New Arrival 😉

19 feb. 2021
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** Just picked a good used 2015 S690 for a great deal, I do like great deals! 😂
** I am looking forward to running it up beside the Ideals this fall, and oh yeah... I forgot how much I missed the combine emission "burns" 😂🤦‍♂️
** Remember: This Is not a replacement for the burnt Ideal!..

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  • You guys should try the new x9 1100 combine. If you ran 5 of them it would replace the 8 your running

    Aaron WiltonAaron WiltonUur geleden
  • Hey Mike would you ever get a tribine if they ever start mass producing them

    Ryker LesniakRyker Lesniak22 uur geleden
  • Hey Mike, in previous videos you talked about the pros and cons of the different brands and models of combines you have worked with. Whats your feeling on the Tribine or new Claas models, and will you be trying these models if possible.

    Dillan ZaharaDillan ZaharaDag geleden
  • -76 degrees Celsius??

    Matt TaylorMatt TaylorDag geleden
  • Nice machine. Maybe I'll have to get my passport and come up and run it for you this fall. ;-) Good answer Mike on the fuel and flowers.

    Mentally Fit FamerMentally Fit Famer3 dagen geleden
  • You'd think with the size of farm you got you'd have a indoor wash bay?

    John HeppJohn Hepp4 dagen geleden
  • wait what? -76 celsius? where is your farm located?

    Raz RazRaz Raz4 dagen geleden
  • It wss -37 in northern Minnesota

    bob bobberbob bobber4 dagen geleden
  • That's the "Warm Fart" icon lol

    Mental SidMental Sid5 dagen geleden

    Stephen MStephen M5 dagen geleden
  • Still like to see a tour of one of the big grain terminals.

    Doug BerryDoug Berry6 dagen geleden
  • stick to imperial

    shawn chartrandshawn chartrand6 dagen geleden
  • wait -76 C wtf

    shawn chartrandshawn chartrand6 dagen geleden
  • Hello. I am a farmer from Ukraine, I want to work for you. I have 50 hectares of land, tractor John Deere 3350, combine John Deere 9680 WTS.We are not allowed to develop in our country.

    Artem ArtemenkoArtem Artemenko6 dagen geleden
  • Oh yeah Baby, a Claas 8900 would be a great!

    Dieter ThomasDieter Thomas6 dagen geleden
  • You should get the power upgrade like the Larsons do sure it out of warranty isn't it??

    Scott BScott B6 dagen geleden
  • Rather you than me in the -33 weather

    Christopher MaltbyChristopher Maltby6 dagen geleden
  • can you do a shop tour ?????

    Nathan HallsNathan Halls6 dagen geleden
  • I love deere's they are my preffered equipment, lot of success with them

    Isaac StrongIsaac Strong7 dagen geleden
  • ya, we had a custom harvester come help us fall of 2020, they had a JD, you had to swerve around the unload auger to get under it and not take your roof off. And even with a pick up header, you were stupidly close to the combine when unloading. (We run a Versatile for a grain cart tractor)

    Payton CobbPayton Cobb7 dagen geleden
  • What do you have against the Case IH 9250 series combines??

    Barret VonkBarret Vonk7 dagen geleden
  • cold pal

    Antony EdgeAntony Edge7 dagen geleden
  • absoutlely pal

    Antony EdgeAntony Edge7 dagen geleden
  • you know its messed up when Dallas has more snow the Swift Current.

    Nick KNick K7 dagen geleden
  • I get more out of watching the old MF 760 than another JD. I watching the Fendt combines.

    Darrell BDarrell B7 dagen geleden
  • Buy a claas no wiper in the way.. lol 😆

    Brendan UruskiBrendan Uruski7 dagen geleden
  • Funny you say they turn on a dime my s690 with 4wd does 25ft swaths no problem have had some other s series and seems none turn like mine and it pisses me off love the sharp turn

    Brendan UruskiBrendan Uruski7 dagen geleden
  • I'm sure it was a good deal, but its definitely not as big as the ideal or X9 JD

    101317 101317101317 1013177 dagen geleden
  • what no zamboni disappointing theres your next refurbishment project a 1970 Zamboni. You can call it Frank😂

    RussRuss7 dagen geleden
  • Maybe a silly question, but why are the rear tyres mounted "backward", I mean the rotation direction. Is it pulling vs braking?

    Geert BleysGeert Bleys7 dagen geleden
    • @Joe Fredette Thank you, that could make sense. Maybe it doesn't matter all that much because I noted that on the Fendt with tracks in front the rear tyres were the "right"way around.

