Next Gen MacBook Pro MAJOR leaks! Disappointing?

27 apr. 2021
104 998 Weergaven

New MacBooks are on the horizon! Major leaks showing the ports, mini LED displays, specs, and new design for the 2021 MacBook Pro redesign have been surfacing! Looks like a fun redesign with no more Touch Bar, more ports, and a lot of really interesting rumors! Unfortunately, not everything is good news... Let's discuss
This week's episode of Drk Mode:
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  • I think Apple knows what they're doing.

    taburolandotaburolando6 minuten geleden
  • The biggest problem is the loss of Touch Bar, big mistake…the new M1x will be in the 14 & 16 inch by the end of the summer

    Jack DominiakJack Dominiak3 uur geleden
  • So who has the photos?

    Ulises GilUlises Gil21 uur geleden
  • i really hope m1x/m2 is in the 14”

    SophieSophieDag geleden
  • I do agree with you regarding Apple's pricing when selecting options for your build. Terribly overpriced RAM and SSD options are outrageous. The new M1 or M1-X silicon by Apple is costing a tenth of the price to what Intel has charged Apple over the years. So there is now no Intel tax yet the new M1 laptops (and other M1 SKU's) have increased in price, yet again. I find this shameful. Apple has moved the price points even higher in order to garner even more profit. This pricing will ensure the ongoing success of AMD and Intel cpu's to the laptop market. Other laptop makers produce beautifully crafted pieces and they also manufacture gaming laptops that Apple does not even consider. And most of them are exceptionally well priced. They don't need to have faster silicon as per contrived M1 comparisons, but what they do have is better pricing, competitive component upgrades when purchasing and include powerful gaming gpu's. There is also an enormous selection of brands and models. These laptops are designed to be powered from the wall. Apple has a long way to go.

    John van de VenJohn van de VenDag geleden
  • m1 dual will be ok

    劉奕彤劉奕彤Dag geleden
  • The writing on the wall is a 14” model... It’s obvious. No schematic needed. What’s disappointing is how long it takes Apple to make a decision and the fact that they are still using Asian slave labor.

    Jackson WalkerJackson Walker2 dagen geleden
  • thunderbolt port is intel muahahahahaha.

    Jessie JamesJessie James2 dagen geleden
  • Boring review

    OshotOshot3 dagen geleden
  • There's nothing wrong with the M1 chip. Apple should just add a powerful GPU to compete with discrete mobile GPUs

    Sayantan BoseSayantan Bose3 dagen geleden
  • Maybe they offer the M1X chip as an upgrade? $1,499 for a 14" MB Pro with 512GB storage, 16GB RAM and an M1 chip. Then $1799 for the same thing but with an M1X chip and 4 Thunderbolt ports instead of only 2? And with that M1X chip-equipped machine, you can pay another $200 or $300 for 32GB of RAM, and another $200 for 1TB of storage? But, yeah, the M1 chip in a $699 Mac Mini or $999 MB Air is *REALLY* a great chip. It makes far less sense in a computer that's $2,000. They have to do something different.

    LMacNeillLMacNeill4 dagen geleden
  • You are such an excellent apple analyst, I completely agree with you with everything you say in this video. Apple should unveil a higher end silicon for higher end computers and then take their time improving them and upgrading them every other year.

    Osvaldo DíazOsvaldo Díaz4 dagen geleden
  • I really wish that they keep the 14 inch with M1. For me it’s more than enough and the price with M1 will probably be lower than we expect

    Arthur Galvão de araújo nunesArthur Galvão de araújo nunes4 dagen geleden
  • Junk

    Mac GamerMac Gamer4 dagen geleden
  • Even if the 14" MacBook Pro is not THE perfect laptop that I thought it would be... I'm still gonna go get one.

    James EinerJames Einer5 dagen geleden
  • Still possible that it’s an M1X, and it’s actually 3 Thunderbolt ports, because maybe it can’t support 4, and they are tossing in the extra ports to try to compensate for not having 4.

    Mike HutchinsonMike Hutchinson6 dagen geleden
  • This guy used to make good videos. Now, just like every other NLworldr he is just jumping on the M1 BS rumour and speculation band wagon to beg for more views and subscriptions.

