MOPAR RANCH: Unusual Classic Muscle Collection and...WWII Battleship?! | Nicole Johnson's Detour EP2

23 feb. 2021
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Ever punched it in a 1970 Plymouth Cuda 440? Nicole Johnson finds out what that's like at Terry Ulmer's eclectic Mopar Ranch, where an impressive vintage Mopar muscle collection meets a WWII Fletcher class destroyer battleship pilot house and an unusual Naval tribute.

This 37-year builder of Navy ships and munitions wanted to do something special to honor veterans and the survivors of Pearl Harbor, so he built an exact replica of a pilot house as the anchor for his incredible tribute property. Mopar Ranch is Terry Ulmer's private residence and is not open to the public, however, Terry regularly hosts tours and special events for military veterans, survivors, active duty and political figures.

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    • Your so fine my eyes are suffering hypnosis🙈great viids and I cant believe you got me glued to the screen like this yo, your making my ipad burn , put some ice on your camera your a fire hazard🔥

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    • I have weery weery Nice Challenger 70 440 sixpack..............

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  • Women are not better welders. Every woman I have known to weld has not been that good.

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  • The dukes of hazard were gonna use a chevelle at first.

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  • “Hey we are gonna attack you” lol 😂 🤣

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  • Cute girls do really well with cars on NLworld.

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  • I'm so jealous!! Your literally driving my dream car!! That's probably a 150-200,000 $ car!!😲👍

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  • The navy stuff is awesome!!! My grandfather was at pearl harbor!!

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  • What's a NLworld, Nicole? 🤣 Great video! Can't wait to see you driving the Roadrunner 💜

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  • if you had a choice. Which one would you take home?

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  • You are heaven sent Nicole.... finally, a youtube channel that isnt playing ANY music in their car videos...THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! I really hope you keep doing this. I really enjoy seeing these old muscle car`s. Brings back so many long ago great memories for me. I just had to sub & like your channel. PLEASE keep it going for as long as you can. We NEED great channels like this!

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    • Thank you so much for the kind words!

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  • That car collection is drooling !!!

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  • Wow that is SO cool....quality american stuff built with pride that will last forever. An era gone.. Great clip, thanks for posting.

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    • Glad you enjoyed it

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  • Okay, I too was in the weapons division in the Navy, I too had a 1970 340 'Cuda, a 1968 Road Runner and two 1968 Chargers, over the span of about 6 years! In the mid 1970s I bought the two Chargers for $300.00 each and the Road Runner for $250.00 (but it was wrecked in the right 1/4 panel). The 'Cuda I bought new for about $3300.00 in 1970.

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    • Thanks for sharing!

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  • Awesome stuff again. Be well and stay safe from the uk.

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  • Another great videp. What a cool place that fella has!

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  • Glad they kept recommending me her channel that I just had to click on it. And now I subbed.

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    • Wow, I appreciate it!

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  • Hi Nicole, I'm a friend of Terry's. Isn't Terry and Mopar Ranch FABULOUS!!!!!!

    Kathy TinsleyKathy Tinsley11 dagen geleden
    • Oh my gosh yes! Terry is so talented, and eccentric, and fascinating! His property is unbelievable...there's so much we just didn't have time to cover. I think he will become a legend if he's not already seen as one. Great guy, huge vision! Nice to meet you!!

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  • I love the look on your face when ya walked in the garage!! Almost needed a wheelbarrow to cart your bottom jaw around!!

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    • right?

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  • Great video. My grandfather was a WWII vet so seeing his collection of military stuff made me smile and think about my grandfather. The cars he has are just awesome

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  • Hey MotorTrend TV, you better land this girl and her show, beautiful cool girl with beautiful cool cars! What's not to like??

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    • Thank you!

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  • Hot and spunky, mama you got it going on.

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  • Wanna say you are incredibly knowledgeable with the cars and so fun to watch your videos simple amazing and i am how a huge fan and cant wait to see more ! Great job and keep up the amazing work

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  • Just casually "so I belt a nuclear submarine "

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    • LOL I know, right?

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  • Another awesome vid! I'm so jealous. You rock! Keep up the good work!

