Milking Cows In Modern Parlour / 2021

1 apr. 2021
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Asquith Sk
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  • Wow iam impressed by how clean the milking barn and parlor is. Keep up the good work 😀👍👍👍😀😀

    oden_vikingoden_viking2 dagen geleden
  • Awesome stuff Morning birdie great job Lotsa to do Love farming 🐄

    Nance RoyNance Roy4 dagen geleden
  • What do u mean when u say recycled water??

    John AveryJohn Avery5 dagen geleden
  • How big is all of the barns

  • Well done, Jan!

    Laurie TsitsivasLaurie Tsitsivas14 dagen geleden
  • Well talked through Jan the people who have no idea about how milking cows works or how to go about it will now. Top man Jan. Great video

    Wallace LoanWallace Loan14 dagen geleden
  • How much of your milk does it take to make one liter of milk sold in a store?

    john mjohn m15 dagen geleden
  • Very tidy farm!

    FARM LIFE NZFARM LIFE NZ15 dagen geleden
  • From a city girl... Very interesting!

    Susan JonesSusan Jones15 dagen geleden
  • Nice to see another set up. 👍

    d hansmannd hansmann16 dagen geleden
  • how much cows do u milk??

    YoFK OVRNOUTYoFK OVRNOUT16 dagen geleden
  • great info thanks good job as always

    Michael RoweMichael Rowe17 dagen geleden
  • Should be required viewing, really well done thanks.🙂

    David WalkerDavid Walker17 dagen geleden
  • Another great video Jan but as a fellow dairy farmer I keep asking myself what is that constant slurping sound in the background ??

    john hoogjohn hoog17 dagen geleden
  • Hello

    Balendr SinghBalendr Singh17 dagen geleden
  • Do you play music in the parlor or do you just use ear buds?

    James OsingaJames Osinga18 dagen geleden
  • So why don't milk farmers put their cows on pasture? Seems like it would be cheaper on feed,cleaner for the cows.

    Marie HenriksenMarie Henriksen18 dagen geleden
  • You are my favorite farming video. You explain the workaday life and the videos are not all about you.

    clydo1946clydo194618 dagen geleden
  • What percent butterfat do you average? How often do they pick up the milk? You have such clean cows, nice!

    Sandi SchrautSandi Schraut18 dagen geleden
  • How is your finger doing

    Pavlo KarmazynPavlo Karmazyn18 dagen geleden
    • @SaskDutch Kid mine too

      Pavlo KarmazynPavlo Karmazyn18 dagen geleden
    • The nail is starting to come off 😂

      SaskDutch KidSaskDutch Kid18 dagen geleden
  • i like your milking video

    cheryl bennettcheryl bennett18 dagen geleden
    • Thank you!

      SaskDutch KidSaskDutch Kid18 dagen geleden
  • @SaskDutch Kid . Hi, how much can a worker earn per month ?

    qwertyqwerty18 dagen geleden
  • herşey planlı programlı çok güzel

    rsmcknrsmckn18 dagen geleden
  • It must be a total nightmare to lose electricity there, and think of all the machinery and computers that would need resetting once the power comes back on.

    Allen InCascadiaAllen InCascadia18 dagen geleden
  • It's like the cows already know the routine I mean they went right in and turned around no fight nothing🤔

    Melissa ThorntonMelissa Thornton18 dagen geleden
  • Please do your house tour / family introduction .

    DevlupMediaDevlupMedia19 dagen geleden
  • Fascinating to see the innovation of a modern barn and milk house. I can’t imagine how much that all cost. Keep up the good work Jan.

    Kevin VKevin V19 dagen geleden
  • Caralho! Quanta tecnologia, o brasileiro chorar ao ver q não tem nem ordenha canalizada quem dera uma estrutura deste porte. Neste nível é gostoso de tirar leite, mesmo tendo centenas de vacas.

    Alex DelazeriAlex Delazeri19 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for taking us through the awesome process ya have

    Dan FinleyDan Finley19 dagen geleden
  • New camera.? Quality looks amazing. Great video

    Jay OutdoorsJay Outdoors19 dagen geleden
  • Nice Bunnyhug

    Chad NaumetzChad Naumetz19 dagen geleden
  • High Tech. Very knowledgeable. And very interesting. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

    Geraldo ReyesGeraldo Reyes19 dagen geleden
  • As usual, a good video. Watched you process many times but enjoy watching the process.

    Doug BerryDoug Berry19 dagen geleden
  • I always enjoy watching you milk cows , I wish my uncle had your setup when I worked for him in South Dakota

    Anthony SmithAnthony Smith19 dagen geleden
  • Does it ever happen when a cow will go into a milking stall and leave an empty one or do always fill it up properly?

    Doug BerryDoug Berry19 dagen geleden
  • my dad and mom and me on are farm we have robots so not that much work sadly

    Marnix HullemanMarnix Hulleman19 dagen geleden
  • EVIL

    reese carrreese carr19 dagen geleden
  • We cup on at 5am in morning and 3.15pm here in New Zealand, how many milksolids/cow/lactation do your cows average?

