Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2021 Race Day Live

25 apr. 2021
427 451 Weergaven

It's race day at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix and we're showing every race live! Today features cars from every era of F1 from the very first F1 races in 1950 up until the ground effect F1 era in 1980. There are also pre-war Grand Prix cars - from the era before F1 was even a thing, and sportscars celebrating the time that the Monaco Grand Prix ran as a sportscar race. The Monaco Historic runs on exactly the same course as the F1 race with races running through today from 8am until 4.30pm. We'll be brinign you every single moment.
00:00 Start
14:04 Pre 1961 F1 cars
1:16:00 Pre War Grand Prix cars
2:23:33 F1 cars 1961-1965
3:28:39 F1 cars 1966-1972
5:13:41 Sportscars 1952-1957
6:18:25 F1 cars 1973-1976
7:39:00 F1 cars 1977-1980
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  • Ride onboard with Jean Alesi:

    Goodwood Road & RacingGoodwood Road & Racing9 dagen geleden
    • It was SO much better to watch these cars race without the commentators incessantly whittering like caffienated kindergarteners. Bring back Raymond Baxter! I love Heindhoff but FOR GODS SAKE! Tell him and his mate to stop officiously striving to fill empty air with trivia!

      Andy LewisAndy Lewis3 dagen geleden
    • We want to watch Jean Alesi win. I want to say him, your head is OK!!!!!!!?????

  • The historic cars were Newtonian physics... current cars are Quantum and so more 'refined' and boring.

    gforcegforceDag geleden
  • its a real race or show race ?

  • Just love seeing classic f1 again having seen a lot of races in that era.

    Alex EisenbergAlex EisenbergDag geleden
  • My cheeks hurts smiled most of the race. Amazing John Alesi still got it. Pure racing this is more intense than of today's f1

    Daniel De LeonDaniel De LeonDag geleden
  • cars are so slow compared to todays f1 cars

    DaspienDaspien2 dagen geleden
  • Werner hizo algo como lo de Maradona cuando metió el gol con la mano... Y sigió como si nada...

    UmaUma3 dagen geleden

    Richard LoupRichard Loup3 dagen geleden
  • Awesome performance of the Ferrari and Lotus.

    Andrew JonesAndrew Jones3 dagen geleden
  • Fantastic! Thank you guys for posting this. :)

    ArrowsArrows3 dagen geleden
  • 1:12:30 - The offset on the Riley. All modern karts are offset, particularly the long circuit ones. Makes no difference.

    Richard MortimerRichard Mortimer4 dagen geleden
  • Thinking how old Alesi is, how amazing he is to drive a f1 car. Fans from Japan must have been surprised by how much passion he has.

    渡部大地渡部大地4 dagen geleden
  • Monaco doesnt look so cloustrophobic anymore

    Richardson richlyRichardson richly5 dagen geleden
  • Marco Werner mau perdedor...

    Marcos AlbertoMarcos Alberto5 dagen geleden
  • Alesi probably watched that same car whiz by on TV when he was 9. Now he's 56 and he's in it. Wow.

    JCCyCJCCyC5 dagen geleden
  • That opening scene was epic!

    Michael MatthewsMichael Matthews5 dagen geleden
  • Amazing.

    Breustifer BoucharskiBreustifer Boucharski5 dagen geleden
  • The commentators on here are fantastic

    Stevie HopeStevie Hope5 dagen geleden
  • That`s pure racing, awesome cars, V12 sound, Marco Werner is hanging almost the whole race on Alesi`s tail and no moaning about overheating tires, he`s blocking me etc. like these days

    Manuel BaeuchlManuel Baeuchl5 dagen geleden
  • The Hesketh? It seems to happen often that also run cars of the period are very good as a classic. Bettter preration now than in period? Michael does a very good job in all of them The grid/ trophy girls look very nice, sexy and elegant in that 'uniform'

    LDN WholesaleLDN Wholesale5 dagen geleden
  • These cars sound like racecars,. Unlike the modern mad boffins nightmares.

    LDN WholesaleLDN Wholesale5 dagen geleden
  • where are the 2000 V10s

    Jimmy HuangJimmy Huang6 dagen geleden
  • immonde , mortuaire , scabreux ignobles masques de faux comédiens , qu'est-ce qu'on s'amuse avec le nouvel ordre mondial sataniste.pauvres types.

    laurent maginilaurent magini6 dagen geleden
  • 6:41:18

    TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F16 dagen geleden
  • holy cow that's amazing! cars that can follow each other!

    TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F16 dagen geleden
  • Does someone know if there will be more historic grand prix this year?