      Geert BleysGeert Bleys5 dagen geleden
    • It’s because it’s not likely rear wheel assist. So it makes it easier for the front tires to pull them through the dirt and there’s no extra push coming from the rear. If that makes sense

      Joe FredetteJoe Fredette5 dagen geleden
  • You are going to buy that thing and yet not test drive a NH 10.90 ? I noticed that your neighbors that helped you run NHs.

    TechGuyTechGuy7 dagen geleden
    • @TechGuy not right now no.. Dad might replace his with a Deere but this combines main purpose is for the north farm. We'll be staying with the Ideals for at least a few more years yet. But adding more combine power is important as we typically add more land every year

      Mike MitchellMike Mitchell7 dagen geleden
    • @Mike Mitchell I totally get why you would want to move away from the Ideal combines. Are you going to buy a fleet of JDs ? It doesn't make sense to buy just one.

      TechGuyTechGuy7 dagen geleden
    • Sometimes you just run what you're used too 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ or Atleast know what's a good deal. 🙂

      Mike MitchellMike Mitchell7 dagen geleden
  • We have about 100 Wabco heaters on are hybrid fleet the engine never work Hard enough to get the engine to heat up the coolant heater are pain in the ass most on the time it’s not hard to get running again

    TW-20 CraigTW-20 Craig7 dagen geleden
  • Your awesome Mike ! Taking time out of your day to stand in the cold and pump fuel for your wife is very kind of you. It's simple acts of kindness like that that'll keep your marriage strong . Cheers !

    Jeff LichtyJeff Lichty7 dagen geleden
  • Have you seen the new 62 foot drapers by Agri US?

    Bray BrayBray Bray7 dagen geleden
  • Yeah I have the same question as below for People familiar with greens: Does that thing still beep its life out when you have a mechanical failure ? Asking you to restart the engine when that might not even be possible?

    IV-King Roy-IVIV-King Roy-IV7 dagen geleden
  • I just bought a 9600. I farm small at 180 acres and its my first combine. Thanks for the videos mike.

    Ryan MarthalerRyan Marthaler7 dagen geleden
  • Mike u need to try the new case IH.

    spartan 11002spartan 110027 dagen geleden
  • I think you need another shop😂

    Seth OLSONSeth OLSON8 dagen geleden
  • And shit your laughing at how this combine is small and simple compared to the ideals but you get a x9 out there with a 50 head it'll do circles around them lol

    cross roads demoncross roads demon8 dagen geleden
  • I can't believe you didn't get rear wheel assist you'll regret it come harvest

    cross roads demoncross roads demon8 dagen geleden
    • Hell will freeze over before rear wheel assist will be needed in SW Saskatchewan. 9/10 years we’re in drought or severe drought conditions and the 10th year we get enough rain to grow a decent crop.

      Good Days AheadGood Days Ahead6 dagen geleden
  • Hey Mike. I was going to make a tongue in cheek remark about you pumping for your lovely wife on valentine's Day, but decided not to.

    dozerbladedozerblade8 dagen geleden
  • Why would you downgrade from beautiful Fendt harvesters to a ugly af John Deere🤮

    Rudger HotsmaRudger Hotsma8 dagen geleden
    • Because in two years they’ve never had all the Fendts operating at the same time. Terrible reliability and constant breakdowns

      Good Days AheadGood Days Ahead6 dagen geleden
  • Need to put lankota galvanized padel cover on your power tail board

    Clint AndersonClint Anderson8 dagen geleden
  • Burnt combine will be replaced with a 9250

    Mathew WalworthMathew Walworth8 dagen geleden
  • For all the American's wondering...-33C = -27.4F...that's a bit chilly...

    Danny DeshlerDanny Deshler8 dagen geleden
  • Mike "feels small" Me whos used to 6m Working width 🥴

    BLOODSHOT 1337BLOODSHOT 13378 dagen geleden
  • Ffs.... Get the x9 1100, it will drive circles around the ideal combine 👍

    Stefan RosenStefan Rosen8 dagen geleden
  • Awesome. Good looking combines. And familiarity helps too. Trying to find snow bank in combine?!?! I would’ve paid ya to do that!!! Badass! Love your thinking Mike!!

    Dustin MorganDustin Morgan8 dagen geleden
  • Now Ashton is gonna want a red combine

    kory leaguekory league8 dagen geleden
  • le parfait mari ... quand allez vous nous annoncer un ptit Miky ou une petite Asthyn ...

    danny verleyedanny verleye8 dagen geleden
  • Really appreciate the walk-through of an S690 and all the things you point out Mike! All your videos are fantastic for me. I work with a wide variety of equipment for my job, but don't have a ton of hands on experience with a lot of the ag pieces, so these videos are absolutely amazingly helpful & educational for me! Really helps me feel like I know what I'm talking about :) Thank you so much!!