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  • Some amazing rides!

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    • They are!

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  • beautiful ! and that guys cars and stuff is nice too ;)

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  • Ok.. you’ve got yourself a great YT channel.. you’re hugely funny, uplifting interviews, informational content, love it!👊🏻

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    • Thank you so much 🤗

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  • Great job Nicole! Love those Mopars!

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  • 6:35 twss!!

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  • Another great, informative video by the beautiful Nicole ! 💝

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    • Glad you enjoyed it!

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  • No Challengers wai.The are The best locking...

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  • Love it!

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  • You are awesome, Nicole... My uncle fought against the Japanese, too (my granddad fought in WWI) Keep up the awesome videos!

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  • Take your hands outta your pockets when talkin to people

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  • *F I R E*

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  • @ 16:00 Waiting for overdrive to kick in. Excellent video !

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    • Thanks!

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  • Skip ahead too 6:14 to skip ARMY stuff

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    • I don't recall seeing any ARMY stuff.

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  • I love this chic👊🏻she is so funny and cool!!

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  • 6:35 kinda want too touch it! Thats a low hanging fruit.:D

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  • Nice! Should show some a body love..

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  • Love all the cars lovely bloopersI got to stop them from doing electric cars cuz they're talkin about this power grid blowing out then everybody stuck

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  • Wow you have the best Job

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  • El Rancho y los Autos son increíbles 😑👍saludos desde Baja California Mexico

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  • Nicole, Hi!, good for you, always find up the most interesting people, and also find the way to put him on the red line, when push the gas of it´s krazy cars. Saludos

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  • That guy has some serious money in that building with the cars.

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  • Right on

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  • I would pass out if I walked in a garage like that ! not 2 but 3 Thumbs up and a hot digidy dog girl your so lucky

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    • @Nicole Johnson's Detour THANK you Iam just launching a utube my self I'm retiring soon worked on car mostly because I needed to drive to work next day lol . realy heard of you in monster mutt great reading your coment .thanks

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    • Haha! Thank you, yes, I was so fortunate to meet Terry and see his place!

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  • Well done! Subbed.

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    • Much appreciated!

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  • Really enjoyed the video, beautiful cars and I enjoy your enthusiasm as a host, also slightly jealous that you got to take that 440 for a decent drive haha. Great work!

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    • Thanks! 👍😊

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  • Mopar heaven 😍

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  • Nothing but love and respect for this talented woman! Such a natural American beauty! xx

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  • Is she a mopar lady? This is cool he let her drive

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    • @Nicole Johnson's Detour diesel and turbo always counts ma'am! I like turbos on small and big block mopar engines

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    • Not nearly as cool as Terry's collection, but I do have an '06 3500 long bed 4x4 with Cummins diesel and 235k miles on it if that counts!

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  • Nicole, you rock it! I am new to your site. I can't wait to see more. I'm a Chevy guy (1960s Camaros, 70's trucks.) But that Mopar vid. made me so happy. To drive that Cuda...Wow! Stay safe and keep on doing this.

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    • @Nicole Johnson's Detour You are welcome also.

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    • Thank you so much!

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  • I think Mopar had the best color options. If I'm spending good money on a muscle car I want it to stand out.

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    • Have fun with the build!

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  • wow mopar and boats and missles! oh my!

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  • My dad just got a 440 for his 69 Roadrunner! It's Ivy Green and its got the black hood stripes!

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  • my husband had a 1969 roadrunner 383 4 speed posi rear. he still misses it. that car was $2962.00 when hw bought it in september 1968. what is it worth today???

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    • Wow! Would be worth a small fortune today by comparison!

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  • Great content 👍😊

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    • Thank you!!

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  • Mopar or no car!

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  • I love every single second of this video!! Great work Nicole!

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    • Wow, thank you!

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  • “I kinda wanna touch it”. Yes please.

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  • What's the deal with that 70 Hemi Roadrunner? it was missing its air grabber all 69 70 and 71 Hemi roadrunners all were equipped with N 96 air grabber standard !!!

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  • If that car the Challenger makes you say holy crap get behind the wheel of a redeye and you will see holy shit! LOL! I guarantee it will scare the hell out of you.

