have any body or unit to be Mobile in and move around. It was just stuck in the database computers in this building. So it started playing war games and making hypothetical scenarios. It ended up hacking different countries' National defenses, and it admits then that it launched all the nukes, simply out of boredom...

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    • You know the script said confidentially right which is not in any way the same thing as confidently

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    • I was listening and I was like what but it's okay enjoyed the video.

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    • I saw you sitting at the center of a circle Everybody, Everybody wanted something from you I saw you sitting there I saw you swaying to the rhythm of the music Caught you playing Caught you praying to the voice inside you I saw you swaying there I don't care what you want to be I go back so far, I'm in front of me It doesn't matter what they say They're giving the game away I can see the world tonight Look into the future See it in a different light I can see the world tonight I heard you listening to a secret conversation You were crying You were trying not to let them hear you I heard you listening in Never mind what they want to do You got a right, to your point of view It doesn't matter what they say They're giving the game away I can see the world tonight Look into the future See it in a different light I can see the world tonight I saw you hiding from a flock of paparazzi You were hoping You were hoping that the ground would swallow you I saw you hiding there I don't care what you want to be I go back so far, I'm in front of me It doesn't matter what they say They're giving the game away I can see the world tonight Look into the future See it in a different light I can see the world tonight Look into the future I can see the world tonight See it in a different light I can see the world tonight I can see the world tonight DS control more than just the film industry, music industry, banking industry, and media. Giving truths in plain sight.

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  • Why, the fuck, does this guy talk like this? Can you imagine having to talk to this guy at dinner?

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  • Check out terminal in Boston commons near swan Rich were throwing big party on 24 th It talk about It was good run You need 500k get in Police had mole in silver shroud and he was very rich so was this rich against poor ?

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  • It's a pity you cannot play for a while in Fallout 4 before the bombs start falling.

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  • Ox did this one in 2017 so u copy him -_-

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  • This is completely sarcastic. Coming soon to Netflix. The vault tech TV show. Prequel to all fallout games.

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  • Fallout 5's main villain could be vault tech

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  • Maybe the real vault tech was the friends we made along the way.

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  • 15:50 that vault entrance is really pretty, what's the vault numbNEVERMIND 29:14

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  • uhhhhhhhhh fallout 4 was based in Boston, MA which is on the EAST coast not WEST coast 10:12

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  • So mothership zeta dlc in fallout 3 had aliens and there was a alien crash site in fallout 4 soo i guess full invasion in fallout 76?

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  • I cant ignore that Vault-tec rep sounds like Decard Cain

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  • Something tells me we will see a few Vault Tec Easter eggs in Starfield. I think the Vault Tec leadership is somewhere out there off planet still monitoring some of these vault experiments for space travel purposes.

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  • Story teller!!!

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  • The enclave and vault tec def worked together to end the world for their own reasons

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  • It’s kinda interesting how the overseer at 81 said she never heard of 111. It seems like the different vaults and their intended roles were kept secret from the other overseers as well.

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  • Storyteller :(

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  • OK I have a wacky theory. Vault-tec and The Enclave were both inerested in space travel and so Vault-tec would provide the research needed with the vaults. The Enclave, being part of the Government would have access to nukes. I also believe that The Enclave got in contact somehow with the Zetans. Something must've happened between the two which caused the Zetans to launch the nukes earlier then anticipated and thus cause the great war. VAult-tec couldn't study the effect of the vaults ans they had the crap blown out of them and the ENclave didn't have time to prepare to leave.

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  • It's seems plausable. How could you convince people to join vaults without giving them an excuse to need them. Then to make sure your experiments went on as planned you would have to start a global nuclear war............. At last the great experiment begins .....................

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  • Did u know fall out 3 and 4 are in the same time pine itm8s just fall out 4 is 100 years after the bomb fell and fall out 4 is 200 years ahead

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  • hm

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  • 20:43, who? the vaping add guy?

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  • It make sense to put the logo on the bomb if they were suppose to explode in a nuclear fashion

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  • ✝️God loves you so much! Jesus is king! ✝️

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  • This does not count, mainly because that cut stuff (ie the movie) was canceled, and therefore is not cannon, and this video does not to be 40 minutes

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  • What

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  • Please stop saying “ahhh” after every word you sayahhh

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  • you've convinc

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  • Nate: says Vault-Tec Bombed America Chinese man in Chinese Submarine: They don't know I Bombed Boston

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  • All this talk about space and no jack Cabot.

