Nelly - Dilemma (Official Music Video) ft. Kelly Rowland

5 okt. 2009
925 681 867 Weergaven

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Music video by Nelly performing Dilemma. (C) 2002 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Bella canción ❤

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  • March 2021

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  • Still a classic 🔥🔥

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  • Only here for 3:16 after seeing the meme 🤣🤣 it's really an excel sheet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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  • Feel good memory jams 😌of pre pandemic times. Damnnn

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  • Fells good!!!

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  • Lida musga oa nite

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  • this song is my childhood :,)

    Alejandro MenéndezAlejandro Menéndez3 uur geleden
  • Cape veridian party is not an cape verdian party if they don't put this music

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  • 2050

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  • Old good days

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  • 3/03/2021 Best song ever ❤❤❤

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  • Never gets old

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  • Boi oh boi do I love some classics

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  • Nope I’m watching it in March 2021🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • 254 represented.... Chapa like tukisonga

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  • Sinaloa 2021 presente

  • every time i hear this song i just remind my gf of how much i love her❤

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  • Hay algún compatriota latino?

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  • Bro my favorite song by you is hot in here

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  • If your watching this in March 2021 legend

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  • Good memories to this one..

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  • iTS GREAT !!!!!!!!!! THANK FOR VIDEO

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  • it's my birthday 🥺❤️

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  • 11111

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  • Hello Uzbekistan🇺🇿

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  • I forgot I already liked this song

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  • 2021

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  • 03.03.2021

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  • I used to dedicate this song to my they are married and I'm with different chicks...funny facts of life. Just 10 years back

    Anime clutchAnime clutch11 uur geleden
  • 👐👐

    Etienne VladimirEtienne Vladimir11 uur geleden
  • March 2021✌❤

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  • And Nelly, Especially In The Great St.Louis City, Of The Beautiful State Of Missouri. Will Always Be Keeping Him, Well Popular Of His Many Fan's. And Probably More Future R&B Artist's He Will Be With. Nelly Is A Great R&B Artist's. And That's That !!

    Tom BasyeTom Basye12 uur geleden
  • Моя молодость в натуре😆😆🌟🌟🌟🌟🤩🤩🤩🤩

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  • 3:13 😂📱

    Darrell Carl Rizo JoseDarrell Carl Rizo Jose13 uur geleden
  • I love you And I need you Nelly I love you I do need you No matter what I do All I think about is you Even when I'm with my boo Boy, you know I'm crazy over you No matter what I do All I think about is you Even when I'm with my boo Boy, you know I'm crazy over you I met this chick and she just moved right up the block from me And uh, she got the hots for me The finest thing my hood has seen But oh no, oh no, she got a man and a son though But that's okay, cause I Wait for my cue and just listen, play my position Like a shortstop, pick up e'rything mami hittin' And in no time I plan to make this one here mine And that's for sure, cause I I never been the type to break up a happy home, but uh There's something 'bout baby girl I just can't leave alone So tell me,…

    Yonathan López GómezYonathan López Gómez13 uur geleden
  • Does the start sound like Tracy beakers song😂😂

    Abdul KamilAbdul Kamil14 uur geleden
  • March 2021❤️

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  • ktoś od ewrona XD?

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  • 2021❤

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  • This song si my favorite..

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  • I love this song so much it always makes me feel so good I would love to meet you guys Kimberley Schembri

    Kimberley SchembriKimberley Schembri18 uur geleden
  • Great music never fade no matter how many years pass.

    おくされ様.おくされ様.18 uur geleden
  • I've been listening since my childhood 🙃

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  • Hi from Bruxelles..Belgium 🇧🇪.. 2021🕺🕺🕺

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  • Less Than 75 Million to Reach 1 Billion Views 🏆

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  • 2021

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  • Still bumpin' to this shit;)

    Marie ZemogMarie Zemog21 uur geleden
  • Am here 😊

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  • quien la sigue escuchando en el 2021 hermosas voces que llegan al alma

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  • I know this is an old song but It’s a simps ambition to be a side dude with all these women out here That’s what this song is about the ambitions of a simp. Stop giving your power as a man to women by making yourself an option to a woman who is already taken brothers. That’s the reason these broads have had so much power over you to destroy black families. Go get your own woman. All black men could have a polygynous lifestyle if you would stop trying to covet and sleep with your brothers woman. Take the power of option away from the woman watch her adapt or die alone. Take your crown if you claim your a king.

    The Brazen SerpentThe Brazen Serpent22 uur geleden
  • Jjjjjj

  • Sdds da infância

    Wesley MendesWesley Mendes22 uur geleden
  • You know that Nelly and Kelly are penh when they can look hot af in those crap outfit 😂

    Aziza BrownAziza Brown22 uur geleden
  • When a new black Chick moves to the block

    Misael MuñizMisael MuñizDag geleden
  • I love this song

    julyjulyDag geleden
  • Mais de 15 anos assistindo black charme e não canso de assisti

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  • Any 1997 Zillenial here?

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  • Beatifull song Is Better 😍😍

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  • This is unforgettable. 😎

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  • Imagine-The kids who were born when this song came out,are turning 17 now...Feel old yet😵😵😵

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    • HAHA no

      Juliana AcantiladoJuliana AcantiladoUur geleden
    • I'm turning 14 🤷🏼‍♀

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    • 🤨

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  • 03/2021🔛🔝🔥

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  • Damn that’s 2000s music, is really nostalgic

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  • Active in 2021🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • March 3 2021 at 1:10am wednesday

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  • Anyone still in love with 90s r&b in 2021💃🙌🏽 music to my eyes I love you and I need you!!

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  • This song really bring back some amazing memories

    Rahaf osmanRahaf osmanDag geleden
  • This song is every bit as annoying as it was in 2002

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  • Couple more milly and we at the billy 🙌

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  • love this music suppar..

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  • Lol some of these comments say 1 hour ago or 30 something minutes ago

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  • Let's get this classic to 1B view this year guys🥰❤

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  • #2021 Let's give this one, a Billion views!!

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  • This is some timeless shit.

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  • Winning eleven 7 Final Evolition song 🎶🎵🎼

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  • #1 on the list of songs that get stuck in your head for a full week

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  • ❤️

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  • Even when I'm with my boo, Boy, you know I'm crazy over you. This line brought in the concept of bestie

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  • Fun fact I am 8

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    • I love this song 🎧

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    • It is 2021

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  • Nelly still i lv u....😟❤

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  • First song's name pls :)

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  • Best song played in pubs❤❤loved it

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  • me encanta esta canción

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  • Y seguiré escuchándola por lo que me reste de vida

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  • Great...

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  • Capo Plaza

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  • Omg omg this song is perfect

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