    Nic1963 DNic1963 D6 dagen geleden
  • I have a thought. If Apple bring an M1x with a performance of somewhat the same of M1, BUT it has 4 USB port, with 2 thunderbolts to split into 2 4k external screens, can use external GPU... Would you consider that an upgrade from M1?

    TheOrisyaTheOrisya6 dagen geleden
  • I bought a Macbook Pro M1 and it's not that fast like the Intel and not all programs work with the m1 chip. I prefer my old MacBook Pro because it has the dvd drive and other ports. I'm web developer and my old laptop still works for most of the tasks.

    Edwin QuijadaEdwin Quijada6 dagen geleden
  • How quickly things become old hat and jaded. Oh the M1 again - sigh.....

    Dave GarrattDave Garratt6 dagen geleden
  • Boring

    Andrej WhiteAndrej White6 dagen geleden
  • I'm kinda glad that the 14" MacBook Pro will have the M1 because it means that they get good usage out of that chip. Also, the 14" MacBook Pro is like the iMac, a consumer device. No pro will settle for 14" in real life.

    John FordeJohn Forde6 dagen geleden
  • Even with just an m1 the battery will be bigger so it will go even longer than the 13 inch

    FourtuneWooKieFourtuneWooKie7 dagen geleden
  • I would love to see Apple ditch the 13inch Touch Bar model altogether. Make their MacBook Pro line all 14" or 16" with the newest redesign with the flat bottom, 'Liquid XDR' display, and return of the ports. Here's how they can sell it: The processor, which is default M1, can be upgradable to M1X at the time of purchase, just like how you can choose different Intel Ghz processor now or i5 or i7 or i9 or whatever. Make it $400 to upgrade from M1 to M1X. So you get a base model 14inch pro at $1299 with M1, 8GB Ram, and 256GB SSD. Then for $1699 you can turn that into M1X.

    Max SilverstoneMax Silverstone7 dagen geleden
  • You could talk about ARMv9 architecture that was released recently. Apple was the first company to take advantage when ARMv8 was launched, and made the 5S the first 64-bit iPhone. Could ARMv9 boost up Apple Silicon and bring up M2? I guess it definitely will.

    Amilton JuniorAmilton Junior7 dagen geleden
  • Sure, Apple charges a lot for memory and ssd options, but that memory and SSD are very, very good memory and SSD -- I'm still holding out high hopes of Apple holding the price for a 16" MBP M1X with 32GB memory and 2TB SSD down to around 3500 USD. For myself, not worried about the 14" because my old eyes need more glass than that. My biggest concern regarding the rollout is how the chip shortage could push the timing back and the price up for the 16". I paid around $4000 in 2012 for the 2012 15" MBP Retina w/ 750GB SSD and 16GB RAM on which I type this. Spread over most of a decade, the Apple tax has washed out of the price. The new M1X 2021 16" MBP will be several times the machine my old one is. Now, if only the new MBP will last nine years like this one! Thanks for the video. I've watched it twice now. You do some pretty canny analysis, keep it up!

    Slower CuberSlower Cuber7 dagen geleden
  • Wait until the MBP M1 is available and choose the air or the pro

    mark markovicmark markovic7 dagen geleden
  • That why I ordered pro m1 dont want to pay much more when this one will do everything what i need and much more

    Paziowy DamianPaziowy Damian7 dagen geleden
  • Oh no, we don’t get an M1x that would live along/replace the M1 that is so powerful, no one that uses a MacBook uses its full power. Btw to everyone that would argue that there are people that need the power: no professionell would use a laptop and even if so, i don’t think anyone would edit or do anything on the MacBook, that would use up its full power.

    PedramPedram7 dagen geleden
  • sounds more like a MacBook Air

    The Stickman GamerThe Stickman Gamer7 dagen geleden
  • I think we're getting a 2021 replacement for the old base model Macbook Pro instead of an upgrade of the flagship lineup that will start in the fall and continue in 2022. In fact, this year apple only upgraded its base models (in each lineup) and I think they are waiting fall 2021 and 2022 to come out with more powerful M2 chips to upgrade their flagship models. This delay might be caused by the worldwide chip shortage but could also be a smart move to solve the yearly upgrade scheme problem that you mentioned in the video. They could alternate their upgrades by updating the base models in both consumer and pro lineups in uneven years and by upgrading the flagship models in the even years. By calling the chip M2 and by equipping with this SOC the flaghship models, they will justify a significant leap in the prices a provide a better separation between their base models and the flagships. This will also give Apple the time to upgrade all their flagships without risking them to become obsolete in just few months.

