Minecraft Manhunt | George VS Dream REMATCH

12 apr. 2021
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If you haven't seen the first video of George's Minecraft Manhunt, then be sure to check that one out to avoid any spoilers! This is the second match of Speedrunner Vs. Hunter where George is the Speedrunner and Dream is the hunter. In this game, however, George is given 5 rows of hearts! This was absolutely crazy and hilarious! Be sure to follow Georgenotfound's twitch channel to watch future livestreams similar to this one!

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  • Just wait till we've got 5 speedrunners vs 1 hunter

    Grim CreeperGrim CreeperUur geleden
  • Fish confirmed

    Star HostStar Host4 uur geleden

    isaa8580 isaa8580isaa8580 isaa858016 uur geleden
  • George kills dream 1 time he is so happy but he has 5 rows of hearts -_-

    Warrior17 ' '/Warrior17 ' '/Dag geleden
  • 1:55 George says" YOU SUCK" when Dream got him down to lower than one bar of health.😜

    Helen UtechtHelen UtechtDag geleden
  • 12:58

    İsa Səfərliİsa SəfərliDag geleden
  • George, you have to stop running, turn and fight! No scampering off to hide! 😂😂

    Lynn AnderrsonLynn AnderrsonDag geleden
  • We love George for his personality, that I can say, that I can say XD

    laughing skulllaughing skullDag geleden
  • 12:02 "were all happy" *proceeds to burn a pig alive in front of his children.*

    Abraham GuzmanAbraham Guzman2 dagen geleden
  • Why george so toxic?

    Oliver Skorstad NygaardOliver Skorstad Nygaard2 dagen geleden
  • he's so bad

    JencyJency2 dagen geleden
  • George honestly sucks😂😂

    Jerry HerreraJerry Herrera2 dagen geleden
  • i legit lose brain cells the more i watch george

    Guak omoleGuak omole2 dagen geleden
  • george is so bad at this game its ridiculous

    sniffsniff3 dagen geleden
  • I love how George is so happy that he killed dream like its a big feat but George has 5 bars of health

    nowheremannowhereman3 dagen geleden
  • JUST a qwestin if u HATe burch trees and your coler blide then why do u hate them? sorry if it afended u

    Jack AhernJack Ahern3 dagen geleden
  • imagine being this happy for killing somebody who took 2 lifes out of your healtrhbar 10:22

    Madarász AttilaMadarász Attila3 dagen geleden
  • "I'll be there in a minute, just give me a second" -Dream 2021

    Kyuin FrechetteKyuin Frechette4 dagen geleden
    • *inhales* *dies*

      Kyuin FrechetteKyuin Frechette4 dagen geleden
    • did not realize somone had already quoted this

      Kyuin FrechetteKyuin Frechette4 dagen geleden
  • #Idea Minecraft Manhunt with electro shocking

    Daddel CrafterDaddel Crafter4 dagen geleden
  • Omg george is so fucking toxic like if he kills him hes like "youre so bad!"

    Materiallize AssassaMateriallize Assassa4 dagen geleden
  • George a loser, he need 5 rose of hearts to win dream

    Wen Xiang LawWen Xiang Law4 dagen geleden
  • George is bad at aiming

    Wen Xiang LawWen Xiang Law4 dagen geleden
  • Watching george playing minecraft just hurts

    HakaseSenseiHakaseSensei4 dagen geleden
  • Why does this have so many more views than the original lol

    feuerrmFilmsfeuerrmFilms4 dagen geleden
  • 14:48 Ngl that was pretty smart of George to realize he did it on purpose, and then to not go through the portal. He never underestimates Dream.

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement4 dagen geleden
  • Dream and George don't have girlfriends because they are obviously dating each other.

    James GriffithJames Griffith4 dagen geleden
  • drean boxedd like a fish

    VoidifyVoidify4 dagen geleden
  • 6:55 personal timestamp:)

    Dima KalinovaDima Kalinova5 dagen geleden
  • So "they" are a thing now, right?

    jorge aldabajorge aldaba5 dagen geleden
  • I love how George says that Dream sucks.. Dream: 10 hearts George: 50 hearts Yep thats fair XD

    KanashimiKanashimi5 dagen geleden
  • Well technically, Dream beat George plenty of times with normal health.

