Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER: AMONG US HOUSE BUILD CHALLENGE in Minecraft / Animation

15 nov. 2020
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➜Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER Animation
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➜Download houses from my website: billionblocks.com
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Called "Faithfull" at the texture pack menu.

➜Download My Shader pack: billionblocks.com
▼More House Tutorials▼
This video was inspirated by ManDooMiN who was the first builder who made among us minecraft houses i think..
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    • Noob vs pro vs hacker

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  • Hacker is best pro is okey and noob is nja no thanks

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  • Image how much detail has to be on the hacker one.

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  • obviamente gano el HACKER

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  • AMNG US kosta

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  • It hacker house is good!

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  • 3:40 ofc ik what this is, its a...... TOILET :D

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  • I DID half of my house but its the same As hackers

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  • Noob:plays among us Also noob: loses Also noob: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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  • explodingtnt is better

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  • noob ugliest guy Every

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  • Eh I have a lot of :-$

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  • I saw the hackers I was like HOWW HOOWWWWW HOOOWWWWWWWWWW

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  • noob did sort of good

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  • soon I will have Internet so I will be coming to play with you. can't wait

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  • The noobs looks bad

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    • The noobs Howe’s loooks bad

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  • awesome

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  • Cool

  • I like hackers because his looks

  • Pro is cool 😎

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  • amog uds

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  • como se llama la musica del hacker?

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  • noob house better than pro house XD

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    • >:(((

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  • I Too My Girl

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  • Blue Pro

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  • Hacker

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  • Hack did it better

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  • This is my first time seeing this and I like the hacker

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  • wow haker

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  • i kinda like pros because hackers looks danegrous

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  • Can the man who made the pro among us house or hacker among us house make for me please

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  • Is the best

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  • Hacker made this good

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  • iam the pro comment here

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  • pro better been noob okay doke

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  • noob sucks at minecarft

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  • That noob is like noob1234

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  • Minecraft noob pro hacker

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  • If hacker's house is the best like the comment

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  • Hacker is better than noon and pro

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  • I like the noob screaming

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  • Goog

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  • I know that hacker's are bad but his house is so cool the inside was not that bad but I still like it😀

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    • Yea it must take days!

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  • What noob is pro

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  • Para mí está mejor el pro

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  • Pro and god lovee!!!

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  • Pro use backpack as storage room.

  • Anyways pro was the best because we can make it in comparison to hacker and it is more cool in comparison to noob.

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  • 5:42 Musik hacker name

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  • ALKADI de las e incluso de la ciudad de la ciudad de la ciudad de la ciudad de la ciudad de los resultados

  • Great imposter hacker

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  • Noob is better 👍👍

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  • When the hacker start i was like what is that thing and then i understand

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  • amog us

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  • pro hacker house was good 😌

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  • Truck

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  • I like impostor but i like to purple collor

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  • Pro and hacker is the winners because I love them both

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  • I like hacker

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