    Marco BoneffMarco Boneff7 dagen geleden
  • Ports, ports, ports.

    Baldock FamilyBaldock Family8 dagen geleden
  • If it comes with M1, I ain’t buying it

    LewisLewis8 dagen geleden
  • Apple will roll on until they “chip” our heads just like their Logo predictive programmed 〽️🕶

    ACID CUBEACID CUBE8 dagen geleden
  • Here's what I'm suspecting after seeing this video: 1. Full M1 for low-end 14in MBP, 2. Derated M1X for high-end 14in AND low-end 16in MBP, 3. Full M1X for high-end 16in MBP.

    Scott HengScott Heng8 dagen geleden
  • Apple could include 16 G. B., base RAM with an option for 32 G. B. of RAM with an M1 chip for the 14 inch model. A 16 inch model with an M1X with 8 performances cores 4 efficiency cores, and 16 G. B. of RAM with the option to choose 32 G. B. of RAM.

    John RowlandJohn Rowland8 dagen geleden
  • Please speak slower. This is too much info for 13 mins(!)

    Andac YALGINAndac YALGIN8 dagen geleden
  • Did they get hacked or was it a planned leak? I think it was planned

    Vinh HuynhVinh Huynh8 dagen geleden
  • More waiting for M1X?! I hope not 🤞🏽......Please Apple, don't let us down

    The Gadget GuyThe Gadget Guy8 dagen geleden
  • Agreed Luke. There’s too many things on the wish list and people are getting ahead of themselves

    IluvmusicqweIluvmusicqwe8 dagen geleden
  • More good reasons not to make any purchases until 2024!

    P. WingertP. Wingert8 dagen geleden
  • DON'T expect the current M1 Macbook Pro to be discontinued altogether. It will loose the Touch Bar and become a $100 less expensive. Mark my word.

    Iam ShivaIam Shiva8 dagen geleden
  • tbf I don't think I would lose sleep on the amount of thunderbolt 3 ports as I can count on one hand how ofter I actually used it but I do feel for those that use a lot of thunderbolt 3 however.

    Steve BarkerSteve Barker8 dagen geleden
  • I don't know if I should go for the mb air m1 or mbp 14

    Manuel Di CriscitoManuel Di Criscito8 dagen geleden
  • If they don’t add 5G to MacBooks I’m going with the iMac and iPad combo I’m not it’s 2021 for Christ sake

    Qamar MoodQamar Mood8 dagen geleden
  • one of the biggest things that this should've done is cost savings, as they only have to have TSMC produce the chip, and not have to wait for intel to source out more product for them. since that's not happening, I want to see why they're still jacking up the price for a machine that will be, by rights, be using a modded 2015 unibody non touchbar design. mini-LED is one thing, but that's going to be part of their cost bump across the entire product stack. the only thing i can see that's a cause for the price is the semiconductor shortage, which should be a temporary thing, and one that's not built into MSRP

    redditor001redditor0018 dagen geleden
  • They can keep the 13” as the lower end MacBook Pro and possibly bring in the M1X on the 14” and add more ports and hopefully go to 32 GB of RAM. Then what about the 16”? Which is what I am waiting for. I currently use more than one monitor. I really want 64GB of RAM. Of course I want a faster processor. The 16” needs to the flagship and it needs to break the 16GB barrier if it is going to compete with the 16” Intel version. It needs four Thunderbolt ports as well. What is going to set the M1 13” apart from the 14”? The 16” apart from the 14” other than screen size, if anything. Something (chip wise) has to separate the top MacBook Pro and the iMac Pro apart from their lower tier siblings. I certainly don’t have a clue. My big hopes for the 16” MacBook Pro (I would love for it to be 17”) was similar specs to the Intel with at least 64 GB of RAM, four Thunderbolt ports and a M? Chip that outclasses anything Intel had to offer. Maybe the 14” will top out at 32 GB, three Thunderbolt and not quite as many cores but get the M1X or whatever they call it Chip?

