Minecraft Manhunt UNEDITED 4 Hunters FINALE

27 nov. 2020
19 866 088 Weergaven

Minecraft Manhunt UNEDITED 4 Hunters FINALE... This is the extended footage from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE" video.
World Seed: -4221063993078745765
Original Video: nlworld.info/key/video/yXycp7q9an1ifYw
I thought I'd upload this sort of like a live stream. There's lots of silent bits and there's no music to set the mood, but hopefully it's not too boring! Most manhunts are around this long.
Unsure on if I'll do this in the future, but if you guys really like stuff like this maybe I will! I might instead make an "Extended Cut" or something that has full fight scenes rather than leaving in the uninteresting stuff.
There are points in this video where I check my phone, or I check my discord, or people grab snacks or go to the bathroom or stuff, obviously it's a long recording. Sometimes if I'm standing still or something that might be why. There's kind of awkward silences as well, but that's just what happens when you're focusing! Manhunts are a blast to record, and I'm sure you can see us bantering and the fun we have recording :)
0:00 Intro
4:59 George/Sapnap chase
8:40 MLG Ladder
13:34 Antfrost Iron Supply
18:55 TNT Surprise
34:18 Cobweb Surprise fight
46:20 Enter Nether
54:22 Enter Fortress
57:39 George Sapnap Fight
1:06:24 Leave Fortress
1:23:37 Pearl Trades
1:45:35 Break/server pause
2:03:44 Invis Leaving Nether
2:11:20 Enter Stronghold
2:40:18 Minecart Trap
2:44:23 Enter End
George: @GeorgeNotFound
Antfrost: @Antfrost
BadBoyHalo: @BadBoyHalo
Sapnap: @Sapnap

  • I didn't put music on this so you guys can enjoy it however you want! I recommend throwing on some tunes in the background while you watch :) There's also timestamps in the description if you want to skip around. Also, editors you may feel free to use any clips from this for edits or compilations or anything you want!

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    • You should play with skeppy and bad

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    • @Eli- Awesome Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia

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  • 18:20 saving my spot

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  • Dream missed nether rite ingots when training with pig lings

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  • When I tried to bo that in Minecraft the Iron golem hit me and almost killed me

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  • The sad thing is if he hadn’t said I can see you in the nether he would have gotten so much further ahead

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  • When you do more manhunts can you post the unedited version to

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  • this was so cool

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  • at 8:40 the hunters be HOW HOW??????

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  • 2:51:57 wach that. NothiNg iS FaiR iN LiFe HAhAHahAHAAAaAaA

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    • Until the end

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  • i literaly watch all the vid

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  • Idk why but when Dream put the fire out when he was burning the cows and pigs was wholesome to me. Also when he accidentally set the villager on fire he said sorry. so nice

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  • I hate it how he doesn’t stack the golden apples

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  • we leaned a leson today to have a sword in case dream gets you stuck in a web

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  • i watch the whole thing for 2 hours

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  • props to everyone who watched the full FILM

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  • Stem

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  • I'm just annoyed at the fact that he looted three aut of four chests in the temple

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  • Omg 😂 my mum was singing hallelujah while dream, geroge,sapnap,ant frost and bad was singing it 😂 😂 😂

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  • It looks fun, i wanna try tha, pls if anyone knows the plugin/datapack pls tell me

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  • bad always thinks he's the boss of george and sapnap

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  • dont die the whol vid il donat 5000000000000000000$ good luk

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  • this vid makes me sleep and wake up at 5 :00

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  • Haters: "Manhunt is fake" Dream: "Hold my beer"

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  • This guy be just copying

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  • Dream hunts the hinyers while the hinters kill the ender dragon?

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  • At the end when dream fights sapnap Dream:*Drinks a Strength Pot* Sapnap: No thats not fair Dream:There's nothing fair in life Me: Thats true i agree

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  • Your telling me drream survived minecraft for almost 3 hours straight he really is a pro

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  • you guys should do a manhunt on stream

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  • 1:53:07-1:53:11 I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING

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  • That's nice I wish I could be like you

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  • Honestly watching these get boring it’s just the same thing happens , he clutches, he clutches again it’s just boring

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  • 1:30:26 actually badboyhalo the ghats sounds came from C418s cat

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  • 2 hours? Omg

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  • SPOILER WARNING DONT WATCH TILL YOUR DONE WITH THE VIDEO when he beat the game my ears dude

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  • fortune 3 jjajajajajajja

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  • After 3 hour of watching

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  • Dream: *in a ravine* Ant: HOW DOES HE HAVE STONE?!?!

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  • 1:51:22 why it say the faze sign 😂

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  • It felt weird not hearing the christmas music at 11:00

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  • I literally thought this was hardcore. And Dream you should try to do Speedruns on Hardcore

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  • this is good for me cause dream is a lier lol

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    • like i dont like him

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  • When I saw him find diamonds in the chest I expected there to be Christmas music

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  • 4:10

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  • -0:57 there’s nothing fair in life

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    • 2:58:57

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    • Opps wrong time sorry

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  • Hola

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  • 1:04:48 *donkey sound*

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  • love this movie xD

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  • Keep doing these unedited versions, they're a great way to spend hours and even when you've seen all the manhunts, they feel like fresh content!

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  • No one: Sapnap: he pearlded

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  • I love how this makes bad so mad

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  • 2:40:00 i have the power of god and anime on my side

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  • 15:12 what does it look like to you

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  • My sister was being stupid and dumb and acting as though she has never played Minecraft bc she said that dream jumped 10 blocks when he actually jumped 4, i think she is blind.

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  • Bad stop staying muf'in

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  • Lol ptffffff

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  • he should have grabbed that gold enchanted hoes in the nether he couldve got so much crimson root leaves in like 3 seconds

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  • i used to love watching dream and laughed a lot watching this serie but now it just feels wrong watching dream because of all the stans all that stuff

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  • An ironic thing about the thumbnail is he almost never has leather armor.

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  • . . . _

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  • Hello fake dream...

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  • Am I the only person confused when ant speaks and sapnap because they kinda sound the same to me-

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  • It seems eerily poised without music

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  • Antfrost didn't want to live in the same world as Enderman me:...WTF

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  • 2:59:40 R.I.P Headphones users

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  • Badboyhalo: Oh My GoOdNeSs LoOk At HiS ArMoUr ItS sO sHiNy

  • why ant is not there

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  • Leader comping in clutch

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  • Maybe that's why his manhunt / videos are like 40 mins or 20 mins long, bc they barely talk LMAO

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  • the ladder play was so good

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  • It's fake look at the channel

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  • Bring your dog water or everybody already knows that you already had one

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  • Dream is cracked my guy

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  • 19:12 AC130 LOOK OUT ABOVE

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  • It was weird though I like it not that weird.

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  • i'm portuguese i didn't understand anything about the language, but congratulations!

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  • Ive always said my dog sounds like a ghast, so it makes sense that the ghast noises came from another pet

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  • The whole video Antfrost was gone

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  • Waving the golden apple around without realizing he had another one he could stack it on was a little painful

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