My REDESIGN of the 2021 Alpine Formula 1 Car

4 mrt. 2021
72 580 Weergaven

Livery redesign no.6, it's the 2021 Alpine. Old team, new name, and new colours. Here's my take, hope you like it!
Go give Sean Bull, the man responsible for the lovely IRL paint job, some love too will ya:
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  • Mystery F1 NLworldr link. Go give them some love! 🙌

    TommoTommoMaand geleden
    • I expected a rick roll

      Captain Emergency 747Captain Emergency 747Maand geleden
    • @Ivan This is his channel, so let him do what he wants🙃

      Cem AvciCem AvciMaand geleden
    • Uglier than original Just stop being so opinionated and let the cars be

      IvanIvanMaand geleden
    • This livery is a yoke

      Cem AvciCem AvciMaand geleden
    • Can you do a full on tutorial on how you do these? I can design it but anything after that like content manager and that i am so confused lmao. Love the vids btw have a good day!

      Boamo _Boamo _Maand geleden
  • 3-2-1, this one is a no contentst since the actual winner is their black test livery goddangit

    Stijn LitsStijn Lits16 dagen geleden
  • I prefer the official render, but I admit I like the way you made black the upper part of the engine cover. The idea to paint front wing flaps in blue-white-red is great as well, even if you do the same as on the Haas car

    Ludovic ChauvinLudovic Chauvin21 dag geleden
  • This might be my favorite one you've done - love how sharp that red slash cuts through the center of the car. The strakes on their actual livery is ok, but the clean line looks 🔥

    Steve KemperSteve Kemper28 dagen geleden
  • Ok

    Black CatBlack Cat29 dagen geleden
  • I'm not as impressed as everyone else is with the Alpine livery.

    ThriftybyNatureThriftybyNatureMaand geleden
  • I prefer the original design but I absolutely love what you did with the rear wing. Great decision to put the Alpine on a white plane and I think the subtle French flag add-on looks lovely. The racing number style you used look better as well. Have to say it tough, Alpine delivered a pretty decent design!

    evertevertMaand geleden
  • 5:58 that Alpine looks so fucking amazing. With that ultra shiny blue and stuff. By far the best looking car this year. Your version looks pretty good as well. But this is the only time i prefer the original.

    Lars_GeurtsLars_GeurtsMaand geleden
  • That's a jaw-dropping livery, my dude

    W47CH3RW47CH3RMaand geleden
  • I prefer yours

    Alex VitsileosAlex VitsileosMaand geleden
  • 1:59

    Robert AlexeRobert AlexeMaand geleden
  • @5:45 Ill expand a bit : their blue is spot on, yours is rather mweh the cross striping they did with that softer blue tone really makes that design to not being just another tricolor it works with the little tri colors on the front and back and is complemented by the black white red block behind the front wheel yours does none of that really, the choice for the blue stipe at the red mid block is a bad choice at worst and a futile useless one at best , and even the black horizontal underbody you choose just does not do that subtle connecting theirs does drawing the eyes to that engine section with those pointers front and back in the periferal ; yours is ok far as it goes, no big blunders but it has nothing really.

    arPos KraftarPos KraftMaand geleden
  • Like the real one better

    F1.and.Football YTF1.and.Football YTMaand geleden
  • Although your other redesigns are awesome, I think Alpine's designers got this one right. The loss of the UK flag from the top view was something I felt you missed on this one!

    Daniel PicazoDaniel PicazoMaand geleden
  • Real-Life Version, I like their base coat blue and must be the lines of theirs but not keen on the solid red of your car.

    KingWeirKingWeirMaand geleden
  • "Some people are like very anti matte *or* pro gloss" *Visible confusion

    Gustaf WesslingGustaf WesslingMaand geleden
  • No fleurdelie? (I dont know how to spell that)

    Patrik NessboPatrik NessboMaand geleden
  • Really like how clever the design of the Alpine car is when it comes to mixing their french and uk ties. Noticed that when you look at it from the side the back design is styled like the french flag but when seen from above the back sections come together and it looks like the Union Jack. Very savvy! Don’t mind you design Tommo but its a shame to lose such a smart design.

