Netherlands: Anti-lockdown protest wreaks havoc in Eindhoven

24 jan. 2021
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Hundreds of protesters clashed with police at a rally against the Dutch government's coronavirus lockdown rules, wreaking havoc in Eindhoven on Sunday.
Protesters could be seen throwing fireworks and rocks against officers and police vans, while mounted police charged against demonstrators.
Members of the action group 'Netherlands in Resistance,' and the anti-Islam movement 'Pegida' participated in the demonstration.
According to the police, dozens of people were arrested during the protest.
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  • People want their freedoms back & know that Covid is an globalist agenda that just wants to control you.

    Ann BishopAnn Bishop2 dagen geleden
  • Ok please stop using horses and dogs during this 😑makes me very upset to see how they can't just walk around and keep the animals out of this 😢😞😕

    Winter NightWinter Night3 dagen geleden
  • its bad

    Rega Nasa5Rega Nasa53 dagen geleden
  • We need to stop globalism before it's too late.

    Cameron BlackCameron Black4 dagen geleden
  • China is laughing at the world !

    phillip nerphillip ner4 dagen geleden
  • say no to the new world order

    Ray 'N' SkyRay 'N' Sky5 dagen geleden
  • Good job .. fight for what is right

    love budlove bud5 dagen geleden
  • ⚰Собрались злодеи, ограбившие народ, набрали солдат, судей, чтобы оберегать их оргию, и пируют! Изменил закон о неприкосновенности, чтобы не трогали даже после ухода с поста, и все.ВОВА ВОР! ⚰

  • This should be happening everywhere!

    Frederico azevedoFrederico azevedo8 dagen geleden
  • YES!!!!!!!

    Frederico azevedoFrederico azevedo8 dagen geleden
  • I oppose Lockdown.... people cannot be kept locked at home

    Mr. LogicianMr. Logician9 dagen geleden
  • BLM-Antifa at work.

    AlexAlex13 dagen geleden
  • Wow,,,what a country,,,be careful and don't ruin your democracy,,, not further😍

    Marge ChookaMarge Chooka15 dagen geleden

    Shijima ShrieksShijima Shrieks18 dagen geleden
  • Only with fight we can brake down this goverments ! Respect people , don't give up!

    България Над ВсичкоБългария Над Всичко19 dagen geleden
  • Duck the police

    Connor KermodeConnor Kermode19 dagen geleden
  • Double Dutch Frontline 🔥💯

    Anonymous NetherlandsAnonymous Netherlands20 dagen geleden
  • When People have lost everything and now have Nothing to Lose, desperate times comes with desperate measures. No more Lockdowns and Curfews! Enough is Enough!

    BeyondChangeBeyondChange20 dagen geleden
  • Good to see so many people waking up ! The scripted ' laws' that robotic police follow arent even signed . So every hilarious covid fine given is worthless .

    blckbx blckbxblckbx blckbx20 dagen geleden
  • We can thank China for all the worldwide unrest

    No great reset PleaseNo great reset Please21 dag geleden
  • New world order and the demonic minions can burn in hell.

    Agenda2021Agenda202122 dagen geleden
  • the agenda is to crush organised crime remove the night scene and party holidays and stop pub culture they will do this by masks and social distanceing it wont end

    Lawrence ClarkeLawrence Clarke23 dagen geleden
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    GUti penaGUti pena25 dagen geleden
  • Where there’s oppression there’s resistance!

    rose fiendrose fiend25 dagen geleden
  • FREEDOM ❤❤❤

    drugo bianconero91drugo bianconero9126 dagen geleden
  • Be safe out there all the front liners and the police officer

    Maria paulinoMaria paulino28 dagen geleden
  • Die sollen mal aufhören zu heulen, wir machen das jetzt schon fast ein Jahr, bei den fängt es jetzt erst an

    Blauer Panzer aus Mario KartBlauer Panzer aus Mario Kart29 dagen geleden
  • This rebels should come to Moscow and show russians how to protest. Because russians can't.

    autoXPert USA - куплю вам автоautoXPert USA - куплю вам автоMaand geleden
  • The World is waking to the New World Order. People will not let the Oliagarchs dictate our Life.