    Deiphant 46Deiphant 466 dagen geleden
  • Not yet through with it but this battle between the Surtees and the McLaren .... holy crap, awesome.

    Ernesto BrausewindErnesto Brausewind6 dagen geleden
  • Ligier JS11..... omg. didn't know it's still exists. one of the most beautiful F1 cars ever. wasn't Jaques Laffite around there to drive it? :)

    Robert HorvathRobert Horvath6 dagen geleden
  • Alesi N° 1

    iuridimitriiuridimitri6 dagen geleden
  • awesome the blue Matra is stunning

    Steven PriceSteven Price6 dagen geleden
  • 2:24:25 really cute car

    Yellow TCheetahYellow TCheetah7 dagen geleden
  • Ohhh soo close there was TOOOOCHH from ALE-SEEE... and they heading to San DEVOOTH.. The LODDUSS of Werner

    Yellow TCheetahYellow TCheetah7 dagen geleden
  • This is wonderful, and I hope that the next time it's done it doesn't happen to coincide exactly with the local IndyCar Grand Prix here in St. Petersburg Florida. That was a prior engagement to which I had grandstand tickets, or I'd have certainly been watching this live.

    Britt GardnerBritt Gardner7 dagen geleden
  • Finally I know where I can get insurance for my superyacht.

    ViciousBlaydViciousBlayd7 dagen geleden
  • Grandissimo Jean!!! "Oggi ho rivisto Nuvolari" La sua Maestria e il potente e indomabile boxer Ferrari sono stati un' accoppiata micidiale! Se non ci fosse stato l'incidente la Lotus di Werner non sarebbe passata! Si faceva sotto in curva ma nei tratti dove Alesi scatenava la potenza della sua Ferrari non c'era storia!!!

    G MG M7 dagen geleden
  • I do not see Halo on the cars...

    CopsTVCopsTV7 dagen geleden
    • yes they had no halo back then...

      TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F16 dagen geleden
  • Alesi a gardé son talent

    Jerome RABASSEJerome RABASSE7 dagen geleden
  • Watching from Perth Western Australia.. Brilliant broadcast and seeing the Brabham's, makes it even more enjoyable Salud!

    B. CurtisB. Curtis7 dagen geleden
  • Is there any racing with either late 80's or early 90's F1 cars?

    Dan AllnattDan Allnatt7 dagen geleden
  • They have better sound than current F1

    Max ChinaMax China7 dagen geleden
    • no where near as fast

      DaspienDaspien2 dagen geleden
  • watching them crash is a tragedy ( and dangerous) but this event has been astonishing

    comeberzacomeberza7 dagen geleden
  • 1981 to 1984 1985 to 1989 1990 to 1994 1995 to 1997 1998 to 2001 2002 to 2005 2006 to 2008 and then that’s it

    tAmEz ZoDiActAmEz ZoDiAc7 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful

    tyrone bobootyrone boboo7 dagen geleden
  • 73-76 race more thrilling than the past five F1 seasons...

    Ep!dEmEp!dEm8 dagen geleden
  • "Skol ... is Swedish beer ..." Oh man Skol is Brazilian beer not Swedish, but is ok. No problem kkkkkkkkkk

    ƒaßiano Szaƒaßiano Sza8 dagen geleden
  • Caraca sensacional a corrida de 73-76. Sensacional mesmo e Marco Werner, que vergonha hein! Maior papelão. Toca no Alesi e depois acha que não foi nada ... pera ai cara!!

    ƒaßiano Szaƒaßiano Sza8 dagen geleden
  • This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

    Bryce MathisBryce Mathis8 dagen geleden
  • Alesi's entire career in 1 race.

    БеллорофонтБеллорофонт8 dagen geleden
  • Thumbs down? from the current F1 establishment? Difficult to imagine some aspect of this worthy of a thumbs down, can you explain to me?

    James KingJames King8 dagen geleden
  • Will people be looking back at the Formula E in the same way in 50 years time?

    Frank BobFrank Bob8 dagen geleden
  • The destruction of Nikki Lauda's Ferrari is a shame. Booooh!

    tremoristtremorist8 dagen geleden
  • All was amazing!!!

    Niko HF1Niko HF18 dagen geleden
  • Невероятное зрелище. Спасибо!

    UltimateuseUltimateuse8 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely amazing!

