Minecraft, But Villagers Trade Lucky Blocks...

20 apr. 2021
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Minecraft, But Villagers Trade Lucky Blocks
Minecraft, But Villager Trade OP Items
In this challenge, I tried to beat Minecraft by trying to speed run Minecraft and beat the ender dragon while villagers trade LUCKY BLOCKS! This was extremely fun to play!
Original Idea: @Not PaulGG
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》Minecraft, But I Get Every Block I Look At ➡ nlworld.info/key/video/u255nqevg2-roqo
》Minecraft, But in IMPOSSIBLE Difficulty ➡ nlworld.info/key/video/sIagmKvCq2eZroA
》Inspiration: @Wisp @TapL @Silver @SB737 @Bionic
》Edited by twitter.com/Indigo5z_
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  • Should say that to the Ender dragon since it's a female... Proceeds to call it he 😆.

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    VelxyyVelxyy12 dagen geleden
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