    CoffeeSocketCoffeeSocket8 dagen geleden
  • Hi Mike, if my English is bad it is because I am using an online translator. In this channel they have told you about comparing the "Claas Lexion, the X9 and others" which would be very interesting, but more interesting would be the comparison with old harvesters and even more so with those that existed in our country, which are truly old and you can see them working today. I know it would be difficult for you from a distant country to get one, but it would be really great. Also I'm talking about brands that both Canadians and Americans do not know and are really incredible. Harvesters such as the "Vassalli 3-16, Gema Melquiot 40, Bernardín M11 and M19, Marani Super 90, Senor B3, Rotania" and many others that were popular in this area of ​​the planet. The ones you have like the "John Deere 55" do not seem to be that old because of the finishes made with better technology. I recommend you visit the Bragado TV channel to distract yourself some day of leisure, there is a celebration where you can see the world's first self-propelled centralized header harvester, National pride the "Druett" it is said that technicians from your country traveled to ours to copy the centralized head system, a rarity in those days and later adopted by the rest of the world. I also recommend the "Pesados Argentinos" pages. Greetings from Argentina.

    Santiago MarangoniSantiago Marangoni8 dagen geleden
  • Yes great news one day we will see a CLAAS on the farm

  • 17:14 in those trees there... thats where your house should be ;) en I think I have said that before, is that where you got married???

    Alex MikhaelAlex Mikhael8 dagen geleden
  • ...unload speed only matters to the grain cart driver anyhow don't it??? I mean... I MEAANNNN that combine gunna be going ""RAMMING SPEED"" long as there is ''stuff in the field'' issn't it??? :) SOOOO it only matters to the grain cart driver lol mmmuuhauauauahauuauuhahahahahahahahahah

    Alex MikhaelAlex Mikhael8 dagen geleden

    Alex MikhaelAlex Mikhael8 dagen geleden
  • You have told also about owning a class combine it will be assum

    Swarup BhowmikSwarup Bhowmik8 dagen geleden
  • Wait wait Mike, I have a question... You say it is wired for a specific brand of header.. You have to swap wiring around to use different headers? It isn't standardized?

    CMDR SweeperCMDR Sweeper8 dagen geleden
  • Mike out playing with his new toy 😂😂😂

    Flemming NielsenFlemming Nielsen8 dagen geleden
  • Are their any of the new Massey Ferguson combines in your part of the world?

    Bill BoothBill Booth8 dagen geleden
  • What is a wabasco? I’ve heard you mention it in several videos but haven’t figured it out

    Shane YoungShane Young8 dagen geleden
    • It's a Webasto, warm up device for engines, .... tractors, trucks, whatever engine that operates in cold conditions, they can run on fuel or electric power.

      YT FanYT Fan8 dagen geleden
    • Heating device to warm up the engine

      farm.central. ohiofarm.central. ohio8 dagen geleden
  • But Mike, I never asked that.

    ReadTheShrillReadTheShrill8 dagen geleden
  • Take it into the ditch, please!

    Kenneth MorganKenneth Morgan8 dagen geleden
  • I was really hoping you were going to take the combine to Swift for a coffee!

    guitoddguitodd8 dagen geleden
  • Love the Deere mike

    David LucasDavid Lucas8 dagen geleden
  • Why not just wash it in your heated wash bay?

    Craig MillerCraig Miller8 dagen geleden
  • Wow Mike if I took a combine out on the road at minus 30 something I would have hydraulic oil all over the road. Lol

    Stephan GirouxStephan Giroux8 dagen geleden
  • Mike, when are you going to put a center line, hog lines, t-lines and houses on the rink......? Where are the rocks? 🥌🥌🥌

    kkduncansonkkduncanson8 dagen geleden
  • i know its none of my business, but how much is land rent in your area,roughly?

    Sherri KaniaSherri Kania8 dagen geleden
  • You forgot to mention the most important advantage to running a Deere combine... The stereo. Damn if John Deere doesn't understand that we as farmers need to rock the hell out sometimes.

