NEW Suzuki Hayabusa FLAT OUT | First Ride

6 apr. 2021
112 744 Weergaven

What better place to sample the new Suzuki Hayabusa than a runway? Well, a road test would be nice, so Fagan did both at the UK media launch...
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  • Top end's flat as witche's tit!! HAhahahah!

    RyrderD-75RyrderD-7512 uur geleden
  • Consult your doctor if your 'busa goes under 100 for more than 15 minutes

    Erik GeeErik GeeDag geleden
  • I don't understand the reason for the new Busa. The original was the baddest on the block, at least until the ZX-14 (ZZR-1400) came along. The gen 2 never caught up with the gen 2 ZX. With the gen 3 I was hoping it would retake the crown but they never even tried. The stronger internals probably mean that it will take more boost if you want to go in that direction but otherwise what's the point?

    Eric MarshEric MarshDag geleden
  • as a previous Suzuki Hayabusa owner consider the 2021 Hayabusa a joke it is nothing what is considered to be a Hayabusa better off buying a 1000

    busa busa1busa busa12 dagen geleden
  • All hail the king!

    Wade JensenWade Jensen2 dagen geleden
  • and now, in other news, suzuki brings out a bike that literally no one has been waiting for. why not use some of your motogp championship winning technology and improve the GSXR a tad? no? such a wasted effort

    Beaver 314Beaver 3143 dagen geleden
  • looks beautiful! still tho, give a first gen :)

    Raymond JohansenRaymond Johansen3 dagen geleden

    Michael PerkinsMichael Perkins4 dagen geleden
  • Over the years, Suzuki could have learned a lot from commercially available turbo kits for Busas with 300+ hp. Adapting and downtuning a system to 240-250 hp and make it Euro 5 compliant. Gen 2 owners won't change to this one, it's not worth the money. The Ducati Streetfighter at 208 hp eats this Busa alive. Dissapointing.

    don stormdon storm4 dagen geleden
  • Rode one of these today, agree with Stathams comments, its rapid but doesn't have the top end power of something like an S1000RR. I think its ideal if you want something fast and smooth to ride 2 up but can't face an adventure bike..

    Phil McCaulPhil McCaul5 dagen geleden
  • I'm forever astounded when they make a stunner of a bike then shove they disgusting end cans on as if they either ran out of imagination or money to finish the bike off. I'd prefer taking a 10 meter run up and smacking the cock that thought that exhaust up over the head with that end can

    Salah Ad-DinSalah Ad-Din6 dagen geleden
  • I like to see the Suzuki hayabusa Gen1 Gen 2 go head to head with Gen3 up the drag strip .

    777Ruffdriver777Ruffdriver6 dagen geleden
  • not 43 its 42 ...

    Tony ValentinoTony Valentino6 dagen geleden
  • Lol “the septic tank loves the busa” now I feel bad looking at mine in my garage

    Andrew MilesAndrew Miles7 dagen geleden
  • 286 mph. Shit that's sweet

    z52vette1z52vette17 dagen geleden
  • Donno what to say..... U are one great reviewer bro.😀👍

    ansans7 dagen geleden
  • Totally agree with the statement "you are not going to trade a gen 2 for a gen 3 in a hurry". That said, I like the new model and appreciate the changes and the improvements in electronics. I'll keep my gen 2 though.

    ians iansians ians7 dagen geleden
  • I dunno, I have a suspicion that like the GSX-R1000, the Hayabusa has a shitload of power waiting to be unlocked with a tune and catless system... The amount of engine changes and the power just don’t add up and the GSX-R didn’t even go full throttle stock.

    Electrics NutElectrics Nut7 dagen geleden
  • 1 Hayabusa 1 ZX14R load both up and go for a week long ride to Transfagarasan highway. That is the real test so make it happen.

    M AM A7 dagen geleden
  • i've watched a few if these new "busa" reviews and its like your journo's have all been told "shhh don't mention the zzr" lol ! well i've owned 2 hayabusa's, and i have a 14 plate zzr1400 performance sport, i'd have the big kwaka any day of the week over the suzuki, and it's faster, so it begs the question, whats the point of the new busa ? i say come on kawasaki, bring out a supercharged zzr1400 for 2022 and blow away the oposition into last century and forget the gentlemens agreement to restrict to 186mph ! wow what a last great hurrah that'd be before the enviromentalists shut squish the production of the combustion engine. i promise i'll buy one. 😁 i want a return of mental fast edgy bikes that scare ya.

    Docker AndyDocker Andy8 dagen geleden
  • Christ mate, that grass looks like it get pretty close pretty damned quick

    SupercompSupercomp8 dagen geleden
  • For such a big heavy bike, I would expect more technological innovation like the H2SX provides, otherwise I would just get a lighter supersport. This new gen doesn't seem very different compared to last gen.

