My NEW Gaming PC Build - AMD Ryzen 9 5950X & Radeon RX 6800 XT

21 nov. 2020
994 882 Weergaven

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AMD Ryzen 9 5950X:
ASRock X570M PRO4 mATX Motherboard:
Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-4000 PC4-32000 CL18:
Samsung 980 PRO Series 500GB SSD:
EVGA SuperNOVA 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular Power Supply:
Corsair Crystal 280X Computer Case:
Corsair iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX 240mm RGB Water Cooling Kit:
Corsair LL120 RGB Hydraulic Bearing 120mm Case Fan:
PowerColor Graphics Cards:
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  • Take Linus, water the cringe down substantially, and you’re left with Austin

    Jeremiah HJeremiah H2 maanden geleden
    • @Dude Bop when u get 88 likes from 1 LOL...

      rsn2rsn2Dag geleden
    • @Austin Evans lol

      Jrsquid1Jrsquid15 dagen geleden
    • he’s american linus

      JacksVlogsJacksVlogs9 dagen geleden
    • 🤣

      CharmslyCharmsly11 dagen geleden
    • @Austin Evans hi

      Jacob PaguyoJacob Paguyo11 dagen geleden
  • what electric screwdriver are you using in this build

    Robert ParlovRobert Parlov48 minuten geleden
  • Austin is a gigahertz adicct

    William ShahWilliam Shah4 uur geleden
  • This is what verges pc should look like.

    JnutJnut10 uur geleden
  • I wish I could get one of this PC’s I had a ps4 that just blew up n I have no money😭😭😭😭😭

    ImmatureSunnyImmatureSunny10 uur geleden
  • I couldn’t find any series 9 so I got an ryzen 5 5600x instead

  • My Friendly Local Microcenter Is In Chicago

    Matthew MilesMatthew Miles2 dagen geleden
  • You should build a complete amd and a complete intel gaming pc and compared them.

    Cooper LevinCooper Levin2 dagen geleden
  • Can u use the threadripper

    smoysmoy2 dagen geleden
  • Me when microcenter is 2 days away from me: ;[

    TortleTortle2 dagen geleden
  • Very very great motoge, now my eyes hurt

    Royal boomerRoyal boomer3 dagen geleden
  • Is that Timthetatman Outro song at 4:51? 👊👊👊

    Dean Amiel ReyesDean Amiel Reyes3 dagen geleden
  • So you build pretty much what I had in mind :D

    Casper SvendsenCasper Svendsen3 dagen geleden
  • Do you follow mkbhd

  • he called me a kid

    LCIPLCIP3 dagen geleden
  • TimTheTatman outro?

    Hype StarsHype Stars4 dagen geleden
  • Can you please help me with a decision between these two gaming laptops 2021 models? ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733 (AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX Processor 3.3 GHz (16M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz)) , or GE76 Raider Dragon Edition Tiamat ( 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9 Processor) What's the Best Processor for gaming laptops in 2021 ?: AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX Processor 3.3 GHz (16M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz or 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9?

    Ionuț ArușteiIonuț Aruștei4 dagen geleden
  • i want this pc for free ):

    Gorby1978Gorby19784 dagen geleden
  • hey! what's up? so i noticed you got like up to 224 frames per second while running f1 2020... wow!

    spyspy4 dagen geleden
    • the processor and graphics card you used must be pretty good. and what resolution were you playing f1 2020 at? 4k or 1080p?

      spyspy4 dagen geleden
  • Nice Alienware monitor..🙄👍

    Chanakya VermaChanakya Verma4 dagen geleden
  • Noticing the background music I genuinely thought some crew member was watching Timthetatman while recording.

    Talal MuzaffarTalal Muzaffar4 dagen geleden
  • I was hoping to hear him say "cSgOoo"

    UnspeakableKWUnspeakableKW4 dagen geleden
  • RGB= +100 fps

    UnspeakableKWUnspeakableKW4 dagen geleden
  • 3:44 when a graphics card is the same amount of a prebuilt pc

    FaLsE_ EliTeFaLsE_ EliTe4 dagen geleden
  • Damn if that aint the quietest dubstep I've ever heard.

    TheDwarvenDefenderTheDwarvenDefender4 dagen geleden
  • Is this a dream?