    Hannah Lundberg SmithHannah Lundberg SmithMaand geleden
  • Definitely prefer the real livery, but I definitely agree that the Castrol logo on the side stands out like a sore thumb. Apart from that, all I would really want to change is making the Mapfre logo above the bargeboards slightly smaller.

    SlimeySlimeyMaand geleden
  • You just wanted an excuse to bring back at least some of the Toro Rosso livery didn’t you?

    Silent Wolf StreamingSilent Wolf StreamingMaand geleden
  • That's Netherlands flag on the front wing 🇳🇱🤣

    abhishek makhijaabhishek makhijaMaand geleden
  • A good redesign but I do like their one more

    Jarryd HowardJarryd HowardMaand geleden
  • Have you considered a different font for rear wing? Alpine looks flat on bottom of the rear wing. Maybe a racier font? Idk

    David WhitsettDavid WhitsettMaand geleden
  • Really like what you've done with front and rear wings. All these French flags trigger my inner baguette, but then again no self-respecting French would dislike a design with so much French flags. It goes back to deeply rooted tradition, we have historically always preferred things with a French flag on it.

    GwyrrdGwyrrdMaand geleden
  • Is it just me or did HAAS make the livery mainly to fill Mazipin's ego?

    Mr.FartythecoolMr.FartythecoolMaand geleden
  • This is the first of your redesigns where I prefer the original. Which shows both how nice the alpine is and how good yours are. You're doing great with all of these

    Daniel WeirDaniel WeirMaand geleden
  • I'm looking forward to the haas redesign

    Rashawn GTRashawn GTMaand geleden
  • Honestly, this is the first redesign made by Toomo that I don't like. I think the real thing looks much better.

    Samuel BrandtSamuel BrandtMaand geleden
  • The Pepsi Can Renault, Aston Martin were soooo close to re-creating the Caterham F1 livery, so close.

    Plux AuAgPlux AuAgMaand geleden
  • I don’t think that the alpine needed a remake

    Slippery CheeseSlippery CheeseMaand geleden
  • The irony of making a livery for alpine and the screen capture had like 2 fps lol

    soren4ksoren4kMaand geleden
  • I do still prefer the original livery Im sorry to say

    Alvin AhammedAlvin AhammedMaand geleden
  • What software do you use to capture it? Maybe try shadowplay or something with low overhead. Keep it up!

    Al GepéAl GepéMaand geleden
  • Na... I prefer the original.

    HlysanderHlysanderMaand geleden
  • Saw the thumbnail and I was like "oh no xD", but, it's not bad, not bad, I just think the original Alpine looks more smooth, and I like the small subtle flags, rather than the one big one.

    SoullessSoullessMaand geleden
  • if you're running out of ideas for a video how bout dont make the video maybe? Haha you are supposed to know about design, yours is awful you should know that the diagonal stripe makes it look fat and unflattering smh

    Fernando Angel Rodríguez CortésFernando Angel Rodríguez CortésMaand geleden
  • It was already perfect.

    Connor Ellis MusicConnor Ellis MusicMaand geleden
  • imo your version looks really good, but it's not as good as the original

    Mako the OwlMako the OwlMaand geleden
  • Good design Tommo! PS: Where can i get the files to do car designs?

    Vítor RibeiroVítor RibeiroMaand geleden
  • the flag on the nose reminds me of the 2014 nose cones. Some of the smaller detail elements are the flag on the rear wing. IMHO the halo should be black too (I think all cars should have a black halo), take the lesson learnt from 2018 Ferrari.

