25 feb. 2021
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My new portable airbag setup is insane - Urban MTB freeride just got next level!! I ride my new mini airbag landing for the first time using my MTB hopper kicker ramp and my custom Haibike dirt jump bike, would you send it?
The guys at MTB hopper kicker ramps have hooked me up with this not so mini portable airbag landing for my mountain bike which is actually the best thing ever, so today I get it unpacked and blow it up for its first test ride. This is a game changer in the world of urban MTB freeride because now we can make the spots even better out in crazy random locations all over the place! I decided to use my custom Haibike dirt jump bike for the day because it's the best bike for doing big tricks and jumps on. I start the video by opening the bag jump at home and blow it up in the front garden to reveal how big the jump really is and I was surprised at how tall it was! After checking it out and learning how to use we head into town and find a quiet spot to get the session started and get to work at building the kicker ramp and sorting out the airbag. As soon as the Airbag was inflated it was time to shred and it was the best thing to ride ever!!
I hope you enjoy the video!



Welcome to my channel, I'm a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013).

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  • you are savage sam, could have killed that kid, haha.

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  • That Bagjump is "THE DREAM"

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  • That Bagjump "IS THE DREAM"

    Marko PoloMarko PoloMaand geleden
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  • Which cycle is good for both road cycling and off riding

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  • Which cycle is good for both road cycling and off riding

    Reegan FerdinandReegan FerdinandMaand geleden
  • Which cycle is good for both road cycling and off riding

    Reegan FerdinandReegan FerdinandMaand geleden
  • Which cycle is good for both road cycling and off riding

    Reegan FerdinandReegan FerdinandMaand geleden
  • Which cycle is good for both road cycling and off riding

    Reegan FerdinandReegan FerdinandMaand geleden
  • Which cycle is good for both road cycling and off riding

    Reegan FerdinandReegan FerdinandMaand geleden
  • Which cycle is good for both road cycling and off riding

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  • Which cycle is good for both road cycling and off riding.please say

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