    SchemedSchemed5 dagen geleden
  • How can you be on NLworld and still manage to peak your microphone so goddamn much. It's unwatchable

    Allen LopezAllen Lopez5 dagen geleden
  • how bad can you get dude wtf

    Tahsin Emre İlhanTahsin Emre İlhan5 dagen geleden
  • How do you die with 50 hearts

    CongoCongo5 dagen geleden
  • Reverse manhunt: how many people can Dream stop from beating the game

    Vidjan DinevskiVidjan Dinevski5 dagen geleden
  • George: You can’t beat me in water. Also George: Dream is a fish!

    Jackson PavluJackson Pavlu6 dagen geleden
  • Dream team streams? What’s next Dream team stream steam beams?

    Nico SidiropoulosNico Sidiropoulos6 dagen geleden
  • George you need to calm down. You can't keep cursing Dream for dying a few times when he would have killed you if you had normal amount of hearts. Love the vid, but still George, calm down.

    Numbah12ADNumbah12AD7 dagen geleden
  • Did dream juSt said .BAKA??

    loops kingloops king7 dagen geleden
  • If I'm going down, OH NO! George, 2021

    Ned Was TakenNed Was Taken7 dagen geleden
  • George: Oh Dream Dream: Oh George

    Flynn FehreFlynn Fehre7 dagen geleden
  • George, setting a pig on fire: "we're all happy"

    ThatManiacThatManiac7 dagen geleden
  • the fact that most of the video dream was failing so hard after saying he would win…

    Boba dessyBoba dessy7 dagen geleden
  • looks unfair ... you need 1000 hearts to have a chance against Dream ...

    AkbalaakAkbalaak7 dagen geleden
  • George is so bad it hurts omg

    VentynineVentynine7 dagen geleden
  • Nobody Georges keyboard and mouse sounds: ASMR

    Spencer MasonSpencer Mason7 dagen geleden
  • Lollll great vid. Jesus Christ loves you so much!

    Hunter ParrattHunter Parratt8 dagen geleden

    Mr. OOF OOFMr. OOF OOF8 dagen geleden
  • Why is this kinda wholesome?

    Creating_BowCreating_Bow8 dagen geleden
  • 2:49 HE CUT IT OUT WTF

    annikaannika8 dagen geleden
  • All george had to do was fight him on 50 hearts, instead he runs away, and since Dream routes better, he ge6s hit consistently, and ultimately dies. This man is literally dog water straight up #15 I'm saying this out of love and respect tho, love the content but broski play smarter not harder, you could've used your advantage way better

    josh ooojosh ooo8 dagen geleden
  • Watching Dream being hunted is like an adventure movie Watching George being hunted is like a Horror movie holly shit :')

    HahiroHahiro8 dagen geleden
  • It’s funny cuz in all the fights dream gets George low so he would’ve killed George like 4 times before George killed dream once

    KingTehDaithKingTehDaith9 dagen geleden
  • Dude really thinks every bastion is a bridge/treasure bastion? Memorize where the gold blocks are goddamnit

    Iuri GrangeiroIuri Grangeiro9 dagen geleden
    • I would ever memorize where the ramparts gold is on treasure. This is not 1.16.1, you need every piece of gold you can get your hands on.

      Iuri GrangeiroIuri Grangeiro9 dagen geleden
    • it’s not that hard, memorizing full routes might be tiresome, but just memorize where the gold is and trade with stray piglins

      Iuri GrangeiroIuri Grangeiro9 dagen geleden
  • Overreacting and excessive screaming still puts cringe on my face 🙄👀

    Nikolai Aleksander MalinovskisNikolai Aleksander Malinovskis9 dagen geleden
  • 6:50 *the moment you realised you’ve screwed up*

    Promod AbyayasekaraPromod Abyayasekara9 dagen geleden
  • dam XDS

    Jiaxi haoJiaxi hao10 dagen geleden

    Joseph SteadmanJoseph Steadman10 dagen geleden
  • Btw dream 100x smarter than you your shit

    Joseph SteadmanJoseph Steadman10 dagen geleden
  • George:Your dog water! Literally has five times dream’s health and still almost died

    MandyGrayMandyGray10 dagen geleden
  • did dream really do a face reavel

  • "Ok, what ever" killed me

    Klaro NebulousKlaro Nebulous10 dagen geleden
  • George: I’m so sacred Also George: I don’t get scared

    TwiltedThudTwiltedThud10 dagen geleden
  • This just show us how bad George is...

