[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Star"

17 nov. 2020
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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Star"
LOOΠΔ [12:00]
LOONA has announced ‘the Starry Festival.’

LOONA (HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, ViVi, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye) who released their third mini-album ‘Midnight’ (12:00) on the 19th of last month, became the first independent girl group to enter into Billboard 200, the main chart of the U.S. Billboard. It had proven that they are growing as a global influence with 8 albums entering into the Billboard along with ‘Artist 100’

On the third day of the album's release, it broke its record including ranking number one in 49 countries on the iTunes Album Chart, ranking number one worldwide for three consecutive days, and also entering the ‘Rolling Stone Top 200’ Chart for two consecutive weeks, as well as entering the Top 100 on the Official Album Download Chart, which is an official chart in the UK.

After successfully completing the promotions of “Why Not?” which is the title track of [12:00] album, LOONA released the official music video and concept photos of "Star", the English version of "Voice" in response to the support they receive globally.

Even though "Voice" and "Star" are the same songs, Korean version and the English version consist of lyrics of two different stories and charms.
"Star" is an energetic retro song with a low, addictive repeated beat. Inspired by the Midnight Festival, Sleeping Beauty, and space, “Star” music video tells the story of waking up in a dream and pursuing goals and inspiration after discovering themselves in a mysterious space.
The stars that appear throughout the music video represents ‘Orbits’, LOONA’s official fan club, indicating that LOONA is chasing their dream in the spotlight by Orbits from all over the world.

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    choerry !!choerry !!28 minuten geleden
  • amazing song

    WW35 minuten geleden
  • 427

    Dayu ShiDayu Shi52 minuten geleden
  • Hey guys I'm an InSomnia but I've been listening to loona lately and I like most of it should I stan them? 😂

    JPM-44JPM-44Uur geleden
    • yes! nlworld.info/top/PLAnDfVD261dCL0o93XD1iDPWj5sRRcSVo.html

      WW35 minuten geleden
    • Insomnia and orbits are the same people so yes.

      OrbitañaOrbitaña58 minuten geleden
  • Now that I've experienced different fandoms, I have to say I'm enjoying being an Orbit the most 😂😂😂 everyone's kinda snarky and smartass-y... Some are super messy but others aren't shy to call them out. It's funny 😂 not to mention LOONA has some of the best songs in kpop. Even without the fandom community, I'll still be their fan ♥️

    I want CHUU and nobody elseI want CHUU and nobody elseUur geleden
  • Krai MT bom fml

    biaa narcizoobiaa narcizoo2 uur geleden
    • Se vc gostou indicado escutar as outras músicas delas sério são muito boas como por exemplo universe, colors, satellite, sweet crazy love, singing in the rain e eclipse

      Dayu ShiDayu Shi53 minuten geleden
  • Go 10M vi€ws

    Coisas Sem SentidoCoisas Sem Sentido3 uur geleden
  • 🥺💖

    Coisas Sem SentidoCoisas Sem Sentido3 uur geleden
  • 1:25 no one: Literally no one: ovlia: gay

    angelicangelic3 uur geleden
  • I come here everyday.

    angelicangelic3 uur geleden
  • 8,420,400

    - ɴᴜᴄɪᴛᴀ- ɴᴜᴄɪᴛᴀ4 uur geleden
  • unpopular opinion: star is loonas best song 😌

    loonabaeloonabae4 uur geleden
  • Stan talent stan loona

    safira xuxucasafira xuxuca4 uur geleden
  • How am I just finding this song now!?!? Wow such a good song. Glad I found it.

