NEW Apple AirTag + Purple iPhone Unboxing & First Look!

22 apr. 2021
590 061 Weergaven

Today we do an unboxing of the new Apple Airtags and Purple iPhone 12!
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  • KWL = Cool

    Dre72Dre7218 dagen geleden
    • @UrAvgConsumer bu ıiio bu oo oo oooo

      idris sagiridris sagir2 dagen geleden
    • Is this for real Dr Dre? There is so many fakes on NLworld. There’s some dude pretending to be Mr Beast 🤷‍♀️

      VickyVicky3 dagen geleden
    • @UrAvgConsumer do it allows iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone se

      Mark RMark R9 dagen geleden
    • Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      Thieu Minh LamThieu Minh Lam11 dagen geleden
    • @jefferey dave manzano thats a good guess

      Larry garciaLarry garcia12 dagen geleden
  • Unless that person has Samsung lol

    Kayla KingKayla King10 uur geleden
  • Where do u get your shirts? So sick! Gundam!!

    Michael ManansalaMichael ManansalaDag geleden
  • Keep grinding and working hard people 😚

    Ziada .BZiada .BDag geleden
  • I’m waiting for a news story of how an Air Tag saved someone’s life.

    eeknseeknsDag geleden
  • Could we put it on our dogs?

    Aubriana CoronaAubriana Corona2 dagen geleden
  • Can ypu pls make a comparison with the Galaxy Smarttags?

    Mihail IvanovMihail Ivanov2 dagen geleden
  • Cheating in hide and seek

    KINGDOM S.A.A.RKINGDOM S.A.A.R3 dagen geleden
  • I love these tech videos! Great Job!😁

    Green Guy ChaseGreen Guy Chase3 dagen geleden
  • 3:50 bro this guy moaned

    yourlocaltrolleryourlocaltroller3 dagen geleden
  • I’m hoping this is a sign for a pink iPhone. Hopefully in the pro and max range too

    VickyVicky3 dagen geleden
  • 4weeks too wait for costumes🤨I have to wait….

    Colak DenizColak Deniz4 dagen geleden
  • Can’t wait for my airtag

    Colak DenizColak Deniz4 dagen geleden
  • Looks perfect so perfect

    Colak DenizColak Deniz4 dagen geleden
  • I will probably get it honestly! Seems like a good idea. The fact that you can track your own stuff and always have the location updated when someone with an iPhone comes near it.

    Tech Is lifeTech Is life4 dagen geleden
  • Iphone is always the sameeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Sophie StnelusSophie Stnelus4 dagen geleden
  • What is the purpose of airtag?

    Louie Bong1717Louie Bong17175 dagen geleden
  • Love from Bangladesh... My dream phone is iphone 12 mini....please give me this phone🥺🙏 I haven’t money for iphone🥺🙏

    Mujahidul IslamMujahidul Islam5 dagen geleden
  • That Gandam shirt is dope! Link please and thank you

    notoriouscamnotoriouscam6 dagen geleden
  • Does it work on bluetooth because if yes you can not hide it very far

    Hamdi Abuadas OthmaHamdi Abuadas Othma6 dagen geleden
  • Just ordered 8. I’ve been waiting for something like this

    San LSan L6 dagen geleden
  • I love ur Room damn im Jealous af Keep up the good work sheesh

    DissblinkDissblink6 dagen geleden
  • I think a good solution would be to have your phone disable any Air Tags (that are not yours meaning not paired with your device) that are within a meter or so of you. For example: if a stalker places one inside a persons backpack or pocket, that person who is unaware wouldn't have to worry because his phone would disable the Air Tag until he is further away from it (far enough that it's considered to not be on that person). I'm not sure how Apple would be able to implement this on their phones, let alone phones that are not iPhone ones or apple devices but I think that would fix the issue with it. The only major con I can think of is if you do lose or misplace an item and you want to find it with no malicious intent, then it may be disabled due to being near other phones even if it was used to retrieve misplaced or lost items. However, I think I also have a solution to this issue as well which would be to have the person who is looking for their lost item which could be disabled due to being near another phone. In which case that person who is looking for their lost item would have the option to request the Air Tag to send a notification to the person(s) disabling the Air Tag. So an example to this would be: I lose an item and can't track it due to there being another phone too close to the vicinity of the Air Tag causing it to be disabled. What I would do from there is open the Find My app and send a request that tells the Air Tag to any of the people near it giving them the option to allow tracking once again. That notification would say something like "An Air Tag near you has been disabled due to being too close has requested to be trackable again. Please check if there is an unwanted Air Tag on your person or in any item that you own. If you do not have an Air Tag in any of your personal possessions that is not yours please click allow tracking so that the person who lost their tag may find it again, however if you find an unwanted Air Tag on your person or in any personal items that you own please click Reject Tracking". I'm sure Apple can find a way to shorten that notification since it would be too wordy to phrase it that way I have. If you read this than thank you for taking the time :)