    Jay FarmerJay Farmer8 dagen geleden
  • There is an address for the speed of the spreader it is set form factory at 500 rpm but you can turn it up to 1200 night and day difference

    travis franketravis franke8 dagen geleden
  • Mike: This is just a class 9 Meanwhile we’re running a little class 5 on our baby farm in Ontario. 😂😂

    James MillsonJames Millson8 dagen geleden
  • John deeres are easy to figure out as far as controls go. Fendts, claas, those take a experienced operator to figure those out lol

    Damon EnsDamon Ens8 dagen geleden
  • When it said new arrival I thought you meant from ashtyn.

    russ snivelyruss snively8 dagen geleden
  • Did mike sleep the 20 seconds he didn’t talk during the cool down??!!🤣

    Jake PetersJake Peters8 dagen geleden
  • Ashtyn is cool. She knows how to do many things, and is not afraid to get greasy and dirty. But she does not mind if her "Knight in Shining Armor" (Mike), helps her out. What a woman!!!

    Farm BoyFarm Boy8 dagen geleden
  • Mike you came up with a few negative comments about the JD combine so it makes me wonder why you bought it instead of what you normally run.

    Scott AlspachScott Alspach8 dagen geleden
  • I think that’s a “return to home” joystick

    Derek SchmuckerDerek Schmucker8 dagen geleden
    • In the Fendt, that is.

      Derek SchmuckerDerek Schmucker8 dagen geleden
  • Do you run red dye fuel in your trucks?

    Jacob BlairJacob Blair8 dagen geleden
  • Nice bine Mike! lol

    Daniel PooreDaniel Poore8 dagen geleden
  • Mike gets a John Deere X9 for the burned up combine.

    Logan LancasterLogan Lancaster8 dagen geleden
  • Now if you were to find a snowbank to get stuck in..... you just leave it until the snow melts and drive it out then... does that count as a stuck (you didn't have to pull it out)?🤷‍♂️

    Lance FladelandLance Fladeland8 dagen geleden
  • Always the Gentleman mike nice video

    Mike FortuneMike Fortune8 dagen geleden
  • Hey Mike in your last video you said you were having problems with your webasto's on your tractors. You need too run them more often. I always used the one I had summer or winter. It always worked. Just a helpful hint

    Tom CleghornTom Cleghorn8 dagen geleden
  • Question: have you ever Google map Mitchell Farm?

    Carl-André GirardCarl-André Girard8 dagen geleden
    • It's always winter at the Mitchell household on google

      Carl-André GirardCarl-André Girard6 dagen geleden
    • Would like too if you know the coordinates

      Charlie ShwanCharlie Shwan8 dagen geleden
  • Mike I also hate the cool down thing on the Deere’s even if you have the combine on for like 5 minutes you need to have it on for 10 minutes to let it cool down

    mrohlomrohlo9 dagen geleden
  • Mike I have asked this question before but never got an answer. What is the brand of clothing that you where?

    Robert RomaineRobert Romaine9 dagen geleden
  • Can you please do an equipment tour please Mike

    Christopher AntoniouChristopher Antoniou9 dagen geleden
  • Mike we in the southern US got your snow and cold

    wth82wth829 dagen geleden
  • No 7700s or 8820s

    wth82wth829 dagen geleden
  • But u can compare manufacturers biggest combines against each other regardless off class

    MeshMesh9 dagen geleden
  • 👍👍👍

    Wilson AndradeWilson Andrade9 dagen geleden
  • that cold snap totally sucked

    meat manmeat man9 dagen geleden
  • That's still not an X9!?

    Douglas StohlmannDouglas Stohlmann9 dagen geleden
  • Cool. I like John Deere. There is a reason they dominate the market- they are mostly really good, and they really hold their value on re-sale. Other colors are good too- but nothing runs like a Deere. Deere haters don't hate on me, I'm from Iowa and we build them here- and Iowa grows more row crop food than pretty much anybody in the world.

    mark iowamark iowa9 dagen geleden
  • Last vid you mentioned Webasto problems, run them once a month, they'll stay healthy. Fleet operator here, no real problems if we do that. Love the vids!

    Dave CunninghamDave Cunningham9 dagen geleden
  • Toss a redekop on that thing!

    Trent SiemensTrent Siemens9 dagen geleden
  • Gotta cool the turbos

    Chris SnyderChris Snyder9 dagen geleden
  • Quick conversion on the temp mike

    P AugieP Augie9 dagen geleden
  • At least he knows what the wife wants! For Valentine’s Day instead of getting my old lady chocolates and flowers I got her a new drag tank for her truck with a switch hooked up in the cab for the pump and she could not of been happier. Legit if I bought her chocolates she would just throw them away haha. All combines run crappier without headers just like dump trucks run like crap with an empty load.

    Nikka FishNikka Fish9 dagen geleden