    Tony PTony PMaand geleden
  • Toothpaste, to be fair to Williams, as the Russian American Haas loool

    Bruno CarvalhoBruno CarvalhoMaand geleden
  • This is the only one i prefer the original,i think the real is amazing,its the best in my opinion,but every other Tommo kills the real

    Mr BungleMr BungleMaand geleden
  • the French flag is vertical, not horizontal...on the nose

    Guido DJGuido DJMaand geleden
  • Hi Tommo! how do you create these liveries? Is it a google page or some thing i have to download? I would appreciate if you send me the link. Thak you, great liveries!

  • Sorry mate, I prefer the official livery, not that yours is bad, but the official one is too good.

    Zackydom PoyZackydom PoyMaand geleden
  • Looks like the 2012 Sauber

    Adrian ZanoliAdrian ZanoliMaand geleden
  • Hi Tommo Here's a video idea Why Don't You Design Your Own Formula 1 Helmet

    jade walshjade walshMaand geleden
  • My livery rankings so far: 1. Alpine. I don’t like nado or ocon but I’m a sucker for blue. 2. Alfa Romeo. Who knew all they had to do was flip the colors. 3. Alpha Tauri. Who knew all they had to do was flip the colors. 4. Red Bull. I get it’s the same thing, but that’s not a bad thing. 5. Mercedes. AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG. 6. Haas. Too much Russia 7. Aston Martin. I was so excited for this livery just for it to end up being a green car with misplaced words all over it and an inappropriate pink stripe. Edit: they don’t have the neon green, I was pretty excited to see that accent the B.R. Green.

    All Of The AboveAll Of The AboveMaand geleden
  • Nah Tommo, this one wasn’t your finest

    Mathias RomeroMathias RomeroMaand geleden
  • Can you do a video rating some of Sean's unofficial designs?

    Joel FarleyJoel FarleyMaand geleden
  • Alpine redesign is choppy aswell? guess the car is just cursed

    Shadownate05Shadownate05Maand geleden
  • Can you do a full tutorial on how to design a livery the way you do

    Axel vBAxel vBMaand geleden
  • Been a subscriber since haas vs red bull video. Almost always I agree with your opinion. Never saw that the 2019 Mercedes was one of the prettiest cars before you called it a modern classic (biased I guess). The new alpine I was hoping more from, cool with a new livery. A bit to French patriotic, liked the black and yellow way more

    Axel EkdahlAxel EkdahlMaand geleden
  • What software do you use to paint and make 3d?

    Jones RacingJones RacingMaand geleden
  • Very keen for your Aston Martin redesign. I was thoroughly bored by their livery.

    Shelmer75Shelmer75Maand geleden
  • sean bull is the best livery designer there is

    Monty DrewettMonty DrewettMaand geleden
  • If you did my team career on f1 2020 your car would look sick

    Kaboom Gang GamingKaboom Gang GamingMaand geleden
  • That rear wing is the best livery design I have ever seen

    Julian TaffaJulian TaffaMaand geleden
  • The real thing looks better

    Debait F1Debait F1Maand geleden
  • God how I missed the music at the start. I haven´t been here for a long time

    Justin ReinekeJustin ReinekeMaand geleden
  • Both liverys are fire.. either way it‘s by far the best looking car in the pack!

    RustyNail1996RustyNail1996Maand geleden
  • Tommo, I think the reason the capture may be so choppy is that you're using a window capture instead of a game capture. Love the livery designs mate, would you consider putting them on RaceDepartment or something similar?

    Nathan BrownNathan BrownMaand geleden
  • Don't like it

    mkmkMaand geleden
  • Theirs is better tho

    arPos KraftarPos KraftMaand geleden
  • As you said i agree with the white color version of castrol logo on the tail and thats the only thing i didnt like when i watched the reveal. This time the actual livery wins vs tommo haha

    xenithronexenithroneMaand geleden
  • I prefer the Alfa Romeo mainly because of the colors. The blue on the Alpine doesn't really do it for me. It looks kind of muddy.