    PalestinePalestine7 dagen geleden
  • I want that shirt where can I get it!!!

    Abner VasquezAbner Vasquez7 dagen geleden
  • 😶‍🌫️😵‍💫😮‍💨🌬🎧💉❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥 new/revamped emojis

    zaxxi_on_0hert zzzzaxxi_on_0hert zzz7 dagen geleden
  • another useless gimmick from apple

    Vahid BacVahid Bac7 dagen geleden
  • AirTag in man’s wallet. Man is 200# office worker who rarely stands during the day … crushing AirTags between chair and butt cheeks 40 hrs/week. Can AirTags withstand that?

    Nomusa MagicNomusa Magic7 dagen geleden
  • 🤣 Did he say “I’m not a purple kind of guy” while wearing a shirt that APPEARS to have purple in the graphics. Or maybe it’s my 2020 IPadPro screen … and no … not updating and buying yet ANOTHER $350 Magic Keyboard

    Nomusa MagicNomusa Magic7 dagen geleden
  • Yo, i watched this man since i was 10... Soon 18.

    Utkan SahinUtkan Sahin7 dagen geleden
  • Great

    UK HimalayasUK Himalayas7 dagen geleden
  • I don’t lose stuff, I’ve had the same Zippo lighter for 35 years, but the Air Tag is pretty damn cool. I might just have to get one for my keys just because. My purple iPhone 12 will be here tomorrow

    Allison HolmesAllison Holmes7 dagen geleden
  • Why not just give Carl a microphone instead of just closed captions?

    Augústo WilliamsAugústo Williams8 dagen geleden
  • This seems cool, but it’s an evasion of privacy. Those air tags are going to be everywhere and even if you don’t buy one, if you have an iPhone and walk by one. It’s will update the location of the air tag and it will put you at that position as well. Apple will know where everyone is with air tags even if you don’t own one. If your in the area of one your location as been pinged.

    James St. PatrickJames St. Patrick8 dagen geleden
  • How you charge this thing?

    Carlos Augusto de Lara JrCarlos Augusto de Lara Jr8 dagen geleden
  • Lmao I got the pourple iPhone commercial

    Canned Ham tvCanned Ham tv8 dagen geleden
  • Kind of frustrating they didn’t create a thin version that fits in your wallet. I was really hoping they’d have something like that. That’s what probably most people lose aside from their keys or phone. I could jam it in my wallet but practically it’s a pain and will likely damage the wallet and stretch it out

    Andy DrewAndy Drew8 dagen geleden
  • Can you put a air-tag in your car. And be able to find out where you parked your car in a parking lot?

    Renee FroggeRenee Frogge8 dagen geleden
  • I wanna get the new apple airtags but im so damn responsible with my belongings, I never lose anything. I'm gonna have to start slacking so this product would come in handy cuz If I were to buy it would just become a souvenir.

    Adrian AntonioAdrian Antonio8 dagen geleden
  • Literally bought a iPhone 12 Pro Max less than a week ago...comes out with purple 😐😐

    Amaya BonnerAmaya Bonner8 dagen geleden
  • Only the mini in purple? I want it in the pro!😩

    Wai AualaWai Auala8 dagen geleden
  • A few years from now maybe everyone puts AirTags on their luggage and imagine the people loading the luggage’s gets so many notifications cause everyone uses it🤣

    Roar392 GamingRoar392 Gaming8 dagen geleden
  • Let say I put air tag on my motorcycle hidden of course, and let say someone stole my bike, would air tag tell me te exact location where my bike is? Like a GPS to locate your stolen bike. 🤔 Never mind, my question was answered at the end of the video.

