7 apr. 2021
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In this video, We buy a green moray eel for the saltwater pond! Enjoy!

  • Name Him Big Boy

    Roshan Irwan Mohd IqbalRoshan Irwan Mohd Iqbal50 minuten geleden
  • Hey nick you should name him green lantern

    NicksmutantmorphsNicksmutantmorphs5 uur geleden
  • "So nora"😂😂

    BoloradoAnthonyBoloradoAnthony13 uur geleden
  • The hand movements ✋🖖🤲👆👆👆

    Ethan LawsonEthan Lawson21 uur geleden
  • slimy

    liam mattsonliam mattsonDag geleden
  • I vot to call him SLIMEER

    mell Hmell HDag geleden
  • neme the ill srek

    Dariusz KafaraDariusz KafaraDag geleden
  • My oh my i want to go and get an pet green morey eel and it is cute

    Uragon OrotUragon Orot2 dagen geleden
  • His nameshould be green bean

    Parker BrownParker Brown3 dagen geleden
  • Ezekieel

    AdiotAnubisAdiotAnubis4 dagen geleden
  • Morayarte

    usam1981usam19814 dagen geleden
  • Call him please peter

    Mathias JensenMathias Jensen4 dagen geleden
  • You should name him mory

    Johnny’s OutdoorsJohnny’s Outdoors4 dagen geleden
  • Shrek

    Ray GriersonRay Grierson5 dagen geleden
  • Look at how pretty this Video is

    Simon GergenSimon Gergen5 dagen geleden
    • Kidding, luv ur vids

      Simon GergenSimon Gergen5 dagen geleden
    • Look how pretty the world is haha

      Simon GergenSimon Gergen5 dagen geleden
    • Look how pretty the turtles are

      Simon GergenSimon Gergen5 dagen geleden
  • Click baited big time, there was no giant moray eel just a little worm😞

    nick murphynick murphy6 dagen geleden
  • Name him snot

    KitsonKitson6 dagen geleden
  • 8:34 The reason youre here.

    Ghillie PepperGhillie Pepper6 dagen geleden
  • Steve

    Sammy ViceSammy Vice6 dagen geleden
  • Like a flamingo

    Freddie HortonFreddie Horton7 dagen geleden
  • I think the reason the lion fish is black is because he needs shrimp to go pink

    Freddie HortonFreddie Horton7 dagen geleden
  • 45 fish

    Keaghan WineKeaghan Wine7 dagen geleden
  • Name the eel: Hulk

    Kunal SharmaKunal Sharma7 dagen geleden
  • Professor Morayarty

    Kristyn BelleauKristyn Belleau8 dagen geleden
  • Goober for a name.

    JJ AllinJJ Allin8 dagen geleden
  • You got a salt water pond? I’m subscribing..

    JJ AllinJJ Allin8 dagen geleden
  • He is going to be on the floor

    William WorthWilliam Worth8 dagen geleden
  • Ok so I have two hatchlings and I wanna know how to tell their age as the grow. I got them in November. Can ya help me?

    Nicolle BrownNicolle Brown8 dagen geleden
  • Oscar

    Havan BarnesHavan Barnes8 dagen geleden
  • Eels are so cute.

    Lucky ArceusLucky Arceus8 dagen geleden
  • Everything is your favourite dude 😂

    Daniel AlfonDaniel Alfon8 dagen geleden
  • Or grinch because at first their not nice then their lovable

    DJENO PonUDJENO PonU8 dagen geleden
  • Or mike wazoski

    DJENO PonUDJENO PonU8 dagen geleden
  • Or yoda

    DJENO PonUDJENO PonU8 dagen geleden
  • You should name him yoshi like from Mario

    DJENO PonUDJENO PonU8 dagen geleden
  • 7:05 actually i think an oscar fish is closer

    Timothy LeiatoTimothy Leiato8 dagen geleden
  • Syler

    IwasfreeonceIwasfreeonce8 dagen geleden
  • Name Idea: Spinach, peace†

    RjRj8 dagen geleden
  • The grinch

    Mena ElsayedMena Elsayed9 dagen geleden
  • 107 cichlids

    GriffinGriffin9 dagen geleden
  • Not in pond... was a clickbait

    Muhammad JamiMuhammad Jami9 dagen geleden
  • Name him BINGO 😊

    WILD WOLFWILD WOLF9 dagen geleden
  • These fish eat lionfish in the wild where they’re native, this was a bad idea and I just hope that you research stuff soon and not just impulse buy fish

    Wolfmaster AjWolfmaster Aj9 dagen geleden
  • No help animals

    Florentijn LoosFlorentijn Loos9 dagen geleden
  • Eelson

    Fun BoyFun Boy9 dagen geleden
  • Name the green moray eel RAZOR or toxic

    DAMY -DAMY -9 dagen geleden
  • Nice video❤️❤️

    Cichlid TanksCichlid Tanks9 dagen geleden
  • Verde!

    Raging EntertainmentRaging Entertainment9 dagen geleden
  • Omg surprise visit from Paul!!! 💙💙

    Kat MayKat May9 dagen geleden
  • The grinch should be his name

    Adrian OsorioAdrian Osorio9 dagen geleden
  • You said 5k likes to get the fish this video has over 7k likes

    El TonyEl Tony9 dagen geleden
    • @Nick Bingo watching it now 👍🏽

      El TonyEl Tony9 dagen geleden
    • We got him! new video is out go check it!