    ZaphodZaphodMaand geleden
  • Seeing the comments on this video makes me both fearful and intrigued for the haas redesign

    Bible Man Is Watching You MasturbateBible Man Is Watching You MasturbateMaand geleden
  • You should use the RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 for all the skinny nose cars since it has a skinny nose.

    Jasper LiJasper LiMaand geleden
  • The front and rear wings 😍😍

    GeorgeF1OfficialGeorgeF1OfficialMaand geleden
  • Sorry it was a good attempt but the original is just too good

    AlareAlareMaand geleden
  • Matte colours get so much hate it’s the sexy version of gloss paint

    suttscraigsuttscraigMaand geleden
  • Those Yugoslavia flags on the front wing look nice

    Max HalabiMax HalabiMaand geleden
  • What happened in the live stream

    Jack VaughanJack VaughanMaand geleden
  • I think you made it a lot worse lol

    MrSharkFINMrSharkFINMaand geleden
  • Wanted you to do a yellow instead of blue colour swap.

    Maxime VerrrstappennMaxime VerrrstappennMaand geleden
  • I think the front and back wing you did Tommo combined with the original livery would be the most fire Alpine car for sure.

    Micah BerlowMicah BerlowMaand geleden
  • Yeah the OG bangs, sorry Tommo

    Mawile #303Mawile #303Maand geleden

    Manolis MousterakisManolis MousterakisMaand geleden
  • oh shit! that is really good!

    Michael RomaMichael RomaMaand geleden
  • This is a classy redesign. Kept simple and I like the contrasts between the black and the blue. Very slick. Only recently found the channel and been watching your stream the last two nights, I really enjoy your style and your content :D

    5 Red Lights5 Red LightsMaand geleden
  • Such a pointless series ngl

    keiokeioMaand geleden
  • Sean Bull = Legend Tommo = Also, Legend

    Connor BeaupreConnor BeaupreMaand geleden
  • its hard to beat the actual livery

    ESTCESTCMaand geleden
  • Waiting for Russia gp car redesign 😌

    sean mcmanussean mcmanusMaand geleden
  • Yoooo i missed the livestream what happened exactly?

    CDplayerCDplayerMaand geleden
  • I much prefer the actual one with all though respect

    skipperskipperMaand geleden
  • looks like a kimoa livery

    KaranKaranMaand geleden
  • Must say It’s the only car where I found the original better, great work though

    MTGamersMTGamersMaand geleden
  • Smashed it al always

    Ben BradburyBen BradburyMaand geleden
  • "Wow. It looks great. Makes me proud to be a Frenchman."

    Lisandro CarranzaLisandro CarranzaMaand geleden
  • As a Dutch person I thank you for putting our national flag on the front wing

    Tristan BlikmanTristan BlikmanMaand geleden
    • upside down tho

      Guido DJGuido DJMaand geleden
  • Redesing the haas car pls tommo, my comrade

    Yash NairYash NairMaand geleden
  • fia: bans russian flags haas: makes their car a big russian flag fia: *you weren’t supposed to do that*

    Preston DrewPreston DrewMaand geleden
  • He’s also given the alpine a Russian flag on the front wing so...

    сука блятьсука блятьMaand geleden
  • Almost a toro rosso

    A SA SMaand geleden
  • Frankly Alpine livery looks the best so far.

    Apurv sApurv sMaand geleden
    • @Booyakasha depends on the toothpaste you use. Mine is white, so I don't see it.

      Apurv sApurv sMaand geleden
    • some one said it looks like a tube of toothpaste.......and i honestly cant unsee it

      BooyakashaBooyakashaMaand geleden
  • I think many people missed the detail that the livery is French flag from the side, but Union Jack from the top.

    Oscar ShenOscar ShenMaand geleden
  • some ideas for am redesign: matte and gloss greens get rid of pink make the front less like a spoon more black up the side 👇

    Jessica AdsheadJessica AdsheadMaand geleden
  • I'm sorry but you've definitely missed with this one

  • They love a front wing like that in France

    James EdwardsJames EdwardsMaand geleden