    Bright StarBright Star6 uur geleden
  • الامفي مرة حلو💕💕

    ابو صلعةابو صلعة6 uur geleden
  • Loona

    Freeze WellFreeze Well7 uur geleden

    Yves Saint AwkwardYves Saint Awkward7 uur geleden

    Yves Saint AwkwardYves Saint Awkward7 uur geleden

    Yves Saint AwkwardYves Saint Awkward7 uur geleden
  • i ALWAYS rewind the final dance break

    ninanina7 uur geleden
  • i can't deny it i lose i lose my head 🌬👩‍🦰

    ninanina7 uur geleden
  • Bueno, ya no hay chance para los SMA pero sí para que VOTEN EN MUBEAT › BEST PERFORMANCE GROUP!!!!! Por favor y gracias. ♡

    Yves Saint AwkwardYves Saint Awkward7 uur geleden

    chuuwuchuuwu7 uur geleden
  • The ViVi trend

    Yiami TanYiami Tan8 uur geleden
  • Blue hair Gowon will be my fav forever

    livylivy8 uur geleden
  • 8.5M ON THE WAY

    livylivy8 uur geleden
  • Loona

    livylivy8 uur geleden
  • loona

    simp de kenmasimp de kenma9 uur geleden
  • they are so beautiful ✔️ their voices are very beautiful✔️ the song is very nice✔️ LOOΠΔ ❤

    Dünyanın En Müq Grubu STRAY KİNGSDünyanın En Müq Grubu STRAY KİNGS10 uur geleden
  • MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KRY TVKRY TV11 uur geleden
  • 8,405,711

    - ɴᴜᴄɪᴛᴀ- ɴᴜᴄɪᴛᴀ11 uur geleden
  • loona world domination

    love lino motionlove lino motion11 uur geleden
  • 비비 진짜 쩐다 언니ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

    새달새달11 uur geleden
  • Honestly not really into any of Loona's songs as a group. But this one makes me stay. BTW Hyejoo's vocal cause me goosebumps

    amuraiya lenaamuraiya lena11 uur geleden
    • really? i think you've only heard the title tracks. if you tell me what your taste is i think i can recommend you some bsides, their discography is pretty big and i could save you some time

      ninanina7 uur geleden
    • You should check their bsides;) they have amazing songs

      Dayu ShiDayu Shi11 uur geleden
  • #JusticeforVivi omg Vivi should get more lines

    Jordy WeberJordy Weber12 uur geleden
  • voten en mubeat pls

    torta al pastortorta al pastor12 uur geleden
  • واو

    ابو صلعةابو صلعة12 uur geleden
  • son las mejores sabían

    torta al pastortorta al pastor12 uur geleden
  • wow omg justs woe. THIS IS SO GOOD

    Goddess YoonaGoddess Yoona13 uur geleden
  • How is this still at 8 mill views :'(

    Reagan AppolisReagan Appolis15 uur geleden
  • Thales ShuThales Shu16 uur geleden
  • stanloona

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  • 8,398,711

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    ash is our purest formash is our purest form17 uur geleden
  • 8,395,843

    zumizumi17 uur geleden
  • 8.4m soon!!!

    zumizumi17 uur geleden
  • Why is this song so underrated . I love it omg .

    Umaima ArifUmaima Arif19 uur geleden
  • No entiendo como dejamos morir esta gran canción.

    Jesus Alejandro Castellanos GarciaJesus Alejandro Castellanos Garcia20 uur geleden

    CB IACB IA21 uur geleden
  • I just wanna say this is amazing ♡♡♡

    SPREAD LOVESPREAD LOVE22 uur geleden
  • I am an orbit since loona's pre debut and it is amazing and crazy to see how this fandom got bigger! I feel so proud of them ❣️

    CarolineCaroline23 uur geleden
  • Loona playing on the radio....iktr

    Chris Evelyn TabordaChris Evelyn Taborda23 uur geleden
  • nice!

    WWDag geleden
  • Why would i go to class if i could ✨ stan loona ✨

    bangchantine eats bleachbangchantine eats bleachDag geleden
  • besties

    no oneno oneDag geleden
  • Can we talk about the fact that gowon and vivi got center at the end ❤👄❤

    ok now i want Rosie's solook now i want Rosie's soloDag geleden
    • @woah uh-mazing BBC made an improvement!

      ok now i want Rosie's solook now i want Rosie's solo12 uur geleden
    • They have the most center time in this song btw

      woah uh-mazingwoah uh-mazing12 uur geleden
  • #stanloona

    WorldwideHandsomeJinWorldwideHandsomeJinDag geleden
  • Any Filipino Here?

