Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items...

20 feb. 2021
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Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, MOBS DROP OVERPOWERED ITEMS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one got really intense.
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  • #that

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  • #bitofaworldrecord

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  • Wisp: 10:48 Also Wisp: 12:48

    Sakusa's MaskSakusa's Mask2 uur geleden
  • Why does he not have a shield?

    Minh NguyenMinh Nguyen2 uur geleden
  • Mans beat Minecraft in 20 mins😂

    allyssarivera312allyssarivera3122 uur geleden
  • why would u put fortune on a shovel you could've been swimming in diamonds

    Ghost12Ghost122 uur geleden
  • I can’t wait for people to call him a dream Stan because he is using a axe and criting the mobs 😐

    NeoDynamicNeoDynamic3 uur geleden
  • i kinda like it without the mask

    Ghost12Ghost123 uur geleden
  • why would u make a dimd shovel

    Jonathan HerbertJonathan Herbert3 uur geleden
  • No one: Wisp: has insanely good stuff, “Can I do it?”

    BOT• MiLoBOT• MiLo3 uur geleden
  • Dream luck xD

    Макс ХеллсайдМакс Хеллсайд4 uur geleden
  • lol

    ClizixThunder 2ClizixThunder 25 uur geleden
  • you are cute without your mask

    Nisha SNisha S5 uur geleden
  • The brave airplane synthetically bubble because jasmine intialy puncture pace a little water. wicked, zesty lumber

    George FerminkyGeorge Ferminky6 uur geleden
  • I saw the faze logo when went in the nether

    Jamie MaddenJamie Madden6 uur geleden
  • He is a dream and a tapL

    Rohan WilliamsRohan Williams6 uur geleden
  • how do you download thsi mod?

    Mindils95Mindils956 uur geleden
  • Minecraft face reveal

    RyuTheSadSnowmanRyuTheSadSnowman8 uur geleden
  • hi

    Eshan GagguturiEshan Gagguturi8 uur geleden
  • Poor wisp he should have flied the direction of the eye of ender instead of walkingbfor some distance

    MAdhavi LAthaMAdhavi LAtha9 uur geleden
  • dude you MUST add power and punch 20 ( cuz u have TOO MUCH power and punch 10 books )

    Video Game ChallengerVideo Game Challenger10 uur geleden
  • Hmmmm, Interesting XP number you were on at the end...

    bowen voowybowen voowy12 uur geleden
  • Wisp l am your bigest fan

    Mitko DamqnchevMitko Damqnchev13 uur geleden
  • why diamond shovel

    Fernanda JassoFernanda Jasso13 uur geleden
    • Should be retitled to Minecraft but I freak out over every mob I kill

      bowen voowybowen voowy12 uur geleden
  • Ddduuuudddeee ur luck is so insane

    Elyrb SelapatElyrb Selapat13 uur geleden
  • Nood nood

    gurwinder singhgurwinder singh14 uur geleden
  • You copeed other people like tapl

  • Wisp: and without eating any Notch apples 11:29 : "Am I a joke to you?"

    Carlson tjahyanaCarlson tjahyana16 uur geleden

    Maximo TarazonaMaximo Tarazona17 uur geleden
  • i"m Done With Subs Lol

  • me:no that was a cute face my mom: more like ugly

    Za'vayah CutlerZa'vayah Cutler18 uur geleden
  • How do you get it so the caves light up

    i ii i19 uur geleden
  • The literate editorial logistically spell because eye outstandingly plug alongside a entertaining fragrance. dynamic, awful patio

    huu nguyen quyhuu nguyen quy19 uur geleden
  • The taboo david unquestionably interfere because drill simplistically muddle midst a married deodorant. elfin, boorish editor

    zeze rubiozeze rubio19 uur geleden
  • |__________|

    King BoZo LEGENDKing BoZo LEGEND20 uur geleden
  • r u sure this is even a challenge any more? LOL

    William LiuWilliam Liu20 uur geleden
  • I will kill because you made the Sunil

    Gillian TellingGillian Telling21 uur geleden
  • I'm living on notch apples me not good enough screw an elytra

    Aaron WoodsAaron Woods21 uur geleden
  • Wisp: SHES NOT DEAD Me: dude she hurt u from explosion damage

    UniwolfUniwolf21 uur geleden
  • Should be retitled to Minecraft but I freak out over every mob I kill

    Draoonpo gDraoonpo g21 uur geleden
  • For a sec I thought this was gonna be one of those UHC videos until he started beating the game

    Cant_see_blueCant_see_blue22 uur geleden
  • Until he throws one to many eye of enders away lmao

    The Cat Next DoorThe Cat Next Door23 uur geleden
  • Welp wisp face reveal

    klvin loknauthklvin loknauth23 uur geleden
  • Legit fake dream. Lol. He has the same into (no hate)

    Graceme123Graceme123Dag geleden
  • This is the dream more like you are dream

    Donatello BoyDonatello BoyDag geleden
  • His mask oh no identetie

    Donatello BoyDonatello BoyDag geleden
  • please give me this seed PLEASE

    prankdemonprankdemonDag geleden
  • Wisp: “This is why elytra’s are the best item in the game” *Wisp less than five minutes later* : “I don’t want elytra’s they suck”

    Ryan McHetzRyan McHetzDag geleden
  • mod pack name?

