Minecraft Pig FACTS

18 feb. 2021
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30 seconds of FACTS all about Minecraft's PIGS!
Did you know any of these facts? Here's the history of the Minecraft Pig, Minecraft Muddy Pig, Minecraft Porkchop, and EVEN the Minecraft Cooked Porkchop. Did you know how to ride a Baby Pig in Minecraft Java Edition or about the Minecraft Earth Mottled Pig, Pale Pig and Spotted Pig? Bet you didn't know that with lightning, Pigs turn into Piglins!
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  • The pigs on Minecraft were cool. I wish there were multiple kinds of pigs

    Happi CamilleHappi Camille17 minuten geleden

    Jennie ElabbassiJennie Elabbassi5 uur geleden
  • 0:26 no

    Master w a u d ?Master w a u d ?7 uur geleden
  • *can u imagine if technos skin was like the old pigs*

    Lily_Of_The_VallyLily_Of_The_Vally7 uur geleden
  • You ckrase 😂

    eyad lyeyad ly11 uur geleden
  • Sus

    garcia Sgarcia S11 uur geleden
  • Techno after seeing this: This is illegal!!!

  • Im the only one saw aphmaus skin

    Adir 2000Adir 200013 uur geleden
  • I’m not into mynnctsft

    Olivia StensonOlivia Stenson15 uur geleden
  • He didn't say pigs was crepper

    Abdul NekkaaAbdul Nekkaa16 uur geleden
  • Was that aphmau the NLworldr

    Ximena CortesXimena Cortes20 uur geleden
  • Why when you say minecraft earth you say minecraft dirt

    Guerrieri FamilyGuerrieri Family20 uur geleden
  • I saw aphmauuu

    • Midnight & Sakura •• Midnight & Sakura •Dag geleden
  • Fun fact: all his videos is 27 seconds long

    AngeloAngeloDag geleden
  • Name every youtuber aphmau dream George unspeakable techno block facts IIBALISTIC Squid and the peinguin guy which did mc mods

    XxPhoenixplaysStudios101xXXxPhoenixplaysStudios101xXDag geleden
  • Wheres the creeper fact?

    Cat Black 5000Cat Black 5000Dag geleden
  • Do you mean they become zombie pig man when struck by lightning not piglins

    Prototype InfinitePrototype InfiniteDag geleden
  • Damn I remember when pork chops used to look like steaks

    NowNowNowNowDag geleden
  • Technoblade triggers right now ngl

    Funny dudeFunny dudeDag geleden
  • I see aphmau

    windows 7windows 7Dag geleden
  • Omg I saw ahpmau!!!

    Jeffrey PamaJeffrey PamaDag geleden
  • Fun fact: you forgot technobladge

    Ana LopezAna LopezDag geleden
  • Sometimes u talk so fast and I can't understand anything 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 But still I love u r facts ❤️❤️

    krishna .skrishna .sDag geleden
  • Wait is that aphmau

    Elia EllyElia EllyDag geleden
  • I had a pig named hamword he got struck by lightning and tuned into a piglen

    MeowThra GamingMeowThra GamingDag geleden
  • Yum

    DiyonightDiyonightDag geleden
  • Wait, why was Aphmau in this short

    RoleplayRyanRoleplayRyanDag geleden
  • I just saw aphmau

    Krxwtokfan Sag919Krxwtokfan Sag919Dag geleden
  • This guy using utubers skin and i friken know all of them 👍

    Doren OrenDoren OrenDag geleden
  • some one remember zombie pigman

    Ban BrandoBan BrandoDag geleden

    Tiffany galleaTiffany gallea2 dagen geleden
  • Oh techno doesn’t just enslave human orphans 0:11

    Aiden NabhaniAiden Nabhani2 dagen geleden
  • I dont know there have aphmau is looking to camera

    ZRT RAFID ALYZRT RAFID ALY2 dagen geleden

      ZRT RAFID ALYZRT RAFID ALY2 dagen geleden
  • I saw A bunch of youtubers

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  • 😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭

    david wellerdavid weller2 dagen geleden
  • You tubers unspeakable gaming dream ballistsquaid aphmau gerogenotfound

    Switch MemorySwitch Memory2 dagen geleden
    • And tehcnoblade

      Switch MemorySwitch Memory2 dagen geleden
  • Was that a Aphmau- ;-;

    Paula ReynoldsPaula Reynolds2 dagen geleden
  • Alternate Title: Man talks super fast about pigs.

    Adi KhojaAdi Khoja2 dagen geleden
  • block facts FACTS: if he don't put technoblade in the thumbnail ↘️

    ElClay XDElClay XD2 dagen geleden
  • Pigs used to look wide

    Yossdo 07Yossdo 072 dagen geleden
  • since Minecraft Earth will be gone soon... let's all just hope that variation of existing mobs will be added to the game like imagine having variation of pigs

    SushikeSushike2 dagen geleden
  • Technoblade is a half human half pig hybrid

    JaydenJayden2 dagen geleden
  • Me : Awwww the baby pig

    Ashley FarrellAshley Farrell2 dagen geleden
  • Why Aphmau is there

    Lili LinLili Lin2 dagen geleden
  • i saw aphmau again

    entiherobrine 1234entiherobrine 12342 dagen geleden
  • Omg there is aphmau

    agus wersagus wers2 dagen geleden

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  • Did you see aphua

    Thessalonica keziah DelosoThessalonica keziah Deloso2 dagen geleden
  • Why aphmau here not complaining but why

    Cohen BottoneCohen Bottone2 dagen geleden
  • Okay but why is technoblade slaving his own blood

    • Squishy •• Squishy •2 dagen geleden
  • Techno blade will be happy about this😂😂

    Cool gamerzzz ZzzCool gamerzzz Zzz2 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Who here believes that Jesus died for them to go to Heaven when they die and whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life🙏😔

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  • I saw aphmau

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  • is that Aphmau?!