    TruthSeekerTruthSeeker8 dagen geleden
  • Bro i need thatt but im broke 😂😥

    KwstasKwstas9 dagen geleden
  • BE WARNED. if you’re planning to use an AirTag with your wallet it won’t work with a RFID blocking wallet. The RFID blocking technology blocks the AirTag signal!!!!!!!

    ArpettazArpettaz9 dagen geleden
  • I mean, I was more focused on the stup

    Ess3nc3 ShroopEss3nc3 Shroop9 dagen geleden
  • The earth tag looks like a gummy light saber

    Ian CorzineIan Corzine9 dagen geleden
  • You are awesome buddy ❤️

    Rangona TechRangona Tech9 dagen geleden
  • thats great

    fashion with shenfashion with shen9 dagen geleden
  • Can I pls get the phone like my phone was broken by my cuzen and I really need one so pls I would really love this it will be my dream like I really need this I don’t want to get in trouble I had a android since I was 10 and I’m turning 11 I really want need this pls can I get it like it would be my dream and I won’t get in trouble

    Gladly MwagalaGladly Mwagala9 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact:If you’re a thief and get a notification, just remove the air tag from the back back or whatever and continue😎.

    Isaack BIsaack B10 dagen geleden
  • Actually tbh if any phone scans it they get ur number to call u saying they found it

    Gary ManningGary Manning10 dagen geleden
  • Sultan ni bos🔥🤙

    Tegar MustikaTegar Mustika10 dagen geleden
  • Whats a apple tag

    Skyler BernbeckSkyler Bernbeck10 dagen geleden
  • He shouldve put it in the chanel bag

    Eww OpppEww Oppp10 dagen geleden
  • Le SmartTag di Samsung hanno in più delle AirTag di Apple: ▪︎ Un foro già incluso (non devi comprare altro) ▪︎ Sistema di rintracciamento in realtà aumentata ▪︎ Possibilità di abbinarli anche alla domotica domestica (accendere e spegnere lampade, etc...etc... semplicemente pigiando il tasto del Tag stesso) ▪︎ Prezzo inferiore Certo, non avrà la "genialatà" di farseli personalizzare (a caro prezzo) dalla casa madre, ma credo che con un semplice UniPosca o adesivi vari, possiamo dar sfogo a tutta la nostra personalizzazzione e fantasia. N.B. specifico per un amico

    Salvo SecureSalvo Secure10 dagen geleden
  • Waiting for a case to attach these to my AirPods Pro case because the way I’m tired of losing those

    Kenneth CoxKenneth Cox11 dagen geleden
  • The new colors make it look like Samsung galaxy s4

    tiggz Rtiggz R11 dagen geleden
  • idk if yo giveaway things but if you are may i please have the iphone it looks so cool !!!

    VelocityyVelocityy11 dagen geleden
  • I think there’s gonna be some third party AirPod cases with an AirTag spot built in

    Hayden BowenHayden Bowen12 dagen geleden
  • Put the air tag on a dog bang found your dog

    AxtroAxtro12 dagen geleden
  • Apple is gonna have apple humans in a minute

    AxtroAxtro12 dagen geleden
  • Cool but creepy

    Nicola TaylorNicola Taylor12 dagen geleden
  • samsung tag is sooooooooooo much better bro 😂

    jaimin shahjaimin shah12 dagen geleden
  • Cool but what if the battery dies what then oh omg 😳 i dont know if anyone remembers we had something we whistled to to find it anyone! 😳

    Erin uk photographer adminErin uk photographer admin12 dagen geleden
  • Basically AIRTAGS are GPS tracking devices that you can use to follow people.

    Humble BeatsHumble Beats12 dagen geleden
  • Basically ( AIRTAG) it's a GPS tracking system that you can use to spy on people . Track there movements

    Humble BeatsHumble Beats12 dagen geleden
  • 2:16

    Charlie Is coolCharlie Is cool12 dagen geleden
  • I'm going to attach one to the Tv remote

    daytripper61daytripper6112 dagen geleden
  • Put on on a helium balloon and let it go. Let’s see if you can find it!

    Charles VaneCharles Vane12 dagen geleden
  • Donde puedo comprar la funda ?

