NINE-DARTER! Krzysztof Ratajski strikes perfection at Players Championship 12

27 apr. 2021
62 682 Weergaven

Krzysztof Ratajski kicks things off on Day Four with perfection against Keane Barry at PDC Super Series 3.
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  • It was his first 9 darts leg???

    mariusz87mariusz8722 uur geleden
  • It's sad but they not that spechel anymore I think it's time to make trebles smaller for pros

    Kevin S 83Kevin S 83Dag geleden
  • Polish Power

    Neron KesarNeron Kesar5 dagen geleden
  • Mickey Mouse competition with all the best players withdrawn this is a joke competition for 2nd class players

    John ReesJohn Rees6 dagen geleden
  • Excellent 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

    Randall StephensRandall Stephens6 dagen geleden
  • Did krystof win?

    Nick gerrNick gerr6 dagen geleden
  • Polski 🦅

    Mateusz JacekMateusz Jacek6 dagen geleden
  • Brawo Krzysiu!!!!🎯🎯🎯🎯

    hey hey adventures·hey hey adventures·7 dagen geleden
  • Tak Jest!!!

    Grzegorz Ostrowski K.S. Lotnik WrocławGrzegorz Ostrowski K.S. Lotnik Wrocław7 dagen geleden
  • 1:01 Was the fist bump because the 9 darter or because the deciding leg? 😅

    Nico PolidisNico Polidis7 dagen geleden
  • Top banana 🤩

    Derek MerryDerek Merry7 dagen geleden
  • O to chodzi brawo ksysiu

    Natixv 196Natixv 1967 dagen geleden
  • Od 24 lat oglądam darta i nareszcie mam powód do dumy. Brawo Krzysztofie.

    Marek Sz.Marek Sz.8 dagen geleden
  • Does this count as a televised 9 darter? Great darts!

    T eacherT eacher8 dagen geleden
  • These 9 darters are getting ridiculous. The general standard just keeps getting better.

    Joshua KingJoshua King8 dagen geleden
  • Brawo Rataj💪👏

    Adi 2023Adi 20238 dagen geleden
  • hitting a 9 darter is incredible, hitting a 9 darter against the throw to throw first in the deciding leg is truly amazing

    rob mrob m8 dagen geleden
    • And winning that deciding leg is aldo important cause, had he lost it, it would have been all that for nothing

      DoraemonDoraemon7 dagen geleden
  • Perfect!!

    Kamil JankoKamil Janko8 dagen geleden
  • Wtf!....are they throwing 9darters for fun nowadays 😳 the standard is so high, insane 🙏🏼

    Robbie LievenRobbie Lieven8 dagen geleden

    BejkerBejker8 dagen geleden
  • Do any tournaments still play 301 double on anymore?

    learntobowl.comlearntobowl.com8 dagen geleden
    • had to look it up, but it's the world grand Prix, that is double in. All PDC events are 501 now

      FSBFSB8 dagen geleden
    • @FSB thx for the reply. Back in my day ...blah blah blah lol. Seriously, the North American Open singles was always 301. The tournament used to be aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA before being moved here to Las Vegas. I’ll never forget being a kid (1979?) and taking out 164 the first leg against Bobby George in Open Doubles before they crushed us the next two games for the match. My doubles partner (Mike Boyd, RIP) was Bobby’s friend and Bobby stayed at his house just down the street from where I live today. Ironically also, my close friend Julie Hunter partnered with Bobby George to win the N American Open Mixed Doubles event here in Las Vegas a few years later. On a side note...I was going to build “” but never did. I still own the domain and hate to see it not being used. Anybody interested?

      learntobowl.comlearntobowl.com8 dagen geleden
    • No they never did. there's one Double in 501 event

      FSBFSB8 dagen geleden
  • We need now to see Dimitri's 9 darter ....he missed it recently on the double 18 but i am sure he will succeed pretty soon

    Bluehopi BridgeBluehopi Bridge8 dagen geleden
  • 4th 9 darter in what ......4 WEEKS !!! INSANE LEVEL RIGHT NOW

    Bluehopi BridgeBluehopi Bridge8 dagen geleden
  • Wade has a new look😮

    • reflex_Nicolas •• reflex_Nicolas •8 dagen geleden
  • Coś pięknego Krzysztof Ratajski, jesteś inspiracją młodych polskich darterow

    sergio 05sergio 058 dagen geleden
  • We waited years and years for the magical 9 darter,everyone is banging em in nowadays.