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  • 29:41 What? No way!

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  • This video is REALLY interesting (especially the fact that the Megaton bomb has the Vault-Tec logo in it, which is mindblowing), BUT my god, I think I've never watched a youtube video with as many ads =(

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  • You are in the vault for 210 years wrong again mate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hey am I dumb or isn't there something about a space war in the museum in fallout 4? I have memory issues 😅

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  • The Storyteller returns...

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  • But, the Enclave are all Chinese people. Also, I get the feeling the aliens are hanging around because they're not aliens, they're hybrid humans breed for deep space travel. Waiting for they're human overlords, whom of which are long dead, to give them the go ahead to gather up select regular human vault tech survivors and shove off.

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  • Confidentially, not confidently. Confidentially implies conspiratorial or secretive.

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  • Imagine being so bad at making an mmo that NPCs are an expansion

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  • It's kinda funny. There was supposed to be a Fallout movie AAALLLLL those years ago and now... Amazon and Bethesda are working on a Fallout TV series. It's beautiful!

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  • yo

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  • I used to think i am legend was the fallout movie

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  • Thaaaaats capitalism!

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  • I think that might be the US Airforces old logo (the roundel) but in all yellow

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  • Wait what I thought it was obvious

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  • That doesn't explain the purpose of these meaningless tests. Let's see how long these group of men survive. Well, obviously the answer is gonna be until they die off. The experiments are complete shit and don't really test anything, because you can assume how it's gonna play out.

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  • HOW INSULTING TO Vault-Tec!!!

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  • Where oh where would Vault-Tec find the Uranium for Nukes in the Fallout universe? You can't just walk into a store and buy Uranium! I mean you kind of can - your cars, robots and houses are all nuclear powered

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  • If only obsidion had remianed in control , so many good companys and franchises have been bought and made terrible by today's mega corps

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  • I have a feeling vault tec goes further than we currently know. I also think its very possible they had a hand in weapon develoment. Maybe they had a hand manufacturing the nukes to begin with. But.. I have a sneaking suspicion the zetans may very well be the true puppeteers. Aliens are always associated with experimentation,... just like

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  • What do you mean now we know. It's been blatantly explained and known for like a decade now

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  • 8:22 Not confidently. But confidentially. Confidentiality is like when you tell someone something with a hint that they should not tell that information to anybody

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  • testing the social effects of space travel on humans oh i fucking called it!

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  • late to the party. As you pointed out in Fallout 4, your character just happened to get accepted. Then the bombs dropped. One thing to note all but one tube was empty. Vault tech guy could have been the other as he was suppose to be on the list. That as you said leans more toward everything happening by design. Something to throw a wrench into the whole mess, why would they not simply have the lunch station built into Vault-Tech Vault or Enclave Vault? With the theory of space travel there was a study done that seems to really hint at something. Vault Tech Academy Vault. The heart attack inducing food. With that being the only food. The study is interesting when looking at a space travel impact. Either a study on getting the food ready for use or if people would eat food with the knowledge that it would kill them or starve to death. Some make no sense. Man and the puppets, 20 men 20 women 1 panther, etc. Also worthy of note that Bombs drop before the Chip in Fallout: New Vegas.

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  • I believed it was Vault Tech working with aliens from the start.

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  • It’s ONI section 3 from Halo but WAY more humane

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    • Yeah lol

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  • But what about ox horns video?

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  • Great video but what kinda voice are you putting on it's so distracting.

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  • My go-to occam's razor when game writing is weird is always "game developers are not authors, and games are made by committe". There's always the option that three teams were working on model assets and sound in parallell and the level design guys just had to move along to something else.

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  • What if vault tech made all of the dropped bombs but they were sold to the participating countries.

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  • You should check out a cave in Fallout 76, it's called "The Deep" there is a strange ... thing that is just laying on the ground.

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  • The entirety of fallout explained into words. Nuke Die

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  • this is the dumbest fucking theory i have ever seen. this is everything wrong with the state of the fallout series

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  • BTW, just realized you didn't cover "Fallout Tactics" - where there is a Vault Zero that was the communication center and data collection point for all of the vaults.

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  • I actually consider fallout 76 a horrible fan game and will not allow it used for lore or anything remotely related to fallout.