    Michael SurrattMichael Surratt9 dagen geleden
  • Apple screws its customers within an inch of our lives. Every now and then it screws us _a little bit less_ and actually offers us products that aren't lemons or crippled, and that are actually worth what they are charging. THAT's when I grab one and hold them as long as I can until the next opportunity pops up. Unfortunately those opportunities are usually a decade apart. Looks like I'll be waiting a while longer.

    Voncha VivaldiVoncha Vivaldi9 dagen geleden
  • Soldered to death EVERYTHING.

    gkoknokgkoknok9 dagen geleden
  • I still can't go w/any arm ... no x86/64 virtualization and MS ain't releasing those libraries found on the SQ1/2 ... so all this M1/M1X/M* don't do me any good

    TJF DenverTJF Denver9 dagen geleden
  • Wouldn’t a M1X be a M1 with more cores? So same limitations of ports and memory but better performance for multi-core?

    JonasJonas9 dagen geleden

    Bix BoxBix Box10 dagen geleden
  • I really hate this guy

    Bix BoxBix Box10 dagen geleden
    • idk if its the way he looks or his lack of charisma but I just don't like him!!

      Bix BoxBix Box10 dagen geleden
  • Goddammit.. if there's no M1X in the 14", guess I'll be getting an Intel 13" for my next work machine. I need dual-display output and 32GB RAM. Your logic is sound though, it seems highly likely to me that it'll be M1 as you say.

    Wild TangentWild Tangent10 dagen geleden
  • Mac-Pad-Pro 14 will have M1X with max 10TB and 64GB RAM

    John ThomasJohn Thomas10 dagen geleden
  • ima steal m2 chip for all my apple devices

    Alex HartonAlex Harton10 dagen geleden
  • Seems logical that Apple will introduce new 14” MBP with base & high-end configurations… M1 on base model and M1X (or M2 if they decide to name it that way) on the high-end configuration. Just as before w/Intel 13” MBP, the base configuration will have fewer thunderbolt ports. Also quite possible the new 14” MBP completely replaces all 13” MBP, both Intel and the 2020 13” M1 MBP. Why keep the old design around at all once 14” new design is out, unless only as a brief discounted model (perhaps reduced to $1099 or $1199 starting price)? Then the new Apple Silicon 16” MBP, just like the prior generations of Intel-based 16” and 15” MBP, will include as standard the better processor (M1X or “M2” whatever they name it) along with more RAM/storage/ports as standard, consistent with the the high-end config of its smaller 14” sibling.

    Nate CaplinNate Caplin10 dagen geleden
  • this macbook looks exactly like a mid 2015 macbook pro

    Rafael AlbiterRafael Albiter10 dagen geleden
  • I hope that it won’t be disappointing, I've been skipping recent MacBooks and saving up for years now

    ントプトラエルディアントプトラエルディア10 dagen geleden
  • It Makes sense for apple differentiate more the air and the pro lines and create distinct categories, they can do this by better processor, number and variety of ports (I'm not sure about the rumores about HDMI and Card Reader), battery, display technology and other gimmicks. And in the same category makes sense some variation (because people need different needs), different prices by processor, ram and storage (I do not think they will launch models with different display technologies, because is cheaper produce large peaces in scale)

    Fabs Fala (Fabricio Caixeta Andriani)Fabs Fala (Fabricio Caixeta Andriani)10 dagen geleden
  • Why is any of this an issue?? You're getting a dedicated power port, SD port and HDMI. Hardly disappointing.

    Josh AmesJosh Ames10 dagen geleden
  • This is BAD NEWS! I was holding off on buying a new macbook pro until the 14 inch came out. Now to find out I won't be getting the ports I need. Ughhh why apple? that's a BAD APPLE!

    KARvERKARvER10 dagen geleden
  • What if the 14" isn't a Pro? We've heard that they're redesigning the Air for 2021/22. They could be realigning the lineup as 12" - MacBook Air, 14" - MacBook, 16" - MacBook Pro.