    MrDannygraffMrDannygraff8 dagen geleden
    • Im only waiting for special ones now. Not the ones with 2 180. Weird combos we wanna see

      LennyJay lLennyJay l7 dagen geleden
  • That maybe good but can he put all 3 darts into single 5 whilst aiming for triple 20. Get on my level

    Shane CrookShane Crook8 dagen geleden
  • the caller trying to be a pdc caller on stage :P

    ShaunYoshiGamingShaunYoshiGaming8 dagen geleden
  • Dzięki Krzysiu (dziś są moje urodziny)

    Kamil JKamil J8 dagen geleden
  • Nice, so nice. I have always been a fan of Krzysztof Ratajski 🙏

    Tinkering in ThailandTinkering in Thailand8 dagen geleden
  • Such a good player to watch, when he is playing well. Well done Krzysztof 👍🏻😎

    Damian LeahDamian Leah8 dagen geleden
  • Brawo The 🇵🇱Polish 🦅Eagle 👏👏👏

    Nocna Liga DartaNocna Liga Darta8 dagen geleden
    • @Fan Z Teofilowa Po majówce wraca Premier League, więc pewnie wtedy :)

      Nocna Liga DartaNocna Liga Darta7 dagen geleden
    • @Nocna Liga Darta 😄no a kiedy następny live na nocnej lidze darta lub premier league z Kubą

      Fan Z TeofilowaFan Z Teofilowa7 dagen geleden
    • @Fan Z Teofilowa metodą małych kroczków :)

      Nocna Liga DartaNocna Liga Darta7 dagen geleden
    • Ja to sobie 9 lotkę najwyżej w gierce rzucić ale ostatnio pierwszy max więc może a tak wogóle to wielki szacuneczek dla pana Krzysztofa

      Fan Z TeofilowaFan Z Teofilowa7 dagen geleden
  • He lost the final leg I think ??

    Aaron HealyAaron Healy8 dagen geleden
  • Brawo!

    Grzyby w Nowej HucieGrzyby w Nowej Hucie8 dagen geleden
  • second polish nine darter on that year. First one it was Bialecki on UK Open but it's didn't recorded

    Świr Troll SzarmanŚwir Troll Szarman8 dagen geleden
  • Brawo Ratajski ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

    Bartłomiej PiotrowskiBartłomiej Piotrowski8 dagen geleden
  • Did he won the match in the end?

    MaurirzMaurirz8 dagen geleden
    • Yes

      Łukasz DuliŁukasz Duli8 dagen geleden
  • Did it win the final leg?

    Public DetectivePublic Detective8 dagen geleden
    • yes he win

      Świr Troll SzarmanŚwir Troll Szarman8 dagen geleden
  • Me watching the video: "This looks so damn easy" 🙄 Me standing at the oche myself: "This must be witchcraft..." 😲

    HeelsOnWheelsHeelsOnWheels8 dagen geleden
    • Ya need to practice the VOODOO

      Derek MerryDerek Merry7 dagen geleden
    • IKR, the oche distance looks so short on screen, until you stand in front of it...

      Leo LingLeo Ling8 dagen geleden
  • Polish Eagle! Polska siła!

    Faze96Faze968 dagen geleden
  • Top notch

    Maggot DrownerMaggot Drowner8 dagen geleden
  • Nice! Is that his first 9 darter?

    Amazing A The DreamerAmazing A The Dreamer8 dagen geleden
    • @Szymon Stocki thanks 🙂

      Amazing A The DreamerAmazing A The Dreamer8 dagen geleden
    • Second

      Szymon StockiSzymon Stocki8 dagen geleden
  • Fantastycznie Krzysiu💪😁

    89przeemek89przeemek8 dagen geleden
  • Poland Power🇵🇱

    Franek BłaszczykFranek Błaszczyk8 dagen geleden
  • nareszcie krzychu wjezdza na pelnej kooorwie XD brawo!!!

  • I uploaded a video where José de Sousa is singing🤣

    THIJS KTHIJS K8 dagen geleden
  • Well done Krzysztof!!!!

  • Who won?

    Daniele barbatiDaniele barbati8 dagen geleden
  • Why dont you Upload streaming boards two

    Thorin Anderson #DAThorin Anderson #DA8 dagen geleden
  • Krzysztof Ratajski Polish Eagle 🦅🦅

    Mateusz RybickiMateusz Rybicki8 dagen geleden
  • what a nine darter

    keyur patelkeyur patel8 dagen geleden
  • Krzysztof Ratajski Yeahh

    Paveu BartkoPaveu Bartko8 dagen geleden
  • Krzysiek TOP

    Ktoś SmutnyKtoś Smutny8 dagen geleden
  • POLSKA GUROM !!! :p

    TheRealBartoTheRealBarto8 dagen geleden

    Krystian MołasKrystian Mołas8 dagen geleden
  • When did Aspinall hit one?

    mercymercy8 dagen geleden
  • The Polish Eagle is soaring, Well done Krzysztof

    footloose20005footloose200058 dagen geleden
    • @!ssɐdod!ssɐʞ Hahahaha i guess i do look quite similar

      footloose20005footloose200058 dagen geleden
    • Are you the ref?