      Nick BingoNick Bingo9 dagen geleden
  • Name him Magnus

    Cade PrewittCade Prewitt10 dagen geleden
  • I love your videos

    Whitney UptonWhitney Upton10 dagen geleden
  • You should name him spike

    Whitney UptonWhitney Upton10 dagen geleden
  • How do you plan on keeping him in that tank? He will come right out of it once he figures out it’s open

    Shawn GillespieShawn Gillespie10 dagen geleden
  • That Green Moray Eel is huge💚

    J OJ O10 dagen geleden
    • In my opinion, I think a good name for Green Moray Eel are: 1. Shrek💚 2. Green Lantern 💚 3. Hulk short for Incredible Hulk💚

      J OJ O10 dagen geleden
  • 94 siklets

    Gu DesouzaGu Desouza10 dagen geleden
  • One day i have a catfish an african catfish and i want to buy a moray or a trigger fish

    impostor Minecraft pe betaimpostor Minecraft pe beta10 dagen geleden
  • 🔥😍❤👍

    VC シ MEGMAVC シ MEGMA10 dagen geleden
  • I need to see every fish you have

    TGI TuesdaysTGI Tuesdays10 dagen geleden
  • How much did you pay for him?

    Stefan GreenleeStefan Greenlee10 dagen geleden
  • Your moray is docile compared to mine. No way could I move the rocks in my tank without mine biting me. He would definitely attack that shark. He tried to eat my puffer and lion fish as a baby.

    Stefan GreenleeStefan Greenlee10 dagen geleden
  • Name: green boy

    Lea IrogLea Irog10 dagen geleden
  • He’s gorgeous. Name him Grinch or Raphael! Pool pond is looking amazing

    Mrs. Denise Jauernic PuppySaverMrs. Denise Jauernic PuppySaver10 dagen geleden
  • 5,000

    KENDRA VOIGTKENDRA VOIGT10 dagen geleden
  • 200 cichlids

    LayzurxLayzurx10 dagen geleden
  • I love Green Moray Eel ! 😍 They are just so cute and adorable ! Can you give it the name of "Sly" ? Because it will be (don't know his/her gender) and this green will be so beautiful !! (Like a certain house maybe ☺)

    Jormungand CDJormungand CD10 dagen geleden
  • get that fish nowww!!!

    Khim Bryan RebutaKhim Bryan Rebuta10 dagen geleden
  • Lettuce. Lettuce the moray eel.

    Odyseas ThalassinosOdyseas Thalassinos10 dagen geleden
  • Name: Gumby

    Wesley WesleyWesley Wesley10 dagen geleden
  • 108 sicklets I think it was kinda hard because they were moving a lot🤣

    Science and mayhem ProductionsScience and mayhem Productions10 dagen geleden
  • Plz get the trigger that would be awesome

    Tobin SleerTobin Sleer10 dagen geleden
  • Bruce (Bruce Banner)

    Jacob WestfallJacob Westfall11 dagen geleden
  • how about Daruto?

    VIPsquadJuleinysVIPsquadJuleinys11 dagen geleden
  • You should name the Moray eel Moray

    Taji KellyTaji Kelly11 dagen geleden
  • What state is this?

    NEW BREEDNEW BREED11 dagen geleden
  • My man said literally, literally 100 times...

    Bronx BirdsBronx Birds11 dagen geleden
  • Get that cutieee 🥺🥺

    manish aminmanish amin11 dagen geleden
  • I think you should name The green mores eel Amazon because of the green color

    Matthew RileyMatthew Riley11 dagen geleden
  • Apple

    Dax CampbellDax Campbell11 dagen geleden
  • Walter

  • As he's green and going to get big call him hulk

    Chaz ShaveChaz Shave11 dagen geleden
  • It’s a shame they’re so hard to find, because I would totally recommend two named flotsam and jetsam! I just love green morays! They’re one of my favorites.

    ST 19ST 1911 dagen geleden
  • At least 500+

    Barrett BryanBarrett Bryan11 dagen geleden
  • hi

    Graham GreenleafGraham Greenleaf11 dagen geleden
  • I recommend naming it Emerald :)

    Geraldo MartinezGeraldo Martinez11 dagen geleden
  • I remember Bingo!

    Beth GeretschlaegerBeth Geretschlaeger11 dagen geleden
  • I like the green eel

    Dsdsdaslslsddsashan s!ds?s littleJohnsonDsdsdaslslsddsashan s!ds?s littleJohnson11 dagen geleden
  • Learning so much from you

    ImpersonatorImpersonator11 dagen geleden
  • Click bait again 😒

    chito Amadochito Amado12 dagen geleden
  • Name the eel Hulk

    Chris WatsonChris Watson12 dagen geleden
  • Elvin the eel

    Tyler WallaceTyler Wallace12 dagen geleden
  • I think u should name him hulk

    Valentino Ramirez-RivasValentino Ramirez-Rivas12 dagen geleden
  • I see 7k nick!

    Ian BrewerIan Brewer12 dagen geleden
  • Excuse me where is the PoNd ?

    Nattiwut BunpayungNattiwut Bunpayung12 dagen geleden
  • 82 fish

    Jakob RussellJakob Russell12 dagen geleden
  • Man that triger fish looks so sick You should get you should get one for the aquarium like the blue triger fish or the other one Oh now its 7k likes get that trigger NOW!!

    Azarel # CoridientAzarel # Coridient12 dagen geleden
  • That green eel is so cool awesome video Nick and Paul

    Crystal's Pet's&Plant'sCrystal's Pet's&Plant's12 dagen geleden
  • I say grinch for the name🥵🥵

    Todd OrdwayTodd Ordway12 dagen geleden
  • The eel should be called the green hornet 👍

    Antony StanleyAntony Stanley12 dagen geleden