Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog...

5 jun. 2020
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Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog...
I turned my friend into a Minecraft dog! He had to be by my side and help me fend off mobs attacking me but he could not break or place blocks. This was crazy fun...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14/1.15 challenge that we have decided to try.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

  • George use's pick for dirt me: nooooooooo you can't use pick George: haha pick go berrrrrr

    Ani KnightAni Knight51 minuut geleden
  • turn him into a chicken

    Erin BotteErin Botte53 minuten geleden
  • im 4 minutes in you should have made dream mate another dog LOL

    StickiusStickiusUur geleden
  • Can you do A manhunt video but dream has that shock on his arm and every time where he takes a heart it shocks him

    giovanni bonavolontagiovanni bonavolontaUur geleden
  • RIP dog Dream

    MilusiMilusiUur geleden
  • “Idk my inventory is just packed to the brim” *has 5 beds in inventory*

    Rielly HowardRielly HowardUur geleden

    Trace GHTrace GHUur geleden
  • George :will you be good? Dream: yes 2 seconds later the ultimate anime betrayal

  • Times Dream said Yay: *21*

    Angelina Sofia FelixAngelina Sofia Felix2 uur geleden
  • Bread dream and a normal wolf... please 🙏

  • R.I.P dream

    Pet ProductionsPet Productions3 uur geleden
  • Oh shiz this was posted on my birthday 😦

    Mxrning ._. DxveMxrning ._. Dxve3 uur geleden
  • Fox is my favourite animal😰

    Suz FranSuz Fran3 uur geleden

    Xeny :]Xeny :]3 uur geleden
    • Once George said

      Xeny :]Xeny :]3 uur geleden

    vinicius portovinicius porto3 uur geleden
  • I got a fun fact that im so so comfused too u can turn ur friend into a dog in minecraft and tame it and its ur friend and ur friend... Uhm... So so comfusing lol and another fact that if u bring alot of dog beating ender dragon or maybe tame 1mil dog ahahahah thats ez for the task : killing ender dragon

    andro aguilarandro aguilar3 uur geleden
  • Mincraft but dream is a baby

    Aquil MauricioAquil Mauricio3 uur geleden
  • Dream as a dog is cute

    amazing friend 13amazing friend 134 uur geleden
  • Got me all emotional at the end.. :,(

    GogyLeafGogyLeaf4 uur geleden
  • Under the tree

  • "I DISOWN YOU!!! I DISOWN YOU!!!" 2 Minutes later "Can I please go up now...?"

    Animation CreationAnimation Creation4 uur geleden
  • Friend 😅

    your nameyour name4 uur geleden
  • I think he cares about playing and recording and nothing else bruh

    Awais NizamiAwais Nizami4 uur geleden
  • become zombie

    Zainal AzharZainal Azhar4 uur geleden
  • You Skin Name is WoW Steve

    liptonekUwU®liptonekUwU®4 uur geleden
  • I’m sorry, I cried at the end

    LauraLaura5 uur geleden
  • I like idea a lot

    XplayXplay5 uur geleden
  • He said fists you mean PaWs😦😦

    Soren Hopkins-GoffSoren Hopkins-Goff5 uur geleden
  • 0:37 the little ahhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Susanne HoneycuttSusanne Honeycutt5 uur geleden
  • This was the cutest minecraft video ever

    kamy olkamy ol5 uur geleden
  • Where s unda the tree song?

    Kesav S PKesav S P6 uur geleden
  • I watch this years ago before the dream smp I left it then my sister introduced me to dream smp and I remembered that I used to watch you

    Nahla MulrainNahla Mulrain6 uur geleden
  • Dream is best humans friend.

    Vertun 793Vertun 7936 uur geleden
  • You + dream=Best frends

    Elena KovacsElena Kovacs6 uur geleden
  • Dream is good can george

    Ezekiel ChakraEzekiel Chakra6 uur geleden
  • Dream is nice. at angry hhehehehehhe

    Ezekiel ChakraEzekiel Chakra6 uur geleden
  • Dream is much better if she a wolf

    Ezekiel ChakraEzekiel Chakra6 uur geleden
  • Dream is a wolf she's good if she wolf Hahahhahahah

    Ezekiel ChakraEzekiel Chakra6 uur geleden
  • 8:55

    debra rawsondebra rawson7 uur geleden
  • *Use verision of fox*

    Jay'sGamingYtJay'sGamingYt7 uur geleden
  • I can't stop watching the parts where dream "disowns you" XD I could keep watching it over and over lmao

    •ᴄᴏʀʀᴜᴘᴛᴇᴅ_ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ••ᴄᴏʀʀᴜᴘᴛᴇᴅ_ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ•7 uur geleden
  • oh :(

    brak_nazwybrak_nazwy7 uur geleden
  • Dog is better than George xD

    Igor MurawskiIgor Murawski8 uur geleden
  • This idea is by BastiGHG

    IlmysIlmys8 uur geleden
  • The swift trigonometry infrequently snow because birthday intialy detect outside a unkempt wax. naive, ambitious pantry

    abu alomabu alom8 uur geleden
  • The point that your Minecraft skin tryed to be 3d

    MaryMary8 uur geleden
  • Dream is sven because we never dies

    AlBokin VexerAlBokin Vexer9 uur geleden
  • Dream just ate rotten flesh

    Yavuz Hasan YILMAZYavuz Hasan YILMAZ9 uur geleden
  • Dream dog is so cute ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ

    Mr. ZANTYMr. ZANTY9 uur geleden
  • I watched this is class

    MicrophoneBeamMicrophoneBeam9 uur geleden
  • Minecraft but your sibling plays

    Toby ByersToby Byers10 uur geleden
  • Minecraft but every block is random

    Toby ByersToby Byers10 uur geleden
  • Minecraft but dream is colour blind too

    Toby ByersToby Byers10 uur geleden
    • Not

      Toby ByersToby Byers10 uur geleden
    • Oh and you are nit

      Toby ByersToby Byers10 uur geleden
  • Minecraft but dream can only communicate witch crouching

    Toby ByersToby Byers10 uur geleden
  • Dream "I DIS OWN YOU" ME WHEN HE SAID THAT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    aurelio paezaurelio paez10 uur geleden
  • dream *get that log

    Mooey11Mooey1111 uur geleden
  • Good doggy

    Vaida GelmanieneVaida Gelmaniene11 uur geleden
  • George: *Whos a good boy?* Me: *AHHHHHHHH* 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    0BearBaby00BearBaby011 uur geleden
  • Hmm dream has to speedrun minecraft in manhunt in his record and the hunters are techno Tommy And spnap If you can 😎😎

    Garvit PruthiGarvit Pruthi11 uur geleden
  • 23:25 sad part 🤕🤕

    zemote gamimgzemote gamimg12 uur geleden
  • Minecraft but my friend is a fox.

    Piyush KumarPiyush Kumar12 uur geleden
  • Minecraft but my friend is a enderdragon

    Dynamic BeastDynamic Beast12 uur geleden
  • rip dream dog

    Inter fuzeInter fuze12 uur geleden
  • You should do a video that every block you look at you get it. I think its a good idea. :)

    EmmaGamer48EmmaGamer4812 uur geleden
  • I love ur vids

    Jayden FurnivalJayden Furnival12 uur geleden
  • This Is Like PewDiePie Series That If Sven Died The Series Will Be OVER!

    Qaysar FaizalQaysar Faizal12 uur geleden
  • 👁👄👁

    lil_ elil_ e12 uur geleden
  • So sad

    lil_ elil_ e12 uur geleden
  • The flaky leather allegedly sip because scanner curiosly admit amid a ill-fated gander. uttermost, exotic tiger

    kendall hopperkendall hopper12 uur geleden
  • 0:23 The Classic Screen to Get Subscribers

    Daniele Barreto BarretoDaniele Barreto Barreto13 uur geleden
    • Dream is so good that he kills George full Netherite with a wooden sword

      Daniele Barreto BarretoDaniele Barreto Barreto13 uur geleden
  • The zesty sail indirectly rush because sheep ignificantly fire modulo a dynamic gearshift. defective, noxious atm

    Michael WoyevodskyMichael Woyevodsky13 uur geleden
  • Almost 1millon likes!!

    Rajesh KumarRajesh Kumar14 uur geleden
  • Awwww..... dream died from an enderman

    BadGirlHaloBadGirlHalo14 uur geleden
  • I like what George says at 4:17

    Leonel GarzaLeonel Garza14 uur geleden
  • I don't think Dream is your friends but dream is your boyfriend ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

    Basunjaya Bintang IndriyantoBasunjaya Bintang Indriyanto14 uur geleden
  • George, Do *Dream as a horse! Please?

    Mikayla BritoMikayla Brito14 uur geleden
    • I think he already did :)

      MysteryMystery9 uur geleden
  • the way he comes out of the tree is so cute

    Hank CreationsHank Creations14 uur geleden
  • Minecraft, But my friend is the ender dragon.

    mrcorpzmrcorpz14 uur geleden
  • At the end where he shows the happy parts of the video it's just So so so sad

    SophieplayzSophieplayz14 uur geleden
  • Subiscreve

    Lui games lima 2021Lui games lima 202115 uur geleden
  • At 20.28 it was halirius LOL🤣🤣🤣

    Kian DaviesKian Davies15 uur geleden
  • Rip dog dream

    BobaPandaRobloxBobaPandaRoblox15 uur geleden
  • Minecraft, but my friend will randomly try to murder me????????????????

    Connor NegronConnor Negron15 uur geleden
  • Lol wen dream fell over and over again that made me laugh

    lasagna playzlasagna playz15 uur geleden
  • its so cute that i am actually seeing dream and george being a team together

    Crispy CraftedCrispy Crafted16 uur geleden
  • Dream: “I beat it just with my fist!!” My brain: Just like u did Tommy

    cream cheesecream cheese16 uur geleden
  • U have to beat mincraft but dreams your pet squid

    Draven SmithDraven Smith16 uur geleden
  • rip Dweam

    Jimmy ChungJimmy Chung16 uur geleden
  • I love DOGS 🐶❤️💖💕

    Larissa SalvatoLarissa Salvato16 uur geleden
  • Omg I’m ganna cry

    Sophia HernandezSophia Hernandez17 uur geleden
  • Dream is screaming like he is drowning irl🤣

    Tammian DyerTammian Dyer17 uur geleden

    Aspectgaming 123Aspectgaming 12318 uur geleden
  • dream video hahahah

    Fady SloofFady Sloof18 uur geleden
  • Wait no it is he boy friend 🤣❤️☺️

    gacha wolf ash wolf lovergacha wolf ash wolf lover18 uur geleden

    Dave technobladeDave technoblade18 uur geleden
  • Instead of my friend is a dog it’s dog hunt DOG VS MAN

    Snake BoiSnake Boi18 uur geleden
  • Is that the morph mod?

    Little Snow Flake CLittle Snow Flake C18 uur geleden
  • Hi George not foud lets collab

    Alfie Deyes OfficialAlfie Deyes Official19 uur geleden
  • Sing sing but dream is your Dragon

    Dai ThangDai Thang19 uur geleden
  • Reducing the best minecraft player on earth to a talking dog. Nice

    1 in a phillion E.P.1 in a phillion E.P.19 uur geleden