    Death watchDeath watch4 dagen geleden
  • Austin needs the pro gaming pc idk he needs to be gaming like a time like this you will have to stay at home

    Jose RamirezJose Ramirez5 dagen geleden
  • that looks so awesome

    faze-trash ttvfaze-trash ttv6 dagen geleden
  • i wonder how much money this cost.

    FlaminxFlaminx6 dagen geleden
  • what i came here for: the oc building so that i can learn more what i get: epilepsy

    DonQuixionDonQuixion6 dagen geleden
  • Today is 1/16/21; gpu and cpu market is still trash

    Char PadChar Pad7 dagen geleden
  • I hope the RAM is set to 4000Mhz bec the last thing i saw in ur bios was 2666Mhz. Pls do it if you didnt already did that. IT HURTS XD

    Maik TrienensMaik Trienens7 dagen geleden
  • that look when you are satisfied with your parts... 2:26

    Evan AdornoEvan Adorno8 dagen geleden
  • literally every year these youtubers buy the best pc available and every year I watch and cry :(

    ZephZeph8 dagen geleden
  • I wish I had an unlimited budget.

    Rex HeirichRex Heirich8 dagen geleden
  • My dream build ♥️ how i wish

    Dragon GamingDragon Gaming8 dagen geleden
  • Btw your AIO tube is touching your GPU dont repeat the verge build please

    Marin ErcegMarin Erceg8 dagen geleden
  • Imagine being that desperate for storage to go to micro center just for a usb drive and a microsd card.

    fruitysssfruitysss9 dagen geleden
  • The only thing that bothers me is that your only using 500gb ssd. Maybe because of my storage anxiety.

    A Life in AnimationA Life in Animation9 dagen geleden
  • I thought the intro was an ad lmao

    FadelEXDFadelEXD9 dagen geleden
  • Amd still makes gpus god damn

    pigeonpigeon9 dagen geleden
    • @Muzan still trying to compete against nvidia lol

      pigeonpigeon4 dagen geleden
    • Are you like under a rock lmao

      MuzanMuzan4 dagen geleden
  • im a console player wtf is he saying “rxbb5t00789 16 gig watt nova ryzen”

    Jeremiah OlopernesJeremiah Olopernes9 dagen geleden
  • you should of used the lian li 011 mini

    StealthTitan onytStealthTitan onyt10 dagen geleden
  • The for the selfy

    powerstrike gamingpowerstrike gaming10 dagen geleden
  • I just realized if he ever needs to make the money to upgrade his pc again, all he has to do is make a video on it

    CastCast10 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else hear that TimTheTatMan Outro music ???!

    Derek NycumDerek Nycum11 dagen geleden
  • Can we all agree at this point Austin should give away his old PCs he’s made new ones like 100 times 😂

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya11 dagen geleden
  • I was wondering how the fans are setup. I have a cosair 100i too.

    Anusheh BaakhtariAnusheh Baakhtari11 dagen geleden
  • This is just beautiful lmfao

    Abhinav KeswaniAbhinav Keswani11 dagen geleden
  • Does anyone know which monitor hes using with this build?

    DdealerDdealer11 dagen geleden
  • How much did it cost all together for that PC build?

    Mean Muggin YouMean Muggin You11 dagen geleden
  • Is that Ryzen 9 the 5th gen?

    IconicGaming YTIconicGaming YT11 dagen geleden
  • 4:53 timthetatman has entered the chat

    Robert RichardsRobert Richards11 dagen geleden
  • Builds a new Pc Also Austin has a mouse that looks like it was made my douglas himself

    Alex SastriAlex Sastri11 dagen geleden
  • Hello dose this gaming work for any computer

    Cristian DanielCristian Daniel11 dagen geleden
  • Dude your such a cool youtuber. Me thinking I would have a pc one day

    Jerry WelchJerry Welch11 dagen geleden
  • 4:45 timthetatman has joined the chat!

    GrimzLCGrimzLC12 dagen geleden
  • Microcenter, the place where dreams are made

  • hopefully this goes better than his ps5 teardown

    Justin 305Justin 30512 dagen geleden
  • 8:15 is cringy lol i love the vids austin

    Frosty DixperFrosty Dixper12 dagen geleden
  • My guy looks like sid the sloth

    Rory MartinRory Martin12 dagen geleden
  • Hey I have those cables

    Cobra 601rrCobra 601rr12 dagen geleden
  • where is micro center

    RRyzenツRRyzenツ13 dagen geleden
  • Can you do another one in 2021 but with core i9

    Awesome Alex 5.0Awesome Alex 5.013 dagen geleden
  • Haha i better i hav 6900xt

    I'm YmOuUmRI'm YmOuUmR13 dagen geleden
  • When he said “I gigahert” I got an add before his sentence so basically he said “I gigahert with Verizon on us”

    DuckyDucky13 dagen geleden
  • I did not liked it. AND I am a kid.