  • Knockoff TapL

    Banana BozoBanana BozoDag geleden

    uNkNoWn HUmAnuNkNoWn HUmAnDag geleden
  • 69 hmm

    Gamer KoalaGamer KoalaDag geleden
  • iron=SUCCSESS👌👌👌👌

    Louisa DraperLouisa DraperDag geleden
  • should a don hard core

    Albini Akonaay SaraguAlbini Akonaay SaraguDag geleden
  • Its looks like he is doing a speedrun and he is like “OMG i got netherite from a skeleton!!!”

    Duo GamesDuo GamesDag geleden
  • this is my second channel but ive been watching u for a bit

    Lmeow XDLmeow XDDag geleden
  • y did you make a diamond shovel!!!

    mercy chamwaliramercy chamwaliraDag geleden
  • Whats the seed

    Josef NaserJosef NaserDag geleden
  • Is this on 1.16 or 1.17 because I can’t get my game to update to 1.17 so if it is wisp could you tell me how you got 1.17 thank you!

    Marcus RovereMarcus RovereDag geleden
  • everyone: Woah me: Whats the seed?

    rio 3505rio 3505Dag geleden
  • Living the dream.

    lucas galgolucas galgoDag geleden
  • i wont get angry with u for making a shovel

    Lucian AnchidinLucian AnchidinDag geleden
  • Wisp should have SHUT THE FRONT DOOR merch 😂

    Shilpi Rekha MitraShilpi Rekha MitraDag geleden
  • Imagine killing your first mob in the world and getting full ntherite

    Enchanted AppleEnchanted AppleDag geleden
  • I dont like your mask I like without mask

    Vijaya Chamundeswari VatturiVijaya Chamundeswari VatturiDag geleden
  • 9:50 why was doing a speedrun portal he had obsidian in his inventory?

    Shadow CloakShadow CloakDag geleden
  • Idea: minecraft but swimming or fishing drop op items

    Franklyn NurseFranklyn NurseDag geleden
  • Noob

    Dwayne EvansDwayne EvansDag geleden
  • NESTOR im at school and idk who subscribed to you at school i love you thoe im at barnes junior school

    Barnes JuniorBarnes JuniorDag geleden
  • Fastest Minecraft seed ever

    muhammad dawoodimuhammad dawoodiDag geleden
  • this is obviously bull

    safwaan moobinsafwaan moobinDag geleden
  • Uhc with this will be amazing

    Xd CxeoXd CxeoDag geleden
  • video suggestion: minecraft but every heart you heal you get a random effect btw i love the content!

    Alexander ArnoldAlexander ArnoldDag geleden
  • Why u repair bow by command 6.15

    Kacper OzikKacper OzikDag geleden
  • He’s so good he found a diamond in the first two minutes

    Bryce Squires [XxMstknGodxX]Bryce Squires [XxMstknGodxX]Dag geleden
  • It is easy to beat it in this way lol you are cool

    barik mamabarik mamaDag geleden
  • since when did wisp hit 1mil, I thought like a month ago he was at 15k. I remember his 15k pack release :o

    Benny FieldBenny FieldDag geleden
  • Put your bed down

    Wize NebradaWize NebradaDag geleden
  • 8:34 *my dude turned into a car engine*

    StupidityStupidityDag geleden
    • now I cant tell if hes a human, microwave, or car engine

      StupidityStupidityDag geleden
  • you forgot the eggggggg?????!??!?!???

    Lady BechLady BechDag geleden
  • Op

    Cameron BennettCameron BennettDag geleden
  • This is to oo

    Cameron BennettCameron BennettDag geleden
  • Wisp before:Hates skeletons Now:Op Skeleton now

    Matthew Lawrenz TriolMatthew Lawrenz TriolDag geleden
  • one crystal chillin at 16:46 and he just pass onto it🤣

    Akio SatoAkio SatoDag geleden

    Keegan LoboKeegan LoboDag geleden
  • You noooooooob

    Made AbdiyasaMade AbdiyasaDag geleden
  • 1 thing nether be scared

    Tix GamesTix GamesDag geleden
  • dreams luck be like

    Justin Buzzard Jr.Justin Buzzard Jr.Dag geleden
  • Omg he made diamond shovel he smart pants

    Andrej RadovanovicAndrej RadovanovicDag geleden
  • You dostatochno? It is Russian word!

    Надутый ХомякНадутый ХомякDag geleden
  • without the mask you're better

    shikha khandelwalshikha khandelwalDag geleden
  • Nice

    scary gaming YTscary gaming YTDag geleden
  • Bruv adding efficiency 10 on axe instead of on pickaxe

    pan lipan liDag geleden
  • This man like TapL

    Ezekiel_ GamingEzekiel_ GamingDag geleden
  • 0.55 Face Reveal

    Putra NaziPutra NaziDag geleden
  • This is like the intro of dream!!!

    Beloy DumagatBeloy DumagatDag geleden
  • the fact that you were exited about eh hem, SPEED, so much

    Ethan RogersEthan RogersDag geleden
  • This is luckyblocks all over again

    xavi lochiexavi lochieDag geleden
  • How do I add him in discord

    Hayden babaHayden babaDag geleden

    jex sfmjex sfmDag geleden