    Jonas BaineJonas Baine8 dagen geleden
  • Exhaust sizes are getting ridiculous

    phillip ruusphillip ruus8 dagen geleden
  • There's a mistake in the title: *OLD

    ExtremeDeathmanExtremeDeathman8 dagen geleden
  • Fuck that gyrocopter let’s get in the technical context 😁😁😁😁

    luis escarramanluis escarraman8 dagen geleden
  • I can’t wait for someone to turbocharge one of these. I know it’s gonna be stupid fast and the wheely control is going to make it insane.

    Leland HoltonLeland Holton9 dagen geleden
  • What a great bike. I love super tourers.

    Leland HoltonLeland Holton9 dagen geleden
  • Haha, still just an ugly and sporty version of a goldwing.

    BrutallicaBrutallica9 dagen geleden
  • Lift yer head up boy,,i can't see where ur going!

    Col JohnsonCol Johnson9 dagen geleden
  • Great review thanks very much.

    Pete StuffPete Stuff9 dagen geleden
  • Had a hayabusa 2005 model, loved it, looked at getting back I to bikes (after long illness) not a hope in hell £16k for a new bike, the bike industry is definitely on a decline in the UK, the born again money to burn bikers are killing the industry, there are no up and coming bikers to replace them once the arthritis takes over, it used to be a cheaper alternative to a car, the whole industry has gotten gready, that everything from clothing to bolt on goodies, completely out of the normal man in the streets reach...

    Ian WatsonIan Watson9 dagen geleden
  • The septic tanks?! Somebody is jealous. LOL Great video though.

    TheImtoomuchTheImtoomuch10 dagen geleden
  • Having owned a second gen, and now a ZX14R.... im kinda digging this 👌

    kyle abelakyle abela10 dagen geleden
  • ...but it is so darn ugly and handles like a dog sled team.

    SKIDOOSHSKIDOOSH10 dagen geleden
  • A turbo would have given it a lot more mid range.

    F1hotrodF1hotrod10 dagen geleden
  • The septic tanks? I am from USA, I don't get it.

    F1hotrodF1hotrod10 dagen geleden
    • @jim perry I think so Jim. Time to let go.

      F1hotrodF1hotrod8 dagen geleden
    • They’re still mad.

      jim perryjim perry8 dagen geleden
  • Do any timings?

    gary Briersgary Briers10 dagen geleden
  • It looks so much better

    Wrist CandyWrist Candy10 dagen geleden
  • Always liked the busa just had no place in my I'm old take the misses on the back alot and she realy likes fast road work this bike makes loads of sense.great review,thanks

    roland smithroland smith10 dagen geleden
  • Bring back THE NEWS 👑 👑 Monday will never be the same

    Leon NewcombeLeon Newcombe10 dagen geleden
  • Please line this up with the gen 2 busa down the runway.

    ROMEOROMEO10 dagen geleden
  • Nice😁

    DiggerDigger10 dagen geleden
  • Best way to clear out the cobwebs

    Paul ThompsonPaul Thompson10 dagen geleden
  • Always a ZZR for me

    Ric BRic B10 dagen geleden
  • What the hell.. You just start braking and the bike loses its shit and starts flashing hazards. What a failure of a bike.

    XerdozXerdoz10 dagen geleden
  • Ugly Dash. Ugly fat bike. Ugly exhaust. Just ugly. But I'd still take it over any other Hyperbike.

    The SickeningThe Sickening10 dagen geleden
  • You won’t understand the hyperbike until you’ve owned one Ignore the looks and go ride one they are epic

    MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
  • I’ll take one in white please.

    Da bobstarDa bobstar10 dagen geleden
  • In the future i would love to see the new busa vs the zx10r 2021

    AmeliaAmelia10 dagen geleden
  • Al , its so refreshing to hear a reviewer mention suspension. Another great review

    KevKev10 dagen geleden
  • 1# market for the Busa is the US. "Septic Tank loves the Busa" ... Come on Statham we aren't the septic tank of the world.

    Dlong .88Dlong .8811 dagen geleden
  • The "septic tanks" love the busa. I don't get the reference?

    ray Nicray Nic11 dagen geleden
    • Yanks

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
  • Holy shit you went through Stamford and the villages around right?

    SnobGoblin the thirdSnobGoblin the third11 dagen geleden
    • local roads around Sywell airport. ( thats their runway too).

      Docker AndyDocker Andy8 dagen geleden
  • Things have certainly changed. Forgot how many times me and my mates watched Fast Bikes Mach 2 back in the early 00's wif Frosty on da muvaship. The Busa, Blackbird ZZR1100 etc certainly did give everything a kick along.

    Rupert FindlayRupert Findlay11 dagen geleden
    • They were great weren’t they? I met the producer and he was a top bloke...he had a shop on the kings road Chelsea

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
  • Awesome video man!