    Ali HamzaAli Hamza13 dagen geleden
  • why not the 3080 it is a better card more reliable and better raytracing

    Steve LanierSteve Lanier14 dagen geleden
  • u call that a gaming pc? thats a fucking work/streaming, 3d editing station

    DrayzikDrayzik14 dagen geleden
  • This vid was published on my birthday gift me the pc!!

    ElLeónElLeón14 dagen geleden
  • 8:17 looked more like LSD effects that cool rgb 😂

    xNightlord ReaperxNightlord Reaper14 dagen geleden
  • Meh, should have used 6900XT

    Aman singhAman singh14 dagen geleden
  • 1:01 were those people walking backwards?!

    SxteergySxteergy15 dagen geleden
    • Ikr lmao

      RedonPlayzRedonPlayz14 dagen geleden
  • your a legend if you watch this in 2021

    adit's daily lifeadit's daily life16 dagen geleden
  • pout a ps4in there

    jimmy mumperjimmy mumper16 dagen geleden
  • Keep up the grind I wish i had the money to buy one of these rigs and watching your vids make me happy keep it up!!

    Colex YTColex YT16 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Blur_trapBlur_trap16 dagen geleden

    yahya khanyahya khan17 dagen geleden
  • He's not even upgrading it, he is just building a new one. Lol

    TPLR_doomYTTPLR_doomYT17 dagen geleden
  • Well YOU can afford it mate so...

    Shafi KhanShafi Khan17 dagen geleden
  • Maybe u can give this build to me as a gift this christmas hehe

    Aries Rom PatricioAries Rom Patricio18 dagen geleden
  • We gotta love the Halloooo

    Yaash_YTYaash_YT18 dagen geleden
  • I have been subbed to you since 2019

    killer king ytkiller king yt18 dagen geleden
  • Timthetatman song...

    N3ON lolN3ON lol18 dagen geleden
  • my guy out here looking like stuart little

    Stefanus EmmanuelStefanus Emmanuel18 dagen geleden
  • Audition once said in a challenge - but my wallet isn't Hertz But now it does hertz

    WARRIØR x GAMINGWARRIØR x GAMING18 dagen geleden
  • Sometimes you wish you kept your youtube channel

    PiiSeaPiiSea19 dagen geleden
  • i like how austin builds these insane builds but he sucks at games lol

    PoladroidPoladroid19 dagen geleden
  • Can you make video about how to make a pc for $500

    Deshan RevalDeshan Reval19 dagen geleden
  • I woulda waited for the 6900 souly for the lol’s

    Teddy BagginnsTeddy Bagginns19 dagen geleden
  • Hey Austin, i wanna ask you a question. What do you do with those gaming pc's? I am gonna buy a pc but i dont know what to buy could you help i have 850 euros but i want to stream and play with a good pc but u guys buy alot pcs could u do a giveaway if u have pcs everywhere. If u do i want to join the giveaway!

    ItsSvaqqrItsSvaqqr19 dagen geleden
  • He test the game that doesn't need a good/gaming pc.

    MtzMatterMtzMatter19 dagen geleden
  • Is this build with the 6800xt and 5950x the best price for performance with the other parts combined?

    SoowieSideSoowieSide19 dagen geleden
  • So you walk out of the store with a card where people are literally lined up for days. Nice...

    SubdubbinSubdubbin19 dagen geleden
  • RX lang malakas

    GhostSniperGhostSniper19 dagen geleden
  • Don't know why, but just love watching PC build vids

    jakko101jakko10120 dagen geleden
  • Is it better then 3090

    mahi khanmahi khan20 dagen geleden
  • 7:54 I am Sure I heared c*ck

    RiseRise20 dagen geleden
  • *I like how they include the links to the parts used as if we can afford it*

    SeanxitySeanxity20 dagen geleden
  • LOl i was wondering why the graphics so good on this vid but then i look at the settings and it was auto and on 4k 2160

    Solar ClipzSolar Clipz20 dagen geleden