    Jamie ObrienJamie Obrien19 dagen geleden
  • hoi Jan, ik ben Frits, uit Nederland. Leuke video's maak jij!

    Aquaria en Tuin voor de FunAquaria en Tuin voor de Fun19 dagen geleden
  • Do they ever look back and say first?

    GREGG GERBERGREGG GERBER19 dagen geleden
  • At what price do u sell the milk and how@saskdutchkid

    Sachin FopseSachin Fopse19 dagen geleden
  • Awesome, Have a great Easter WE with your family and friends.

    Kimberly WagnerKimberly Wagner19 dagen geleden
  • The udder at 8.36 is absolutely huge 😅

    Pauline JordanPauline Jordan19 dagen geleden
    • OMG I was hoping he would address that 😂

      Michelle SinghMichelle Singh2 dagen geleden
  • it takes about three hours to milk and scrape out the barn. How many people?

    Clayton KortClayton Kort19 dagen geleden
  • What do you look for when you first strip the teets. to see if the milk is bad or good.

    Clayton KortClayton Kort19 dagen geleden
  • Kudos to your parents. They've raised a nice young man.

    SoCal GalSoCal Gal19 dagen geleden
  • Wow, that is some very nice system you have going on there, so automated and clean, the cows too seem so well behaved and compliant, know exactly where and when to walk stand turn and leave, amazing. Your nice blue floor though is getting stained, and that flush water looks pretty nasty as it spews out from the valve under the floor. You all work extremely hard, very impressive and a wonderful set up, your explanation comes across crystal clear you obviously know what you are about, well done, nice camera work too.

    paul kentpaul kent19 dagen geleden
  • Hello

    Travis JamesTravis James19 dagen geleden
  • I am doing any work in dairy

    Roshansingh Livestock assistanceRoshansingh Livestock assistance19 dagen geleden
  • I want dairy jobs , I am a veterinarian

    Roshansingh Livestock assistanceRoshansingh Livestock assistance19 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful nice clean cows and parlor .stay healthy.

    John CabeceirasJohn Cabeceiras19 dagen geleden
  • nice parlour!! Jan! Hallo! from Jan in the Netherlands!!!

    Jan BuikemaJan Buikema19 dagen geleden
  • do a video where u answer comments who's with me

    David Benitez hurtadoDavid Benitez hurtado19 dagen geleden
  • Excellent tour and explanation on how your process works! 🐮

    Melissa DooleyMelissa Dooley19 dagen geleden
  • Good tour and information, 👍

    Hugh CoxHugh Cox19 dagen geleden
  • Why do your cows poop so much less than mine? My holding area is covered as soon as the first group walks up 😄

    Eric HollopeterEric Hollopeter19 dagen geleden
  • What are your shifts like?

    Zeph LajoieZeph Lajoie19 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for another nice video Jan! I have been working on a dairy farm here in Denmark, and we almost did as you guys do :) Our equipment was now as new as yours, but most of the systems are the same - I really like watching and following you and your family - Costa and Dima too :-)

    WulffeWulffe19 dagen geleden
  • It doesn't seem that your cows relieve themselves in front of you or even when they leave the milking parlor

    James FormanJames Forman19 dagen geleden
  • I wish you all happy easter holidays.

    Dieter BoschDieter Bosch19 dagen geleden
  • Great video. I grew up on a farm milking cows but it was 30 years ago and nowhere near as automated. Great to see the difference. Great video thanks

    Jack The Wise DogJack The Wise Dog19 dagen geleden
  • just loving the content Jan you are giving us so much information on modern dairy farming it is mind blowing it just gets better and better one of my favourite channels on youtube at the moment for me Farmtubers are the hardest workers because you are so gracious to walk us through your farming life the ups and the downs that is why i like your channel so much because it is 100% real keep up the good work will be buying some merch from Farm Focused soon #farmtubersTakingOver

    realBIGjackrealBIGjack19 dagen geleden
  • You you may have been asked this before that I have not seen but where do you source the supply of 'fresh' water that you need?

    Rod BRod B19 dagen geleden
  • How much milk is collected at one time???

    Current RanuCurrent Ranu19 dagen geleden
  • Great setup you have. Great contented cow's. Great videos too. Well done!!!

    Andrew BuntingAndrew Bunting19 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant video Jan, as always! Very informative Thanks for sharing! You farm should be proud. I look forward to each video and absolutely love your introduction showing the barns exterior by drone, so epic! ~Tracy

    Island Exotics HomesteadIsland Exotics Homestead19 dagen geleden
  • 2 and a half hours QUICK??😰😰😰 that’s craziness!

    Juan-Paul BotesJuan-Paul Botes19 dagen geleden
  • Could you discuss some time what it would take to change to milking robots and financial aspects?

    Peter Los AngelosPeter Los Angelos19 dagen geleden
  • So the recycled water comes from the sterilization cycle of the milkers stored in some tank ? then used to flush the floor of parlor?......stevie

    Stevie DonaldsonStevie Donaldson19 dagen geleden
  • video idea if you can speak dutch fluently do a video speaking dutch

    Future GamingFuture Gaming19 dagen geleden
  • A really well-done video Jan. Thank you!