    Arkangel KiritoArkangel KiritoDag geleden
  • For thr new fans 🌙 Haseul:Not in this comeback Vivi: 1:36 Yves: 0:41 Jinsoul: 1:13 (My bias ●u●) Kim Lip: 0:31 Chuu: 2:16 Heejin: 0:18 Hyunjin: 2:31 Go Won: 2:06 Choerry: 1:06 Olivia Hye: 1:18 Yeojin: 0:54

    JeongyeongyJeongyeongyDag geleden
  • 8,377,357

    Thales ShuThales ShuDag geleden
  • Starlight starlight

    Dayu ShiDayu ShiDag geleden
  • Y'all but watching this while tripping is a whole other experience

    Valery LucyValery LucyDag geleden
  • Ooah

    Yiami TanYiami TanDag geleden
  • I'm in love

    Emily ༄Emily ༄Dag geleden
  • I love Gowon’s visuals in this video

    WarmcheetoWarmcheetoDag geleden
  • stan loona for better life

    Alexander ShalikashviliAlexander ShalikashviliDag geleden
  • #goddesses

    Thales ShuThales ShuDag geleden
  • #stanloona

    Thales ShuThales ShuDag geleden
  • #AlwaysWithHaseul

    Thales ShuThales ShuDag geleden
  • Someone recommend some of their big hits.

    miss jonesmiss jonesDag geleden
    • Thanx guys, will check them out.

      miss jonesmiss jones7 uur geleden
    • Most known OT12 songs : Butterfly, Why Not, Hi High, So What Most known Subunits songs: Girl Front, Love4eva Most known Solos songs : Heart Attack, Egoist, Eclipse Most loved B-sides (from what I saw): Universe, Satellite, See Saw, Love Letter, The Carol Loona has more than 70 songs and 30+ MVs so it's really a little part of their very diverse discography that hardly represent all the range that Loona do.

      Debo WDebo W11 uur geleden
    • Eclipse, Egoist, Sweet Crazy Love and new

      Thales ShuThales ShuDag geleden
    • hi high, love4eva, heart attack, and girl front! :)

      khail.khail.Dag geleden
    • Heart attack, one and only, butterfly, eclipse

      Emily ༄Emily ༄Dag geleden
  • AMOO

    Damaris ruizDamaris ruizDag geleden

    Damaris ruizDamaris ruizDag geleden
  • porque SON PERFECTA

    Damaris ruizDamaris ruizDag geleden
  • aHHH

    Damaris ruizDamaris ruizDag geleden

    Damaris ruizDamaris ruizDag geleden
  • Ne pojavljuj mi se u recommended

    LecLecDag geleden

    ROSSMAN124ROSSMAN124Dag geleden
  • bro i need to stop sleeping on loona holy fuck

    velvetxminvelvetxminDag geleden
  • Everyone has come to see the beauty of Girls...Not loona

    Ganesh TripathiGanesh TripathiDag geleden
  • *s t a n l o o n a*

    TemplarTemplarDag geleden
  • Vivi voice is so good idk why she has that less lines

    Choerry Is an CutiepigChoerry Is an CutiepigDag geleden
    • Choerry Is an Cutiepig right! her voice fits really well with this song

      Abby BAbby BDag geleden

    Jㄟ米Jㄟ米Dag geleden
  • WSWSDag geleden
  • 8,357,589

    i am xiaojun's left thick eyebrowi am xiaojun's left thick eyebrowDag geleden
  • gowon: is in the center vivi: is in the center everyone liked that

    rubilixrubilixDag geleden
  • 💞😭💜💎💫💞I love you guys more than other k-pop team😭😭💜💎🎆💞💎💫😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    _ Miftha__ Miftha_Dag geleden
  • I really don't understand bbc, Yeojin is so small but why you keep put her at the back of dance formation? We can't see her. Please put her at the front

    pmanliciouspmanliciousDag geleden
  • Loona should see color music! They covered this song and the children's choir was very beautiful 🥺😭

