Nieky Holzken vs. John Wayne Parr | ONE Championship Full Fight

21 apr. 2021
456 943 Weergaven

The legendary clash between kickboxing icon Nieky Holzken and Muay Thai great John Wayne Parr in the @Bleacher Report lead card of ONE on TNT III concluded with a stunning KNOCKOUT!
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  • What's NEXT for these legends?

    ONE ChampionshipONE Championship14 dagen geleden
    • Massive JWP fan, I can’t believe he’s fighting at this level after a hip replacement. But you can see his kicks aren’t the same and he’s reacting a bit more to getting touched. He’s achieved it all but it might be time to hang them up at 45, to fight at that level to that age is amazing. What a great career!

      Ian GrahamIan GrahamDag geleden
    • Rodtang

      El Chupa CabraEl Chupa Cabra7 dagen geleden
    • @Argooh JWP is too big . He is like 10 KG bigger than Souwer at this point . You know that JWP vs Nieky was supposed to be at 77 KG ? JWP couldn't cut anymore so it was at 80 KG . No way Andy Souwer who is already looking chubby at 70 KG is gonna fight 80 KG JWP . JWP will KO Sower easy . Too big . Is like saying 38 years old ( current ) Buakaw who is 71 KG is a good fight for ( 22 years old ) current Rodang who is 61 KG . Rodtang is 16 years younger than Buakaw lol . It would be still a mistmatch . Buakaw is too big .

      8 limbed warrior nak muay8 limbed warrior nak muay7 dagen geleden
    • @8 limbed warrior nak muay Meet half way. JWP is 44 years old man.

      ArgoohArgooh7 dagen geleden
    • @Argooh JWP is 80 KG , he can't even cut to 77 KG . Andy Souwer is 70 KG , max for him might be 75 KG but he'll be out of shape . How can they fight each other ?

      8 limbed warrior nak muay8 limbed warrior nak muay7 dagen geleden
  • Like a lion playing with its prey...

    raboratoryraboratory8 uur geleden
  • jwp putting in high out put work is now just a step behind. Tough as they come but this kinda hurt to watch. Both men are legends and am glad this fight was put together thou

    ceerw butyceerw buty14 uur geleden
  • UFC should put on fights with this rule set.

    Drew JohnDrew John20 uur geleden
  • Its hard to hate john wanye parr hes just one of them guys you should be jailed for hating on him hes so easy going and humble

    K GK G21 uur geleden
    • Holzken. in those gloves. Now go and do some mma man!!! :D

      ceerw butyceerw buty14 uur geleden
  • How much bigger is nicky?

    Good for youGood for youDag geleden
  • Parr Is One of my Idol....but now It s top old....., no Speed no Power...😢

    William coxWilliam coxDag geleden
  • Please no more jwp

    T FLINTT FLINT2 dagen geleden
    • protect the brain from more damage.

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnonDag geleden
  • Would've loved to see this fight 10 years ago. JWP is way past his prime at 44.

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon2 dagen geleden
    • incredible

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnonDag geleden
  • That one bloke didn't have enough tattoos.

    Surge ÁlvarezSurge Álvarez2 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me who finds this commentating cringey and full of puns..

    Deenus 1987Deenus 19872 dagen geleden
    • Par has that old man look

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon2 dagen geleden
  • Looking at Holzken...thinking of Ramon 'Diamond' Dekkers. True beauty all at once.💪

    Pino PinoPino Pino2 dagen geleden
  • I wish I could see Holzken against Connor McGregor, so Nieky could teach that clown a proper lesson of what it means to fight for real. Kudos to Holzken for he showed us a real and not rigged for $$ fight here

    Santi I.Santi I.2 dagen geleden
  • JWP should just retire. Painful to watch.

    lewis.flewis.f3 dagen geleden
  • “As tough as a truck stop sirloin”

    Bela GyorfiBela Gyorfi3 dagen geleden
  • John Wayne’s a rapper

    Jason BornJason Born3 dagen geleden
  • JWP is amazing but Nieky is one of the few Kickboxers who crosses to fight with Muay Thai rules and wins! Awesome as always, Holzken! Respect to both warriors!

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu3 dagen geleden
  • Goed gedaan weer Nieky 👌🏻 🇳🇱

    BorisBoris3 dagen geleden
  • And what's up with these people in the comment section: JWP was slow and old.... This was a TOTAL MISMATCH. No challenge for the great Holzken

    Davi dDavi d3 dagen geleden
    • What a fight. Was a bit hard to watch though, a guy taking so much damage with those small gloves. This is not MMA, this stuff is serious.

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu3 dagen geleden
  • Holzken. in those gloves. Now go and do some mma man!!! :D

    Davi dDavi d3 dagen geleden
  • Please retire John. Don’t want to see you get seriously hurt brother... be with your family. 🙏🏽

    NPDNPD3 dagen geleden
  • Much love jwp

    Dennis RauwheroDennis Rauwhero3 dagen geleden
  • makes me realize the difference from UFC striking and kicks to full fletched muay thai. Holzken would absolutely merc some of the top strikers from the ufc, his defence alone is incredible

    jimjim3 dagen geleden
  • the saddest part of the fight game is watching legends who fight for too long. JWP is a legend but it's time to hang em up. No use taking more punishment...enjoy life, get fat and protect the brain from more damage.