    Riders GlanceRiders Glance11 dagen geleden
  • Al,first class review as always,had to watch a few times going down the runway,gripping stuff,cheers 🙏🙏

    RustyriderRustyrider11 dagen geleden
  • Looks like the same brake reservoir as my 1985 GSXR750

    FlesharrowerFlesharrower11 dagen geleden
  • “Morbidly obese professional athlete”. You mean a Sumo Wrestler?

    Maverick RenegadeMaverick Renegade11 dagen geleden
  • Loved it

    NooBikerNooBiker11 dagen geleden
  • Lol awesome. The “septic tanks” living in the US. Best term for obese Americans I’ve ever heard. I am American and I am disgusted by the massive amount of lard on display by 80% of our population. Totally disgusting.

    dogshmogdogshmog11 dagen geleden
  • Why don’t they race these? Because they are shit.....heavy! ( skill-less drag racers please comment below)

    MikeFandangoMikeFandango11 dagen geleden
  • I owned a gen 2 from new for around 12 months. It is one of the few bikes I wish I had never sold? I am yet to lay eyes on a gen 3, let alone ride it, but I am looking forward to riding one, and possibly biting the bullet and buying one.

    Rod AndersonRod Anderson11 dagen geleden
  • ~1400cc (ccm ) and noway to descripe the gap down to 1metric Liter #Schüssel ! why not a Lockdown Rubric about The Charme of Scooter'ing

    Gracho DerUnwiderstehlichenGracho DerUnwiderstehlichen11 dagen geleden
  • Doing wheeles at 100mph on a Busa but scared of flying in a gyrocopter, pussy ! LoL

    CBR 1KRRCBR 1KRR12 dagen geleden
  • I bet the bloke by the plane said the same thing when the Busa rolled past.. Fuc that.. hahaha

    CDnBCnCDnBCn12 dagen geleden
  • In my neck of the woods great Casterton stamford Bourne area

    no knee down ianno knee down ian12 dagen geleden
  • Great vid of the top of a gas tank. Geeez

    Scott HavensScott Havens12 dagen geleden

    Jennie BrinkerJennie Brinker12 dagen geleden
  • Should go to Ellington near York old airstrip much longer.

    D PD P12 dagen geleden
    • *Elvington and yes, I agree. Or Bruntingthorpe or any of the other long ones. Suzuki obviously chose this for a reason. A missing ~10hp might well be that reason.

      Si RaffSi Raff12 dagen geleden
  • You guys need to put a Gen-1, Gen-2 and this New Busa, take them to a 2+ mile runway...and go Bonkers !!..You'll have the most views on NLworld EVER !!

    BMW-GS-1250 Eli C.BMW-GS-1250 Eli C.12 dagen geleden
  • Busa or zx14 ?

    Thomas HoyThomas Hoy12 dagen geleden
    • ZX14R is faster I bet But every one hates on it for reason

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
    • Ford transit!

      MikeFandangoMikeFandango11 dagen geleden
  • Almost expected to see you overtake TMF in his plane as you launched down the runway....

    Bib the BoulderBib the Boulder12 dagen geleden
  • What is the point of a top speed, record breaking bike restricted to 186mph 🤷‍♀️ My blade does 186 !!

    Scotty to hottyScotty to hotty12 dagen geleden
    • @MikeFandango ah well done to you buddy 👍

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
    • @MT10 HOOLIGAN yes, I toured Europe on one.( is where this bike comes into its own) Raced 600 and 1000cc bikes short circuit and road. Also been a test rider for endurance bikes! Now just an old mechanic.

      MikeFandangoMikeFandango10 dagen geleden
    • @MikeFandango yes they will But if you fit a pair of upright bars to the busa you have all day comfort combined with sport bike speed Have you ever ridden a busa?

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
    • @MT10 HOOLIGAN 1000cc more aerodynamic and much better handling. All the new 1000cc sport bikes will out accelerate the new busa

      MikeFandangoMikeFandango10 dagen geleden
    • Flash the ecu and remove the limiter

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
  • That tractor was keeping up and cutting the grass!

    Poose McPoosePoose McPoose12 dagen geleden
  • Yeah and a ZZR14

    Tim BTim B12 dagen geleden
  • Runway not long enough Nige ! 😂

    Stephen ChapmanStephen Chapman12 dagen geleden
  • Suzuki should have made a fjr1300 or concourse 1400 competitor with all this technology and lower power. Bigger fairing and wind screen. Heated grips. Rear hard bags maybe. That inflated price. Then in 2 years they should have made the "Hayabusa" technology stripped except ABS and a quick shifter. Power significantly bumped up with a turbo or supercharger. What we have here just isn't relevant to why people buy Busa!

    Larry HouseLarry House12 dagen geleden
  • Given your smooth getaways, the clutch is clearly a massive improvement over the previous grabby bastard.

