Monster Lab - Bones in the Basement (Episode 3)

2 mei. 2021
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  • Has anybody seen that Crack Sparrow TIktok. Shit is hilarious

    :O:O7 minuten geleden
  • Who hurt you to make these videos who hurt you you can give her Benadryl them and stomach and he’s kind of videos

    Malik the ShapeshifterMalik the Shapeshifter2 uur geleden
  • Can you do ninja turtles? I think that would be a good one

    Artificial MattArtificial Matt2 uur geleden
  • Man you should rather spend time with the parodies

    vinzer72frievinzer72frie2 uur geleden
  • I chose the wrong time to eat, excuse me while my stomach cries.

    Antonio DavisAntonio Davis3 uur geleden
  • Do you ever stop and wonder, what is going on inside MeatCanyons head?

    Brendan FolkBrendan Folk5 uur geleden
  • Howdy Kitten made me smile :)

    clayton mcmanusclayton mcmanus6 uur geleden
  • Do gabby hanna

    Grave SetzGrave Setz6 uur geleden
  • he should make five nights and freddys vid

    User blanksUser blanks6 uur geleden
  • I got one for ya MC, sesame Street go nuts

    Mask SlayerMask Slayer7 uur geleden
  • 7:36 amogus

    RevRev7 uur geleden
  • Who else is watching the stream rn

    Elijah GutierrezElijah Gutierrez7 uur geleden
  • the cat after hes half eaten sounds like shmeppie

    Seth PetersSeth Peters7 uur geleden
  • This is weird in the right way....

    【zEkS 。_。】【zEkS 。_。】8 uur geleden
  • Bibo is confuse

    Jared MeadowsJared Meadows8 uur geleden

    DogLamflarDogLamflar9 uur geleden
  • love the plot and the series! It's funny, plus a story which makes the series even more awesome!

    AgedGravesAgedGraves10 uur geleden
  • Still waiting on them to make a EDP parody

    Billy Bob JimboBilly Bob Jimbo11 uur geleden
  • Please do DEXTER'S LABORATORY!!!

    Rhaegar SnowRhaegar Snow13 uur geleden
  • I need the next episode by yesterday yes please sir

    SmuginSmugin14 uur geleden
  • Will there be more, HK? Asking for a friend

    Xavier ShawXavier Shaw17 uur geleden
  • Great episode bröther

    levi Belllevi Bell18 uur geleden
  • Wonder if he will ever make a skit on Gabbie H. 🤔

    anime onepiecelifeanime onepiecelife20 uur geleden
  • You should totally make a spawn video bro😂😂🔥🔥🔥

    TRUTH dbfTRUTH dbf20 uur geleden
  • Love the moon man doll

    BibBeve The TrapBibBeve The Trap21 uur geleden
  • You should do a parody of Beyond scared straight or 60 days in

    Rick HarrisonRick Harrison22 uur geleden
  • Yeah I think it was a different type of “milk” HK 1 and HK 2 wet spraying on uno

    Ethan MitchellEthan Mitchell22 uur geleden
  • New episode plz

    j boij boi23 uur geleden
  • All the animation power yet the DVD logo never hit the corner of the screen lol

    khajiit with wareskhajiit with wares23 uur geleden
  • I love how Chris Kyle is drawn in imitation of a safer, more marketable style with his thick outlines, perfectly round eyes, and less exaggerated poses and expressions... and yet that somehow makes him more unsettling than all of the other characters.

    Matt GarnerMatt GarnerDag geleden
  • Who saw moonman.

    TartarSauceTartarSauceDag geleden
  • You ruined my life!!!

    lupita gonzalezlupita gonzalezDag geleden
  • Netflix: are you still watching? Someones daughter: 3:58

    Josiah FillinghamJosiah FillinghamDag geleden
  • original content is hard, seems like a good start!

    Eric AndersonEric AndersonDag geleden
  • Happy Mother’s Day kittens

    Daniel BarcenasDaniel BarcenasDag geleden
  • Hmmm, I remember Tom from Tom and Jerry differently

    Pizza BlubberPizza BlubberDag geleden
  • Do the can he fix it

    Yvonne TelloYvonne TelloDag geleden
  • I want a cat like howdy kitten!

    Zach AmonZach AmonDag geleden
  • Uno’s definitely my favorite

    Zai Too CleanZai Too CleanDag geleden
  • Chris Kyle American Sniper.....

    Carnage845Carnage845Dag geleden
  • Can we get this on Netflix?

    It’s AnonIt’s AnonDag geleden
  • This episode is very impressive. Good job guys

    Dalton CampDalton CampDag geleden
  • The shinning ref

    Louis LB.Louis LB.Dag geleden

    Xzabrian LylesXzabrian LylesDag geleden
  • this is very disrespectful towards kyle and his family. not really funny

    • IRL Kyle wasn't as friendly as that movie makes him out to be

      Pablo ComplainsPablo Complains15 uur geleden
  • Surprised no one has tried to rid this for Chris Kyle's alone great shit just wondering n

    captainbubblescaptainbubblesDag geleden
  • This show is absolute fucking GOLD!

    S RS RDag geleden
  • I just realized your intro kinda sounds like the first part of Save me by Avenge Seven Fold

    Benjamin hangmanBenjamin hangmanDag geleden
  • one of the figures in the guys house is glue man from jerma rumble HA

    TheBestShirtTheBestShirtDag geleden
  • Dude I’ve been checking for new content from you every day for a week. Honor your mother for Mother’s Day and start pumping out videos now boi.