    Michael Jon CopelandMichael Jon Copeland10 dagen geleden
  • No matter what you buy, you’ll never have the greatest tech

    Ben PotatoBen Potato10 dagen geleden
  • Apple could fart out a turd and you'd still buy it

    Handsome_HeroHandsome_Hero10 dagen geleden
  • I’m just waiting for the 16 inch :)

    cmdaltctrcmdaltctr10 dagen geleden
  • You know what? I’m getting vibes even the base M1 MBP13” is getting killed. The whole 13” is reaching end of line except the MacBook Air. Further we are forgetting two things here 1799 Intel MBP13” shipped with 16+512 and 4 ports. And then had the higher tier Intel cpu options which idk, run like what? 200-300$ each? The iPad Pro got the M1 and miniLED still price bumped only by $100. The 16+512 M1 MBP13” is 1699. Add 100$ and you get M1X and miniLED covered.

    Shresth SonkarShresth Sonkar11 dagen geleden
  • Trivial!

    Penny HPenny H11 dagen geleden
  • if 14in pro has a M1 then why in the hell would you buy it over the air

    Sneaky SlySneaky Sly11 dagen geleden
  • To be fair the macbook air canabkizes on the macbook pro 13in their almost the same preformance for $200 cheaper

    Maen MarashdehMaen Marashdeh11 dagen geleden
  • I agree with you I hope it still comes out soon and also with more ports and m1x chip in the MacBook Pro 16 inch

    eric samuelseric samuels11 dagen geleden
  • When will it be released and available for purchase

    afzaal1987afzaal198711 dagen geleden
  • 100% thought it was going to be clickbait and found an other channel to avoid. Pleasantly surprised for once.

    NotADuckNotADuck11 dagen geleden
  • What if it was 16-core M1 with up to 32gb of RAM. That should be a good M1 MacBook Pro

    Paulo Mateus GuerraPaulo Mateus Guerra11 dagen geleden
  • Wait so what are they doing with the M1X chips that are in mass production?

    Rahul MurthyRahul Murthy11 dagen geleden
  • Oh my god ohhhh my goddd I wanted the new MacBook to have m1x sooo bad :( I was so excited to finally upgrade from my 2014 macbook to something worth buying from apple

    Rahul MurthyRahul Murthy11 dagen geleden
    • I guess I'm buying the macbook air

      Rahul MurthyRahul Murthy11 dagen geleden
  • Would it make sense that there would be 3 TB ports and an HDMI port being a replacement for the 4th? Essentially the equivalent of a "display out only" USB C port? If you frame it that way, it kind of makes sense?

    CHBUKICHBUKI11 dagen geleden
  • is it possible to have Toslink/optical or even AES/EBU port output for some decent audio on a macbook?

    David ZhuDavid Zhu11 dagen geleden
  • The reality is that Tim Cook doesn't value Apple customers like Steve Jobs did. Steve loved underpromising n overdelivering. Rumours of Apple products would surface near Macworld timing n Steve would surprise everyone by delivering a new processor earlier and there would be a pricing sweetspot in Apple's lineup which would offer customers value for money - blow customers away with performance at a great price. Tim is a logistics n numbers guy. He's not really obsessive with quality. He loves delivering maximum profit by price gauging at every product category. Under Tim, Apple products have gone generations with faulty chips allowed to be in Macs until they go end-of-life. That would have never happened under Steve. And under Tim, every pdt category is tightly configured to make u pay maximum dollars for every extra feature. Tim doesn't like to make Apple customers happy by giving u more than u expect. He likes to give Apple management more profit than they expect. Tim like to stretch Apple customers' willingness to pay to breaking point - to the point where sane customers start to question whether its worth it to buy an Apple machine. Steve in his first stint at Apple might've been more rigid in outpricing macs for the mkt but after the lessons learnt at Next, when he came back with the imac, Steve pretty much nailed the value-price proposition of most Apple products he unveiled. People forget that the iPhone was a once in a lifetime, industry changing product, which was why it was priced as such. Macs were failing from so many faults before the M1 chip. Now Tim is kicking off the M1 macs by price gauging Apple customers again. I'm quite sure that if Steve was still here, he would have passed at least some of the processor price savings to the customer.

    Terence KohTerence Koh11 dagen geleden
  • Is M1 chip will be support with older macOS like high Sierra or start with Mojave in the future?

    Tubagus IqbalTubagus Iqbal11 dagen geleden
  • If it's true that the M1 doesn't have enough output capability for more than two TB ports, how can we get two TB ports plus USB-C, plus SD reader, plus HDMI on the same chip?