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    • Sounds fun!

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  • Fastest Mopar was my 2019 dodge challenger hellcat redeye by far

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  • Back in the day I had a 1968 dodge coronet super bee with the 426 hemi 43 a car was a pain in the neck to keep in tune

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    • Quite a collection over the years!!! Nice!

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  • I now drive a 50th anniversary edition Challenger in hellcraisen.

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    • Yes, agreed! Already on my short list of things to do when I'm back in his area!!

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    • HIDALGO!!! Good times! Thank you for checking out the channel and remembering me :-)

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  • That guy's awesome! Such a artist and true to our country! Great collection! Great video!

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    • Couldn't agree more!

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  • I was on the such cutter Bibb 31 it was in ww2 during pearl harbor the navy was in port,the bibb was out to sea and shot at the zeroes with its 5in 51 cannons!!

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  • Beautiful every part of this video I'm 60 years old I owned a Red 68 Charger back when I was 19 it had the 426 Hemi with the factory 4 speed I wish I never sold it but it did go to a collector that still owns it

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  • I'm glad that I subscribed to your channel Nicole👍 You always did awesome when you were driving monster trucks within Monster Jam. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to meet you at one of the Pit Parties 🏁 It's great to see that you are now doing something exciting that you really are enjoying in these videos. Your interest and enthusiasm in learning about so many things is incredible 🙂 Can't wait to see what other videos you'll upload! Congrats on your NLworld channel!

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    • @Nicole Johnson's Detour and you too! Are you the Driver from the Scoobie Doo?

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    • The glasses and the mopars are allllllll thanks to Terry! He's a fun character!

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  • Just wondering how many Dodge fans actually know what makes a hemi a hemi. I'm guessing like 20%

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    • Hemispherical combustion chambers... thanks google! ;-)

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  • DeSoto is the bastard child of mopar change my mind

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  • She is so real world and he is the ultimate neighbor! Love that he has cars tastefully modified and that 70 Roadrunner is just perfect. Thanks for the video!

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  • The only new car I ever owned was a 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury. Midnight Blue Metalic, 383, 4-speed, black interior with bucket seats.

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  • That museum is incredibly beautiful to a MOPAR guy like me. 👍✌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤🙏

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  • If A tree Falls In the forest and there is nobody there to hear it does it exist?..... Where IS the place?... I watched a few videos on the place...seriously.... does he not want anyone to go there?. It looks very cool. I own A Barracuda ... My family has a dozen Mopar's. sadly no mention of where it is .... not even Online.

    Ken StranahanKen StranahanMaand geleden
    • Well, it's his private residence. He lives there, so it's not a place open to the public. He was very generous to have allowed our cameras in.

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  • I love the Vitamin C Orange. Must be a heathy car😆

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  • Such a cool place! It’s clear that Terry has a passion for all his things. All I know is, if we were trying to decide where to visit for the holidays.... I would want to visit Uncle Terry’s! Another great video. The 31 dislikes had to be people clicking the wrong button 🤷‍♂️

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    • Yes, agreed on all of that! ;-) Thank you!

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  • Beautiful vehicles. Amazing place. Thanks for posting this video. I feel like a time traveler looking at these vehicles. Long live the internal combustion engine.

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  • This video represents what I think will be the future of automotive journalism. You are an appealing and enthusiastic host, the camera and editing work is first class, and so far you have chosen great subjects--both human and mechanical--and have taken time to develop their stories. You also ask questions that allow people with varying levels of expertise to understand what is going on. And . . . there is no distracting techno music playing in the background, which is another huge plus. Really impressed with what you have created, Nicole.

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    • Wow. Thank you soooooo much for recognizing this. It is precisely the purpose of what we are striving for. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate the comment, and it makes me feel very validated and optimistic. You just made my day, month and year! :-)

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    • Thanks for your service! And Thank you for watching!

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  • やっぱりマッスルカーの中でのモパーは特別な感じに思います。ハイインパクトカラー✨素敵すぎます。宝石。

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    • 同意する! 日本からずっと見てくれてありがとう!(Thank you Google Translate!)

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