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  • He says the main fallouts but doesn’t mention fallout new Vegas

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  • haven't watched the entire video yet but isn't vault 0 the vault which all the experiement data would be transferred to?

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  • in the future of your video making please dont add spoilers to the damn title. for real this was annoying. and also the reason im not subbing to this channel. ever.

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  • I always thought the Megaton bomb had the USAF roundel on it, and was an American bomb from a crashed bomber since it's basically on the Washington Dulles airport

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  • PAM started it.

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  • Nate on 4:28 of vid: What's the point of gathering this intel and who's it going to?! Ad at 4:32: gRAnD CaNYoN uNivERsITy XD

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  • Nuka-World Management: "We have received complaints about customer and staff treatment in the Arcturus Space Vault ride". Vault Tec: "It's become habit at this point". Nuka-World Management: "What?" Vault Tec: "We'll buy your silence by offering you an exclusive discount to one of our most lavishing vaults".

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  • You forgot about the the cult that who help go to space (the bright brotherhood ) in New Vegas and did you forget about the mothership zeta dlc for fallout three. Ps. These may mean nothing and that’s why you didn’t say anything about it, but it may have some correlation to the main story.

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  • 8:25 "confidenTIAlly"

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  • Is it possible that the enclave did end up getting something going with the data from the vaults, shot themselves into space, get taken over by other factions and send out the Hope with the cryogenic data from vault 111 to let those extra people rot

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  • Fallout 76 isnt canon. Whats clear to me is Tim Cain has a better head on his shoulders for writing then that moron Emil.

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  • Kay

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  • Vault techs on the moon

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  • They put the Georgia guide stones in 76? Go fig..

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  • Nate, a nuke will make anything in a 10 km radium evaporate like water on a hot pan, no matter the material. it can boil away a river faster than a bee can flap its wings even once. even a dent can cause an accidental "rapid unplanned disassembly of everything in 30 km radius" a reactor alone has a siezure over half a stick of graphite left in a chamber. they're fragile yet powerful weapons, like my autistic older brother after a night binging WWE smackdowns if it can evaporate things that can't evaporate, like wood, people, civilisations, i think a bit of lead paint won't stand a chance. the fact that some dumbasss didn't strike the nuke with a sledge hammer to crack it open for loot makes me think god is real in fallouts 1-76

    Aidan Matthew GaleaAidan Matthew Galea19 dagen geleden

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  • Might be 5 months late but anyone else think of Starfield when watching this?

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  • Great content but why so you talk like that?

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  • enclave: there is no radiation in space! Me:y'all never seen space Godzilla?

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  • I like the content of the vids but your voice is so insufferable, I couldn’t bare living with someone like you. Reminds me of chills, horrid voice, interesting topics. That being said, I do like the effort and research put into the vids

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  • It's training regime brotha

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  • I fully disagree. In the far harbor addon, near the Boston airport, there is a man in a submarine. A Chinese communist. He explains he helped drop the bombs.

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  • whens this man gonna hit 1 million

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  • It's actually not surprising at all how vaulttech got their hands on bombs, A: THE VAULTS HAD NUCLEAR REACTORS POWERING THEM, and B: if they were working with the enclave that'd be pretty straightforward.

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  • You make great videos and all and I hate to be the negative nancy but... you say "uh" after half your words and you have trouble pronouncing some of the words .. either you need to speak better or hire another voice

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  • "confidentially" is not the same as "confidently" my guy

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  • And I thought I was the only one to play fallout 4, new Vegas and 3 in 2021

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  • Volt Tech

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  • You know. I always kind have of have thought they had some sort of hand in it. They were there a super shady company.

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  • "Their original goal was to move society to space" I was expecting you to go to the nuka world DLC and go to the power armor and the space exhibit.

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  • I still think that Vault-Tec, Med-Tek and Hallucingen (which I think of is subordinate of the latter) are all monstrous companies.

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  • Kind of a spoiler in the title. That's part of the game. The mystery of what happened. Honestly really irritated right now.

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  • you sound fruity

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  • How do Jack Cabot and The Institute fit in?

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  • Vault-tec made the worlds biggest ad campaign.

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  • I think the nuke with the VT logo on it was actually produced by VT. It isn't a nuclear missile, but a bomb meant to be dropped by plane, so it is possible that maybe a nuke disabled an american bomber flying over DC, and therefore the bomb dropped, and didn't detonate because I don't think in a war, you'll arm the nuke while over your own country.

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