    CicloGamer79CicloGamer7911 dagen geleden
  • Should I get the I9 16inch now or wait for M1X ??

    Samar ElsheikhSamar Elsheikh11 dagen geleden
  • Shut the fuck up

    Mohamed Mimon AsbaiMohamed Mimon Asbai11 dagen geleden
  • Overconfident

    Rahul KumarRahul Kumar11 dagen geleden
  • Happy to have chosen not to wait and getting my M1 Macbook Pro in 2 weeks!! Refurbished so I could get the 16gb ram version. :) yay

    Rebecca GarcíaRebecca García11 dagen geleden
  • The question is: will the 13 in MB Pro be Continued? I would understand cancelling it, replacing it with an 14 inch, M1X/M2 because at the moment there is no real difference between the Pro and Air! So they need a better Chip in the Pro model. Still there is a chance that they will take the display and Ports as an selling Argument.

    ThinkerPrinterThinkerPrinter11 dagen geleden
  • do you think bigger iMac have more power than bigger Macbook ? I think cpu power enough for 99% but gpu no =( . for 2300$ you have pro 5500 xt and 45k score in geek bench but if m1x have 16 core gpu didn't any word to saying .

    mohammad fallahimohammad fallahi11 dagen geleden
  • It’s insane that M1 just came out and is prob the best chip out there.. and you’re calling it “disappointing”

    Jay YapJay Yap11 dagen geleden
  • I was going to buy a 16 inch MacBook Pro 2019 edition from Costco they have it on sale. But when I got there it was sold out. At first I felt very bummed out. But I didn’t read up that in the next few months a new 16 MacBook will be release. So I will wait. Thanks for the update

    Tye DillingerTye Dillinger11 dagen geleden
  • Apple appear to becoming more insular that ever enshuring that what you buy is what you get with NO internal upgrade or repair possible using spurious performance gains as the reason. Just how fast and how many tabs does a typical home computer user need open at the same time. Can they type faster, can they trackpad faster, can the interpret the screen faster? Sure a better battery life is handy but who really benefit from these releases. Strikes me that Apple and youtubers are the real beneficiaries of this stuff. Please be real and stop hyping up planet destroying technologies.

    Tony DyerTony Dyer11 dagen geleden
  • New chip, confirmed a disappointment in a few aspect

    Send HelpSend Help11 dagen geleden
  • You don’t like showing stolen documents but you feel comfortable talking about classified material.

    Kino KKino K11 dagen geleden
  • They will put M1X in their new 14" MacBook Pro, just watch.

    WouterWouter11 dagen geleden
  • why would they put the M1 in every device... i do expect M1X in pro models

    YasinYasin11 dagen geleden
  • 1,800 for the base 14 inch model no way lol I’m just gonna get the 13 inch now

    Frankie CFrankie C11 dagen geleden
  • Could it be that Apple is fading out the intel owned thunder bolt? And be moving towards a more wireless solution with future Apple silicone Macs?

    Oscar PiersonOscar Pierson11 dagen geleden
  • Cook is a bean counter ... his mindset is ‘reuse reuse reuse’ ... I cant fathom why none of you guy seem to have realized that... after almost 10 years of year after year proof. so of course it makes sense to have an M1 is the ipad pro.. which means of course it makes sense to have the mbp also share with gen1 arm. I bet they will unveil the new mbp at wwdc... the screen is new enough to justify it.

    Alperic27Alperic2711 dagen geleden
  • I jus got back to keeping up with your channel, your voice changed bru :v

    HyperShot UHyperShot U12 dagen geleden
  • This years 16 inch MBP theoretically should last the next 6 years or so, I plan on taking it around the world with me, just like I did my 2013 MBP. I can't wait for it to arrive.

    Ross BarbishRoss Barbish12 dagen geleden
  • I'm 70y/o & I can wait, why is it so tough for you younger gens? 🙄 I'm sick to death of youngs whinging about "large" bezels, screen size & battery life when they demand thin & light. 😡 So unless your main computer's fried, wait it out, or stick with what you have until your dream becomes reality. BTW, if your dream computer's release is delayed & possibly costs more than you'd like, the obvious thing to do is start saving up for it NOW. Class dismissed.

    C. NileC. Nile12 dagen geleden