    BeyondChangeBeyondChangeMaand geleden
  • Lockdown protest porn is awesome.

    brightpathbrightpathMaand geleden
  • In chile the goverment made illegal move out of your house at 10 p.m we are like that since 10 month, please fight for your freedom, we are angry because in chile we dont have liberty

    Cristóbal V.Cristóbal V.Maand geleden
  • I'm sure Fayonord were there - fight the Good fight lads

    Andrew CorlettAndrew CorlettMaand geleden
  • Seems like Ruptly is very careful about what they show us

    steve keayssteve keaysMaand geleden
  • Bring in the nueremberg trials

    Sonny DazeSonny DazeMaand geleden
  • Smart people.

    Sonny DazeSonny DazeMaand geleden
  • Throwing a brick could kill. People throwing bricks should be shot by army snipers

    Screaming NutbagScreaming NutbagMaand geleden
  • When peaceful Scandinavia and countries like Netherlands protest and riot... YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG!

    Adrian VioAdrian VioMaand geleden
  • People are finally awake!!! Wall Street, Big Banks, lockdowns, quarantine, censoring people on Twitter, Facebook monitoring your bank transactions.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH down with them all!!!

    Adrian VioAdrian VioMaand geleden
  • This is what happens when people lose the right to discuss and have different professionals opinions. Start doing debates where different evidence can be shown. Let both sides speak organised debate. one side v other side pointing fingers, is is a worry, have some Discernment everything seems to be changing so quickly that it's hard to say what's the truth. Then read something else and then that changes how you process etc... Would love to see a true debate, sharing of data, people's needs taken into consideration, do a battle of the brains get the sides together and chat it out. It's the one thing lacking on all sides

    P sP sMaand geleden
  • hahaha did you see that video from the hooligans protect there city?? hahaha all the riot people go to bed to Mamma

    Kenneth VerbakelKenneth VerbakelMaand geleden
  • The govt should make all those rioters to make a lawful pact that they can pass their lockdown as long as they wont be treated in a hospital when infected by cov if there isnt any room left and burned down to ashes as theres no burial land is available anymore. Done!!

    lovethailovethaiMaand geleden
  • FREEDOM !!!!

    Cow HolyCow HolyMaand geleden
  • Glad to see this :)

    Julius JoestarJulius JoestarMaand geleden
  • Resident evil come true. I need shotgun

    Lover MakerLover MakerMaand geleden

    Lover MakerLover MakerMaand geleden
  • Go protest to wassenaar van polanen park there is a lot of politicians there👍

    SounuSounuMaand geleden
  • Notice how most of them are middle-eastern/africans...

    BlinderBlinderMaand geleden
  • "Fiery but mostly peaceful protests"

    Coman Dumitru IulianComan Dumitru IulianMaand geleden
  • My guess is the governments have started the riots covertly in order to bring in martial law.

    victor meldrewvictor meldrewMaand geleden
  • The masks at last have a true meaning, it will make it very difficult to identify the protesters :) Well done HOLLAND for leading the way back to freedoms which were taken away so readily.

    PatricK WithaKayPatricK WithaKayMaand geleden
  • Bravooooo!!!❤

    No 1No 1Maand geleden

  • The Dutch are usually such a reasonable peaceful people..... Guess they've had enough

    Ander AnderAnder AnderMaand geleden
    • I saw no dutch ppl at all

      SirMullichSirMullichMaand geleden
  • The Islamic republic of France celebrates like this every week in the run up to Friday prayers

    Unicorn WarriorUnicorn WarriorMaand geleden
  • Stand your ground!

    tec sinatratec sinatraMaand geleden
  • Stop lockdown in Niderland

    Rasim RasimzadeRasim RasimzadeMaand geleden
  • Doing a protest against lockdown rules while wearing a mask..... man some people lost their braincells

    Grip TrainingGrip TrainingMaand geleden
  • Control and repression. That is our future.

    AutoFirePadAutoFirePadMaand geleden
  • Start killing government leaders

    Emils SuperpuikaEmils SuperpuikaMaand geleden
  • 1:00 guy casually wearing flip-flops to a riot.

    mobspeakmobspeakMaand geleden
  • Ja dauert mich mehr lange dann ist das hir auch so

    Marcel WeinhauerMarcel WeinhauerMaand geleden
  • ..*?*..*!*..

    jurriaan Ademajurriaan AdemaMaand geleden
  • müssten sich mal die deutschen ein bsp dran nehmen

    Frank WhiteFrank WhiteMaand geleden
  • Netherlands is a lovely place. I would love to live there and add my effecient skills to public and government in order to develope prosperity in there.

    Happy Planet Green PlanetHappy Planet Green PlanetMaand geleden
  • "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson People, the government is and should be our servant, not our master.