      !ssɐdod!ssɐʞ!ssɐdod!ssɐʞ8 dagen geleden
  • Polska gurom. Brawo

    Jakub GułaJakub Guła8 dagen geleden
  • The Polish Eagle potęga

    xyz xyzxyz xyz8 dagen geleden
    • zgadzam się 😂

      Nocna Liga DartaNocna Liga Darta8 dagen geleden
  • who won?

    Mitosis The Game - OMarkHydraOMitosis The Game - OMarkHydraO8 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful

    Felix TägerFelix Täger8 dagen geleden

    Jarosław PatejaJarosław Pateja8 dagen geleden
  • Well , who won the deciding leg and the match.... ?

    KoenKoen8 dagen geleden
    • Ratajski

      DylanDylan8 dagen geleden
  • Brawo kurwa!!!!!

    Alojzy PopiołekAlojzy Popiołek8 dagen geleden
  • Polska Górą Krzysztof lecisz po finał

    Gryffin160Gryffin1608 dagen geleden
    • @Krimekk może to będzie jego dzień :)

      Nocna Liga DartaNocna Liga Darta8 dagen geleden
    • @Nocna Liga Darta stres był ale ma to

      KrimekkKrimekk8 dagen geleden
    • ja się bałem, że po 9-lotce przegra decidera, ale na szczęście nie 😎

      Nocna Liga DartaNocna Liga Darta8 dagen geleden
  • 0:50-0:55

    James HeathJames Heath8 dagen geleden
  • Brawo

    zx hjzx hj8 dagen geleden
  • Brawo

    Omar PLOmar PL8 dagen geleden
  • Polish Eagle 👊

    DamianDamian8 dagen geleden
  • Every time I see these 9-darter videos I get super excited for the player, click on the video, but then watch the darts land in the trebles like I'm still expecting him to miss!! haha!

    Powerhouse MiniaturesPowerhouse Miniatures8 dagen geleden
  • Krzystof Ratajski

    Anthony 8BP GamingAnthony 8BP Gaming8 dagen geleden

    Thomas ShelbyThomas Shelby8 dagen geleden
  • Worldclass

    YoutuberYoutuber8 dagen geleden

    Aleksander BAleksander B8 dagen geleden
    • @Marek Sz. ok boomer

      Rafal frtRafal frt7 dagen geleden
    • Weź chłopie nie pisz gdy nie umiesz. Nawet odczytać nie można co chciałeś napisać. Serio. Nie umiesz, nie pisz.

      Marek Sz.Marek Sz.8 dagen geleden
  • Krzysztof top Polska górą❤️🇵🇱

    woźny -_-woźny -_-8 dagen geleden
    • @Jankes 112 a jakże :P

      Nocna Liga DartaNocna Liga Darta8 dagen geleden
    • @Nocna Liga Darta Pojęcia nie mam albo xyz

      Jankes 112Jankes 1128 dagen geleden
    • @Jankes 112 właśnie oglądałem stream z warcabów i zgadnij kogo tam spotkałem na czacie :)

      Nocna Liga DartaNocna Liga Darta8 dagen geleden
    • @Nocna Liga Darta Spokojny jak zawsze

      Jankes 112Jankes 1128 dagen geleden
    • Nawet mu powieka nie drgnęła :)

      Nocna Liga DartaNocna Liga Darta8 dagen geleden
  • Brawo Krzysztof 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱👍👍

    UlmiUlmi8 dagen geleden
    • 👍

      Bartłomiej PiotrowskiBartłomiej Piotrowski8 dagen geleden
    • 👍

      Filip TarlinskiFilip Tarlinski8 dagen geleden
  • Dziewięć

    SeladorSelador8 dagen geleden
  • Every day😅

    Mark GibsonMark Gibson8 dagen geleden
    • lol yeah 😂

      FCB 25FCB 258 dagen geleden
  • Great Timing!!

    Valentin XxValentin Xx8 dagen geleden
  • 😍👍🏼

    Wolle76Wolle768 dagen geleden
  • 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

    ivan silvaivan silva8 dagen geleden