    Elites EnslaveUSElites EnslaveUSDag geleden
  • I could see howdy kitten being a threat to today's kids shows if he had his own.

    Mr fishlipsMr fishlipsDag geleden
  • I think that uno is bobs from monsters vs aliens lost cousin.

  • Who do I talk to about that

    Foureye_geek-Foureye_geek-Dag geleden
  • I bought to 2 shirts and only got one,but says it got delivered it it didn’t

    Foureye_geek-Foureye_geek-Dag geleden
  • Do David dobirk or whatever tf his last name is

    Sugoi KizaSugoi KizaDag geleden
  • why does 6:48 sounds like player from amoug us

  • Wait what did say

    Evan ArriagaEvan ArriagaDag geleden
  • why did he rub the plushy

    andrew speedandrew speedDag geleden
  • So no one gonna talk about how chris kyles in this ight

    CallmeDADDYCallmeDADDYDag geleden
  • God so fucking good right now. Seeing the monsters in the house as just background pedestrians to me helps establish a small world building in a house where monsters can be spawned at will and are just living their lives.

    sgt scaryfacesgt scaryfaceDag geleden
  • You have to make a Shrek one and name it donke

    Noah MalickNoah MalickDag geleden
  • 1:30 is a Shining referenze?

    Antonio CatizzoneAntonio CatizzoneDag geleden
  • I just realized y’alls TikTok acc got deleted

    Pixieass • 40 years agoPixieass • 40 years agoDag geleden
  • I love monster Lab

    Magic ValenciaMagic ValenciaDag geleden
  • " confused"

    Austin ThomasAustin ThomasDag geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣❌✊

    جينرال - GENRALجينرال - GENRALDag geleden
  • Can you do I count to three but George lives

    SlimeSlimeDag geleden
  • 2:11 was I the only one watching to see if the DVD symbol would hit the corner?

    Random GamingRandom GamingDag geleden

    Carson LanterCarson LanterDag geleden
  • The plot thickens

    sonofsuerafsonofsuerafDag geleden
  • Please just re watch the bar scene, the light in that fucking scene it us AWESOME. 15/10

    Mateo DemicheliMateo DemicheliDag geleden
  • I was not expecting the ghost of Chris Kyle but here we are. Well played Hunter.... well played.

    Shibo AtisutoShibo AtisutoDag geleden
  • Please have bibo as a recurring character 🤣🤣🤣

    Aaron RAaron RDag geleden
  • Why didn't Chris Kyle just use the blood from the cop he killed?

    b34stm1lkb34stm1lkDag geleden
  • 1:56 sounds like SPM

    Isabel SIsabel SDag geleden
  • Wait so chris kyle is a demon from hell but he's literally an American hero how is he not an angel

    its dave from marketingits dave from marketingDag geleden
  • Meatcanyon, I have a question, what did u think when u made this video

    Lemuel StewartLemuel Stewart2 dagen geleden
  • uno more like sus

    SuperAsh410 the GamerSuperAsh410 the Gamer2 dagen geleden
  • They should give you an adult swim show for this

    JTJ GamesJTJ Games2 dagen geleden
  • Make a animation on edp445

    Reyli ZunigaReyli Zuniga2 dagen geleden
  • BiBo

    Thorny KaleThorny Kale2 dagen geleden
  • I don't know why I'm so entertained by this

    Brendan HutsonBrendan Hutson2 dagen geleden
  • The moonman funko pop

    PUBLICnoosePUBLICnoose2 dagen geleden
  • You need to live stream more often

    GoosadeGoosade2 dagen geleden

    DarkAbscytheDarkAbscythe2 dagen geleden
  • make the howdy kitten a plushy and ill buy 100%

    Luis QuirozLuis Quiroz2 dagen geleden
  • “Im gods holiest angel” *proceeds to become a demon*

    Late ReviewsLate Reviews2 dagen geleden
  • Why didn't he just use his inflatable body for the "Tooth Fairy"?

    chihuahuachalupachihuahuachalupa2 dagen geleden
  • This dude could make a whole cartoon

    TyreseTyrese2 dagen geleden
  • did the quality on this episode seem low or is it just me ??

    Rinkyy LabzzRinkyy Labzz2 dagen geleden
  • The opening though🤣

    Gale WisemanGale Wiseman2 dagen geleden
  • I know it's not as popular as your parody video, but please keep up monster lab, for do it for Chris Kyle and Dale Earnhardt

    James SmallJames Small2 dagen geleden
  • “I’m no pastor, but this seems Jewish.” I’m 💀

    Bob RossBob Ross2 dagen geleden

    JayJuannJayJuann2 dagen geleden
  • "time to die" 🤣😂

    Insert X Files MusicInsert X Files Music2 dagen geleden
  • Angi birdz

    starszy strzelec biografii brzęczyszczykiewiczstarszy strzelec biografii brzęczyszczykiewicz2 dagen geleden
  • This is the type of stuff you see on adult swim at 3am

    MustyTapWaterMustyTapWater2 dagen geleden
  • Nice

    THEMaNIsWOrTHitTHEMaNIsWOrTHit2 dagen geleden
  • is that ryan from supermega?

    シシシシ2 dagen geleden