    Роман Анатольевич СемёновРоман Анатольевич СемёновMaand geleden

      tien van nettentien van nettenMaand geleden
  • 2:15 Result of civilized behaviour in the Netherlands.

    Chris 2508Chris 2508Maand geleden
  • Awekening

    kill them allkill them allMaand geleden
  • UK Marxism government spitting the LIES that kungFluVirus already had "killed more of its citizens than WW1 and 2 together" ! LIARS LIARS LIARS!

    Sarah Misanthropist XVIISarah Misanthropist XVIIMaand geleden
  • Very good cops in netderland

    Ciprian IancuCiprian IancuMaand geleden
  • the footba;l; season kicks off late

    gerry bohemiansgerry bohemiansMaand geleden
  • I hope people wake up too here in Spain. Keep it up brothers! No politics, No Gods... people against power!

    Pedro Perez RuizPedro Perez RuizMaand geleden
  • Looks like a war zone

    Naythan AshburnerNaythan AshburnerMaand geleden
  • wtf you protesters say you do it for freedom, but why do you burn that car and smash those shops? Yeah, young people will recover very soon, however elders are Vulnerable to the virus. if you want the goverment withdraw the lockdown, you don't need to do destruction! Besides, think it carefully for you parents and grandparents please.

    Sunny CHENSunny CHENMaand geleden
  • The whole world should be protesting these ridiculous lockdowns...Any one who agrees with these tyrannical governments should be taken out back and shot..

    Miguel RubioMiguel RubioMaand geleden
  • 와 진짜 미개한 나라다 이나라 인간들은 자유와 책임에 대해 제대로 모르는듯 진짜 미개한 것들 약탈하고.... 저런인간들이 평소에는 선량한 시민인척하고 다닐것 아냐 ㅎㅎㅎ 어이가 없다 유럽국가의 국민들은 도덕성이 바닥이라 남의 돈 훔치는게 자연스럽더니 시위조차도 저건 시위가 아니라 그냥 미개한 폭동 약탈과 폭력이 난무하는게 무슨 시위인가 ㅎㅎㅎ 미개하네

    qo waitqo waitMaand geleden
  • Its a vicious cycle no lockdown coronavirus spreads. Lockdown the people protest and spread the virus this isn't going to end well.

    Spyro hawk9293 ExtraSpyro hawk9293 ExtraMaand geleden
  • Search the great reset from the world economic forum at davos 2021

    Awaken HawkAwaken HawkMaand geleden
  • Wappies incomming

    Wapp CreationsWapp CreationsMaand geleden
  • Such a beautiful sight to behold. Fight for democracy & freedom.

    Mk2Mk2Maand geleden
  • 👎🏿😵😡

    4932 galatasyk4932 galatasykMaand geleden
  • Beautiful. Keep going! Love from Germany! I wish the People of my country were like this.

    SenfMann132SenfMann132Maand geleden
  • I wonder why European protest brings looting. Is there any correlation between them??? What is wrong with them? What is storage manager's fault??

    AM KAM KMaand geleden
  • governments are so paranoid and scared about COVID that there making cities have these extreme harsh lockdowns, and people are rioting over it because they had enough. Viva Benistanis

    Pepsi VS Diet cola!!Pepsi VS Diet cola!!Maand geleden
  • At last people are waking up

    Wat TylerWat TylerMaand geleden
  • They clearly had enough of this EU

    C.G.CC.G.CMaand geleden
  • This a peaceful protest? Guys this îs a bad movie. This is The result of leaving thousands of imigrants în Europe and also The stupidity în The world. People hâd enough of democracy. They want to caome în front... Loke AT those policemans doing their Jobs peacefully. How about they use some bullets insted of those batons. How Will that be? Think AT this scenario vecause it îs The future

    Alex VladAlex VladMaand geleden
  • My lovely boys of Netherlands. Proud of you.

    George FloydGeorge FloydMaand geleden
  • What did that piano ever do to deserve that?

    ceerw butyceerw butyMaand geleden
  • Stand up for your rights

    Jamale OGJamale OGMaand geleden
  • It's not only in Eindhoven, but it is also in 25 other cities in The Netherlands.

    Maroua BourichMaroua BourichMaand geleden
  • I'm proud that people are standing up for our rights. But ashamed that they destroy our own cities. Destroy your own house or business, see what answer you give to that. Idiots. Instead start making music, sing, dance.

    We1CharityWe1CharityMaand geleden

      ceerw butyceerw butyMaand geleden