    ChariChari12 dagen geleden
  • I dare someone to steal my backpack now

    ReM[i]XReM[i]X12 dagen geleden
  • It’s like a metal detector but it detects a single item

    Ashton LangeAshton Lange12 dagen geleden
  • My mom said that she’s gonna attach it to me 💀

    Akiko OvOAkiko OvO12 dagen geleden
  • Thank goodness my partner uses a Samsung phone.....they won’t know I’m tracking them🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mr Fuzzy FaceMr Fuzzy Face12 dagen geleden
  • Actually it doesn't notify you that there's an AirTag travelling with you until you get to a place of significance to you like your home. So if you stole someone's backpack and took it home with you, the owner of the backpack will have your home location as the last place the tag was active.

    obamtlobamtl12 dagen geleden
  • Yes, but unfortunately Apple uses can track Android users. Because they won't get notification that a tag is being utilized to track them. So basically non-apple users are ass out in regards to being tracked.

    Angel AyalaAngel Ayala12 dagen geleden
  • I’m surprised they are that cheap. I’m sold

    Paris MasseyParis Massey12 dagen geleden
  • They removed charger claiming they fighting climate change and then they brought airtag or whatsoever in a Christmas wrap!🤦🏽 Who's fooling who??

    Sweetest SonSweetest Son13 dagen geleden
  • Air tags is dumb u can easily lose it jus another🍏 accessory

    quick2 drawquick2 draw13 dagen geleden
  • I want to see an orange iPhone...

    Mickeyy MedinaaMickeyy Medinaa13 dagen geleden
  • i kinda wanna lose stuff just to have fun with the 'find it' technology lol

    Tmale 27Tmale 2713 dagen geleden
  • Awesome video

    Mohamed IbrahimMohamed Ibrahim13 dagen geleden
  • I shared this video on my website.

    Mr. BitcoinMr. Bitcoin13 dagen geleden

    Mr. BitcoinMr. Bitcoin13 dagen geleden
  • Meh

    Roman ShockerRoman Shocker13 dagen geleden
  • Is the purple new

    Mr EpicalMr Epical13 dagen geleden
  • could you maybe do a giveaway I really want to give my family something that they deserve so it would be awesome to have a laptop in the house right now I am watching it on my Samsung iPad and their sound quality is trash and the video quality is yikes so jud out of the goodness of your heart pls do a giveaway just pls

    William AdamsWilliam Adams13 dagen geleden
  • how do you get free stuff like this do they send it to you or do you ask for sponsorship by them???

    William AdamsWilliam Adams13 dagen geleden
  • Ima put one in my pc and if it gets stolen ima find it is not a bad idea😭

    Tiktok GuruTiktok Guru13 dagen geleden
  • Google: Hmmmm... Next is our AndroTag..

    DavidReviewsDavidReviews13 dagen geleden
  • There are homeless people who don't have food and don't have money cuz this the student service

    gotcha clubgotcha club13 dagen geleden
  • I'm not going to say OMG he has some cool thing

    gotcha clubgotcha club13 dagen geleden
  • *Hopefully they bring out a thinner airtag for wallets*

    MrBibi86MrBibi8613 dagen geleden
  • *Wish the purple was deeper like the case*

    MrBibi86MrBibi8613 dagen geleden
  • Anyone gonna use these airtags as dog tags?

    james enjames en13 dagen geleden
  • Notch sure 😅

    Dom LarryDom Larry13 dagen geleden
  • So if you put it in your luggage when flying wouldn’t it start pinging everyone’s phone that they are traveling with it? You know not everyone turns their phone to air plane mode. And what about the baggage personnel? I feel like this is a fairly big flaw.

    RobRob13 dagen geleden
  • I wish I could start my channel, but there is so much competition out there and the competition is sooooo difficult to beat especially with this channel, this channel is totally fire and one of the best out there.

    Logan Shapiro-ShawLogan Shapiro-Shaw13 dagen geleden
  • Im thinking that Apple since they released the air tags, it’s bulky in the wallet it looks like, I would say that they should release like one that is the size of a credit card or something of that sort. That would be easier than those big ass buttons

    Logan Shapiro-ShawLogan Shapiro-Shaw13 dagen geleden
  • Just noticed your intro with your logo is dope! Just putting it out here.

    Gokulakrishnan KalaikovanGokulakrishnan Kalaikovan13 dagen geleden