    It'sme JoshIt'sme Josh3 dagen geleden
  • geweldig Nieky!

    Mc De WaardMc De Waard3 dagen geleden
  • Par has that old man look

    marcus marriottmarcus marriott4 dagen geleden
  • respect voor beide vechters. deze is voor Ramon. Nieky, je hebt ons trots gemaakt

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy4 dagen geleden
  • Why is Wayne par the legend still fighting ? Hope he stays retired he can't do what he use to.

    Jim JohnstonJim Johnston4 dagen geleden
  • It ain't much if it's not Dutch!

    Baranka den lamanBaranka den laman4 dagen geleden
    • Tokkiesport

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy4 dagen geleden
  • Par needs to retire already? This is getting sad...

    Roger HorscroftRoger Horscroft4 dagen geleden
  • Is this guy Bruce Wayne brother ??

    MrKomadantMrKomadant4 dagen geleden
  • Jwp needs to retire he too old and slow

    zeil 1timezeil 1time4 dagen geleden
  • Jwp would of won in his prime

    Ryza Big skyRyza Big sky5 dagen geleden
  • What a fight. Was a bit hard to watch though, a guy taking so much damage with those small gloves. This is not MMA, this stuff is serious.

    HonigdachsHonigdachs5 dagen geleden
  • Great fight a shame neither in their prime 10/15 years ago for JWP and 5 years ago for Nieky

    RuthlessBeatsRuthlessBeats5 dagen geleden
  • Thumbnail: volko vs cro cop

    KhanKhan5 dagen geleden
  • Nieky is my favorite kick boxing fighter of all time! so crisp and pure!

    DmitriyDmitriy5 dagen geleden
  • Regian Eersel, be careful.

    Keanu VelascoKeanu Velasco5 dagen geleden
  • On ya JWP Always be a legend of Muay Thai! Neiky is a beast

    Jhu YouknowwhoJhu Youknowwho5 dagen geleden
  • Jwp is as tough as nails!!!

    mickmick5 dagen geleden
  • Those head shots aren’t going to do JWP any good at all ☹️

    Philip RobertsPhilip Roberts5 dagen geleden
  • Respect JWP forever a legend 🥊🥊💪💪❤️

    Liam MoirLiam Moir5 dagen geleden
  • Respect to both fighters. But stoppage was too early

    BESBES5 dagen geleden
  • Tokkiesport

    MikeMike5 dagen geleden
  • I love John, unfortunately can see his age here he can't even get the kicks up. What a legend though.

    Greg HansfordGreg Hansford5 dagen geleden
  • Respect. Two tough fighters. Those light gloves don't leave much room for error. I've always been a fan of JWP and this was a good fight. It was stopped at the right time because, it was clear, JWP would not have thrown in the towel, no matter what.

    How To FishHow To Fish5 dagen geleden
  • what a great fight ! Nice techniques with accuracy. Both are excellent fighters

    Sensei ExperienceSensei Experience5 dagen geleden
  • Jwp is a stud .

    Dangerous DaveDangerous Dave5 dagen geleden
  • Left high kick 🔥

    Surkhai RamazanSurkhai Ramazan5 dagen geleden
  • Nieky Holzken vs Edson Barboza is my dream matchup

    Brandon W.Brandon W.6 dagen geleden
  • At this point in his career, JWP should be fighting up and comers that want to make a name off him. This is the reason why Saenchai doesn't fight top contenders anymore, at a certain age you just lose that edge you once had. JWP still has an incredible fight IQ and work rate, I still think he has the style to beat Nieky.

    Marshall MaiaMarshall Maia6 dagen geleden
  • This was messy

    Craig CassidyCraig Cassidy6 dagen geleden
  • Both their skill levels are amazing

    John PedderJohn Pedder6 dagen geleden
  • Respect voor Nieky the natural topfighter...

    Nico SpruijtNico Spruijt6 dagen geleden
  • JWP is a legend but here he was out weighed with quite a lot of pounds...👍

    Lars Bo BergLars Bo Berg6 dagen geleden
  • Mooie counter mn pfff respect voor JWP nog steeds kennen meedoen met dit level

    XXX amsterdam WSTXXX amsterdam WST6 dagen geleden
  • Supertrots op onze reiziger!

    R obR ob6 dagen geleden
  • This might actually be my favourite ever bit of stand up watched

    Ashley BryantAshley Bryant7 dagen geleden
  • It ain't much if it ain't Dutch 👊

    H4NDS0M3 B33FH4NDS0M3 B33F7 dagen geleden
  • How old is parr? OveR 50?

    8-BITE8-BITE7 dagen geleden
  • Is knocked out but still manages to tell ref I'm alright mate Let's Go

    Matthew Harris-DaviesMatthew Harris-Davies7 dagen geleden
  • this "bunches and bunches" is it like a general synonym for giving preasure which mike tyson said in his prime, or is it even older than that?