    RinRinDag geleden
  • ok hear me out guys, i knew loona before but i wasn't that interested. a week ago i tried to watch their mv "why not" and i loved it, it's still in my head and now i watched this mv, omfg yeojin (i believe) snapped me in the chorus. I REGRET NOT STANNING LOONA BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kurt Sid EstrebilloKurt Sid EstrebilloDag geleden
    • @chuuology thank youu, i recently started watching loona guides and their lores, its still a lot to take so its kinda overwhelming but its really amazing and exciting at the same time :D

      Kurt Sid EstrebilloKurt Sid Estrebillo2 uur geleden
    • yay orbits are glad to welcome you to loona!! if you need any help loona-wise (because their storyline and discography can get confusing lol) feel free to ask

      chuuologychuuology11 uur geleden
    • Ahah listen to their solo albums , I’m not jk listen to all their B sides

      Ian KayamaréIan KayamaréDag geleden
    • aaa welcome to loona!

      yeriluveryeriluverDag geleden
  • i watch this atleast twice a day for my mental health

    Dr. MongDr. MongDag geleden
  • Loona are LSM'sPrivateSlᴜts

    orbit toxic loona racist flopsorbit toxic loona racist flopsDag geleden
    • Lee sOO mAN say stan LOONA

      Vincent SionVincent SionDag geleden
  • I love this month's girl so much.

    플로버플로버Dag geleden
  • voten o los cago a tiros

    orbit crackhead Ioona talented queensorbit crackhead Ioona talented queensDag geleden
  • ya se descargan la app de los sma y se ponen a mirar videos

    orbit crackhead Ioona talented queensorbit crackhead Ioona talented queensDag geleden
  • @S1fR3S4 "Todo lo que las chicas nos dieron en el 2020,todo su trabajo,las estrellas que nos compraron,365 e incluso muchisimas cosas más,¿que te cuesta conseguir algunos votos y votar?,¿tanto tiempo te toma?" #OrbitsApologizeToLoona

    orbit crackhead Ioona talented queensorbit crackhead Ioona talented queensDag geleden
  • @MiNH0RBIT "literal se cagan en todo su esfuerzo, no te tardas nada en ver 3 anuncios y después esperar 10 minutos, si todo el fandom hubiera votado podríamos haber estado entre los primeros pero no q bronca loona literal nos dio 12 estrellas y orbit es re puto help" #OrbitsApologizeToLoona

    orbit crackhead Ioona talented queensorbit crackhead Ioona talented queensDag geleden
  • So vivi went viral with her dance and the person should have put star in the background .

    Kalsyu MilliaKalsyu MilliaDag geleden
    • ? They put a song that matches perfectly the rythm of Russian Roulette choreo...no one knew it would go viral wtf They just did that for fun

      Debo WDebo WDag geleden
  • @R0SYSEUL "entienden que NOS REGALARON ESTRELLAS y a uds les da paja mirar un par de videitos cada diez minutos pajeros" #OrbitsApologizeToLoona

    orbit crackhead Ioona talented queensorbit crackhead Ioona talented queensDag geleden
    • BDFSBDNFBD m dio risa pwrdón,,,, pero sip, a

      simp de kenmasimp de kenmaDag geleden
    • tal cual

      orbit crackhead Ioona talented queensorbit crackhead Ioona talented queensDag geleden
  • @chuustarlight "Díganme, ¿no les pesa ni un poco saber que se están cagando en el esfuerzo de las chicas que “aman” solo por ser unos vagos?, De te amos no se vive, hay que trabajar por ellas" #OrbitsApologizeToLoona

    orbit crackhead Ioona talented queensorbit crackhead Ioona talented queensDag geleden
  • @V4NTENLY ; "loona se merece mucho más que esto son chicas demasiado talentosas y se merecen todo el universo y el hecho de que halla “orbits” que no votaron ni una vez no es justo" #OrbitsApologizeToLoona

    orbit crackhead Ioona talented queensorbit crackhead Ioona talented queensDag geleden