    Олег СедовОлег Седов8 dagen geleden
  • I never understood why old style F1 cars are so highly rated in terms of aesthetics, but seeing them in real races made me appreciate them much more - thanks for uploading this event! Even if the live chat devolved into cancer quite quickly. Ah, classic YT

    Pascal ErnstPascal Ernst8 dagen geleden

    tikkathreebarrelstikkathreebarrels8 dagen geleden
  • Thank You! There is a God! Gtjoey13-4

    joe limongellijoe limongelli8 dagen geleden
  • I don't think that statement about Lewis not liking testing and development is correct, I've heard the opposite many times...

    Melted CameraMelted Camera8 dagen geleden
  • Alesi is good but the graphic design of helmet is cursed :(

    GnubboloGnubbolo8 dagen geleden
  • I am so thankful we get to see historic cars like this actually race instead of just in museums or slow no-risk formation laps. I wish I could see them in person and proplerly get to experience the sound and the smell of them rushing past.

    Ole KaarvaagOle Kaarvaag8 dagen geleden
  • c.1936-1940 Maserati 6CM Related smaller sibling to the twice Indy winning 3.8 liter 385 HP 8CTF of Wilbur Shaw. J.C.

    375GTB375GTB9 dagen geleden
  • Talbot-Lago 4.5 liter ohv Six One of the few cars here with IFS! Massive finned alloy drum brakes! Widest 1950s Dunlop Tyres found on any car here. Raced GP thru 1951 REIMS Spa... etc.... WON Le Mans 24 Hour 1950 J.C.

    375GTB375GTB9 dagen geleden
  • Wilson Pre-Defector box! Idea did not work well for Harry Miller, either OK on his Miller 91 Indy cars Terrible on the Cord 810/812.. Tucker! Never really de-bugged... Would need Nick Mason like V-16 BRM MONEY! Same for the box in the Lotus 16.... FRAGILE! J.C.

    375GTB375GTB9 dagen geleden
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    375GTB375GTB9 dagen geleden

    375GTB375GTB9 dagen geleden
  • I should really change my tv aspect ratio to 4:3 to watch this

    MLTMLT9 dagen geleden
  • The Steal 'n Shake doesn't use the American logo. Probably using the name and serving Filet Mignon and gourmet shakes.

    Cycle RiderCycle Rider9 dagen geleden
  • Confirmation- If I ever have chance to see an F1 race weekend, it will be the historics👏👌

    DSW964DSW9649 dagen geleden
  • I'd rather attend this instead of the F1 race. Those cars are amazing.

    Cycle RiderCycle Rider9 dagen geleden
  • man those 70's cars have an aura about them!

    Andres GarciaAndres Garcia9 dagen geleden
  • The Absolute WORST commentary team ever!!

    Richard FennerRichard Fenner9 dagen geleden
  • would be great to see jean alesi drive the 412t2 again

    robert manrobert man9 dagen geleden
  • Why are people wearing masks outside? Ridiculous.

    JETJET9 dagen geleden
  • Commentators are idiots!!

    Richard FennerRichard Fenner9 dagen geleden
  • Boa noite !!!! Gostei demais do vídeo. Corridas fantásticas. A melhor foi a do Jean Alesi. Muita adrenalina. Parecia o GP de 1992, Senna e Mansell. Bom demais. Obrigado pelo vídeo e parabéns pelo canal. Abraço do Brasil......

    Flávio 27Flávio 279 dagen geleden
  • So good to see all those cars once again although it hurts to see some awful drivers treating such a jewelry so badly....

    Gilberto CunhaGilberto Cunha9 dagen geleden
  • Michael Lyons seems to be a great guy.

    Lemo_MandaLemo_Manda9 dagen geleden
  • Старые болиды чисто двигатели на колёсиках.

    БеллорофонтБеллорофонт9 dagen geleden
  • This needs to be a support series for formula 1

    Martin KurtoićMartin Kurtoić9 dagen geleden
  • I loved all of this , but my fave were the sports racers from the 50's

    Englishman inFranceEnglishman inFrance9 dagen geleden
  • Enzo Ferrari is Happy on Paradise!

    maria redeblue79maria redeblue799 dagen geleden
  • Tough call Jean Alesi being punted off would love to have seen him win kudos to Michael Lyons he looked really embaressed to be handed the win and to give the cup AND the Rolex watch away(id have kept the Rolex!)

    andrew ganleyandrew ganley9 dagen geleden
    • @Lemo_Manda Cost how much? still would have kept it!

      andrew ganleyandrew ganley9 dagen geleden
    • I might be wrong, but it looks like a Tag Heuer Monaco to me.

      Lemo_MandaLemo_Manda9 dagen geleden
  • Where is Maldonado?