    Lord PopoLord Popo7 dagen geleden
  • Nicky is a underrated player if you see him fighting like this!

    Cpz.automotiveCpz.automotive7 dagen geleden
  • As great as JWP is you can’t beat Father Time!! Will always be one of my favourite fights, a legend!!

    Ken BeswickKen Beswick7 dagen geleden
  • Sad to see him lose like this and he should never have been allowed to be in the ring.

    Plastows PPlastows P7 dagen geleden
  • JW ive watched you for as long as I remember. What a legend and role model. Keep going if you feel like it man - Can't believe you took on Nieky Holzken in mma gloves though ya mad man! Haha. F*** it why not ey.

    ArgoohArgooh7 dagen geleden
  • Walter withe

    HIT3C BadNewsHIT3C BadNews7 dagen geleden
  • Prachtig gevecht van Niecky super 🌹🌹🌹

    Han HollandHan Holland7 dagen geleden
  • Both men are extremely tough fighters, I think time may of caught up with John though

    James GreenJames Green7 dagen geleden
  • Tanto di cappello e inchino per John Parr

    Danny KickDanny Kick7 dagen geleden
  • That sweep was so slick

    Ryan MakaRyan Maka7 dagen geleden
  • Easy cowboy!!!

    JayJay7 dagen geleden
  • If there is a hall of fame for all combat sports, JWP should be the first inductee.

    Michael WongMichael Wong7 dagen geleden
  • Saw a documentary about JW Parr. What a life he has had

    Perfect BluePerfect Blue7 dagen geleden
  • Only thing wrong here is John Wayne Parr doesnt have enough names.

    Turkka PahisTurkka Pahis7 dagen geleden
  • That hurt to watch. JWP is a legend.

    nietsracnietsrac7 dagen geleden
  • I feel that was a premature stoppage.

    Ofer MashiachOfer Mashiach8 dagen geleden
  • In his day the gun slinger would have whooped dutchy .... please retire JWP

    right of centreright of centre8 dagen geleden
  • JWP is a great fighter.but he is 44 years old.His speed drops a lot.This is why he lost.

    Jacky ChangJacky Chang8 dagen geleden
  • JWP looked so sharp too just shows how good Holzken is, such high level guys.

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh8 dagen geleden

    Mezelf Om dat hetkanMezelf Om dat hetkan8 dagen geleden
  • No disrespect, but that Parr guy looked like an amateur next to Holzken.

    David SzirmaiDavid Szirmai8 dagen geleden
    • I’m in tears laughing at the Anthony Mundine comment from the commentator.

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh8 dagen geleden
  • As hard as a truck stop sirloin :D

    Paul chenPaul chen8 dagen geleden
  • I thought jwp retired

    S&P 500 Day TraderS&P 500 Day Trader8 dagen geleden
  • wauw

    grover Melodygrover Melody8 dagen geleden
  • JWP too old no power on his shots. 10 years ago would have been amazing

    Joe MJoe M8 dagen geleden
  • Holzken =Legend

    Douwe EgbertDouwe Egbert8 dagen geleden
  • When watching these fights I‘m asking myself how good these guys would do in UFC or if the fighters are equally good..

    team 07team 078 dagen geleden
  • Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him. John 14:6‭-‬7 KJV

    WA VEWA VE8 dagen geleden
  • Wow even in defeat you can see what a monster JWP was in his prime. You can tell from the first round he is a superior striker but his body just can’t work as quick as his mind anymore. You can see he knows what he wants to do but his body just isn’t reacting to it in time. Legend.

    Sir Mosewald of Osely The High ExecutionerSir Mosewald of Osely The High Executioner8 dagen geleden
  • Tough call to ref, but every indication was that Nieky was just gonna get more and more comfortable and build up the damage. John is made of iron and wasn't gonna quit. Could have been a real long, real ugly couple minutes.

    Kyle RobinsonKyle Robinson8 dagen geleden
  • Nette bal Nieky, goei partij'ke

    loetthebest@live.nlloetthebest@live.nl8 dagen geleden
  • damnnn..never thought i would see JWP fight again...just wow. That guy is tough as nail

    Noel RogaNoel Roga8 dagen geleden
  • Much respect to JWP... tough as nails... heart of a champion

    Hernandez FernandezHernandez Fernandez8 dagen geleden
  • Damn kickboxing with MMA gloves this amazing

    139forLife139forLife8 dagen geleden
  • Legends both of them

    andreas ambizasandreas ambizas8 dagen geleden
  • I’m in tears laughing at the Anthony Mundine comment from the commentator.

    Jason TaylorJason Taylor8 dagen geleden
  • Parr Thankyou for destroying my brain further. Not much left but still enough to kick box.

    Doctor BoyDoctor Boy8 dagen geleden
  • I can’t believe John Wayne parr got smashed that’s shocking the Blake that beat him will Go places

    Ertan KiranErtan Kiran8 dagen geleden
  • 20 years ago this would have been a different outcome.

    Roddy gogoRoddy gogo8 dagen geleden