    Reckless RodentReckless Rodent12 dagen geleden
  • Well we may be a septic tank but at least we ain't a septic tank's BITCH!

    franklin wilkersonfranklin wilkerson12 dagen geleden
    • Whooooo buddy

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
  • I had more than that tank range out of my L7 gsxr1000 on the way back from Donington 😂 shamefully.

    Finding NeutralFinding Neutral12 dagen geleden
  • Them cans are fucking hideous!

    Jon BostockJon Bostock12 dagen geleden
  • I bet a reflash of the ecu will bring it to life at the top end. It’s amazing how many now have the throttle practically shut in the last 2-3k rpm

    altypeRRaltypeRR12 dagen geleden
    • Yep with all kinds of crap stuffed in the air box and nine cats in the exhaust

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
    • Its got slower cams and smaller throttle bodies than the old one. I bet you will need more than a flash to get that back. Especially with three cats.

      Si RaffSi Raff12 dagen geleden
  • Probably only need 1st gear given the 50mph speed limits everywhere in the UK....

    Steve BoltonSteve Bolton12 dagen geleden
    • Only need 1st anywhere in the UK if its geared like the old busas. Mine does about 85 in 1st (allegedly, on a private road in Mexico).

      Si RaffSi Raff12 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant review ,Suits you Fagan !

    nipgeneralnipgeneral12 dagen geleden
  • Did he just call the US/Americans septic tanks?

    BicZippoBicZippo12 dagen geleden
  • Nice to see you out on my local roads 😊😊 Just gotta be careful of the craters in the road 😒

    SpuddersSpudders12 dagen geleden
  • I took a race school at Daytona International Speedway and a guy in the class had a Busa. He crashed out. I went back to Daytona for a trackday and the same guy was back to take race school again. He passed.

    ncsteeltoencsteeltoe12 dagen geleden
  • still ugly as sin, but great engine

    Adam ScottAdam Scott12 dagen geleden
  • Suzuki either bottled it or ran out of money. Same engine, frame and suspension - just a slight rework, some new bolt on bits and a sprinkling of electronics - such a missed opportunity.

    Reckless RodentReckless Rodent12 dagen geleden
  • You still have Hyperbikes: ZH2 Rocket 3 Hayabusa Probably another one that I’m missing

    Santiago GarciaSantiago Garcia12 dagen geleden
    • @Si Raff exactly They need to come with some thing new And a flashy sp version for those with more money than sense

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
    • The ZH2 and Rocket are nakeds. The only hyperbikes at the moment are the Busa, the remaining stocks of ZZR1400 and the Ninja H2(sort of). The funny thing is almost all the new sportbikes make more powerthan this Busa, the ZZR is going away and the Ninja H2 is ~£10k more expensive. Now if this Busa had a turbo, 250-300hp and a £15k pricetag it would have been a return to its good old days.

      Si RaffSi Raff12 dagen geleden
  • He is correct!! We love our Busas in Merica!! Every guy in the east coast wants a stretch busa. Corners? WTF IS THAT? It's all about drag racing and highway pulls

    Mr 232172Mr 23217212 dagen geleden
  • How comes manufactures use Brembo etc instead of doing them themselves? Sorry if silly question just always wondered

    Zippo FlamesZippo Flames12 dagen geleden
    • Cost vs quality. Brembo can make one set of brakes very well then sell them to makers and have them on a lot of bikes. If makers wanted to do the same that design cost would only be shared over their own bikes so it would work out as more per bike. Same goes for a lot of parts shared bits like Bosch electronics, Ohlins suspension and so on.

      Si RaffSi Raff12 dagen geleden
  • I only just discovered this channel... Time for a binge, you guys are great!

    Damon KellyDamon Kelly12 dagen geleden
    • Mate go watch the budget bike battles. Hilarious. Boys are on point 👌👍

      Andrew AyresAndrew Ayres9 dagen geleden
  • Al,. at the end of each run are you braking as hard as possible? Just wondering as the hazard lights are flashing?

    Matthew TucknottMatthew Tucknott12 dagen geleden
  • Just here waiting for the inevitable New Speed Triple video.

    Neil WaldenNeil Walden12 dagen geleden
    • I might get one lol

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
  • A little mph overlay next time?

    Lee VardyLee Vardy12 dagen geleden
  • Entertaining as ever! It's no longer a Hyperbike thou... 😶

    Bob ZBob Z12 dagen geleden
    • True a gix 1k is faster but it’s a different riding experience

      MT10 HOOLIGANMT10 HOOLIGAN10 dagen geleden
  • Is Bruntingthorpe still open for testing? That should be long enough for a proper top speed run...

    BikeHubBikeHub12 dagen geleden
  • Cool

    Black CatBlack Cat12 dagen geleden