    Keigo TakamiKeigo Takami10 dagen geleden
  • Dream when he kills all five hunters with only 10 hearts and a stone axe: Yes! George when he kills Dream one time with 40 hearts and full iron: YOU SUCK, YOU'RE STUPID, YOU'RE SO BAD, I KILLED YOU YEEEEESSSSS YOU SUCK SO MUCH

    MephostophelesMephostopheles10 dagen geleden
  • Dream is a fishn't

    CyanTMRCyanTMR10 dagen geleden
  • why did he just let himself get hit for like 60 straight seconds

    Nick MNick M10 dagen geleden
  • 5:20 YES

    tantei 7tantei 710 dagen geleden
  • Fish dream vs Spanap cow

    Baiju GeorgeBaiju George10 dagen geleden
  • Anyone come for some quality manhunt content, but then its george's pov with him ear raping and you realize you came to the wrong video

    Nate OwenNate Owen11 dagen geleden
  • I actually hate that because of george I have to have my volume at 0.5%...

    ZuglissZugliss11 dagen geleden
  • yu got me badly to dream \

    Bob Gabriel ApeloBob Gabriel Apelo11 dagen geleden
  • He had 51 obsidian why didnt he just made a different portal lol

    TheSuperAlex249TheSuperAlex24911 dagen geleden
  • 35:05 BAKA!

    ian sgvian sgv11 dagen geleden
  • George: "I am being VERY smart." Also George: 31:16

    TheCrazyLunaticTheCrazyLunatic11 dagen geleden
  • im gonna go deaf

    Thereal AyyThereal Ayy11 dagen geleden
  • His blaze luck was insane

    Aaron DarityAaron Darity11 dagen geleden
  • this dude has no respect for my ears

    luis lizluis liz12 dagen geleden
  • Literally has a shield and never uses it

    Mark WelchMark Welch12 dagen geleden
  • did you know that if your on fire in the nether it lasts longer

    tim grinantim grinan12 dagen geleden
  • NLworldrs don't have neighbours

    MasteRigMasteRig12 dagen geleden

    Alec GoldAlec Gold12 dagen geleden
  • dream and jorjge

    BruhAntBruhAnt12 dagen geleden
  • Someone should make fan art of 5:40 of that scen in the lord of the rings with the hobbits hiding under a hill and the wring wraith appearing and seeking over top but it’s dream as the wring wraith

    IpuntTurtlezzIpuntTurtlezz12 dagen geleden
  • He could just have killed endermen in that time.

    Thomas MacGruberThomas MacGruber12 dagen geleden
  • I hate it when George screams

    cool doodcool dood12 dagen geleden
  • I like how he was celebrating that he killed dream but dream did enough damage to kill him twice

    Jerrold White IIJerrold White II12 dagen geleden
  • Dream: does 44 hearts of damage (88 dmg) George: "You are horrible".

    William TessierWilliam Tessier12 dagen geleden
  • GG dream win

    Ivanking 345Ivanking 34512 dagen geleden
  • George’s mouth is so captivatingly large

    Jack WiewelJack Wiewel13 dagen geleden
  • you have so much harts and cant win the game so bad omg

    Jake RejtigJake Rejtig13 dagen geleden
  • George: calling dream stupid and bad at the game The audience: knowing dream is going to win with no faith in George lol

    Gaming ShenanigansGaming Shenanigans13 dagen geleden
    • Just jokes love the content keep trucking

      Gaming ShenanigansGaming Shenanigans13 dagen geleden
  • George: “no I don’t get scared” *literally screams from a skeleton*

    Zoey PonirakisZoey Ponirakis13 dagen geleden
  • George : "I don't get scared" Also George : 37:41

    CrabLegsGamingCrabLegsGaming13 dagen geleden
  • George litterally took so long for the ender pearls

    Guillaume PiganiolGuillaume Piganiol13 dagen geleden
  • Dream is being dababy LETS GOO

    DrDoctornembántDrDoctornembánt13 dagen geleden
  • Is this an official account?

    karlie chankarlie chan13 dagen geleden
  • “this isnt the end dream” no this is the nether

    owo what’s thisowo what’s this13 dagen geleden
  • Dream- Diamonds Redstone Enchanted Apples Minecraft

    C A K E P O PC A K E P O P13 dagen geleden
  • Dream speaking like GLados xD

    CHARACHARA13 dagen geleden