    Steve AdamsSteve Adams19 dagen geleden
  • 8:32 Do bigger cow utters mean more milk inside ? 🐄

    HH19 dagen geleden
  • dairy farmer in New Zealand, milking 1060 cows through a 80 bale rotary shed, takes about 2 and a half hours. milk twice a day, 5 am an 2.45pm

    kiwi stevekiwi steve19 dagen geleden
  • Love watching milking a cow 😍

    har Linhar Lin19 dagen geleden
  • From alberta how long do you keep a dairy cow as of age till there no good any more thx

    Mrs. McbeyMrs. Mcbey19 dagen geleden
  • I heard some Dairy farms milk cows only once a day so I wonder why some milk once a day and others milk twice a day

    Faith RobinsonFaith Robinson19 dagen geleden
  • Always look forward to your videos Jan. Good show for sure. Didn't you formerly use a prewash for the teets? Or am I remembering someone else?

    Jim PolkJim Polk19 dagen geleden
  • Awesomely informative video, Jan! Absolutely loved it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Mama CMama C19 dagen geleden
  • Hey SaskDutch Kid. How big is the biggest cow you have ever had?

    William de HaanWilliam de Haan19 dagen geleden
  • QUESTION: @8:34 that cow's udder was gigantic. What causes it to be so big?

    Bill AndersonBill Anderson19 dagen geleden
  • A great overview and concise walk through your impressive operations. I am drinking a glass of cold milk now!

    SupernautSupernaut19 dagen geleden
  • Farming sure has come a long way from when I used to milk by hand. Had some serious muscle back in the day. We farm girls were pretty tough, could go toe to toe with the farm boys. When my dad finally got milkers, us girls weren’t allowed to use them, but that was ok because us sisters milked faster than the machines so we were always done way before the brothers. Nothing better than working the land and working with the animals. 😊

    Mary MonsonMary Monson19 dagen geleden
  • You had to have cleaned both the parlour and the cows before making this `video the cleanliness of both is beyond belief!!

    Garth PetersGarth Peters19 dagen geleden
  • When you flip the wash trays up the white things that go into the milkers or claws do they bend in half because it does not look like there is enough room for them not to.

    CensoredSix 1CensoredSix 119 dagen geleden
  • I watch all your videos but that was a good refresher

    Bart NooneBart Noone19 dagen geleden
  • Do your cows get to go out and enjoy the sun and get to graze or that's what they do for the rest of their existence? Stay in the barn all day, gets milk twice a day and then repeat the next day.

    Puff Of SmokePuff Of Smoke19 dagen geleden
  • Like the saying on your hat. Where did you find it?

    Leslie DekoekkoekLeslie Dekoekkoek19 dagen geleden
  • Check out the cow brush in Farmer Phils vid WEATHER IS GONE TO SH1 time 13: 15

    HomeyHomey19 dagen geleden
  • Jan do the cows always go to the same side left/right of the parlor?

    Matthew BurnsMatthew Burns20 dagen geleden
    • Not 100% of the time but most do have a favourite side!

      SaskDutch KidSaskDutch Kid19 dagen geleden
  • That was a really interesting video, you really explain things so well for those of us that don’t know the terms/procedures. You show such a great passion for your job, I know you were born and raised in the industry, but it’s been YOUR choice to continue with such passion and dedication. Keep up the great work Jan. 👍

    Aussie DanAussie Dan20 dagen geleden
    • Thank you very much!

      SaskDutch KidSaskDutch Kid19 dagen geleden
  • Jan, another good video, happy Easter to you and your family !! From Australia

    Albert BusscherAlbert Busscher20 dagen geleden
    • Thank you very much! To you as well Albert!

      SaskDutch KidSaskDutch Kid19 dagen geleden
  • You have some clean cows

    Deborrah DutraDeborrah Dutra20 dagen geleden
  • How did you make your logo???

    Herzberg FarmHerzberg Farm20 dagen geleden
  • I have done bsc agriculture from india if any job requirements please let me know I will do any type of work. My age is 24 years

    Shivam GodaraShivam Godara20 dagen geleden
  • I love this!!!

    Herzberg FarmHerzberg Farm20 dagen geleden
  • Long time subscriber so I knew all this but still watched lol. Check out the size of those udders at 8:35 😦

    kjc748kjc74820 dagen geleden
    • I appreciate it! 👌🏻😆

      SaskDutch KidSaskDutch Kid20 dagen geleden
  • Great video. Thanks for sharing.

    StevenSteven20 dagen geleden
  • How many people in total milk the cows and what is their schedule ?

    Alec WilsonAlec Wilson20 dagen geleden
  • The cowI said about was in the last 6 from when your dad came in. Im from florida and it's very hard to get the sand off of you when at the beach it's strange it comes off their teats easily.

    Pamela noirotPamela noirot20 dagen geleden
    • Especially on the Ft Lauderdale sand beaches, wherein I ended up with a fair amount of Bunker C crude on my feet, and it stuck like molasses.

      Ed KEd K19 dagen geleden