    Naïm SeguraNaïm Segura9 dagen geleden
  • But you know, thats a joke! They drive like they go for a walk. Not on the Limit. Because they dont want to crash their expensive cars. So why do they Name it racing? This is just a Show event! In my opinion. Werner and Alesi were the only guys who had a real race!

    Michael AdamskyMichael Adamsky9 dagen geleden
  • Please give us this Sound back! The actualy F1 sucks

    dbmbrbkbdbmbrbkb9 dagen geleden
  • A very exciting Sportscar Race. Well worth watching.

    RichardRichard9 dagen geleden
  • Where are the pre war Mercedes and auto unions also 1950 and 1960 Porsches spyder 555 and 718

    Ron HarmseRon Harmse9 dagen geleden
  • Where is the fan car?

    Jack CavaggionJack Cavaggion9 dagen geleden
  • TS-9 Clearly a F-2 car with a DFV in back. As with Pete Lovely's Lotus 69 F-2 car with DFV Not the cars for Monza Spa Reims. HEAVY With all the trick aero stuff But LIGHT! for Monaco The Ring Where that crap is DEAD WEIGHT... I'd like to see the Cooper T-79 driven with as much brio.... HAS to be the lightest car on this grid! IMHO J.C.

    375GTB375GTB9 dagen geleden
  • Cooper T-79 Tasmin car 2.5 liter Coventry Climax 4. 2.7 liter as an F-1 car... (IF....) As in the first Eagle F-1 of 1966 Weslake V-12 not yet ready.. And Jack Brabham's 1961 Cooper Indy Car. Very first McLaren Mk. I USRRC Can/Am car... Once the Penske Zerex Cooper "cheater" car.... As at Riverside.. etc... History! J.C.

    375GTB375GTB9 dagen geleden
  • Alesi miss a gear?

    Juan PerezJuan Perez9 dagen geleden
  • The BRM H-16 was an overweight DISASTER! Consternation when it took FOUR MEN at Lotus To lift the crate it came in! Never an winner for BRM Only once for Lotus Watkins Glen Jim Clark Last race of 1966 Waiting for the DFV.... BRM had a quite fine 3.o V-12 but only tuned for Sports Protos The time lost was never regained.. HILL left BRM for Lotus... And another WC... BRM ran out of money... as in RUSH... J.C.

    375GTB375GTB9 dagen geleden
  • 💝 Wonderful 😷 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Even times have changed ! And ecological once a year ! THE ⭐MODERATORS⭐ ,THE SOUND🐝,THE CARS, MONACO, The BOATS 🛶 THE RACE ! 🖐😎👍

    Cumulus TerraticusCumulus Terraticus10 dagen geleden
  • M.G Bridge Sebring 12 The Esses 1964 < My home track. Also had a Mercedes Benz Bridge to the Pits/Paddock J.C.

    375GTB375GTB10 dagen geleden
  • BRUMOS Jacksonville, FLA.. Peter Gregg J.C.

    375GTB375GTB10 dagen geleden
  • No 1962 G. HILL WC winning BRM P57 V-8 Sad.... My first F-1 year. First hero driver... MET at Sebring 1964 Driving a privateer Ferrari 330P Observation of Surtees dropping a wheel of exiting the Webster's Seen with my B&L 7x50s Hill would have me speak with the elder Scuderia mechanic. In back of the pits Then Surtees spoke with me a bit.... As they replaced the lower A-arm of HIS 330P My Obs were ever welcome, after that... Where ever, to whomever... LAST were to Jo Bonnier, Sebring 1972... My last 12 Hours... OIL EMBARGO! IMSA JUNK! '73 < J.C.

    375GTB375GTB10 dagen geleden
  • No Lotus 25s Unlike a few years back. When the 16 ran off and HID from all the front engined 2.5 liter F-1 cars. In THAT race! A completely debugged 16 it was! J.C.

    375GTB375GTB10 dagen geleden
  • Dunlop R4 AND R5... Wiggly M pattern tread.. 1959 -1966 More or less.. Coped by Goodyear Firestone Eventually As SEEN on AVON Historics tyres Today... J.C

    375GTB375GTB10 dagen geleden
  • Ferrari + Alesi + Monaco: when dreams come back. merci a tout. 😍🤩🏎❤❤❤

    Marco Audio MVE MonacoMarco Audio MVE Monaco10 dagen geleden
  • American racing colours were ALWAYS White & Blue. NEVER Red! Jeeze! 1958 Corvette at Le Mans 1964 -1965 Mk.I and early 1966 GT-40 Mk.II That I SAW at Daytona and Sebring. '65 -'66... The recent, rather fictional, movie screwed that all up! Kiddies! J.C.

    375GTB375GTB10 dagen geleden