    Rainbowkitty Channel CatRainbowkitty Channel Cat3 dagen geleden
  • Minecraft techno blades used to look like THIS

    minebirds LJubbminebirds LJubb3 dagen geleden
  • You forgot how when they tried to the pig IT BECAME THE CREEPER

    Marisa McMillinMarisa McMillin3 dagen geleden
  • I just like it how noone is talking about aphmau

    AngeloAngelo3 dagen geleden
  • Why is there aphmau

    Ardo MeirzaArdo Meirza3 dagen geleden
  • Wait is that Aphmau

    Leandro-20-7FLeandro-20-7F3 dagen geleden
  • make piglin facts

    imzgamer 411imzgamer 4113 dagen geleden
  • I like the part when he said pig

    Mr. DanMr. Dan3 dagen geleden
  • for reference there are 14 or 15 facts

    Vlad-Mihai IvascanuVlad-Mihai Ivascanu3 dagen geleden
  • I like how minecraft youtubers are added- i saw Aphmau, my brothers watching Aphmau :o

    Kris Ian PatocKris Ian Patoc3 dagen geleden
  • *No pigs were hurt in the process in the video*

    TheCreepyAndTheCuteTheCreepyAndTheCute3 dagen geleden
  • Hey that Atlantic craft reference he has a smp now

    NomadNomad3 dagen geleden
    • @lเttlє帝ṚʘʊɢE indeed

      NomadNomad2 dagen geleden
    • @Nomad Np nd I was wondering were you talking about ScrambleCraft 1.0 which had a finale😅

      lเttlє帝ṚʘʊɢElเttlє帝ṚʘʊɢE2 dagen geleden
    • @lเttlє帝ṚʘʊɢE I just noticed O type has and it autocorrected to had thank you

      NomadNomad2 dagen geleden
    • I was searching for this Comment

      lเttlє帝ṚʘʊɢElเttlє帝ṚʘʊɢE2 dagen geleden
  • RIP piglins

    Nicole TonerNicole Toner3 dagen geleden
  • Did i saw Aphmau

    William Afton - aka Purple GuyWilliam Afton - aka Purple Guy4 dagen geleden
  • did someone saw Aphmau

    Prince gerastaPrince gerasta4 dagen geleden
  • Minecraft Pigs used to look like Technoblade

    Mylen AgapitoMylen Agapito4 dagen geleden
  • Oof

    Sorcha MackaySorcha Mackay4 dagen geleden
  • Aphmau shows up

    Rachel PiaoRachel Piao4 dagen geleden
  • I like the techno reference

    sweTシsweTシ4 dagen geleden
  • Didn’t mention how all villagers share AI with pigs

    Meaningless hecker 2Meaningless hecker 24 dagen geleden
  • Psh trust me only the last hint was actually true

    belalicabelalica4 dagen geleden
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  • Hi

    dogedoge4 dagen geleden
  • It that unspeakable

    Nay LinNay Lin4 dagen geleden
  • I miss pig'man's

    h -slimh -slim4 dagen geleden
  • Aphmau in a jungle tree"

    PoCaRi Roblox and MinecraftPoCaRi Roblox and Minecraft4 dagen geleden
  • i knew technoblade was gonna be here

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  • Why you talk so loud

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  • Yes

    Alex Di DioAlex Di Dio4 dagen geleden
  • did i saw aphmau there!!

    Qistinah JalilQistinah Jalil4 dagen geleden
  • Minecraft pigs used to look like this! Shows a pig that has a SMOL HEAF

    chobby ninja gamingchobby ninja gaming4 dagen geleden
  • Ah, beautiful.

    The Meme ManThe Meme Man4 dagen geleden
  • There is aphmau to

    Sukamti EnabeSukamti Enabe4 dagen geleden
  • Aphmau too

  • Oh my god there is ahp.

    Victoria EuanVictoria Euan4 dagen geleden

    deku what the frickdeku what the frick4 dagen geleden
  • This is new information in me I had no idea that when a lightning bolt strikes a pig they become a pig Lynn I always thought they became a Zombie Pigman

    Epic Franklin KniggeEpic Franklin Knigge4 dagen geleden
  • Unspeakable:hmmmmm ok Dream:Wahhoooo

    Ian Mason ibrahimIan Mason ibrahim4 dagen geleden
    • Amphau:wow look at this pigs in minecraft eart

      Ian Mason ibrahimIan Mason ibrahim4 dagen geleden
  • Yes, pig is block

    Lou DeLucaLou DeLuca4 dagen geleden
  • ah yes Pig is my favourite block

    Shaun PerezShaun Perez4 dagen geleden
  • Y the pig look like the back of a supra

    Tobey chiforTobey chifor4 dagen geleden
  • He: porkchap Me: Pogchamp

    Selvor96Selvor964 dagen geleden
  • Now I Remember Unspeakable

    PHCrafter20 PlayzPHCrafter20 Playz4 dagen geleden
  • Everyone's not gonna talk about why Dream is using the Carry On mod right now.

    Tofu Boy in a bowl of SoupTofu Boy in a bowl of Soup4 dagen geleden
  • this aint a block:(

    DisᴛOrTe͜͡d̆̈DisᴛOrTe͜͡d̆̈4 dagen geleden
  • Why was aphmau in that vid??

    Killcount102Killcount1024 dagen geleden